Catching up

I haven’t been stitching as much as I’d like but did decide to try and keep up on a Blackwork SAL. So far so good. I even found a tiny hoop to stitch each week.

We also hung some more things around the house.

I’ll be putting some of my Mary Moo Moo collection on the shelves
My husband’s grandmother painted this as a gift for his dad, her son in law. Somehow after his passing my brother in law had it and gave it to Sean. It was not framed so we got a frame for it today so we could hang it.

We also hung up most of our Disney Thomas Kinkade wraps.

And various other things…

Sean’s office

I also crocheted a scarf for Sean. He picked out the yarn back in December but I didn’t get a chance to crochet something until this past week. It was a great pattern and I learned a few different techniques. I think I have enough yarn to crochet the matching hat.

His brooding catalog model pose

Hanging some artwork

There is still some unpacking to do and we are still waiting on new furniture that we ordered in early October but is now on back order. Despite this, the house is slowly coming together and becoming a home. Today we went ahead and hung some artwork.

We had this hanging in our dining room at the other house. It’s perfect for a dining room or morning room eating area.
This picture of Bent Creek’s Monthly Snappers is dark but you get the idea.
Dumbo is hanging outside our bedroom. I should have turned on more lights before taking pictures.
The hall to the half bathroom. I’ve had these for a little over 20 years.
The other side of the same hall
My dad gave this Disney Princesses sketch for my birthday about six years ago.

We have lots more art to hang but still figuring out where the best places are to hang them.

On a stitchy update, I’ve started the 2021 Peppermint Purple Blackwork SAL. There are two designs this year. I’ve chosen the square version to stitch first in the suggested DMC color. Though I did order a variegated thread in I hope will be complimentary for the border I’ve chosen to stitch.

Happy Stitching!

And we have moved!

On the 15th the moving company came and packed up the truck and we left the next day to drive to our new town. On the way, a semi ran me off the road. Thankfully, I didn’t panic and was able to pull my truck back onto the highway from the grass. I was following Sean and he said he was impressed that I drove like Dale Earnhart.

We had the final walk through on Thursday then signed and got our keys on Friday. The moving truck arrived on Saturday. So I’ve been unpacking since. I am leaving my craft room for last. And I can’t wait to set it up.

But until then here are a few photos of our new home.

A huge kitchen
With a morning room
Living room
After working from home for years Sean finally has an office
The upstairs family room/loft
The craft room where most of the boxes went
The back porch
Our bedroom

It’s been forever

I haven’t written a blog post I so long I am not even sure where to begin. I started using my phone or tablet more and my laptop a lot less, and seriously typing with y thumbs on one or the other became a chore. A few weeks ago I was watching the Today show Steals and Deals and they had a Bluetooth keyboard, so I decided to order one. The keyboard arrived today. It works with both my tablet and phone. This is my test post I guess.

But there is things to share. I have been stitching and still doing a little crochet. Since the COVID hit I have taken a couple of online Batik painting classes online and have a third schedule for after Christmas.

My husband started a new job right after lockdowns started due to COVID. Those didn’t actually effect him since he had already been working 90% by telecommuting and his new job is 100%.

We’ve also decided this year that it was a perfect time to uproot our lives and move to a new state. This is something that we have been talking about doing for a few years and we actually was looking at doing just that next year. But I had been looking on Zillow for a couple of years and a new development had a house plan that was pretty much exactly what we wanted. I wasn’t finding existing homes with the type of floor plan we were wanting. So when I discovered the floor plan for the new development I connected the builders and we flew to Tennessee to check it out. Before we left we picked a lot and started the process of building a new home. We move next week.

I have been packing and going through 21+ years of stuff, going to goodwill a couple of times a week and to the dump once a week. Please tell me why I haven’t gotten rid of broken furniture before now. I have a few more days of packing to get through and then cleaning the house for putting on the market. We decided to sell the house as is. The bathrooms and bedroom carpets need to be redone, but we did the kitchen a year ago after we had a small kitchen fire. Fingers crossed that the house sells in a short time. The real estate agent assured us that will be the case but who knows.

Until next time…Happy Stitching

It’s finished

I decided that I was so close to finishing Lizzie*Kate’s A Very Scary Mystery that I would just stitch on it on WiP Wednesdays instead of spinning the wheel until it was completed. Last night I finished it with the exception of the embellishments which I have to locate after ironing.

***edited to add photo with embellishments ***

I’ve also been making steady progress on Mother Gothel. I’ve been thinking that once I’m finished with the black and moving on to colors only stitching on this one over the weekends so that I can start on some other smaller projects during the week. I shall see since I’m still enjoying stitching on her.

I’ve gotten a few new needleminders in the last couple of weeks that you can see in the photo. Hawaiian Stitch and Scrump, and the two coffee ones for Ariel and Rupunzel. There is just the edge of another stitching tool. It holds scissors, highlighter, etc as well as a magnet for needles and an area the clings to your threads. I saw it in another stitchers blog, Spinster Stitcher and well, I had to get one for myself.

Until the next stitches….

I keep meaning to update more than once a week but then suddenly it’s Wednesday again.

I was really pleased with the progress I made on Very Scary Mystery this time. It’s so close to being finished.

I’ve also been working more on Mother Gothel and I’m pleased with the progress I’ve been making on her. I also got a couple of new needleminders that I just love.

Monday I spent the night at the hospital for a sleep study. I find out the results on Tuesday when I have an appointment with the sleep medicine doctor. Hopefully I do not have sleep apnea. The technician didn’t have to come in to hook up a cpac so fingers crossed that’s a good sign.

Packed and ready to go.

I was surprised it was a sleep number bed. It was difficult to sleep because they want you to stay on your back. But I am a side to tummy sleeper. I just hope we can find a way for me to sleep and feel rested when I get up. The doctor did have me change the time I take a prescription and that has helped some, just not enough.

Until the next stitch….

WiP Wednesday again

I thought I posted an update last week but I must have imagined it.

Last week’s WiP project was TFP Passport. I didn’t get much done but it was fun to work on again.

I finished two scarves last week. The blue one I gave to my kid for Valentine’s and the purple one I included in the package I sent my niece with her framed cross stitch and other scarf.

For Valentine’s my hubby gave me this beautiful Ariel tiara ring from the Disney collection. He said he originally was going to get one of the Belle rose rings but when he saw the Ariel he decided to hers instead even though he wasn’t sure I’d like it. Ariel is my favorite princess and I love this ring.

I haven’t been stitching a lot the past few weeks but have managed to finish up the black of pages 3 & 4 of Mother Gothel.

Today’s WiP project will be …

I last worked on this when we were having our floors done. I’m looking forward to stitching on it today.

Finished one

I have started and restarted a scarf for my niece so many times if really is ridiculous. It’s not that I expected to make to perfect scarf for her because I’m not that great of a crocheter but I wanted her to want to wear it and not look like it was my first one ever. I finally finished one.

My bff Bridget told me she doesn’t want it to be perfect just that it was made by me. So I finally started and finished one within a few hours yesterday.

WiP Wednesday

Edited to say this was suppose to have posted Wednesday.

It’s that time of the week again. After last week’s frogging Wednesday I did decide to start Spring Glory on Thursday while the floors were being done and for me I made pretty decent progress.

For this Tidy Decisions chose…

I haven’t stitched on this project since the summer of 2016 when some health issues stopped me from stitching for over six months. So it will be good to work on this one again.

Over the past weekend as we have been gradually putting things back in place, Sean hung my framed coffee piece.

I haven’t really been stitching since Thursday. I’ve been crocheting. I started a scarf for my niece but I wasn’t really loving the feel of it so my friend, Wendy and I went to JoAnns and picked a new yarn in a similar color scheme. However after making some good progress I started over. I made my starting chain loose and as it got longer I was bothered be the flare.

I haven’t gotten that far on the newest one but I’m not loving the starting end but have decided I just need to keep going and let it go.

Otherwise she may never get a finished scarf.

Until the next stitch…