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Today’s SBQ was suggested by Carol (http://carolsxsblog.blogspot.com/) and is:

Do you collect charts by one particular designer, yet have never stitched anything by that designer? If so, which designer and why do you collect the charts but have not yet stitched any of them?

Just the other day I was at the LNS and was chatting with another stitcher about her purchases.  She was buying a couple of Little House Needleworks charts.  I said I was a huge fan and have many of her patterns…none that I have yet to stitch.  I also have all the charts from her daughter…Country Cottage Needleworks…and I haven’t yet stitched any of those yet.  And I have all the released patterns from Stitchy Kitty that I haven’t stitched. 
When buying all of the patterns by the above mentioned designers my intention has been to stitch them.  I just haven’t yet.  So I guess at the moment you could call them collections.  I also have a big "collection" of Lizzie*Kate charts, but I have stitched a few of them.  :0)

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On another note, I plugged away and finished punching the May Punch & Cookie Club kit from Pine Mountain Designs.  Turned out kinda cute.  I am not very good at punching…yet!  I am hoping to get better even though I plan on my stitching time to be more devoted to my original passion of cross stitching.  I did get a few of the new Lizzie*Kate punchneedle patterns that came out this month.  The seasonal stacks.  I had already gotten the four seasonal patterns from earlier this year. 
Anywho, I am tired with a capital T!  Today was Hannah’s school’s field day and since it was her very first, I went and spent the day there.  This morning was nicer weather-wise, very cloudy with a cool breeze.  After lunch, much less cloudy, much hotter, more humid and the cool breeze was gone!  Then tonight we had soccer practice for Hannah.  Home for bath and off to bed.  But I am ready for a night of some really good sleep. So off to bed I go.  Tomorrow…goals to be posted. 

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ATS 55

So since we were gone all day Sunday, I decided that Monday would be "Sunday" as far as stitching on And They Sinned.  So, that is what I stitched on yesterday.  I didn’t get to much done.
We did go to dinner downtown…YUMMY!!  It so good.  One thing they did was when they served us our salad that we liked was they served Hannah her dinner.  Sean and I shared the crab dip appetizer and both had the Filet Mignon.  I had the Crème Brule and Sean had the Key Lime Tart.  I also had my first Cosmo…a Watermelon Cosmo…it tasted just like a jolly rancher candy.  I will have to try another flavor next time we go out to dinner.  We decided we would go back again. 
Today I stitched a little on the Dollhouse and punched on the punch & cookie club project.  I planned on finishing the punch piece but decided to put it away to stitch on the Dollhouse.  I love this piece. 
Tomorrow Hannah’s school is having Field Day, so I am going to be spending the day there then we have soccer practice in the evening.  Thursday will be my day to spend at the LNS.  I am trying to decide what I want to take over there to stitch on while there. 
Late…off to bed!

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Yesterday we took the
sweetest kid on earth to Hershey Park.  We had a good time.  While
there we decided to get season passes since we have decided not to take a
vacation this summer.  Instead we decided to take smaller getaways like to
the beach and stuff.  We love to go up to Hershey and had planned on going
again for Hannah’s birthday, so we thought it best to spend a couple of extra
bucks to go whenever we want.  While there we went over to Zoo
America.  It is small but there are some great animals to see
there.  We saw some beautiful Bison, wolves…first we heard them and it
was amazing…a mountain lion and the three bears.  Okay not
the three bears, but three very adorable
Black Bears. Hannah loves the water area at Hershey.  It is great
fun for her.  But she had gotten a hair wrap that tighten up when it got
wet.  That ended her time there as it hurt like it was pulling.  We
have decided that she won’t be getting that again.  She wants to leave it
in to show her friends at school, but it isn’t making bath time fun. 
Saturday I went to the
LNS and worked on a Punch & Cookie Club project that I didn’t get
finish…too much chatting :0) …so I will need to do that soon.  I wasn’t
happy with the wall-hanging because it wasn’t finished how we (the LNS
owner & me) explained for the scroll bar piece to hang.  It didn’t look
bad but it looked off to me.  So it had to be given back to the
finisher to disassemble and re-finish.  She does really beautiful work
so I am sure that it will be fine once it is fixed.
Saturday night I
stitched on the Dollhouse but didn’t get very much done.  Plan on
getting the 7th room finished sometime this week.  I told Sean that
since we would be gone all day Sunday, Monday would be And They Sinned
day, so that is what I have been stitching on a bit today.
Tonight we are going out
to dinner to a restaurant downtown that we haven’t been to before called The
Tasting Room
.  It has been voted one of the best in our city, so
hopefully it will be good.  I am not sure what we will be having yet so it
will also be an adventure.  Usually when we go out to eat, I know what I am
having before we even get there.
Today is a day to
remember all the men and women who have served and are serving our
country.  Something I try to remember to do every day as I am so proud of
them and grateful for their service.  I think it is important to also
remember to honor those who serve in our allied forces.
Off to stitch for a bit
before we go…TTFN

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Long weekend

Hopefully, that will
mean that I have lots of stitching time at some point over the weekend. 
Tomorrow I will be heading down to the LNS.  My wall-hanging should be
back. Yea!  Can’t wait to see it.  And another stitching friend, who
is a big time Martina Weber stitcher/fan, has a new finish to bring in for
framing and that is a must see.  Look forward to seeing it as she does
beautiful stitching.
I am stitching on the
Dollhouse again.  I love this pattern.  I am very happy to have it
back on the floor stand and stitching on it.  My original plan was that I
was stitching this for me, but Hannah has claimed it as her own.  After
little thought, I decided that it really would look perfect framed on her
wall.  Especially since she got her new big girl furniture last week. 
I told my friend the other day that I was thinking of stitching it a second
time, but over one, since I decided to do this one over two.  Not
anytime soon, but sometime.  Before I do that, I want to stitch Needlework
Shoppe, Esmeralda’s House and the companion piece. 
Sunday we are planning
on taking a trip up to Hershey Park.  Hannah loves that park.  I love
the chocolate.  LOL  Hopefully, the weather will be
nice.  Off to stitch!

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Today’s SBQ was suggested by Nancy (http://crossesnkisses.blogspot.com/) and is:

What is your favorite specialty stitch? Which one is your least favorite? Why?

I am not really into projects that have specialty stitches and though I don’t necessarily avoid them, I don’t seek patterns out that have them.  I pretty much enjoy basic cross stitch.  But I have done some specialty stitches here and there.  I hate doing French Knots, I am awful at them, but would rather do them over a Rhodes anything.  For some reason, I can never get them right.

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On another note, last night I stayed up and watched Stephen King’s Desperation movie on ABC which gave me the stitching time to finish the border of Bent Creek’s Walking In A Winter Snapperland.  It will now be put aside to work on later so that I can start the seventh room of Brightneedle’s Dollhouse.  It feels good to get into stitching some projects that I have been neglecting. 

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Out of season

I started stitching Bent Creek’s Walking In A Winter Snapperland awhile back, it was put aside to finish the teacher’s gifts.  So even though it is out of season I have picked it back up to finish stitching the border.  I love this piece and it will be nice to have it done well before winter.  Of course, I really need to get to stitching on the one for spring.
Today I dropped Hannah off at school and felt very sad.  As much as I miss her while she is there, Hannah loves school.  The teachers have started packing things up, pulling things off the wall, etc. and it hit me that there are just 14 days left of this school year.  Hannah is going to have a rough time with it.  She adores her teacher and has already said that she doesn’t want to go to first grade because she will miss Ms. Kelly.  :0(
Sean and I have decided to go to Hershey Park this weekend with Hannah, of course.  She likes that park.  I think it is the best for the littler kids…not including Disney.  We all love going thru the tour…smells so yummy!  Hoping to go down to my parents sometime this summer to go to Busch Gardens.  We haven’t been in a couple of years.  There are a couple of new rides and the Irish Step Dance Show has been changed.  Hannah loved that show the last time…we all did.  Makes me want to get up and dance the jig. 
Well, off for an afternoon of stitching before picking up the little sweetpea from school.  TTFN

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Four Seasons

This had been my purse
wip, but the last couple of days when I have been feeling up to it, it is the
project I have been stitching on.  Today was the 3rd birthday of the LNS
opening, so I went down for the day.  I took the almost finished
Four Seasons and now it is done.  I didn’t take a camera and I
left it to be framed, so no picture yet.  I have put Heart In Hand’s Summer
Alphabet into my purse to start sometime.  Tomorrow I think I will pull out
the Winter Snapperland and get to work on finishing the border.
Yesterday, Sean and I
did go see The Da Vinci Code.  It was pretty good.  From what
I remember when I read the book over a year ago, it followed it pretty
closely.  Though I heard that was a compliant about it, that it didn’t, so
perhaps I should read it again to see.  Anyway, I liked it. 
Tonight is the season
finale for Desperate Housewives, which I plan on watching while
stitching on And They Sinned.

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I have been under the
weather so to speak since Monday when I woke up with the first migraine. 
By the time I went to bed Monday night I thought all would be well, but I
woke only a couple of hours after falling asleep to an intense migraine.  I
took some pills, tried to fall back to sleep but the pain was unbearable. 
Four hours later, Sean was leaving for work after offering to stay home, and I
was still hurting like mad.  I managed to get showered, dressed and even
get Hannah ready for and off to school.  My hope was that I would then
be able to come home and get some rest.  Didn’t happen as things only got
worse.  Sean came home early to pick the sweetpea up for school.  By
this time, I had been unable to keep anything down all day, including
water and shortly after Hannah went to bed Sean convinced me that I should
go to the hospital.  But I didn’t want to drag Hannah out so I took
myself.  They hooked me up to an IV since I was dehydrated, gave me some
anti-nauseous medicine, and since by this time finally my headache was gone,
sent me home where it had been more than 24 hours since I had any sleep.  I
finally managed to get a couple hours of sleep, when I woke up with another
headache.  Not a migraine thankfully, but a pretty pounding pain. 
Got Hannah off to school
again.  Sean had to go out of town on business.  Hannah’s new bedroom
furniture was being delivered later in the morning.  And yes, by the time I
picked Hannah up from school, I had a full on migraine again.  Thankfully,
Hannah is so sweet and watched TV quietly while I laid down after taking some
pills.  This one didn’t last as long.  And as much as I hated to do
it, at 9 pm that night I put Hannah in bed with me and took some pills so that I
could get some sleep since in the previous 48+ hours I had only managed about 6
Thursday I managed to
get thru with only a slight headache.  Friday was Hannah’s field trip day
to the zoo for which I had volunteered to chaperone.  Thankfully, I managed
to get thru yesterday with only a slight headache.  Today I had tired but
feeling much better.  At the moment I am headache free and hoping to stay
that way. 
Yesterday was also
Sean’s birthday and after school we went ahead with our plans to go to the
movies to see Over The Hedge.  Very cute movie!  Today I have
dropped the dog off at the groomer’s, Sean is supposed to be heading out soon to
mow the lawn, his mother is expected to be here around 12 pm where we have to
rush off to Hannah’s soccer game and then we will all go out to eat.  After
that Hannah will hang with grandma while Sean and I go to the movies to see
The Da Vinci Code.  That was MIL’s
reasoning for coming up, so that Sean and I could go to the
movies.  We had planned on going yesterday, before the field trip came up
and we decided that we would go another time.  There went many volunteers
to chaperone and we didn’t want Hannah to miss going because they would
have to cancel.  So anyway, MIL decided that she would come and hang with
Hannah so that we could go to the movies. 
I haven’t gotten any
stitching done this week until a bit last night.  I have been missing it
and I am hoping that later today and tomorrow I will be getting plenty of
stitching done.  I am having a hard time waking up so I am off to take a
hot shower and hope that does the trick. 

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Today’s SBQ was
suggested by Jenna (
http://www.jennamagee.com/weblog/) and

it seems that many stitching bloggers have experienced a loss of their stitching
mojo. Have you ever lost your stitching mojo? If so, how did you get it back and
how long did it take?

I have moments that I
just don’t feel like stitching.  These moments are usually few and far
between.  Sometimes it is just because I am over the project I am
stitching.  It usually only last a couple of days with the exception of
when I was expecting Hannah.  About the first half of pregnancy I couldn’t
even look at my stash without feeling sick.  Strange but true. 

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Quick update on And They Sinned.  I stitched on this piece yesterday after having put it aside since back at the end of March.  I have been missing this project, so I am glad to be back to it. 
Nothing much going on today…have spent most of the day either in bed or laying on the sofa with a migraine.  Starting to feel a little better now, but still suffering from the side effects of it.  Early to bed tonight with hopes of having extra energy tomorrow to do all I didn’t do today.  Hannah’s new bed and dresser is being delivered on Wednesday, so I must get everything cleaned out tomorrow for the new stuff.  TTFN

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