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Another Sick Day

My munchkin is home sick
again.  However, I have spoken with her doctor’s office and have discovered
something about her illness.  I explained that I have a five year old just
entered kindergarten that is on her third cold since October.  I was
assured that this isn’t uncommon.  Gives a worried mother a little
relief.  Second, I explained that she has had a fever since Saturday night
and how it has been running up and down.  Also that once given the Tylenol
or Advil that it brings it down but will later go back up.  Right now it is
at 99.2 and I was about to give her another dose before I decided to call about
whether or not to bring her in. 
Here is what I found
out.  They don’t really consider 99 as having a temperature and don’t
recommend giving anything unless the temp is 102 or higher.  The nurse I
spoke with explained that the temperature going up is for a reason…to fight
off the virus and to let it for 72 hours.  Unless it goes up to 102 or it
has been longer than the 72 hours.  She also explained that I needn’t bring
her in unless she starts really acting sick or the temp goes up…she hasn’t
acted sick at all really with the exception of the obvious sniffing and
coughing.  Again this all eases a worried mama’s mind. 
I tend to over worry
every little thing being as she is my only child.  My friend who has three
always says that with each child it changes.  The first one you call the
doctor about every sniffle and bump but by the third you just pull out
the box of tissue and band-aides.
So, home again
today.  Hoping that she will be able to go to school
tomorrow.  Only two days left of school this week as Friday is the
start of Winter Break.  I have much to do this week.  Just having to
re-adjust my schedule and get more of the things done around the house earlier
and leave the errands for later in the week. 
So, off to do some
housework :0( and stuff like that.  TTFN

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Sick Day

Well, here I am sitting in the living room watching the news, reading my list of blogs, drinking my morning cup of joe and waiting for my munchkin to wake up.  She should be in school, but when she crawled into bed with us in the middle of the night with a fever, I decided that there would be no going for her. 

Hopefully, tomorrow she will feel better and be able to go.  Hannah loves school and counted down all weekend to when she would be going back.  She is a pretty early riser and a morning person, usually up with the sun, so for her to still be sleeping and here it is almost lunch time just proves that my baby isn’t feeling to well.  This is the third time since October that she has caught a cold.  Within a week or so of getting over one, she catches another.  Could this be the joy of entering kindergarten this year?
I managed to get some stitching in last night.  We had rented some movies and watched a couple last night.  Cinderella Man (very good) and Fantastic Four (okay…better than expected).  Sean really wanted to see Fantastic Four.  One because he watched the cartoon as a child and two because his two favorite TV actors were in it.  He loves Michael Chiklis (The Shield on FX) and Julian McMahon (Nip/Tuck on FX).  I tease him a lot about his man crush on them, he takes it well.  :0)
So I have decided it is well past the time to post a progress picture of my WIP.  I am almost done with this area of stitching and then will be doing the backstitch on the area.  I had planned on having the stitching done last Thursday but that didn’t happen.  So maybe within the next day or two.  I have a busy week getting ready for Christmas, so we will see.  I would like to get to the backstitching well before the weekend.  TTFN

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Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Today is my dad’s 70th
birthday.  Happy Birthday Daddy!  I have been very lucky having him
for a father…grumpy as he is :0)  He is the best!
Yesterday was the ninth
anniversary of Sean popping the question.  We had only known each other for
six weeks but here we are nine years later and having celebrated our eighth
wedding anniversary in October.  I gotta say that I still like the guy so I
guess I will keep him around.  :0)  But there I was twenty-five years
old at the time and having to tell my dad on his birthday no less that the guy I
had recently started dating asked me to marry him the night before and I had
said yes.  Yikes!  Thankfully, both my parents liked Sean…and still
do, too.  LOL
Today I got up way to
early and have been spending it messing around on the computer…reading blogs,
ordering some pictures online, saving pictures from my camera to a disk
and revising my book list.  Though I enjoy reading blogs, I have been
trying to narrow my list down in order to spend a little less time on the
computer.  However, what I have ended up doing is adding more to my
list of must reads!  Oh well…My name is Annette and I am a
blogaholic.  :0)
It is time that I have a
bite to eat so that I can stitch the reminder of the day away.  That
is if my family will let me.  TTFN!

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It has been a busy week.  On Monday, I met with the school about Hannah’s speech evaluation.  She is speech disabled and will now be officially receiving speech therapy from the school.  The therapist has already been working with her for the last month and said that she is a very bright child and a quick learner.  Her teacher also said that her speech is not effecting the way she writes…even though she is pronouncing the words incorrectly when sounding it out, she will write the word correctly.  This is good news as it means it will not effect her in reading/writing skills. 
On Tuesday, I went to Wal-Mart to pick up several new releases and to print pictures from my digital camera.  The movies…Kronk’s New Groove, Valiant (both at new release prices) and a Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer box set that includes Frosty, Frosty Returns, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town and The Little Drummer Boy.  Great value for anyone interested in having the movies on DVD. I had a couple of them on VHS and wanted to replace them.  They were all sold separately at $11.88 each, but the box set for all five was only $26.88 and includes a 12 song Christmas CD.  I love great deals like that!
On Wednesday, I went back to pick up the pictures…they were lost!  So, I had to get the camera from the car to upload and print again.  They didn’t charge me though.  I also dropped off a negative of the in-law family to have cropped and reprints made from my BIL/SIL’s wedding last December.  And since I had forgotten the day before, I picked up The Mummy DVD box set (3 movies).  I love The Mummy (which just so happens to be on right now!) and The Mummy Returns…if they are on TV I will watch them every time…and Sean likes The Scorpion King.   Also a great deal at $19.88 and it includes a ticket to see King Kong.  I also stopped by the LNS to visit with the owner and pick up a couple of DMC threads, the second in the Walking in a Winter Snapperland~Ze Rink, the new zipper Santa’s Reindeer and Leaves.
Thursday I finally got my Christmas cards at 25% off.  So that lead to sitting down, signing and addressing them to mail.  Also included cutting the pictures we had taken and including them in some.  Glad that is done.  Though it is something I want to do…sending everyone good tidings…it is a chore.  Hannah’s school let out 3 1/2 hours early due to weather.  It was expected that the snow would come around lunch time so they decided to close at noon.  However, it started to snow…beautiful big white fluffy flakes around 10 am or so.  Later in the day the freezing rain came.
So, Friday was a snow day…no school.  Hannah loves school so she was a bit disappointed.  Sean went in to work anyway for a couple of hours, so while he was there, I wrapped his gifts.  By late afternoon all was well, so we went out to eat at California Tortilla where I had a coupon for a free burrito for making animal noises on Jungle Night and when I gave them that with my stamped card to have stamped, discovered I had enough stamps to receive another free burrito…so we only paid for Hannah’s dinner, chips & queso and our drink! and yes, crazy as it may sound, get ice cream!  After Hannah went to bed, we wrapped her gifts and my parents.  All done with that now too. 
Today we went to get Sean & Hannah’s hair cut, buy Christmas gifts for her teachers and for JoJo.  We go to a great place for pets…Two Paws Up…and get her bully bones.  The owner told Sean that they are sold in bulk but he explained that I like to come in a pick out the fattest ones from the tin.  After he paid, she threw a couple of really fat bully bones in the bag as a treat for our pup.  After that, the two loves of my life dropped me off at the LNS for Red Hat Stitchers day.  Then four hours later they picked me up so we could have dinner out again…I tend not to cook on the weekends, ya’ know…and then we went to Boscov’s to get me a much needed pair of boots. 
Every year I buy Hannah a pair of snow boots, say that I am going to get some for myself and don’t.  So when I mentioned to Sean that I wanted some he took matters into his own hands.  And since it is so late in the season another great deal…55% off at Boscov’s…less than $25.  Sean also got a new pair of slacks along with a Christmas tie Hannah picked out and I got a turtle neck all on sale.  WoW!
Have a bored anyone yet? 
I have also gotten lots of stitching in this week as I also got my own stitching groove back after a not so stitchy weekend last week.  I spent this week on My Teacher (Bobbie G Designs) and Penn State (HappenChance, I think).  Today I got a few stitches in on Just Nan’s The Promise WIP and lots done on Penn State while at the LNS.  Tomorrow’s plan…finish the area of My Teacher that is the school house.  I am almost finished with that.  And I am almost finished with the Penn State piece as well.  A couple of more afternoons, I think.  Though it will be unframed, I am planning on giving it to Sean for Christmas and letting him help pick out how he would like it framed…mat, not mat, etc. 
Now that I have written a book it is actually "tomorrow" so I am off to bed…TTFN!

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I read this on another
blog and was moved by it, so I
decided to post it to my own blog.  As the proud daughter of an officer of
the Army who served his country (twice) for a total of 27 years and the
proud wife of a Navy man whose service was cut short by the need of a knee
replacement (that he is still to young to get) at the young age of 24, I
believe it is important as citizens of a free nation to remember that we did not
come by this freedom without the sacrifice of brave men and women.  Nor do
we continue to reap the benefits of freedom without the continued bravery
of those who have chosen to serve our country
and help others around the world to achieve
Cindy Sheehan asked
President Bush, "Why did my son have to die in Iraq?"
Another mother asked a
chief of police, "Why did my son have to die in this city as one of your police
Yet another asked President Kennedy, "Why did my son have to die
in Vietnam?"
Yet another mother asked President Truman, "Why did my son have
to die in Korea?"
Another mother asked President Franklin Delano Roosevelt,
"Why did my son have to die at Iwo Jima?"
Another mother asked President
Wilson, "Why did my son have to die on a battlefield in France?"
Yet another
mother asked President Lincoln, "Why did my son have to die at Gettysburg?"

Another mother asked President Washington, "Why did my son have to die near
Valley Forge?"
Long, long ago a mother asked, "Heavenly Father, why did my
son have to die on a cross outside of Jerusalem?"

The answers to all
these are simple — that others may have life and dwell in peace, happiness and

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Today’s SBQ isn’t
about stitching:  It is about blogging and was suggested by AngelSan

Take a minute to
reflect on your blog reading habits and preferences. What do you prefer
to read in stitching blogs? (Progress, tips, family life, experiences, etc.) How
much do you think you are influenced by other stitching

Pretty much
anything.  If someone is willing to blog about it, I am willing to read
it.  I enjoying reading about other stitcher’s projects but I also enjoy
reading about their day to day lives, their families, friends, pets, job, the
books they read, tv shows & movies they like, whatever. 
It is what I blog about…my life and stitches…and it is what I enjoy
I do enjoy seeing what
others are stitching, how they finish or frame, how they make changes to
fit their individual taste, things like that.  Watching the progress
of some projects makes me realize that I must have that design. 
I am inspired by how some have such talent to finish their projects themselves
that it even makes me think that I could give it a whirl and finish
myself.  I haven’t any sewing skill so I haven’t yet. 
The permalink to
this post is:

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Where to
Well, first off, Friday
ended up being a snow day.  Sean got up early to shovel the walk and
driveway as well as clean the cars off.  Hannah went out with him so that
she could play in the snow.  They tried to build a snowman after but the
snow wouldn’t pack, so they drew a snowman in the front yard complete with a
carrot nose.  Hannah made me a "snow day cake"!
JoJo had an appointment
with the groomer’s, so Sean dropped her off and picked up Dunkin Donuts on
his way back.  Yum!  I managed to rip out most of the stitching that
was in the wrong color and when I was almost finished Hannah and Sean said that
they liked in with the wrong color…to late.  By the time I was finished
with that, the groomer called and I left to pick up JoJo.  She looked great
(sometimes not so much) and smelled good too! 
Some of my friends that
I worked with at The Disney Store were meeting for dinner that night, so I left
Sean and Hannah home to fend for themselves and went to met the girls.  We
had a good time catching up as we hadn’t all seen each others for several
Saturday was the day
that had been planned to have Christmas with Sean’s family.  This was the
plan of my MIL who has decided to spend Christmas with her new boyfriend. 
So, from what I understood we would be having a nice dinner on MIL in the
youngest BIL’s (#2) town as that is about the halfway point for
everyone.  When I came home on Wednesday from Stitch Night, Sean said his
mother had called and the plan was now that she and her BF would be meeting us
at our home at 1 pm were we would then drive up to BIL’s stopping on the
way to pick up some snacking eats since BIL #1 wouldn’t be able to get there
until after 4 pm.  We would then do gift exchanges and leave
to drive to Hershey to do the Christmas Lights display drive where we
would then have dinner out there. 
So, a little after 2 pm
MIL & BF show up and we visit for a few minutes before leaving.  Hannah
was explaining that JoJo (the dog) likes Jasmine (the cat) but that the cat
doesn’t like to be bothered by Jojo.  Seeing as Hannah needs speech therapy
she doesn’t quite say bothers clearly.  And while I am in the kitchen
straightening up a bit so that we could leave, I hear MIL’s BF teasing her about
it and say from the kitchen to repeat the word after me hoping that they
would get the hint.  Ends up that we are taking two cars, so on the way I
ask Sean if he told his mother about Hannah’s therapy.  He said he was
really pissed off because he heard the teasing too and was going to
say something to his mom.
So we get to BIL #2
house where my SIL says that she doesn’t have any snacks to put out because
MIL said she was going to take care of it.  We say that she was going to
stop to get stuff and right after that she walks in the door and says that the
store was to busy so she didn’t get anything.  She ends up going
out again to pick up some snacks and shortly after she gets back,
Sean gets her alone (meaning that her BF was in the other room from us) and
asks that they not tease Hannah.  So MIL says "oh, but it is
cute and she will grow out of it".  To which I say, that "actually,
she has to have speech therapy".  So BIL #2 and SIL are asking a
couple of quick questions about it and while I am answering them, I
hear MIL telling Sean that we are just being to sensitive about
it.  So, I say that I didn’t think so considering
I had therapy and recall the way it made me feel as a child when
I was teased and to please not do it.  MIL says that we are just to
sensitive and should loosen up.  BIL #1 and his family show up
right about then so the conversation ended at that point though I had a few
more things to say about it.  Maybe I am a bit sensitive, but I don’t want
to have Hannah’s self-esteem in anyway lowered because of other people’s
insensitivities.  Agree or not, it will effect her self-esteem…I
personally know having been there.
So, we meet BIL’s
girlfriend, her daughter and for the first time BIL’s five year old son. 
Gift exchange and then we all pile in the cars to head to Hershey.  At some
point it was decided through phone calls back and forth to go eat first, but
when we get to the restaurant there is a short wait and MIL & BIL#2 decide
to drive over to the park to do the chocolate world tour and go thru the
park.  BIL #1 and family weren’t really prepared for walking the park
in the cold weather as we all thought we were going to drive thru the
lights.  But we go to the park, pay to park and go thru the chocolate world
tour, then half of us stayed to walk thru the park to see the live reindeer and
the other half went back to the restaurant to get a table for the 12 of
us.  Anthony (BIL #1 son) stayed with us so that he could see
them.  Hannah loved seeing the reindeer and hanging out with her two
So back to the
restaurant, were we were finally eating at 10:45 pm.  No lights drive since
that ended at 11 pm.  Sean and I decided that during his & Hannah’s
week off for the holidays that we were going to drive back up to Hershey for
that.  I really enjoyed seeing SIL as I think she is just adorable and
meeting BIL #1’s GF and their family.  I really liked GF.  They
are expecting their first child together in March and are planning on
getting married sometime too.  And yes, I really like both my BILs
Even after the late
night, Sunday morning the three of us got up early to go to the first showing of
The Chronicles of Narnia.  WOW!  This movie is SO good!  We loved
it.  The rest of the day was spent at home relaxing.  But I didn’t get
any stitching done.  I decided to take a nap while Sean and Hannah played
the Narnia game on the xBox and afterwards didn’t much feel like
stitching.  Though on Friday night I did get the area I ripped out
re-stitched in the right color.
So, today I will be
spending some time doing a little laundry, cleaning up around the house a bit,
taking my walk on the treadmill and maybe, stitching a little before heading
over to the school to meet with the speech therapist to discuss the steps we
will be taking with Hannah.  TTFN

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is me!!!  I am stitching away on My Teacher and have gotten a good bit done…though I have been puttering out with this yellow color that I did finally finish up tonight.  So I am looking at the pattern to see what to stitch next.  I notice a symbol that is sort of similar to one of the symbols I had already stitched.  Now, while stitching I thought that is was a strange color for the area, but kept on at it.  Tonight I discovered that it is wrong and I am going to have to rip it all out and re-stitch it tomorrow.  The symbol on the chart looks like a bold x so when I found the only x on the key that was the color I used to stitched.  Tonight I discovered an area on the chart with what looks like a bold x and x.  The bold the chart isn’t even an x on the key.  Am I making any sense in my mad ramblings? 
Off to bed and hoping tomorrow will be a day I can spend ripping and re-stitching.  I am really glad that I decided to start this one now. TTFN

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is cleaning
house…finishing the laundry, dusting, cleaning the bathroom, mopping the
floors…that sort of thing.  Oh, brushing the dog and walking the
treadmill.  What I am doing?  Nothing, surfing the net, watching
morning shows.  Basically avoiding the "chores".
Yesterday Sean had a
test to take for becoming Microsoft certified, so in the afternoon we went to
get some Christmas shopping finished.  Now we are done.  YAY!! 
Well, he isn’t and I still have one more thing to pick up for him but it isn’t
in yet.  We also went to lunch.  Oh, he did pass the test but I didn’t
have any doubts he wouldn’t. 
And since yesterday was
the first Wednesday of the month, it was Stitch Night at the LNS.  So off I
went with my big bag since I decided to take that teacher’s piece to stitch
on.  Plus, I took my stitching friends their gifts.  I tried to get
each of them something that they would really like.  One collects boxes and
I found a really pretty box for her that I hope she really likes. (Sean got me
one too but wouldn’t let it be a Christmas gift and made me take it
yesterday.)  Another friend likes Gone With the Wind so I got that
for her on DVD since she didn’t have it.  And another is a huge Jane Austin
fan so I got her a collector’s edition of her favorite Persuasion and a
pretty bookmark.  So I hope that they were happy.  And I picked up the
framed Key West Sampler.
Well, I guess I should
really get busy getting some stuff done around here.  We are being told
that we are going to be getting a pretty good amount of snow, so hopefully
tomorrow will be a day I can sit and stitch…if I get everything done today
that really has been put off for sometime.  TTFN

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Today’s "Stitching
Blogger’s Question" was suggested by Zohrah (
http://xstitch.free.fr/zohrah13/) and is:

Have you done any charity
stitching, been in one, or would like to organize one?

A little.  I
stitched five squares for the World Trade Center Quilt back in 2002, one
butterfly square for a Hurricane Katrina Quilt that will be
auctioned on eBay and one square for the Hurricane Katrina Quilt

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