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April Stitching Goals
1.  Continue stitching on My Teacher project…hoping to finish it this month, need to finish this this month so that I can have it sent off to finish into a wallhanging. ~ Didn’t finish but almost, only 4 1/2 more letters to go!!
2.  Continue stitching on And They Sinned on Sundays ~ Didn’t work on this at all in order to devote the time to My Teacher
3.  Start the second teacher gift…JABC’s Open a New Box Daily Started this and it is my on the go project
4.  Punchneedle….May’s Punch & Cookie Club project ~ No.  Again, I have been devoting my stitching time to the teacher gifts.
Notes for April Goals:  Keeping the goals very short this month.  Time is getting near and I must finish the teacher project as well as start the second gift.  I may decide to not stitch on ATS in order to devote all stitching time to My Teacher
May Stitching Goals
1.  Continue stitching and finish My Teacher project
2.  Continue stitching and finish JABC’s Open A New Box Daily
3.  Finish stitching the border of Bent Creek’s Walking In A Winter Snapperland
4.  Stitch on And They Sinned on Sundays
5.  Punch both May and June’s Punch & Cookie Club projects
6.  Stitch on Brightneedle’s Dollhouse
I am pretty sure that I will be seeing My Teacher finished very soon.  Shortly after that I hope to finish Open a New Box Daily.  Then I think I will be free for a but to work on some other things.  I haven’t made much of a dent in my yearly goals and would really like to see that rectified.

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Our day

As of last night, I have actually finished the stitching and back-stitching of the flag in much less time then I thought it would take.  I still have the word and letters to do, but that will take me about 30 minutes.  Getting ready to do that now.
We finally had our windows measured, so the blinds are now on order.  Still wouldn’t recommend them.  We also had our carpets cleaned.  Hoping that is that.  Our neighbors had a yard sale, so I went looking to see if anyone had a bassinet or Moses basket for my friend.  She want’s to use one or the other to display baby themed charts, etc. at the LNS.  I didn’t find one, but she did have a brand new, never used cookie press from Pampered Chef for $7!  I was thinking about getting one when I ordered some recently but didn’t.  Glad now, because I snatched it up today.
Hannah finally had a soccer game today.  Beautiful weather.  We went to lunch afterwards and bed shopping for Hannah.  Found a new bed and dresser.  Now we wait for three weeks for it to be delivered.  Gives plenty of time to figure out what to do with her crib/toddler bed and dresser.  After that we drove back out to the outlets so that Sean could go to the Nike Store.  Then to Target and The Home Depot.  Now next week I will be ripping out the wood around the flower beds and replacing it with landscape edging.  Then will put out the mulch that we bought for the front of the house.  I like the red mulch for the front. 
Now we have eaten and are getting ready to watch a movie….which means stitch time!  TTFN

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I am not good at waiting.  Especially today.  Since re-siding the house, Sean and I decided not to put the old beat up looking awnings back up over the side windows of the house.  Instead we decided to have blinds custom made for them.  They need one or the other because most of the afternoon sunlight comes thru them.  So two weeks ago we went over to Next Day Blinds, picked out what we wanted…nothing fancy, very plain but I think it won’t take away from the windows…, paid the required 50% down, set up an appointment to have the windows measured.  The time frame between 8 – 11 am on 4/25.  So, at 7:30 am on Tuesday I received a call that they measurer was out sick and they had to re-schedule.  So a new appointment was set up for yesterday, same time.  Since I take Hannah to school at 8:30ish the deal was that they would give a 30 minute call ahead before coming.  While dropping Hannah at about 8:45 am they called.
Home I came.  I decided that since they would be here shortly to leave JoJo in her crate.  She is a sweet, loving and friendly dog, but we have been unsuccessful in training her not to jump.  Especially on others.  So we crate her when people come over.  An hour later they still hadn’t shown up.  So I let JoJo out and give them a call.  After being on hold for 15 minutes, I am suddenly directed into a voice mail, so I live a message.  At 10:45 am, which is two hours after they called to say they were on their way, and 15 minutes before my appointment window is over, they call back.  Unfortunately, they can’t come today.  What?  Well, the measurer doesn’t have the proper stuff in his truck to make the templates for the windows.  Could they come tomorrow between 1 – 5 pm, would that be okay?  Well, I guess it will have to be considering you have my deposit and on Friday it will be two weeks since we decided to get Next Day Blinds!!!  Needless to say, I am overly annoyed.  I wouldn’t recommend Next Day Blinds at this point.  But to have custom made blinds, where else to go?  Blinds To Go said they would be unable to make blinds for the type of window. 
I spoke with the company that re-sided the house, and it seems that the leak was fixed.  So, they told me to set up an appointment to have the carpet cleaned and we will see if that helps to insure that the carpet doesn’t smell from where it was soaked from the leak.  Fingers crossed on that.  Otherwise, they will have the room’s carpet replaced. 
On the stitching news, I did start the Flag on the teacher piece.  And I am happy with the progress I made last night on it.  Got much more done then I thought I would.  And since I am sitting around waiting today, I will continue to work on it.  Though I should be folding and finishing laundry.  :0)  TTFN

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G is for Globe

One more letter down and only six more to go.  Next up is F is for Flag.  This one is going to take a few days for sure.  It is the largest of all the letters, but I hope to have it finished by the end of Saturday.  Fingers crossed. 
I have also managed to get a little done on Open A New Box Daily.  I will be stitching on this one this afternoon since I am about to head down to the LNS for some stitching and chatting time with my friend.  And tonight is soccer practice for Hannah, so I might even get a few stitches in while there too.
Who do you think is the funniest man in the world?  There are so many funny people out there but I have to say for as far back as I can remember Robin Williams makes me laugh so much that my side hurts.  He was on the Today Show and Regis & Kelly.  Tomorrow he will be on Ellen.  I laughed so hard this morning watching him and look forward to seeing him again tomorrow.  You just never know what he is going to say or do. 
Off to stitch at the LNS!!!  TTFN

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No green thumb here

but I am trying. 
The city doesn’t pick up lawn waste…grass clippings, tree trimmings,
etc.  Instead you have to drive it to the dump yard recycling area. 
This poses a problem for those of us without a pickup truck.  We have a
hybrid and a mini van.  However, at the beginning of the year the city sent
a newsletter about drop off areas that would be set up for 10 days during the
spring.  I hung on to the newsletter and have been collecting the my yard
waste over the past few weeks since I have been trying to get our yard and
flower beds cleaned up.  Today I took an old blanket, spread it out in the
back of the van and loaded it up.  Luckily the drop off place is just a
couple of blocks from our house.  I felt like I was dumping as there was no
other yard waste there, but I took my newsletter with me just in case anyone
asked me what I thought I was doing.  It took a couple of trips, but it is
finally all gone. 
I also decided that it
was time to trim a couple of bushes that have over grown way to much.  They
are holly bushes and to be honest I hate them, I would rather get rid of them
all together.  Late last summer are exterminator told us we have carpenter
ants.  These little &*$@! are a pain to get rid of and yesterday I
noticed them crawling on the side of the house, so I called the exterminator
explained that we had trimmed back the tree in the back yard as instructed last
year but that they were climbing all over the side of the house and that I
wanted them to do more something about it. 
So our tech was
scheduled to come today to see if a nest could be found.  Well, while I was
trimming the holly bushes, I noticed that they were all over it.  So when
the tech came I showed her, and she said that she was going to treat the area
well.  We also have them coming out next week to do the termite protection
and she said that it would help. She told me that my having trimmed back
the bushes would help too.  Hopefully, this will all help to get rid of
them once and for all.  Carpenter ants are as bad as termites though
termites eat the wood and the ants just dig thru it.  Thankfully, we have
only found evidence in the sunroom, not in the house.  And we treat our
house four times a year for pests. 
I still have a couple of
the flower beds to clean out around the house.  I have until the first of
May in order to use the drop off area.  Hopefully there won’t me much rain
this week so that I can get it all done.   I haven’t decided what I am
going to do with the flower beds.  Neither one of else have a green
thumb.  I just want the areas to be cleaned up and at least look
neat.  I am thinking of instead of planting in the ground, getting flower
containers instead.  All that remains to be decided.  I do want it to
rain today though.  They came yesterday to see about the leak in the
sunroom.  There was no area that could be found that wasn’t
re-sealed.  Only one loose shingle could be found right above where
the old downspout and gutters had been pulled off and it was in the
area of where the water seemed to be leaking thru, so he used some roofing
cement to attach the shingle.  Now we need to have some rain
to see if it leaks.  I am also hoping that the wood dries out
completely.  Dampness attracts the damn ants. 
Sean and I are talking
about buying a pick up truck.  Nothing new, something cheap that we can pay
cash for and not have a payment.  Something we can use for the hauling
of yard waste, and mulch.  It is free from the city but un-bagged so you
can’t use your car to haul it home in.  Our neighbor told us about this
last year.  We have a large garden area in our back yard that we mulch but
it cost several hundred to do, but if we have a way to haul it home, why not get
it free?
Well, it is about that
time to go pick up my little sweetpea.  We are going to take the van in to
vacuum it out and then stop by the grocery store to pick up a few
things.  No stitching yet today.  TTFN

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As planned

I finished H is for Hardball!  On to G is for Globe….

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is the checkbook and
paying the bills while getting the laundry done.  What I am doing…surfing
the net.  Though I have started the laundry.  I am also waiting for
the men to come that resided the house.  The are coming to look at the leak
from that is coming in from the sunroom joint to the house.  Thankfully, it
only rained once yesterday but more rain is expected this week and I want the
problem fixed before it rains again. 
We once again decided
not to go to the movies yesterday but did go out to eat at Romano’s Macaroni
Grill.  Yummy!  We didn’t do much before going.  I went through
my charts and pulled out all the Little House Needlework patterns I have because
I just knew that I had already bought Morning Berries.  I did.  That’s
alright though.  I will check with a couple of my stitching friends to see
if any of them like and want the pattern.  But I put all the
patterns away together so that they will be easier to find. 
After we got back from
dinner, I gave Hannah a bath, got her ready for bed and settled into my
stitching corner.  While watching The Godfather Part II, I stitched on the
teacher project.  I am almost finished with H, just have to finish the
letters and backstitch the ball.  I plan on getting that done this
afternoon before picking Hannah up from school.  I think I can swing it
between loads of laundry.  Then it is on to G is for Globe that I plan on
getting started during my evening TV schedule. 
Off to get things done
so that I can stitch this afternoon.  TTFN

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So, my computer crashed last week and we lost all of your financial records since our back up disk was damaged, the wall in our living room cracked when they were putting on the new siding due to the size of nails they were using and today it rained so we discovered that we now have a leak in the sunroom.  It seems that where the house and the sunroom met was not re-sealed completely.  UGH!  And of course, they can’t come look at it until Monday.  We have been reassured that whatever damage is caused, replacing wood and/or carpet, would be taken care of by the company.  I just hope it stops raining soon.  Right now we have buckets collecting water with towels attempting to soak the water up out of the carpet.  Don’t know what else to do.  So, since that is three things, nothing else bad for a while, right? 
I did discover that I had made a second backup of my journal on a USB memory stick up thru January this year.  So I did have to go back to make a new backup of February to now, but I didn’t lose anything like I had thought. 
Hannah had a great time at the birthday party.  She enjoyed bowling and went right at trying without any thought as to how it should be done.  A natural bowler, perhaps?  I told her that if she wanted sometime to have her party there, to let us know. 
I went to the LNS for the Red Hat Stitchers gathering after the party.  I worked a bit on Open A New Box Daily.  And made sure that I put my punch needle fabric in the hoop correctly.  I also got the fabric for the new Spring Snappers from Bent Creek, Morning Berries by LHN (tho I think I might already have it…opps!) and a pattern to stitch for my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary next year.  Plently of time to get this done for them.
I haven’t done any stitching since I got home.  I hope to make some progress tomorrow on My Teacher.  But since I forgot to include a photo of my progress so far, I am including it with this entry.  Until then, I am spending the rest of the next relaxing with my book.  TTFN

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Seems I haven’t updated
my recent progress pictures on My Teacher recently.  I have
finished two more letters…J is for Jacks and I is for Ink.  Next
up….H is for Hardball. 
I haven’t gotten as much
stitching done in the past couple of days as I had hoped.  I discovered on
Thursday night that my backup disk of my journal was damaged so I have had to go
back and re-save it from online.  It is a time consuming project since I
have to copy and paste day by day.  I have been doing this in the evenings
and have only gotten thru the first year.  Still have 2005 and this year to
go.  Hoping to get that done soon.  Doing this some of the pictures
are gone. :0(  Oh well.  At least the entries are still online to
Busy day today. 
Though Hannah’s second soccer game has been cancelled due to rain.  The one
weekend we didn’t have a game scheduled (Easter weekend) it was beautiful and
sunny.  The weekend before the game was cancelled because of rain. 
Hannah does have a birthday party to go to this afternoon from 1-3 pm and I have
Red Hat Stitchers Day at the LNS.  I am taking Hannah to the birthday party
and Sean will met up with us there so that I can then head over to the
LNS.  But he isn’t very good at the the whole birthday party thing, so I
will be staying most of the time.  It is at the bowling alley.  My
friend asked about the drop and pick up, but I explained that I wasn’t yet comfy
with that.  Hannah is still only five, it is at a public place and I have
only met the parent once…briefly. 
Earlier this week I
picked up my Pampered Chef order from my friend’s book party.  I finally
got the
Ultimate Slice and
that I have
been wanting for years.  I also got a
cherry pitter tool, the adjustable measuring spoons
and a
cute easy to read 
measuring cup for up to 4
tablespoons.  I thought I had ordered the
push up measuring
that is go for
peanut butter as it pushes it out, I have been wanting that one for a while too,
but I forgot.  So yesterday I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond to get a new
crock-pot and picked one up there that they carry.  I showed Sean and he
wanted to know if I have a measuring cup fetish.  LOL

Tomorrow we may go to
the movies to see Disney’s The Wild.  Sean really wants to see it. 
After that he has promised to take us out to eat wherever we want to go. 
Hannah can’t pick…it will be McDonald’s.  Though I like there to, I
want to someplace that isn’t fast-food. 
Well, much to do
before leaving for the party.  TTFN

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Two weeks of SBQ

April 12’s SBQ was suggested by Carol (http://carolsxsblog.blogspot.com/) and is:

For those of you that stitch while riding in the car or on the train, how do you cope with the bumps and the motion? Do you have any tips for others?

I don’t really have tips for other stitchers stitching while traveling.  I often suffer from motion sickness, so for the most part stitching while in a moving vehicle is something I can’t do.  Oddly, I can stitch in a plane but for air travel I do take a anti-motion sickness pill.  Perhaps I should take one for the car or train as well. 
April 19’s SBQ was suggested by Jenna (http://www.jennamagee.com/weblog/) and is:

Do you do obligation or deadline-based stitching? Why or why not? If you do, do you tend to get in over your head and why?

I don’t really like the stress of obligation or deadline-based stitching.  It makes my hobby much less enjoyable when I am stressing out about getting something finished.  I am a very slow stitcher.  That said, I do stitch gifts for new babies, weddings, Christmas, end of the year gifts for teachers and have stitched squares for memorial quilts, but I always try to stitch something small or start months ahead of time to have plently of time to finish.  I haven’t joined any round robins and have only stitched on small thing for an exchange.

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