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I did it!

I finished stitching January Blows snapper!

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I thought since half the
year is over, that I should review what I have accomplished so far…which
isn’t a lot.  I need to get busy!  I am working on next month’s goals,
what I need/want to stitch for July.  I will have that all worked out and
posted tomorrow.
Stitching Goals Recap
WIPs to
1.  My
by Bobbie G Designs
will be an end of year gift for Hannah’s teacher. 
YEA!  And
with plenty of time for finishing this into a wall hanging.  I started this
12/1/05 and finished it 5/12/06.  I had this made into a
Dollhouse by Brightneedle, Inc. 
Finished the 7th room but still have 5 more to
stitch, plus the foundation things on the roof.
Monthly snappers by Bent Creek (
Feb-July already
~ I have started working on this again.  I am
currently stitching the January snapper.  Then on to stitching the border
down to July so that I can stitch the August snapper, and so
4.  The
by Just Nan, Inc. 
I have started stitching on this
again.  And hope to have it finished by the end of the
5.  One of the remaining three
seasonal samplers by Sisters and Best Friends 
6.  One of the remaining Mill
Hill Sensational Calendar topper kits (I have to double check but I think I have
six stitched) 
7.  Stitch
on And
They Sinned
by Exemplar Dames Designs on Sundays 

Not the last Sunday of
March… worked on the retreat piece.  Not the month of April or first
weekend in May in order to get the teacher gifts
New projects:
JABC’s Open
A New Box Daily
… an
end of year gift for the assistant teacher…the design choice may change 
Design choice didn’t change.  I started this
April 15, became my carry about project and finished on May 10. 
I had it framed.
Walking In A Winter Snapperland by Bent Creek 
So far I have finished stitching the border and the first
snapper, Chalet. 
Snapperville by Bent Creek 
~ I
have started stitching on this again.
4.  Advent Calendar by Hobb Nobb 
5.  Higgins name tree by M
Designs…will need to stitch two 
6.  Senior name tree by M
Designs…will need a total of three
7.  Stitch a wedding
gift for my cousin getting married next
…design as of yet undecided though I am
leaning towards a pattern in Cherished
Scripture Samplers
from Leisure Arts.  The designs are
actually by Diane Williams/Little House Needleworks before she was LHN. 
~  Wedding
postponed with no new date, so didn’t stitch.
Stitch a birth
announcement for upcoming birth of BIL’s
…design as of yet
~ Didn’t stitch anything due to request by Sean.  Long story
but they had a falling out and he asked that I not send anything stitched. 
And we never heard from BIL when the baby was born so didn’t receive any info to
stitch an announcement. 
Stitch one Little House Needleworks
…any one
not counting if I
stitch the wedding sampler mentioned

Have just decided to join a SAL that starts July 5th and will help me to
accomplish this goal
10.  Bless This House by La-D-Da  ~
11.  Mermaid Heaven by PINN Stitch  ~
(Notes for the yearly stitching goals: Okay, there is a ton more
in my to-stitch basket, many actually kitted up, but I don’t want to make my
list to long because I think that will actually end up discouraging me instead
of helping me to get things finished.  So I will try to get to all the
things on this list and try to make a small dent in the basket in
This year I finally
joined the world of punchneedle.  Mostly because my favorite designer
joined in on designing punchneedle and I just fell in love with them.  Then
I joined the Punch & Cookie Club by Pine Mountain
.  So far this year I punched from the
Punch & Cookie Club  
April, May, June and JulyI also took a class at the LNS and
punched the
Ladybug In Bloom designed by my friend & LNS
owner, Wendy.  It turned out really cute.
I didn’t include in my
goals, frankly I forgot, but I did stitch the required pre-stitching retreat
project which we made into a beautiful
pin ball (other side).  While at the retreat I
also stitched another little project that we finished into a
basket tag.  I started at the retreat
the piece to be made into a pin keep, but didn’t finish it while there.  We
also had a
punchneedle project that we punch one evening and
finished into a cute little scissor fob.
I also stitched the
Four Seasons as a purse

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SBQ and stuff

Today’s SBQ was suggested by Cheryl and is:

What do you do with your charts once you’ve stitched them? Do you keep them or dispose of them? If you keep them, do you organize them in a way that is different from the way you keep your unstitched charts?

Mostly I have kept them as some of them I have stitched more than once, but a few I have passed on to a stitching friend.  I keep most of my leaflets in magazine holders, so I keep the ones I have stitched in one of those as well.
Not much going on.  Hannah’s sleep-over went well.  She had a good time.  Sean made it to Florida safe and sound.  He is enjoying his guys’ weekend so far.  Sean is looking forward to the NASCAR Fans’ Zone tomorrow before the race.  My friend Wendy and I went to dinner at a Thai Noodle place, something I hadn’t had before and YUMMY!  I loved it.  I can’t get Sean to go with me, but thankfully I have a friend who is willing to try new food with me.  After eating we went to the movies to see The Omen remake.  It was okay.  I am going to have to rent the original to see what may have been different.  I can’t remember it all, it has been so long since I last watched it.
I picked Hannah up early from her friend’s for her tennis lesson.  We came home to go thru her toys and donate some of them.  She wasn’t willing to donate as much as she was last year, but we still weeded out some toys that she no longer plays with.  I still plan on it being a thing we do after the end of the school year.  I also remembered to put her crib in the van and take down too.  So that is now out of the way.  I did forget her bike and stroller that she has out grown.
We went by the LNS after that to visit with Wendy.  I picked up the new Just Cross Stitch Magazine.  I knew there was a design in it from County Cottage Needleworks and wanted it.  I enjoyed reading the profile.  There was a bonus for me that I didn’t know about that made it even more worth getting…another designer profile about Raise the Roof and a cute pattern.   Happy Camper!  To cute.  I also enjoyed reading the profile about them.  Didn’t know that one of the designer was also the owner of Shakespeare’s Peddler. 
I read the message board at San Man Originals.  I am mostly a lurker though I do post a comment here and there.  Any way one of the members asked about doing a SAL for the new Watermelon by Little House Needleworks and Crescent Colours.  I did pick this up at the LNS last week.  I think they are looking at starting on the 5th of July.  This will be an easy project to carry next week to Hannah’s swim lessons and I am going to join in on it.   I thought it would be a great opportunity accomplish one of my yearly goals… (#9.  Stitch one Little House Needleworks design…any one.) 

So, tonight Hannah has gone to bed and I am going to stitch on January Blows.  I think I will have this finished tomorrow.  Just in time for the end of the month.  Yay me!  Off to stitch!

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I have managed to stitch
on two projects today.  I drove down to the LNS while Sean and Hannah
played a game, so I stitched a little on the snapper.  I
also stitched on And They Sinned but barely enough to show on
either…to much chatting and tonight I watched Harry Potter
with Hannah. 
And while at the LNS
today I picked up the newly arrived The Village of Hawk Run
!  I just love this design.  I am now trying to
decide…what fabric color and count?  Over one or two?  Whatever I
decide to do, I want to do both the Houses and Village on the same count, color
and over one or two.  Decisions, decisions. 
I also picked up my rice
bowl from last week.  Wendy went and picked our things up yesterday. 
It doesn’t look like I thought but it looks okay.  I had decided yesterday
that since Sean is out of town for five days, that one of the things Hannah and
I will do is go down and paint something.  I think she will really enjoy
it.  I might even paint myself another bowl.  :0)  I do like
myself some sticky white rice. 
Today it has been
raining and raining and raining.  Unlike yesterday.  It didn’t rain
much at all.  I am afraid that Hannah’s tennis lesson will be cancelled
tomorrow.  Possibly even Tuesday.  And they still have not managed to
get the leak in our roof fixed.  Though it is much slower of a leak, it is
still leaking!  Sean has been trying to get in touch with the company but
he keeps getting the answering machine.  I have decided that I am not
having them send out the siding guys again.  Either they hire a ROOFER or I
do!  I can’t image the damage it is causing that we can’t see.
Off to bed…I am

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Rain? What Rain?

Sean and I had been discussing the possibility of getting up extra early and driving to Ocean City to spend the day.  I am not a beach-type but Hannah loves it.  As any good mother does, I suck it up and make the best of it.  A few things I don’t enjoy about the beach… #1 sunburn ~ I am ghostly white and burn easily and quickly, so I have a large stock of sunscreen I use on both myself and Hannah who is maybe one shade darker than me.  I am happy to say that in six years, she has not experience even the slightest bit of a sunburn.  I also wear hats, as silly as they may look on me, I have learned my lesson.  Last year I got a sunburn on my scalp.  Washing my hair was torture!  Last year when we went Sean and I purchased a large beach umbrella for me to sit under when we go to the beach. ~  #2 sand ~ doesn’t matter how hard you try to get it off, with all that sunscreen on it really sticks to you and it always ends up in places sand really shouldn’t be.  Then it will end up in the car and eventually tracked into the house. ~ #3 bathing suits ~ do I really need to explain that?  Plus, it just exposes even more of my ghostly white skin to the sun. 
But like I said, Hannah enjoys it.  She loves the water and hearing her squeals of delight make it all worth it.  All that said, I do love the look (with out all of the people) and sounds of the beach…the water, seagulls, that sort of thing.  And Ocean City has a great boardwalk which I do enjoy walking and one of the shops there is an actual LNS!!  The Salty Yarn is a great little shop with many local themed charts and kits.  One I have, many I want to add to my pile.  Odd, considering I not a beachy person.  LOL  But the designs are beautiful.   
So, we started checking the weather.  Yesterday morning there was a 50/50 chance of rain which we decided to take on.  Until last night when it went up to 80% chance of rain all day.  We live about 3 1/2 hours from OC so we didn’t want to drive that on the much greater chance.  What fun would that be?  Then I checked the weather in Hershey thinking if nothing else we could drive up there for a few hours.  There was 80% chance of rain all day there, too.  Well, what about here?  Also, 80% chance of rain all day.  So we slept in.  And I haven’t seen a drop of rain here yet.  Makes me wonder…should we have gone for it?  Since we are having Hannah’s birthday party a week early, we have decided that would be a great way to spend her birthday.  Getting up early and spending the day at the beach!  She will love it.  So already I am keeping my fingers crossed that the weather will be warm, sunny and not to humid. 
So now what to do all day.  I must do the checkbook and bills before anything else.  Something I have been putting off the last couple of days and can’t any longer.  Other then that, nothing is pressing.  I do hope that I will then be able to get a bit of stitching done on the January Blows snapper.  I have been stitching on it a bit this week, but very slowly.  Mostly, I am avoiding the white of the snowman.  So, today I will start it.  The sooner I start, the sooner it will be done. 
Yesterday was a good day weather wise and we tried to make the most of it.  Hannah had tennis lessons in the morning then we met a couple of friends at the park.  It was cooler than earlier in the week.  We stayed about 3 1/2 hours, moms chatting, kids playing.  Last night went to bed early!  After all that time in the sun, I was tired. 
The other day Hannah and I went to Wal-Mart for the basic needs of the household…soap, shampoo, etc…and a new shower liner.  They are re-modeling our Wal-Mart into a super center, which means everything is all over the place and not where it used to be.  So while wondering the bath towel aisle, we found the Disney Princess bedding.  There was a bed canopy that Hannah said she always wanted, so Sean put it up last night.  Her room is slowly being that of a little girl and less of a nursery.  We think we will leave the color but must find a Disney Princess border to put up instead of the Noah’s Ark.  Plus get the new valance for her window. 

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This week’s SBQ was
suggested by
Vash and is:
Have you ever used a
magnifying glass while stitching? If so, did you find it

No, I haven’t ever
used a magnifying glass while stitching.  Unless you include using one
to clarify a symbol on a chart.

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Room Seven

I stitched on the Dollhouse tonight.  I was pretty close to being finished with the seventh room and wanted to get it done.  I have started the January snapper but haven’t made to much progress.  I have only stitched on it yesterday and today while at Hannah’s tennis lessons.  But now I will be able to stitch on this in the evenings, too. 
I haven’t been up to much though other then stitching and tennis lessons, I have been reading a pretty good book by Mary Higgins Clark, No Place Like Home.  I enjoy her books and this one is really good so far.  I have to get my book pile down.  I keep adding more books to it.  Seems a lot like my stitching stash!  I am happy to report that we are getting a Barnes and Nobles in the mall.  We have a Borders and had a Waldenbooks, but since they are owned by the same company, the Walden’s closed which opened the space up for the B&N.  I love Borders, but I am happy about the B&N.  The two carry different UK cross stitch magazines.  TTFN

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Happy Father’s Day

Hope Sean had a nice day.  He got to sleep in.  I went to Dunkin Donuts before he got up so that there would be fresh donuts when he did.  Then he played on the xBox for a while before we headed out to lunch/dinner at his choice…we went to the Outback.  When we got home he watched what was left of the race.  Then he played a bit more on the xBox. 
Hannah and I made him some little ornaments with her beads kit.  You place these bead things on a little peg board, then place a special paper over it while ironing it.  It some how makes it sticks together.  His real gift in later in the month when he goes to stay in Orlando for five days.  He is actually going down for Daytona. 
I stitched on And They Sinned some today and got the Bent Creek monthly snappers from 2003 out to start working on again tomorrow.  I have to stitch the January snapper and start the border as I work my way back to stitch August.  Hannah starts tennis lessons in the morning so I will start the January snapper while there.  TTFN!

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Tonight I went down to the LNS for Red Hat Stitchers Day as planned.  I worked on Just Nan’s The Promise.  I think I made good progress, considering how much we chat vs. stitching and that I had to rush out for about 40 minutes to go over to the My Gym to pay the deposit for Hannah’s birthday party next month. 
At closing time we packed our stitching up and walked a few blocks to a restaurant that served Tapas fare.  Very different and really good.  They serve in smaller portions, more like appetizers, so you order several different things from the menu then share.  It is brought out as ready, so you are just eating and eating and eating.  It was really good.  We got nine very different things and it was really yummy.  My favorites were the goat cheese balls, calamari and sautéed mushrooms in garlic and olive oil. 
After dinner we walked down to the I Made This pottery place and each painted a piece.  Symya picked a single serving pasta bowl, Wendy painted a big frog to hang above where her frogs tanks at home are and I painted a rice bowl that had holes & groves for chopsticks.  We don’t get them back until next week as they will do the glaze and firing.  So we will have to plan on having some Chinese take-out so I can use my new rice bowl bowl. :0)

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After Sean got home from work, we decided to head over to Panera Bread for a salad and sandwich.  Then we went to Target before heading back home.  Sean let JoJo out into our fully fenced in backyard while I got Hannah started with her bath.  About 20 minutes later Sean let JoJo in and started yelling for me.  JoJo had brought in something small, that was moving for about a minute before it stopped and asked what I thought it was.  I honestly thought it looked like a new born puppy, though really small.  I went out back and looked around but didn’t see anything.  I was thinking an stray dog had some how gotten into and out of our yard.   Sean thought if we let JoJo back out she might lead us to where she found it.  She did. 
We found two more of these little things in our garden.  Granted, it is more of a weed garden instead of a flower garden so I use the term garden loosely. :0)  Anyway, we decided to call our vet.  They gave us the number for Animal Control, so we called them.  Someone came out in about 30 minutes.  We had also found a bit of fur/hair in the area that made me think of cat and showed him. We had also found a bit of fur/hair in the area that made me think of cat and showed him.  He said that he didn’t think they were puppies.  He did think they could be rabbits.   Anyway, he took the little things away with him.  I hope that they are able to save them.  Broke my heart when the first one stopped moving.  Poor little thing.  I am thinking that JoJo scare off the mama and my heart breaks for her when she comes back for her little ones. 

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