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One might ask…

what we decided to do this weekend.  Well, nothing…we pretty much wasted a beautiful weekend at home because everywhere we wanted to go was raining.
Hannah got up pretty early yesterday…7 am!  What is up with this kid of mine?  She seriously has something against sleep.  So, I got up and left Sean in bed to sleep in.  He got up as I was having my second cup of coffee and we decided to run out to Wal-Mart…please contain the excitement!…and maybe get something to eat.   After my shower, Sean went down to play game and I laid down to read for a bit in our room.  I told him to tell me when he was ready and right as I started to fall asleep, he came in but decided to let me nap.
Needless to say, I napped the afternoon away while Hannah and Sean entertained themselves.  So I ended up having to cook dinner…the HoRrOr of it all!  Oh, well, such is the life of a hausfrau! 
So last night after the little one went to bed, I watched a couple of movies on TV while stitching.  Sean played football on the xBox.  So we both got to do what we enjoy spending our time doing.  Stitching for me and gaming for him. 
Today has pretty much been the same as yesterday except I slept in and Sean in now napping the afternoon away.  Hannah has abandoned me to entertain myself.  She has decided to play in her room this afternoon instead of hanging with me. 
Tomorrow Hannah’s second session of swimming lessons start.  She is happy about having two more weeks of pool time.  I must find a small project to take with us so that I will have something to stitch on during. 
Perhaps something exciting will happen between now and my next post….TTFN!

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What is your most unique/interesting stitching quirk? (This could be something concerning the way you stitch, how you organize your stash, etc.)

Well, I have been thinking about this for a while trying to figure out how to answer.  I have a touch ~ that is what I call it, Sean says I should be medicated :0) ~ of OCD, so I have many quirks.
A couple specific to stitching, is that I have to wash my hands…twice…before stitching.  And if I touch my face for any reason, I have to go and wash my hands again…twice.  I don’t like anyone touching my (stitching) scissors.  I have been know to freak out over this.  

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I am a…

A Rooster!
So you don’t quite cluck, in fact, you cockle-doodle-doo. You’re more brave than a chicken, but not completely fearless… thus I name you… a rooster. Good for you, but stay away from those sharp objects 😉

Do you cluck or do you roar?
this quiz was made by alanna

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Oh, boy…poor puppy!

I decided that instead of taking JoJo every five weeks or so to have her hair trimmed that I would buy a dog trimming kit and we would do it ourselves.  I thought how hard could it be with the clippers having different sizes to use to trim off the hair.  Well, of course, now I think that is what I get for thinking! 
So tonight Sean and I decided that it was time to give her a trim.  For the most part of her body, it wasn’t that hard.  The head, ears and face are a different matter.  Poor thing!  For our first time, she doesn’t look to bad, it is just the hair on top of her head is a little to short.  But hey, it will grow back.  Hannah said she looked beautiful…so I guess we did alright. 
We had wanted to get up extra early in the morning and drive to Ocean City for the day.  But Sean checked the weather and there is a 50/50 chance of rain.  If we don’t go it will not rain, but if we do then it will.  So now we are unsure what to do with the weekend.  The weather has been very nice the last couple of days.  The weekend is suppose to be nice too.
Hannah finished her session of swim class today.  She passed to the next level for next year.  I talked with some of the instructors afterwards and we all agreed that since I wanted to sign her up for another session that we would have her repeat the first level to help with her confidence in her ability.  She is happy that she will be swimming for another two weeks in the morning.  It is the 9 am session so will have to be getting up pretty early around here.  But it will be a good routine to get into since school will be starting the end of next month.
I got a letter from school today stating when her first day is since they do a staggered opening for school, when open house is and their school supply list.  I can’t believe my baby is five and getting ready to start kindergarten!!  I think she will love it but I am going to hate it.  I must remember this is her education and I just have to suck it up. 
I went by the LNS today and picked up my two framed pieces.  I think they look pretty good.  The framer is really wonderful, both as a framer and a person to know.
Off to watch Monk soon and stitch for a bit.  TTFN!

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I have been saying for days that I was going to start stitching again on Dollhouse  by Brightneedle, but I had yet to dig the floss out of my stitching basket and actually put a stitch to it.  I haven’t stitched in two days.  Tonight I decided enough was enough and pulled it out.  I didn’t get a lot finished but I am stitching on it again.  Every stitch counts.  I think that will be my new motto. 
I am thinking about setting some goals though.  Not something I usually do because this is my hobby and I want it to be enjoyable, not a chore.  Sometimes, it can feel like that.  I was thinking of a "time" goal.  Like say one full hour a day of actually stitching.  That doesn’t sound like to much.  And is usually the amount of time that I stitch in a regular day.  But not like crossing a stitch or two and getting distracted for a couple of minutes, then crossing a stitch or two and getting re-distracted, but actually stitching for the full hour.  I really wanted to get the Dollhouse  stitched to enter into a Needlework Showcase, but it is in September and I doubt that I can finish it by then as it would also need to be framed. 
Sean finally put the bookcases together tonight.  One looks funny but he already had it 90% put together before you could really tell and who wants to take it apart and package up to exchange.  Well, I do but I hate to admit it to him.  They weren’t expense bookcase and as he said you get what you pay for, right?  I had gotten them mostly to get them so that I can unpack my stash, they weren’t really what I wanted but were easy to go and get. 
My kitty has ventured out and is sitting in my lap purring away.  I think her motor is broken…she could wake the heavily medicated with as loud as she is.  :0)  I am surprised Jas is willing to be near me at the moment as it wasn’t to long ago that I pulled the brush out and tried to give her a bit of a groomed look.  I guess all is forgiven. 

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I finished the book I was reading that my friend loaned me last week.  The Dogs of Babel : A Novel — by Carolyn Parkhurst.  It was really so good.  I highly recommend this book…just get thru the first few chapters.  It was hard to put down once I got into it.  Sean came home so that I could take a nap but I started reading and was unable to put it down to nap.  There were many times that I thought "wow, someone has been reading my mind". 
And even as a dog lover/owner, this book really made me love my dog.  I know it sounds weird, but it is what it is.  Which is a good thing because though I loved our dog, I hadn’t really felt about her the way I felt about my peks.  I was working on it, bonding with her and for whatever reason, this book really helped me feel something deeper for her.
Anyways, I will be returning this book to my friend but I will be buying this book.  Sean doesn’t get it.  He said why are you going to buy a book that you already read?  This is a book I will want to read again. 

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I am in a mood

I am not sure what is wrong with me.  I just feel tense.  I
haven’t been feeling well the last couple of days either.  Yesterday my
tummy was feeling funny.  Now I just feel off.  Not sure what is wrong
with me.
I didn’t stitch any last night.  Hannah was watching Snow Dogs in our
room.  I went to check on her and she asked if I wanted to watch it with
her.  Even though I had taken a two hour nap when Sean got home, crawling
into bed seemed very inviting.  So I went, got my book and did just
that.  When the movie was over, I put Hannah to bed and headed back to my
own for a little more reading before going to sleep. 
I am waiting for Sean to get home now.  He said he was coming home
early to work so that I could lay down for a while again.  I decided to
walk the treadmill thinking that might help but after 40 minutes decided that I
had enough for today.  I am  wondering if sitting out in the heat is
starting to have an effect on me.  It is less than a hour long and
still pretty early in the day since her class starts at 10 am but this week it
is pretty HOT even then. 
I do hope to get some stitching in later today.  I would like to
get back to work on the Dollhouse which has been my plan for the last week
but I haven’t yet.  I am not sure if I am avoiding it or not, especially
since I really do love stitching on this pattern.   

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