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Day 49 of ATS

So I stitched some on ATS as planned while watching The Legend of Zorro last night.  The movie was pretty good. 
This morning I took my little sweetpea back to school.  She so missed being at school.  And it seems that she was very missed.  The teacher had to ask that her class mates give her some breathing room.  Tomorrow is class picture day!  I am so glad that it wasn’t last week and we didn’t miss it.  Hannah would have been devastated to say the least. 
I should be doing the laundry from vacation but instead I have been playing around on the computer…so I guess I should get busy.  TTFN

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Back from vacation

We left last Friday for a week long vacation in our favorite place…Walt Disney World!  Hannah got out of school two hours early, so as soon as we picked her up we started driving down to FL.  We stopped in GA for the night and got up early to finish the drive down to the happiest place on earth.  After checking in and freshening up, we headed down to Downtown Disney for some window-shopping and a bite to eat.
Sunday was spent at Epcot and dinner at the Grand Floridian with Cinderella, Prince Charming and friends.  We met Fairy Godmother for the first time.   Monday we went to MGM.  While there we saw Kim Possible & Ron Stoppable for the first time and Chicken Little.   On Tuesday we decided to go swimming, to the mall where we found a huge M&M’s store and Build A Bear, and for a bite to eat at Bahamas Breeze…yummy.  On Wednesday we went to Animal Kingdom.  I love this park.  Thursday was our longest day as we planned a breakfast with Lilo and Stitch early in the morning and spent the day at Magic Kingdom.  On Friday, our last day, it ended up being a bit cold and rained a bit, but we had no plans for the day except to relax, pack and have dinner again at Bahamas Breeze. 
We got up at 4 am Saturday to start the drive home so that we could be home in the late afternoon.  My friend who checked in on our cat was also kind enough to pick JoJo up at the vet so that she would be home when we arrived and wouldn’t have to stay until Monday.   So I spent last night and some of today catching up on email, reading blogs and unpacking.  We had hoped to have internet while there, but for some reason the building we were staying in didn’t have dail-up or wireless.  I didn’t get much stitching or reading done while there.  I was just to tired in the evenings for either.
The rest of today I am planning on getting a few stitches in on And They Sinned and catching up on TiVo.  Off to stitch!

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I shouldn’t have gone by
the LNS today, but I had to pick the fund raiser packet.  I picked up the
frog scissor fob that I forgot to get yesterday.  While I was there the
Crescent Colors I have been needing for a project, the Raise the Roof
(What Side?, Sweetheart Fence & Good Luck scissor
fob chart), Little House Needleworks (Dear Diary Mary Heaton & Abigail
and Colonial Homes) and Country Cottage (Flower Shop
and Winter Welcome) charts that I have been waiting since
before market on came in.  I also picked up Angel in the Middle
by Joy of the Needle and Snowman Kit by Sue Hillis Designs. 
And that is the last of the stash enhancement for a while!  I don’t need anything else. 

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Rolling around in STASH

First thing is
first…Hannah is doing much better.  She had a good day at school. 
After school, we went to her appointment and the doctor said her lungs sounded
great.  Vacation is a go, she said just be sure to take the nubulizer and
her, the dr that is.  :0)  And we do have to be aware that at some
point she may be diagnosed with asthma.  But for now she is
JoJo went to the
groomer’s today and looks so cute.  Though I do wish that just a little bit
more would have been trimmed from her face.  The lady who grooms her
does a wonderful job and really tries to do what we request.  One of the
things we always ask is that her face isn’t shaved down like a poodle’s is
normally…catch 22.  We don’t like it to short so she didn’t take much
off.  Now it seems a little to full for the rest of her body.  JoJo is
tuckered out now. 
Poor Sean…I warned him
though, so he can’t say much.  I went to the LNS today.  She was
getting the stuff from Market all out and priced.  Since she knows I won’t
be here Saturday…she takes care of our cat when we go out of town….she let
me roll around in all the new stuff!  :0)  Well, of course I couldn’t
come home without something after playing in it.  Here is what I got
Waxing Moon
: Coffee, Chocolate & Men
Erica Michaels:
Morning, Noon & Night
    Joy Flip
Flip It
    Let Freedom
Ring Snippet with embellishment pack
Boxer Jr.
Things Chart with embellishment pack
    Friends For
All Seasons chart with embellishment pack
Blessings Ornament Buttons pack (for finishing the ornies)
(small tree design similar to Rejoice) with embellishment pack
    Spring Tree
with embellishment pack
Spots with charm
    Lucky Spots
with charm
Heart In
    Wash Your
    Child of
    The Time I
Spend Stitching with needed Dinky Dyes
    The Villa
(the last in the Winter Snapperland)
    Lucky (a
zippie kit, I think)
    Snowman on
the Hill (last in the Stoneware Hilltops series)
Seasons House
A Tacky BOB and a pair
of Lift-N-Snip scissors that I have been trying find for a while.  I forgot
to get the Frog Scissor FOB that I had my eye on.  I have to stop back by
to pick up Hannah’s school fund raiser stuff, so I may be coming home with that
tomorrow.  :0)
I went a little hog
wild.  And I didn’t even get a chance to look thru everything.  Plus I
had some other things on order from Raise the Roof, Little House Needleworks and
some Crescent Color Threads that aren’t in yet.  I need to put myself on a
stash diet now for awhile.  I have tried that before and it hasn’t
worked…wonder if it will this time.     TTFN

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Today’s SBQ was
suggested by Heather (
http://www.stitchsci.blogspot.com/) and is:

Comment on your comments (giving
and receiving): Do you love comments or hate them? Do you check them every day,
never check them, or find them helpful? And finally, are you convinced no one is
reading your
blog if you don’t get any?

I like when people leave
comments and I do check everyday to see if anyone has commented. And yes, I
am convinced that no one is reading if no one is commenting.  But then
I have to remind myself that I write this blog for me.  Though I do
enjoying sharing my stitching.

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Back to school

Well, Hannah hasn’t had
a fever since Monday night and has a lot of energy.  She really wanted to
go to school.  So, I dropped her off warning her teachers that her cough
sounds pretty bad.  Hopefully, all will go well at her checkup this
Sean will be home
tomorrow.  Hopefully, that means I will get a good night of sleep, because
the last few nights have been pretty bad.  I am so tired that I could sleep
the day away.  But I have to many things that must be done.  Put away
the laundry, walk the treadmill, take the dog to the groomer, stop by the LNS to
see all the goodies from Market…okay, I don’t really have to do that, but I
am.  TTFN

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Oh No…

The x-rays didn’t go as we thought.  Hannah has pneumonia.  Poor thing.  If I understand correctly, it is a really mild cause.  Though she has been put on a really strong antibiotic for the next five days.  Plus the breathing treatments.  I am still waiting on the nubulizer machine to be delivered.  Hoping it will be soon.  She is coughing a lot right now.  She hasn’t had a fever yet today which is good.  She might be able to go to school tomorrow.  That is what she is hoping for since she hates to miss school.  She did enjoy getting x-rays.  She thought that was cool.   
On a stitching note, I did something crazy.  On own way out the door this morning I grabbed kit (the Trilogy’s Four Seasons Treats) to have something small in my purse.  And yes, I started it while we were waiting today.  Okay, so maybe crazy isn’t the word, but I was trying hard not to start anything new.  I just didn’t feel like taking any of the projects I have started.  They are all big.  
Now I need to go finish up some laundry.  Hoping Hannah will want to take a nap later…so that I can.  TTFN
Happy Valentine’s Day

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My baby is sick!

I went to the school to volunteer in her class and a hour later we were leaving.  Hannah’s temp was 101.  She was very upset about leaving and since she had a temp, the nurse said not to bring her back to school tomorrow.  After I got her home, she fell asleep, something she rarely does.  I didn’t like the way she was breathing, so I called the doctor.   Usually, I don’t take her to the doctor for a cold, but this time…I am glad that I did.  There is some wheezing in her breathing. 
So while there they did a breathing treating and listened to her again afterwards.  The doctor was pleased that the treatment worked well, she didn’t hear any wheezing and sent us home with instructions to do the treatments 3x a day for the next week and to go in for a chest x-ray tomorrow, just to be sure that there is no pneumonia.  Hannah will go in again on Wednesday for a follow up.  The doctor also said that she didn’t see a problem with us going ahead on vacation but we will still give it another two days before making a decision on that.  Obviously the important thing here is Hannah’s health, so we would need to know whether we should cancel reservations or not.  Hopefully, she won’t have a fever tomorrow or Wednesday and the breathing treatments will do their thing.  She is most upset about missing school.   She hAtEs missing school.  I am glad that they are doing the x-ray right away.  I would hate to get a week from now and she’s worse before they were to check. 
Needless to say, I haven’t gotten any stitching in today.  Since we have been back from the doctor’s, we have only gotten a quick back to eat and watched some of the Olympics.  Even if Hannah wasn’t ill, and I wasn’t the worry-wart I am, there is no stitching while watching figure skating…my favorite winter sport.  Hannah was very excited watching it with me.  She thought is was "cool" because they were "spinning on ice".

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Day 48 of ATS

Even with the snow this weekend, I haven’t been stitching much lately.  I am not sure what my deal is but I hope that I recover from it soon!  Yesterday I did stitch a little on ATS. 
On Friday Sean found out that his company won the bid on a much sought after contract.  Which is good news.  However it required that he would have to be out of town this week.  So on Saturday we went out for dinner to celebrate Valentine Day.   Sean also surprised me in the morning with a box of chocolate, cards and McD’s breakfast burritos. 
Today is the 100th Day of School.  Hannah has been counting down since the beginning of the year.  Her favorite number is 100.  After helping Daddy shovel yesterday though she is now getting sick.  She refused to miss school today, since she doesn’t have a fever, I let her go.  She is coughing but isn’t really stuffy.  I hope that she recovers quickly. 
Well, I have volunteered to help out with the festivities at school today, so I am off.  TTFN!

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Today’s SBQ was suggested by Nancy http://crossesnkisses.blogspot.com/ and is:

Describe your "perfect" project. (Include
the designer or specific
pattern, the fabric, the floss, and anything else
that would make that
project "perfect" for you.)

Oh, my! This is a pretty hard question.  I
think for me there are several projects that I would define as "perfect" for
me. I like a variety of designers and styles depending on my
mood.  I love projects on hand-dyed fabrics with over-dyed
threads. I have several favorite designers…Lizzie*Kate, Little House
Needleworks, Bent Creek, Waxing Moon, Dragon Dreams, Stitchy Kitty.  If
I get to start Mermaid Heaven from
PINN Stitch, O
Holy Night
by Stoney Creek or I’ll
Make My Own Happy Ending
from Dragon Dreams anytime soon, that will be
a perfect project.
Lucky for me, I have already started a couple of
perfect projects.  Dollhouse
by Brightneedle and And
They Sinned
by Examplar Dames have been enjoyable to stitch on and will
be wonderful finished & framed. 

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