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Since I have decided to try out the monthly stitching goals, I might as well start out with having goals for the year 2006.
2006 Stitching Goals
WIPs to finish:
1.  My Teacher by Bobbie G Designs … this will be an end of year gift for Hannah’s teacher.
2.  Dollhouse by Brightneedle, Inc.
3.  Monthly snappers by Bent Creek (Feb-July already stitched)
4.  The Promise by Just Nan, Inc.
5.  One of the remaining three seasonal samplers by Sisters and Best Friends
6.  One of the remaining Mill Hill Sensational Calendar topper kits (I have to double check but I think I have six stitched)
7.  Stitch on And They Sinned by Examplar Dames Designs on Sundays
New projects:
1.  JABC’s Open A New Box Daily … an end of year gift for the assistant teacher…the design choice may change
2.  Walking In A Winter Snapperland by Bent Creek
3.  Snapperville by Bent Creek
4.  Advent Calendar by Hobb Nobb
5.  Higgins name tree by M Designs…will need to stitch two
6.  Senior name tree by M Designs…will need a total of three
7.  Stitch a wedding gift for my cousin getting married next year…design as of yet undecided though I am leaning towards a pattern in Cherished Scripture Samplers from Leisure Arts.  The designs are actually by Diane Williams/Little House Needleworks before she was LHN. 
8.  Stitch a birth announcement for upcoming birth of BIL’s baby…design as of yet undecided
9.  Stitch one Little House Needleworks design…any one not counting if I stitch the wedding sampler mentioned above
10.  Bless This House by La-D-Da
11.  Mermaid Heaven by PINN Stitch
Okay, there is a ton more in my to-stitch basket, many actually kitted up, but I don’t want to make my list to long because I think that will actually end up discouraging me instead of helping me to get things finished.  So I will try to get to all the things on this list and try to make a small dent in the basket in between.
Now here goes my first attempt at setting monthly stitching goals.  Wish me luck!
January Stitching Goals
1.  Continue working on My Teacher by Bobbie G Designs
2.  Complete sixth room on the Dollhouse by Brightneedle, Inc.
3.  Start Walking In A Winter Snapperland by Bent Creek
4.  Stitch on And They Sinned by Examplar Dames Designs on Sundays
5.  Decide on wedding and birth announcements to stitch…kit to start
Okay, I know that isn’t a lot, but I am trying to start out slow and see how I do with it for a while.  Hoping to get a few of the larger projects I have started finished.

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Only one more day…

and it will be a new year.  Where has this one gone?  No big plans for tomorrow night.  We have decided to make a bunch of finger foods like dip, cocktail franks, cheese ball and maybe pick up some boneless chicken wings to eat while watching movies. 
We were supposed to go see King Kong yesterday.  I had made arrangements for Hannah to go over to a friend’s house.  My friend has three kids, one that is only two months older than Hannah and they all get along pretty well.  However friend’s hubby is sick.  He went to the doctor’s and they think it is whopping cough.  Now Hannah has been vaccinated for this but with her immune system down, I didn’t want to risk it considering that the doctor isn’t 100% sure what he has.  Apparently though whopping cough is on the rise with adults since our vaccinations have worn off.  Hannah was very upset as she was looking forward to going to her friend’s house.  Hopefully, my friend and I can work out a "play date" for them next month on a day that they don’t have school.   Anyway, Sean and I are going to try to go see it next Friday while Hannah is at school.  It is a long movie so we will be cutting it close to pick up time. 
I have been plugging away on My Teacher and should manage to get the backstitching of the school house done by tomorrow.  I am finding this design is taking much longer than I expected mostly due to incorrect or unclear directions.  Oddly though I still love stitching it. 
I am looking forward to getting back to work on And They Sinned by Examplar Dames Designs.  I started this back at the beginning of 2004, worked on it for awhile, then stitched on it only on Sundays.  Shortly before we went on vacation last fall, it sort of fell to the wayside and I haven’t stitched on it since.  I will have to pull out my stitching calendar from last year but I think my progress is 41 days stitching so far. 
Off to watch a few movies and stitch…TTFN

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Stitching Bloggers Question

This week’s SBQ was
suggested by Nancy (
http://crossesnkisses.blogspot.com/ ) and is:

How do you
balance your stitching time with your other obligations such as work, household
chores, etc.?

Balance?  I am
suppose to have balance?  Well,  since I no longer work outside of the
home, work never gets in the way of my stitching.  But when I did I usually
had a project that I carried around and stitched on during
Housework is another
story.  I try to stick to a schedule like laundry on Mondays and the
majority of my stitching time in the evenings.  Though now that Hannah is
in school, I have been getting a bit of stitching in some days during the
afternoon after I have done what needs to be

The permalink to this post is: http://blondelibrarian.net/stitching/archives/2005/12/stitching-vs-life/

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Penn State

It is finished!!!  I started this so long ago and then put it aside for over a year.  A few weeks ago I decided to finish it.  Hoping to have it done for Christmas, but life got in the way.  I couldn’t stitch on it very often, as most of my stitching time is in the evening when Sean is around. 
Today I told him about it because I wanted to pull it out and finish it.  I just knew that if I could get a couple hours with it, it would get done.  He was quite surprised that I had been working on it and asked how many other secrets I have been keeping from him…first the xBox 360, then the Penn State piece. 
We did end up taking Hannah to the doctor’s yesterday afternoon.  She got a fever again and it went up to 102.9, so off we went.  Her lungs are clear which was starting to be a concern to me.  But he does think that she has a sinus infection, so she is taking some antibiotics.  The doctor also told us not to be to concern if she has a cold until the Spring.  UGH!  Poor thing.  She is doing much better today. 
Tomorrow it will be back to My Teacher project and starting on the backstitching.  TTFN

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I finished all the stitching of the school house last night.  I still have to stitch the teacher’s name underneath and do all the backstitching.  If the week goes the way I have it planned then I will hopefully have that finished by the weekend. 
This Sunday will be the beginning of the new year and that means I will be stitching again on And They Sinned on Sundays.  So, I want to be finished with the center area of the My Teacher design.  I may then take a break from it and stitch a room on the Dollhouse.  But I will see how I feel on that when the time comes. 
Though Sean is on vacation this week he did have to go in for a meeting that ended up being cancelled after he arrived.  Long story but his company won a contract bid.  The company that had it previously was suppose to have the transition meeting today, but has decided to protest the outcome of the bid.  I don’t completely understand the whole process, but it will have to be reviewed and decided upon again.  Hopefully, before the end of the first week of January it will be settled.  Now he is on his way home and the rest of the week will be spent playing with new toys received from Santa, eating leftovers and spending time together.  Thursday Hannah will go over a friend’s house and Sean & I will be going to see King Kong
Well, off to eat…I am hungry.  TTFN

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Merry Christmas

Hoping everyone is having a wonderful holiday!  May the spirit of the season be you always and may peace be not a hope but a reality on earth.
Thankfully, Hannah woke this morning feeling fine.  She said that her ear hurt but then didn’t. She was very excited to discover that Santa had been here.  Opening gifts didn’t take long and I believe every one receive want they wanted from Santa. 
Hannah only asked for one thing…a blue Kinder Garden Baby!  She got that along with a new Nintendo DS special edition Nintendogs version along with one of the Nintendog games, KP3 and Barbie Pegasus GBA games, an Operation Shrek edition game, a couple of Build A Bear and Dora doll outfits with an armiore, Barbie Pegasus movie, Pegasus Barbie and Pegasus, Disney Princess sheets, blanket and comforter, 2005 Holiday Barbie and Belle (Beauty & the Beast) & Arial (The Little Mermaid) porcelain dolls.
Sean got the new xBox 360, five new games for it, shirts & ties, a new wallet and Stars Wars Episode I on DVD ~ the only one he was missing.
I got a couple of sweaters, a new purse that I love, Friends The One With All 10 Seasons, Garth Brooks cd with DVD gift set, The Sound of Music and Wizard Of OZ DVDs, Madonna’s new album, The Hobbit (in hardback) by J R R Tolkien, a new tea maker and a couple of gift cards. 
Sean and I also received a new knife set that has chef, paring, boning, slicer and steaks knives in a wooden block, a bread maker and a glass canister set. 
I got up extra early to prep the turkey to roast.  After opening gifts, I started making the other things for dinner.  Since this is the first year that I used a brine for the turkey, I will say this…I will be doing that again.  The turkey was very good.  We also had deviled eggs (made by my mom), green beans, red potatoes with chives, apple-sausage stuffing, broccoli-cranberry salad, watergate salad (made by my cousin), taco dip with chips, coconut pie cheese ball, salami-tomato rolls, lil’ smokies in a Hawaiian sweet ‘n sour sauce, shrimp and cocktail sauce, apple pie (made by my mom) and pumpkin pie. 
I am so very thankful to have my family here with me to celebrate the holiday.  Sean and Hannah are the two most important people in my life and every moment spent with them is truly blessed.  Being able to have my parents spend the holiday with us is also very special to us and I am glad to have been raised by two wonderful people that have taught me so much about family.  My uncle and his wife also joined us for dinner.  It is great that they live close enough to join us. 
No stitching today.  I had planned on getting a few stitches in this evening after everything was cleaned up and put away, but since I also decided to have a couple of glasses of wine with and since dinner, I thought better of it.  I would only need to frog it later.  :0)  TTFN…and God Bless us, everyone!

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A Christmas Carol

Got up extra early this morning to prepare the turkey in brine.  Sean got up and went to pick up breakfast at MD’s…yummy.  I did a few other preparations for dinner that I could do.  My parents arrived about 2 hours earlier than I excepted.  I would say I just put them to work in the kitchen but since we have a pretty small kitchen, I prefer everyone just stay out.  :0)
We did take my parents out for dinner tonight and to see A Christmas Carol at Ford’s Theatre in DC as part of their Christmas present.  It was very good!  Hannah also enjoyed it very much and was so good while there.  When leaving a lady sitting behind us commented on how well behaved she was during they entire play.  People often see a child her age at a thing like that and immediately think "Oh, Boy!"  She is a great kid if I do say so myself.
Once we got home, we opened one gift since every year we all get new pj’s on Christmas Eve to wear.  Then off to bed so Santa can come.  Sadly, about an hour ago Hannah woke up crying and saying that her ear hurt.  I gave her some Advil and hoping for the best.  I did some quick online research…why I am still up so late…and actually read that if it is an ear infection, most go away on their own.  She hasn’t got a fever, but since she is still with a bit of her cold, well you just can’t know.   
Merry Christmas!

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Busy Day

No stitching today.  Dropped off Hannah as school just before 9
am.  I had many errands to do today.  First I headed to Petsmart and
got a window shelf for the cat to sit on.  I also was hoping to get JoJo a
new pair of shoes, that’s right…I make my puppy wear shoes when she goes out
in the rain or snow…but they didn’t have any in her size.  They did have
about eight pairs in a size that would fit on my head. 
Then I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond…I had a gift to get for my uncle and
his wife and I officially finished my Christmas shopping.  Actually thought
I was finished, but remember that I hadn’t yet gotten them anything.  I got
a great easy to use wine bottle opener set and since I have been wanting one
myself, I got one.  Also picked up one for one of my best friends just cuz
I know they enjoy drinking wine too. 
Then to Target (got nothing), The Home Depot, the bookstore, Wal-mart, took
myself out to lunch, Kmart and to the grocery store.  When I got to the
school to pick up Hannah, I still had six minutes to spare.  Then home to
put everything away. 
Hannah’s winter break begins tomorrow.  In the morning we will be
making reindeer cookies.  My friend is having a root canal tomorrow so she
will be dropping off her three tykes for about an hour & a half around
lunch.  Hannah is looking forward to it.  After she gets them, we will
bake some more cookies and make some Chex Hawaiian Mix. 
Saturday I will prepare the brine for the turkey, hard boil eggs for
my make to make deviled eggs, bake a pumpkin pie and make some taco
dip…up to the last step of baking it for 20 minutes.  That is about all I
can do until Sunday when I will make red potatoes, fresh green beans,
sausage-apple stuffing, broccoli-cranberry salad and a few quick to make
Also on Saturday, after my parents get here, we will be giving them one of
the Christmas presents earlier.  Saturday night we will be going out to eat
and to see A Christmas Carol at Ford’s Theatre in DC.  Will be a late night
so I will have to get lots done in the morning that I usually due in the evening
but it will be worth it.

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I am Rudolph!

You Are Rudolph
Sweet and shy, you tend to be happiest when you’re making someone else happy.

Why You’re Naughty: You sometimes stick that nose where it doesn’t belong

Why You’re Nice: Christmas would be a sad affair without you!

Saw this on Kiwi Jo’s blog and had to do it too. 
Merry Christmas to all and all a good night!

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Hannah is fever free.  I decided to put her in a cool bath.  She was starting to act like she wasn’t feeling well and her temp was getting close to 102.  Fifteen minutes in the bath and she is much better…started asking to eat everything in the house, had a pep in her step and as of bed time, her temp has return to normal.  Now I am keeping my fingers crossed that it stays that way. 
I read lots of stitching related blogs and many stitchers have monthly goals that they post.  What they have stitched on during the past month and what they are planning on stitching in the new month.  I don’t usually make goals for stitching.  It is my hobby and I don’t want the pressure.  Plus, usually when I say somthing like I want to finish this by the weekend, I usually lose interest and motivation. 
But I have been thinking about it…maybe I will.  I have been inspired by the stitching bloggers of the world wide web.  I will start off small with just a few at first.  See how it goes from there.  Might help to get motivated to get a few things finished.  So, that is going to be one of my New Year’s Resolutions.  I have even been thinking what my first set of goals will be but won’t be posting them until the end of the month.
Off to stitch…finally!  TTFN

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