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Sunday morning…

Though Hannah didn’t go
to school on Friday she did seem to be better by the end of the day. 
Saturday morning she was up with a much deeper sounding cough but no
fever.  The cough sounds as though it is loosening in her chest which is a
good thing.  So after much consideration, we decided to bundle her up and
go to Hershey Park as planned.  We decided to get there at opening (2 pm)
and only stay for a few hours.  So that is what we did.  We took
Hannah’s JoJo costume from last year that she still fits into, can be worn with
lots of clothes under it and she went Trick or Treating there.  There
isn’t an admission price for the Halloween theme, but you purchase tickets for
some of the rides like at a fair.  We didn’t however go with my BIL and his
family as they wanted to go after the sun was down and we didn’t want Hannah out
when it was colder.  So, instead Sean and Brandon decided that we would get
together to do the Hershey Christmas Lights that start in a couple of
Our original plan had
been to purchase the "ride all day" bands but since we were only there a few
hours, we just got a group of tickets.  Hannah’s favorite ride is the Merry
Go Round so after trick or treating in the park, we rode that and only
that.  The gentleman taking tickets only took tickets for Hannah, not for
Sean or me, so we got to ride twice as many times as we thought.  Hannah
loved it.  And the entire day was filled with the sounds of people saying
"Hey, there’s JoJo!"  Once we passed a girl and she started to sing the
show’s theme song.  We didn’t see another JoJo until we were leaving and
another family was coming in. 
We drove home, went
out to eat and then to the bookstore.  As we were going into the
bookstore, Sean said that his throat was starting to hurt.  Of course, he
blamed me.  I said that he couldn’t because I had been keeping my
distance.  His response was "now there is now reason to" while moving his
eyebrows up & down.  Men!  Always with one thing on
their minds…LOL!  I got three new books while there to add to my pile of
books to read….The
Joy Luck Club
by Amy Tan (I haven’t seen the movie, want to but decided
to read the book instead), Confessions
of a Shopaholic
by Sophie Kinsella and Angry
Housewives Eating
Bon Bons
by Lorna Landvik.
Then home.  Hannah
went to bed.  Sean and I watched Batman Begins while I
stitched.  The movie was pretty good.  The night before we watched
Kingdom of Heaven which we also liked.  Today Hannah seems to be
feeling better.  I judge this by her appetite which isn’t
lacking.  She still has a cough but it isn’t as deep sounding as
yesterday.  I think she may be able to go to school tomorrow, which will
make her very happy.  Sean is in bed.  And I plan on stitching the
afternoon away.  I hope to get close to finishing The Seasons, but
that will remain to be seen. 
I have come to the
decision that I will not be finishing the Murder Mystery SAL.  It
has been a UFO because after receiving the first three "chapters" we have been
unable to get any more.  I think there are 12.  Thanks to another
blog I read, I was able to see the
finish stitched piece and well, I am not that fond of it.  So I have
decided not to pursue locating the remaining designs and I will be spending some
time ripping out the section I stitched.  Not to worry, I will find a use
for the fabric.
Off to
P.S. For those interested, I have discovered
that Season Four of 24
will be released on December 6.  I have been using my TiVo to record the
re-runs on A&E.  I can’t figure out why I didn’t start watching this
show with the first season.  I have loved watching it and my have to buy or
rent the entire seasons and work season five into my TV viewing schedule. 

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No school pictures today

…for Hannah, that is.  She didn’t make it to school.  She woke up last night about 1 am and was very upset because she wasn’t feeling well.  I brought her to bed with us.  Something I try to rarely do though if it was up to her she would always sleep with us.  Anyway, she whimpered the whole night in her sleep and was coughing quite a bit.  My early riser didn’t get up until 9:30 this morning.  I called the school and of course, they will send home information about when the re-takes are going to be.  And that the class pictures aren’t taken until the Spring so she didn’t miss that, thank goodness.
My throat hurt so bad during the night I was awake from the time she got into bed with us until Sean got out of bed to get ready for work.  I thought I might be getting strep throat but it doesn’t feel quite that bad today…fingers crossed.  I have had it twice and would rather have dental work than have it again. 
So my plans for the day is not to do to much of anything.  I have some laundry to fold, vacuum, dust and that is about it.  I plan on spending the rest of the day stitching and relaxing.  Hannah is all cozy on the sofa watching Charlie & Lola marathon on Disney Channel.  Such a cute show!  
Little House Needleworks has done it again.  Two new designs that I HAVE to have as soon as possible!  One for the dog and one for the cat.

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Sick Day

Against my better
judgment, I took Hannah to school today.  This morning she woke up with a
stuffy head and cough.  I thought last night that she seemed to be coming
down with something so I gave her some night time medicine.  She didn’t
have a fever, looked okay and said she felt fine.  So off to school we went
with a warning to the teacher when I dropped her off.  I then went to
Wal-mart for a few things making sure I had my cell with me.  Right as I
was about to turn on our street my phone rings.  It is the nurse and Hannah
has a fever.  So I go to pick her up.  Poor thing looked
horrible.  Tomorrow is picture day and I don’t think she will be making
it.  Hannah was very upset about missing school today and I am sure
she will have a fit when I tell her that she can’t go tomorrow. 
Last night my brother-in-law Brandon called to
see if we wanted to go to Hershey with them on Saturday.  So we made plans
to go.  Let’s hope that Hannah is well enough.  We tried to
go this past weekend but it rained.
I went to the LNS yesterday.  I picked up
the new Heart In Hand’s mother’s wisdom charts.  There are four now. 
I really like the "Eat Right" one the best but I hate to only get some of a
series.  I also got the October Wool Whimsy.  I have been waiting all
year for this one.  It is a cute pumpkin kit. 
Well, if truth be told, I am starting to feel a
bit under the weather myself.  I think I will brew some hot tea and curl up
with a blanket & a book.  Hopefully, since Hannah has taken over the
sofa I will be able to get comfy enough in my stitching chair. 

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Today’s "Stitching Blogger’s
Question" was suggested by Outi (
http://www.livejournal.com/users/snowprincipessa/ ) and is:

Have you ever stitched something as a gift
and later realized that receiver doesn’t respect your stitched gift a bit (for
example it’s never on show, or you have other reason to suspect that it may even
be nonexistent or at least placed in some dark storage room corner)? If so, what
have you done? If you’ve been lucky enough to avoid such people what would you
do if it’d happen to you?

When stitching gifts you always run
the risk of the person receiving not truly appreciating the time put into
it.  I have given lots of stitched gifts over the years and I am sure that
some of them have been under-appreciated.  If I feel that this is the case,
I usually don’t stitch for them again.

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The Seasons WIP

I have been stitching on The Seasons by Bent Creek and nothing else.  I should hopefully be finished by the weekend.  Fingers crossed!  Last night I showed Sean my progress so far.  He is so funny.  He tries hard to show interest by remembering what designers I like and designs I show him.  So when I showed him the progress he says "Oh, that looks nice.  Is it a snippet?" 
Well, I really must get off my tail and get on the treadmill for my daily walk.  I was bragging to Sean yesterday about how proud I was of myself for sticking to it since Hannah started school.  I don’t walk everyday, four days a week on average, but my goal is to regularly walk five to six days a week.  Of course, today I am not really in the mood, which is all the more reason to get it over with since I know I will feel good about it once I have.  TTFN

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It has been a nice
weekend even with the rain yesterday.  Had a good time getting together
with my stitching friends at the LNS yesterday.  I came home to pick up the
family and we went out for "backwards day".  We go out for ice cream before
eating dinner.  We do this every now and then.  I think it will be a
good memory for Hannah when she get older. 
So after ice cream when
went to the mall to coat shop.  Hannah needed a new lightweight jacket as
it isn’t cold enough yet for her winter coat.  And I just wanted a new
coat…one that was not long but dressy.  Thankfully I found just what I
was looking for for both of us.  Sean decided that he needed a new casual
jacket so that he wouldn’t feel left out.
Today was Girls Movie
Day at my friend’s.  We ate, chatted, stitched and watched a movie. 
Made plans for our next get together in two weeks.  I am hoping that I will
be finished with the SAL by then. 
Now I am waiting for
Desperate Housewives to come on so that I can get my dose of sleazy TV. 
:0)  TTFN

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Rainy days

Yesterday, Sean left work early so that we could take Hannah to the movies.  She didn’t have school.  We went to see the new movie "Dreamer".  WoW! I love a good movie about a horse. 
Today is Red Hat Stitchers Day at the LNS.  We are having a Halloween themed get together.  I will be taking The Seasons by Bent Creek SAL with me to work on.  I am a little more than half finished. 
I slept in this morning.  It rained a lot yesterday, last night and this morning.  I like to sleep and sleep when it rains so Sean got up with the dog.  Hannah had crawled in to bed sometime early this morning because the storm woke her and she slept in pretty late with me.  She is usually a pretty early riser but didn’t get up until about 9:30 am. 
I have been seeing on a couple of blogs that I read pictures of crafting areas.  I have a stitching chair in our living room which is where I do most of my stitching.  So I thought I would include a couple of pictures.  One is of my chair area (the most recent one I could find includes my little angel) and the other is one of my waiting to stitch baskets.

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Today’s "Stitching
Blogger’s Question" was suggested by Cathy
http://itwillbefunny.blogspot.com and is:

Do you mark or hi-lite your patterns or can you follow them without any
markings? Do you make copies to mark up, or do you mark

I do make working copies
of the projects I am stitching so as not to ruin the original in any way, but I
don’t hi-lite the pattern.  I rarely mark the copy even with
pencil except for my starting point or by charting names and/or dates if it is
for a wedding or birth announcement. 

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100 days

Following Chinese
tradition, the panda cub at Washington National Zoo was named today since
he is now 100 days old.  Tai Shan (tie SHON) was the winning name
among the voters online and it means "peaceful mountain".  Hopefully in
November, mama Mei Xiang will be ready to allow visitors so that we can go see

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Back to the SAL

My friend Wendy called
Saturday while we were out so yesterday morning I called her back.  The
girls were at the LNS Saturday talking about getting together next weekend for a
movie day at Erin’s and wanted to be sure that I could make it.  Sean said
to make sure that we didn’t watch any movies that he and I were planning on
While talking Wendy
mentioned that Erin was almost finished with The Seasons SAL.  So
I put the Key West Sampler back into the "waiting to stitch" basket and
worked on the SAL yesterday.  I think I will continue on with that
this week. 
Took JoJo back to the
vet’s today.  She tested positive two weeks ago for Lime which we can’t
figure out how because she has been on the monthly drops that was for both fleas
and ticks.  Anyway I had to take her in to get a shot for Lime
Vaccination.  Plus she has been taking two pills twice a day for the last
two weeks and still has two more weeks to go.  She has been really good
about taking her pills though.  Of course, I put them in a piece of cheese
so she doesn’t know.  :0)  Our dog, Tyler, would manage to eat the
cheese and spit the pills out.  But JoJo hasn’t caught on yet. 
Must do laundry today
and walk on the tread mill, so I am off.  TTFN

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