Happy Spring 

I’ve been spending a lot of time these last few weeks out in our yard. Our back yard needs lots of work but it’s getting there. Part of the problem is our back yard is sloped so over the years we have had the erosion happen due to rain. That is part of the reason we had the patio with retaining wall put in ten years ago. 

Due to our plans to travel last year to Europe then instead my surprise health issues we didn’t do anything last year in the yard. And I mean we didn’t do anything but mow. So there was a lot of clean up and weeding to be done. I should have taken more before photos but I have mostly after photos to share. 

I refer to this as the step garden. The previous owners planted veggies here. When we first moved in we put the “steps” in the middle of the five tiers and change the top tier over to just grass. We also planted lots of plants and seeds but only two plants lived. This picture was taken after I weeded the left side but every year we just weed out both sides and refresh the mulch. 

After the right side was weeded though the steps still need weeding. You can see the only two plants that survived over the years. One on each side. 

This year I decided I wanted to put in some rose bushes. I have actually been wanting to do this for years and decided this year it wouldn’t be just a plan but an action. And yes, the actual steps still need weeding. 

(Right side)

(Left side)
Along the top tier I planted tons on seeds that will hopefully grow into a lovely garden to attract bees and butterflies.  The steps will be weeded and new rocks put in around the round stone steppers. 

I also cleaned off the patio and did some Container Gardening and replanted mints & lavender in the planters along the sunroom. 

And lastly, a few years ago Sean dug out the area in front of the underneath entrance of the sunroom. Due to the erosion of the yard it was becoming harder and harder to open the doors. Sadly one of the doors was broken due to this and Sean removed it earlier this year so it will need to be replaced.  When he dug out this area the dirt was just piled next to the tree and just sat there. I finally had enough with it and spread the dirt around the tree and seeded it. 

And yesterday I noticed new grass growing.  

So the rest of the yard still needs reseeding for grass, we need to get mulch for the step garden along with the rocks and new rocks for the entrance area under the sunroom.  There are a few other things I like to do put they will have to wait until next spring I think. For now I’m just waiting for the rain to stop so that I can sit out on the patio and enjoy my morning coffee. 



Has it really been over two years since I last posted?  Wow! Time flies.  Lots has been happening over the last two years that I don’t think can be covered in one post.  I am hoping to start blogging more this year.  Recording my personal history is something I hope that my daughter will appreciate some day.

I am still running.  I have run several races since I posted in September 2014 and have several scheduled to run this year.  Plus my friend and I have plans for future races we want to do… Like celebrate our 50th birthdays together running the half marathon in Disneyland Paris.  It will also be the 5th year of Disney hosting a race there.

And I have been stitching some, too.  Not as much as I would have liked.  There were several months that I wasn’t able to stitch at all but I will cover that in a future post.

Yesterday and today I have been playing it lazy while fighting off a cold.  I am a big believer in the use of Zicam so I have been taking that since yesterday and I have faith in the healing power of chicken soup.  So I am sure you can guess what I have been eating the last two days.

Until the next post,

Happy Stitching!

Two Years

Two years ago today my mother passed away.  I miss her. The sound of her voice and laugh.  Sean misses her sandwiches.  We use to joke that she needed to open a sandwich shop.  She was a wonderful woman.  I started stitching the project below with the intention of it being a Christmas present that year.  Whenever she and I talked on the phone at the end she always said this to me.



Run Like a Diva … Year 2

I realized that I haven’t blog in a really long time and decided that it was time I get back to it.

Just last weekend I was able to run the Run Like a Dive Half Marathon again for the second year in a row.  I wasn’t able to train well due to some back issues but I managed.  And this year I very glad that I got to run it with friends.

   IMG_4974.JPG  Me and one of my best friends ever, Wendy


IMG_4973.JPG Me and my good friend Symya

IMG_4979.JPG and YAY! I finished!

IMG_4990.PNG  Considering that I didn’t train well, I didn’t do to badly. Less than two minutes longer than last year’s finishing time.

(We all three earned a medal but I didn’t get a photo of us together with them.)


So I have been stitching still on the Once Upon A Time sampler and finished the February block this weekend.


And since I didn’t post when I finished the January block, here they both are together.  I am now working on the March block.


My friend, Wendy and I both got one of these medal displays this year for our Tinker Bell & Princess Coast to Coast challenge and it came yesterday.   I kept adjusting the medals until I had them just right, sealed the back on and… wouldn’t you know my Glass Slipper is off.  But what can you do?


I did finally find the mistake in the border and finished the stitching of it.


I’ve been stitching on the first square and it is such a fun stitch. I can’t wait to catch up but I’m not sure I will before April comes out.


I’ve been meaning to post about this. A couple of weekends ago my friend, Wendy and I participated in the Glass Slipper Challenge.  Much like the Tinker Bell weekend where we ran a 10K on Saturday and a half marathon on Sunday except we received the challenge medal in addition to the race medals.

Although I had been running some since the Tinker Bell, I hadn’t been running enough.  Mostly thanks to the weather this winter.  It has been negative temperatures cold with more snow and ice then we are used to getting.  So at the beginning of February I did join an area Planet Fitness so that I could at least run a few times using a treadmill.  Let me tell you, if I thought I didn’t enjoy running before, I really didn’t enjoy running on a treadmill.

The weather here has been very cold and the weather in Florida on race weekend… humid! On the half marathon morning at 3:30 am prior to the start of the race is was some where around 90%.  The below picture was a screen shot I took after the race.


But Both mornings we still got out there and got it done.  And that is what matters.  Receiving those medals is the goal and that is what we did.

20140309-131353.jpg      20140309-131414.jpg

20140309-131432.jpg      20140309-131505.jpg