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So after doing some basic housework and between loads of laundry, I started Love Is The Reason by The Cricket Collection.  I got quite a bit stitched today.  If I can keep up at this rate…HAHA…it shouldn’t take to long to finish.  And it will be easy enough to carry with me. 
(I wasn’t able ot add the picture last night before heading to bed because the blog site was down.)

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Until next Sunday

I made a small bit of progress on And They Sinned yesterday.  Hopefully next Sunday will be the end of the blue.  I am ready to move on and I am sure that it will go a bit quicker once I do.  At least until the next large area of filling in one color. 
Today is the last day of the month.  I have been thinking about my goals for August.  I am trying to keep them short.  I really want to start half a dozen or so new things but I also really want to finish some things before I do.  I have also started thinking about next year’s goals.  I am thinking of making next year "The Year of Smalls" as far as stitching goals.  I have a ton of small kits, snippits, etc. that I really want to stitch.  So with the exception of And They Sinned still being a Sunday stitching project and perhaps the snapper projects & Mermaid Heaven, if I get it started this year as planned, if it doesn’t fit in my purse it isn’t a small enough project.  Well, that is what I am thinking about for next year.  Let’s see what happens.
Since my friend was unable to make it for our visit, Sean, Hannah and I didn’t do much.  Sean has been wanting to get a new tattoo for sometime, so we headed out in search of a place and tattoo.  He knew he wanted something with the USA Flag.  He found something we both love at a place which just so happens to be owned by a neighbor. 
The only other thing we did was eat out after…and not some place new but an old fav…and attend church on Sunday where the Vacation Bible School kids, Hannah included, sang the songs that they had learned during the week.

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Room Eight…finished!

This room I actually finished on Thursday night.  I have since been able to start stitching on the border of the monthly Bent Creek snappers.  I also managed to pull the threads for my parents anniversary project.  So I must get that started soon.  I stopped by the LNS yesterday and had the fabric for it serged. 
I also picked up the pattern, fabric and threads for the Blackbird Designs’ Quaker Garden.  Still won’t be starting that yet, but it is also all kitted up and ready as I had that fabric serged, too.  I really need to rework my waiting to stitch basket sometime soon.  Rearrange some projects in some sort of order to start.  It just keeps growing!  And things keep getting pushed back.
Hannah enjoyed her week at Vacation Bible School.  Tomorrow they will sing during service all the songs that they learned this week.  And she has decided that she is ready to start Sunday School which begins in September.  Today we are heading out to find something to get into downtown and find a new place to eat out.  Ended up that my friend wasn’t able to come down for the weekend as we had planned, so Sean is trying to keep me busy.  I am not really upset.  I sort of figured she would end up cancelling but I will let him cheer me up anyway.  :0) 
Ciao for now!

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I actually finished a couple of things on my list of goals for the month.
First, I finished the stitching on a retreat piece.  I still have to make it in a pin keep, but for right now, I am just happy to be done with the stitching part of it.  I still have to stitch the basket insert, but I am in now hurry. 
Second, I finished stitching the LHN/CC Watermelon!  That means I can also mark that off my list on the yearly goals.  :0)  I think it is really cute.  I am looking forward to seeing the others in the series, though I am in no hurry to stitch the next one for now.  Many other things on my list that I am planning on getting to first.
I watched a SAL for Quaker Garden by Blackbird Designs and of course, decided that I had to have it.  When Wendy checked at the shop she didn’t have it in, but could still get it.  However today she called to say that she did find one and that she also has the fabric for it in stock, so tomorrow I am going to stop by to pick it up.  Yesterday when I went I got all the threads for Sampler Girls by M Designs.  Only kitting it up for now.  I also picked up a few other things…as if I needed to add to my needs to be stitched pile but hey, what can I say?  It is an addiction after all.
Today the roofing company came out to make the needed repair to keep the roof from leaking.  Right now it is raining.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  So far all seems well.  I will be needing to sand the wood inside down and re-stain it in the next couple of weeks to repair the water damage.  Hopefully, it will cool down and become less humid so that I can get that taken care of soon. 
Well, off to stitch hoping to get the room finished on the Dollhouse.  Ciao!  

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Today’s SBQ was suggested by Von (http://onthedryside.blogspot.com/) and is:

Many of us have a few pairs of embroidery scissors and some even have a "collection". How many pairs of scissors do you have? Feel free to share a photo of your favorite pair or pairs with us!

I have a small collection.  I have twelve pairs of scissors.  I have a few favorites.  My Olivia pair (the pink floral) my Sophia pair (the red floral) my Lanell pair (the brown floral for which I have purchased the scissor pocket chart) my USA Flag stork and my silver stork all made by Gingher.  I also love my DOVO Ladybug print scissors. 

The permalink to this post is: http://blondelibrarian.net/stitching/archives/2006/07/never-run-with-scissors/

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Dog or Cat?

You Are: 50% Dog, 50% Cat

You are a nice blend of cat and dog.
You’re playful but not too needy. And you’re friendly but careful.
And while you have your moody moments, you’re too happy to stay upset for long.

Are You More Cat or Dog?


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Oh, Mama!

I not sure if I have ever said before, but I have the best mom.  She is really very sweet and for many more reasons than this one example.  We don’t have a Barnes and Noble, so every month my mom drives to the one in her town to pick up the Cross Stitch Crazy magazine from the UK.  Today she called while there to ask if there was anything else I wanted.  :0)  As I must have The World of Cross Stitching September 2006 issue I told her so.  There is a Michael Powell design that I have to have.  They still have the August issue in, but she said she would pick it up next month when she goes does for the other.  Isn’t she the best? 
On a happy note, I have receive my new phone.  I have activated it and programmed my numbers into it.  I have set up my Bluetooth headset and voice commands so that I can be safe should I receive or need to make a call.  I have tested the text message ability.  I still have to check out the MP3 & camera functions.  But for now I am all set with it.  It came fast!  It was shipped just yesterday. 
As for a stitching note, I am stitching on the eighth room of the Dollhouse.  I am almost done.  Plus, today I got a few extra minutes on the LHN/CC Watermelon.  I am almost finished with that one, too.  I won’t be making my goals for the month but if I can get the room done, I will be happy enough.  Well, off to stitch.  Ciao for now!

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ATS update

Didn’t stitch much yesterday.  We went to church, got haircuts, came home, I worked on the stars, took a nap and we went out to dinner.  But I am pretty close with filling in this blue area.  It is very hard to get motivated, but I think once I get thru this it will move on a little quicker.
I got possibly bad news today.  My friend that was coming for a visit this weekend might not be able to make it.  Keeping our fingers crossed that things work out and that she will be able to make it.
One of the blogs I read, Carol, does some lovely pieces.  I enjoy watching them grow and seeing the finished project.  Especially the Mermaid Heaven piece as this is in my list of goals to start this year.  However, she posted recently that she is itching to start Sampler Girls by M Designs.  I have this in my stash.  I have also been looking for something to stitch on a piece of Queen Anne’s Lace fabric.  I think this would be the one. So now I feel the itch to go pull it out.  But I must resist until the new year because I have yet to make a very big dent in my yearly stitching goals.   I will enjoy watching her progress though.
Ciao for now…I am off to stitch!

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So I spent a little time today working on the Cecilia’s Star trying to get it right.  I managed to finish the band and though they are not all perfect, I am very happy to say that I think I got it.  The true test will be the next time I stitch a HIH piece that includes this stitch and actually being able to do it.  :0)  I am looking forward to the next class where I will learn some more stitches.
We went to dinner at TGI Friday’s.  Sean and I got twice baked potatoes and Hannah asked if she could try some.  WoW!!  I hope this keeps up.  And yes, she liked them. 
Off to stitch on And They Sinned for the evening.  Ciao!

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Stars Sampler

This morning I got up early and headed down to the LNS for the specialty stitch class.  I had a great time.  And I learn a lot, too.  I did have trouble with one stitch but I am hoping that I have the hang of it now.  These are the stitches I learned using the Stars Sampler chart by Heart In Hand… 1) Triple Rice Stitch, 2) Cecilia’s Star … the one I have trouble with and is very much like a Rhodes which I have tried but have a lot of trouble, 3) Plaited Cross Stitch, 4) Double Herringbone, 5) Half Rhodes, 6) Montenegrin … apparently there is a book dedicated to this one, 7) Fence Stitch, 8) Woven Scotch and 9) Oblong Smyrna Cross Stitch.  I didn’t finish my piece, but I am very happy with the lessons I learned.  Wendy is thinking of having another class next month which I plan on taking too.  It will cover different stitches mostly.  A few are the same. 
After the class and some extra help on the Cecilia’s Star, I stitched a bit on the Red Hat piece.  Didn’t get much done, but every stitch is one closer to being a finish.  :0) 
I made dinner when I got home, nothing fancy tonight just hamburgers and Tuscany Pasta Toss (a yummy pasta salad).  Now I am waiting for Hannah’s bedtime, so that I can stitch on the Dollhouse for a little while.  Tomorrow we are going to church.  I haven’t been in a while and I am looking forward to it.  Hannah’s VBS starts Monday.  I remember enjoying VBS as a kid and I am so looking forward to Hannah attending since I think she will love it.
My oldest, dearest & best friend, Bridget and her two sons are due to arrive for a visit on Friday for the weekend.  We are planning to go to National Zoo and do some other things around DC.  Then right after they leave, my other BF is due back with her family.  We will be going to Hershey Park during there visit.  She also wants to go to Baltimore for the zoo & aquarium and maybe drive out to a state park with a picnic lunch.  We love to do that then take hike. 
Even though we decided not to go on a vacation this summer, Sean is taking the last week before school starts off from work.  We have decided to go back to Ocean City for a couple of nights.  Staying at a hotel with a private beach and pool.  I know, you are at the beach, what is the need for a pool.  But I honestly enjoying sitting by the pool much more than the sand.  Of course, I will take some stitching and books while Sean & Hannah enjoy the beach. 

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