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September Goals Recap

September Stitching Goals

1.  Stitch on And They Sinned on Sundays ~ All but the last Sunday due to illness

2.  Stitch the first attic room of Brightneedle’s Dollhouse ~ DONE! Only two more attic rooms to stitch along with the chimneys and foundation

3.  Bent Creek’s monthly snappers UFO … continue to stitch on the border of the monthly Snappers to work back to July (hoping to actually reach July) ~ DONE, actually finished the border up to July

4.  Punch the October Punch & Cookie Club kit ~ DONE

5.  Stitch on Just Nan’s The Promise at Red Hat Stitcher’s gathering on Saturday ~ DONE, stitched on this piece at the RHS gathering on 9/23

6.  Start stitching Advent Calendar by Hob Nobb Designs ~  Started!  I hope to have this one finished in time for framing for this holiday season. 

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An Advent-ful December

My new project…by Hob Nobb Designs.  I started this Wednesday night.  I haven’t gotten far, but I am hoping to make quick progress.  HA-HA We will see about that.  

It will be great if I have this finished and frames in time for December, but I won’t push my luck.  I would also like to have the Dollhouse finished by then but…

It doesn’t seem like I am going to do well on my yearly goals, but I have finally decided that I am ok with it.

JoJo is still not sleeping thru the night.  She had her yearly checkup on Monday.  The vet doesn’t think she has a UTI and that this is just a "stage" that we will hopefully get thru.  It has been three weeks!  Towards the end of last week, I just started bring her to bed with me after Sean went to work…I know not far to the cat…but the vet said that now she has learned that if she makes enough noise, she will get to sleep in our bed and said that we must not give in.  So since Monday night we have been letting her cry/bark/whine it out.  This is no small feat.  Most nights now she starts about 5:30 am but one night it was between 2:30-3 am.  And she doesn’t give up.  But I refuse to let her out until 7 am which is my alarm time.  I am so tired! I hope that it won’t be much longer.  If only the cat would like the dog.  Her actually sleeping with us is not something we are against.  But the cat is!

I am also still sick…very stuffy and most of the time I can’t breathe.  I was using the Zicam earlier in the week…didn’t work.  Yesterday while at the store, I was looking for something that might work to clear up my stuffiness.  I found Zicam Extreme Nasal Congestion Relief Nasal Spray.  Not a fan of spray but you can only use it twice a day and is a gel.  So I thought what the heck…I’ll try it.  This stuff worked!  I am a convert on nasal sprays.  Thankfully, I haven’t yet passed it on to Hannah.  Keeping my fingers crossed still.

Oh and by the way, JoJo is having a NO problem sleeping right now. 

Here is the proof:   She is out cold. 

~~~ To my blog reading friends, I am not sure what is up with the comments.  Seems that when the Windows Live launched the problems with posting a comment started.  Thanks for the birthday wishes and comments on my stitching.  I very much enjoy keeping this blog and reading your blogs, too.  Don’t forget if you want to leave a comment & can’t you are more than welcomed to email.

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Today’s SBQ was
suggested by Sharon (
http://crossstitchobsession.blogspot.com/) and is:

When you find
yourself making a lot of mistakes in various stitching projects do you find it
better to muddle your way through or do you take a brief break from stitching?
If you do take a break, how long do you take?

I muddle through, but
might take a break for the night.  If I am making lots of mistakes I am
usually feeling stressed or tired, so if I put it away for the night and pick it
up the next day I will (hopefully) be in a better state of

The permalink to this post is: http://blondelibrarian.net/stitching/archives/2006/09/mistake-breaks/

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What’s in your attic?

Nothing is in ours.  Sean refuses to put any thing up there.  It is small, more like a crawl space, not the kind that I have always dreamed of having, a big finished room with chests of treasures to be discovered.  Someday…maybe in the next house.

I have finished the first of the three attic rooms on the Dollhouse.  Should I just continue on to the next one before my daughter lectures me again?  I did decide to throw the Little House Needlework’s kit "Where There Is Life" in my purse as my carry around project, and started it while waiting to pick up Hannah from school.  I also got a few more stitches in it at Tae Kwon Do.  Only one more goal to accomplish this month…starting the Advent Tree by Hobb Nobb Designs.

After class tonight we headed out for dinner for my birthday.  It was a lovely day.  I took two walks with the dog, got a couple loads of laundry finished, watched some shows I recorded on TiVo while I got some stitching in.  Sean and Hannah gave me two beautiful birthday cards, cake and a gift.  It is a Dooney & Bourke tote bag that will be perfect for a book, project, XS magazine and a well-sealed bottle of water.  It matches my purse that Sean got me in the beginning of July.  I already have a project and book in it.  I confess I have a purse/tote bag addiction.

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Stitching Advice

…from my six year old!

Today my sweet daughter said to me that I have to many stitching things.  I asked what she meant by that.  She explained to me that I need to finish stitching something before stitching something else.  I said that means I should only stitch one project at a time.  She said yes, and that right now I should be stitching on and finish the Dollhouse.  Which just so happens to be for her.  Perhaps she is right.

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Sick Day

Saturday I started feeling like I was coming down with something.  I tickle down my throat.  I was hoping it was allergies, but Sunday morning I woke up with sore throat.  I took a big travel mug of hot tea with lemon & honey with me to church.  When we got home I ended up going back to bed, where I stayed for the rest of the day.  I tried to stay away from Hannah.  After last year with all the times she was sick, I really want to avoid her getting sick.  I am feeling some what better today, but very stuffy.  I am using that cold medicine that is supposed to shorten the length of the cold.  We will see.

Since I spent the day in bed, I didn’t stitch on And They Sinned yesterday.  It is on the floor stand.  So I took my scissor case project and after a nap went to work on it.  It is finished!  I will have to find another project to throw in my purse.

On Saturday I went to the LNS for Red Hat Stitcher’s and worked on Just Nan’s The Promise.    Almost finished with this one, too. 

Saturday Sean planned a evening to celebrate my upcoming birthday.  He took us to Medieval Times for dinner.  I love this type of thing, and Hannah really enjoyed it.  Our Knight didn’t win :0( but we still had fun.

Today has been busy and I still haven’t finished half of the things I needed to do.  I took Hannah to school, came home to get the cat for her vet appointment.  Back home to vacuum and get JoJo to take to her appointment.  Jaz is terrified of JoJo so I didn’t think it a good idea to have them both in the car at the same time.  Back home to clean the kitchen, start dinner and wait on the exterminator for our quarterly treatment.  Now I am off to pick up Hannah from school and hope that I can get a couple loads of laundry done when we get back.

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It has been awhile since a Stitching Blogger’s Question has been ask, but Renee has made a move across the ocean, so I do believe she has had a few more important things on her mind.

Today’s SBQ was suggested by Elisabeth (http://sew-in-love.blogspot.com/) and is:
How many pieces have you stitched? Out of these, how many have been for you? How many have had specialty stitches or other techniques besides cross stitch?

Not an exact count since I haven’t always taken a picture of a finish, but it is 100+.  I count 17 hanging in the house, but there are a few put away or in a box waiting to be finished.  Many have been given away as gifts for various reasons.  As far as specialty stitches go, with the exception of french/colonial knots, I have three finished pieces that include them.  Two of which I just did in July & August.  Other techniques, I started doing Russian Punchneedle this year.  Those are not included in the above count.  I have nine finished. 

The permalink to this post is: http://blondelibrarian.net/stitching/archives/2006/09/stitching-statistics/

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Witches Boot

I finished punching the October Punch & Cookie Club kit and I framed it.  It is now out and waiting to greet the Halloween season!

Tonight I took Hannah to Tae Kwon Do and picked up some BK on the way home.  I craved a burger, so I opted to make crabcakes tomorrow instead of today. 

Tomorrow is Fair Day.  No school.  Hannah and I are planning on going to the fair.  I am looking forward to seeing the entries for cross stitch, though I hear that there aren’t many, and Hannah going on a pony ride.  I have half a dozen errands to run too.  I should make a list so I don’t forget something.  I will still forget something. 

Off to finish Hannah’s bath.  Getting back stitching on Dollhouse’s attic room tonight.  I hope it won’t take to long to finish up so that I can start the advent calendar soon.

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Nothing much to report

I haven’t been stitching much.  I did start the first of the three attic rooms on Monday but haven’t really gotten far.  I have also stitched a little more on the scissor case, but not yet half finished.  I need to chart out my initials to stitch in place of the year on the chart.  I looked thru the Dinky Dyes threads to see about finding some that would match well enough for my other Gingher scissors using the same pattern.  Guess I will see how the first one comes out.

So, I haven’t been stitching much, but have been punching.  It is slow going though.  I can’t believe I am still working on it.  The problem with my speed on this is the back ground fill in.  Ugh!  I seems to be taking forever.  But it is really cute.  My favorite so far. 

Yesterday was busy!  After dropping Hannah off at school, I took Jo on a long walk.  Trying to get myself back into shape…other than round.  LOL  I went to my yearly doctor’s appointment and almost every thing is fine.  Nothing major, considering family history.  But I need to start exercising.  I already pretty well, so I am not sure what changes I can make there.  I went to the bookstore for a browse before picking up Hannah.  Home to make an early dinner before heading out for Tae Kwon Do and Back To School night.  I went to bed early which is what I should have done tonight. 

I did walk Monday and today as well with JoJo.  Next month is our ninth anniversary and my goal is to be with in 15 lbs of what I weighed when we got married by our tenth.  It is do-able…just have a few extra pounds of baby weight but since Hannah is now six, I really need to motivate and lose them. 

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And Finally…

(Note: As I started this post earlier in the morning, I had to stop to hop in the shower and get ready for church.  I had meant to save it as a draft to complete later, but published it instead.  So the below has been edited.)

It has been a long week.  Sean left last Monday for Kansas City on business for the week.  JoJo got up in the middle of the night whining and barking on Monday.  So I got her up and out where she did her business, and for the next hour every time I was just about to fall asleep she was whining.  Finally, she settled down.  Tuesday she slept thru the night.  Wednesday she was just up very early, a few minutes before my alarm.  Thursday night she had me up at 3:30 am and it wasn’t until after six that she finally settled.  I got about half an hour more of sleep before having to get up.  Yesterday she was up again about 30 mins before my alarm…which is set always for 7 am.   This morning, JoJo was once again whining at four something.  I got up to let her out, she did her business and I put her back to bed.  She is crate trained, so at night or when we are gone she goes in her crate.  This has worked out well (because of the cat who hides under Sean’s bedside table unless the dog is crated) and at two years old, we haven’t had a problem since she was less than six months old and has been going thru the night without any incidents.  Anyway, it took her about another 40 mins before she settled, but was up again whining a few minutes before the alarm. 

What is up??  I understand when you got to go, you go to go, so I don’t mind getting up to let her out for a few minutes.  I starting wondering if perhaps she was developing a UTI or something but she isn’t needing to go out any more than usual doing the day nor is she having accidents in the house.  And continuing whining and barking after she has gone out to do her stuff, I don’t get.  She is scheduled for her regular checkup at the end of the month…hoping that all is well and we are just experiencing a minor set back and she will be back to her sleeping thru the night soon. 

Hannah’s doctor did adjust her Singular dose, upped it a little from 4 to 5 mg, left the over the counter Claritin as is and added Flonase for a while.  The doctor did say that he was seeing 5 or 6 kids a day with allergy issues and that the fall season has been pretty bad.

We had to rush off and barely made it to Tae Kwon Do class, but we did make it.  Hannah passed her test and received her new belt.  It will be a few months before she is ready for her next belt test.  Must work on balance and kicks.

  I only worked a little on the scissor case but plan on getting it finished before the end of the month.It is so pretty.  It is amazing to me how the threads match the scissors.

I did get to go for a few hours on Wednesday to the LNS.  I picked up the new Lizzie*Kate designs.  My favorite is the new Is It Too Late? snippit.  Followed by Work Pray Trust snippet.  The new Punch and Cookie was in also and this is way to cute!  I plan on starting it today and hopefully having it done tomorrow.  I am going down to the LNS for a little bit.  Sean is watching football & the race.  I am trying to get Hannah to go with me but I fear she won’t. 

OH! And finally….I have finished catching up on the border of the monthly Bent Creek snappers! This will be the last picture I take of it as a whole until it is finished.  It is hard to get the entire picture now, I am not sure how I will take it when it is all stitched. 


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