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Note from original post: Since I am not sure how long my stitching slump will last, perhaps I should keep the goals short again this month.  There is one thing I have to finish this month, but other than that I am just going to see how I feel. 

  1. Continue stitching on And They Sinned on Sundays ~ DONE!
  2. Finish stitching the Christmas ornament for the LNS ornament exchange ~ DONE!  And boy, is it a cute design.
  3. Stitch 3rd and last attic room on the Dollhouse ~I am getting really close to the end of this one and I can’t wait to have it finished.  It is a great design.  Hannah still thinks that this is all I should be stitching on until it is done. ~ DONE!
  4. Punch the November Punch & Cookie kit ~ DONE!
  5. Punch the December Punch & Cookie kit ~ DONE!
  6. Stitch on An Advent-ful December ~ DONE!
  7. Finish LHN’s Where There Is Hope ~ DONE!

Yay Me!!  This month I completed all of my goals!!  I also finished the SWIP The Promise by Just Nan…finally.  This project was mostly stitched on  the Saturdays once month when meeting with the Red Hat Stitchers at the LNS.   It is really pretty.  Sean even said so.  :0)  I am so glad that my stitching slump went bye-bye.  I feel much better when I am stitching.

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SBQ ~ To knot or not

Today’s SBQ is: How do you secure your thread when you begin a new one? Specifically, do you or have you ever used a waste knot?

Depends on the type of threads I am using and the number of strands.  I mostly stitch with two strands, so if I am using DMC or Anchor I use the loop method.  If I am using the overdyes like GAST, WDW or Crescent Colours, I started using the waste knot method just this year.  I like the waste knot because I don’t have to turn the fabric over as much.  :0)  I place the knot on the front side a few stitches from where I need it and then snip it off when I get to it.  This is very helpful when working on the floor frame to prevent me from having to turn the scroll over more (causing it to loosen and move more often).  Sometimes, though rarely, I will leave a short tail and make sure that the stitches secure it on the back. 

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Yesterday…great mail day!

Yesterday I had a great mail day.  I received my Alias Season Five DVD set from Amazon.com!  But there was more…I also received (finally) the December Punch & Cookie Club kit with the frame.  Just in time to hopefully have finished by Thursday night.  I started it today, so I should have it finished and framed before the end of Thursday.  Only time will tell.  Oh, I finally got an opportunity to use my 1-strand punchneedle.  Sean loves the punchneedle projects. 

I have been stitching a bit more on An Advent-ful December.  It is coming along but there is no rush on it as it won’t be used until next year.  If only I hadn’t had that stitching slump…oh, well.  I may put it aside until sometime next year, to get a few other things done, but I haven’t decided yet. 

Last night I stayed up way to late.  I hadn’t been reading much in the past few months.  every now and again I would pick up a book only to read a page or two.  I decided enough was enough and I was going to finish it, so I read and read until the last sentence.  It was a good book but I just wasn’t in to it to read it.  I am the type that reads a book one at a time, so I am happy to pick something else up to read.  But what?  I have a large stack of books to choose from in my room and it is ever growing.  Sort of like my stash…:0)

The month of December is a busy month.  I have been double checking my calendar to make sure everything is marked so that I don’t forget anything. 

  • December 1 ~ Advent Tree/calendar start
  • December 2 ~ Ornament finishing class at the LNS
  • December 6 ~ Stitch Night and PTA Meeting
  • December 8 ~ Dentist and Family Bazaar at school
  • December 9 ~ The Nutcracker
  • December 9/10 ~ Decorate the tree
  • December 16 ~ Birthday Party and Stitching group meets
  • December 18 ~ Dad’s Birthday
  • December 23 ~ Christmas with the In-law family
  • December 24/25 ~ Christmas celebrations

I am sure I have forgotten something.  So hopefully I will remember before it is to late.  Of course, this list doesn’t include the weekly things like Sunday school, volunteering in Hannah’s class, Tae Kwon Do 2x a week,  the regular errands I do weekly and the preparations for the family get togethers.  The 23rd will only be Hors D’oeuvres but the 25th with be the entire meal.  I must start my list for holiday grocery shopping.  Thankfully I am almost finished with Christmas gift shopping.  I only have to get a couple of things for Sean, a couple of gifts for my stitching friends, a movie gift card for MIL and stocking stuffers.  Sean has only to buy gifts for me.  Wonder when he will take care of that…?  :0) 

Off to stitch…

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A day of stitching

Since we are all still sick, we spent the day in, mostly doing nothing.  Sean watched football, Hannah was an angel all day while playing quietly by herself and I stayed in bed most of the day.  I stitched on An Advent-ful December while in bed and later on And They Sinned when I couldn’t stay in bed any longer.  There was a Monk marathon on USA which made for perfect TV while stitching. 

Off to bed for some sleep.

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We are all sicb

It is official all three of us are sick.  Hannah is coughing a lot.  Sean has a severe sore throat and stuffiness.  I have a sore throat, stuffy & running nose.  I am hoping that Hannah clears up fast.  I don’t want a could lingering in her chest.  I have been keeping a close eye on her to make sure that her breathing doesn’t become labored…if it does, off to the doctor she will go. 

So, our weekend plans have been canceled.  Though we did go to the birthday party this morning, but now we have canceled our other plans and staying in our pj’s.  Maybe I will get a little extra stitching done…if I can stop sneezing long enough. 

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I hope everyone who celebrates had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that they are enjoying the long (hopefully) holiday weekend.  We went to my uncle’s for dinner.  We had a very nice time and the time went by to quickly.  My parents were there along with an aunt and uncle on my father’s side that I hadn’t met before.  My dad’s side of the family on his father’s side all live in New Hampshire and Vermont and for whatever reasons I have met very few on that side of the family. 

Hannah said it was the best Thanksgiving ever.  My Uncle has a pool table and an air hockey that Hannah enjoyed playing.  She also took a board game that she insisted that Mima and Pop-Pop play with her.  My mom told me today that my dad really enjoyed playing with her.  She is really becoming a little girl now.  Last year I could still see my baby but not any more…she is growing up way to fast!!

The other day I was explaining to Hannah how little girls are "made from sugar and spice and every thing nice".  She asked me if I was and I said that of course, I am a girl.  So she said to us "I am all sugar and no spice" (with lots of sass! LOL)

Today I went to the LNS for a couple of hours while Sean and Hannah stayed home to play games.  I was happy to see my friend and she was surprised that I came in today.  She had the new Bent Creek Autumn snappers, border buttons and the new zipper kit and I had to have them.  :0)  The autumn snappers are my favorite!  The border is beautiful. 

Tomorrow Hannah and I have a birthday party to attend and then we are heading home to pick up Sean.  We are going to go bowling.  I hope that we are all feeling okay.  Hannah has been a little stuffy the past couple of days.  I thought due to her allergies and starting giving her her nasal spray again.  But today she has been coughing a bit, though it could still be allergies, I am thinking it could also be a cold.  I mentioned to Sean a little while ago that I am feeling like a cold is coming on.  And he said he thought he was getting sick too.  Sean also has bad allergies so like Hannah is is hard to know…cold or allergies.  My concern for Hannah is to make sure that if it is a cold, that it does settle into her chest as that is when the problems for her get worse.  She did get the flu shot so hopefully she won’t get to sick.  Fingers crossed. 

Off to stitch a bit more on An Advent-ful December.  It is coming along nicely.  If I hadn’t had the slump in October, I might have actually been able to finish it.  No use crying over spilt milk, right?

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Almost time for turkey

We usually go to my parents for Thanksgiving and spend a few days.  This year my uncle is having dinner at his house which is half the distance but means we have decided not to go to my parents for the weekend.  We would have to drive back home to get the dog only to wave at my uncle’s on our way.  My parents will be there for Thanksgiving dinner and they always come here for a couple of days over Christmas.  Things to remember on Thusday…

  1. My cross stitch project bag
  2. Hannah’s gameboy and a game or two
  3. Other toys to keep Hannah occupied
  4. Wine :0)

Yesterday Sean was off from work…he was suppose to be on vacation all week for the holiday but had to go in this morning for today.  He is finally on his way home now.  Now he is truly off for the next five days.  Yesterday we went to the movies to see Stranger Than Fiction.  I thought it was good. 

Today I volunteered in Hannah’s class during the morning.  Then went to Wal-mart for a few things.  I needed to picked up Ice Age The Meltdown.   I also managed to get Hannah Grade 2 for the Leapster LMAX for Christmas. 

After picking up Hannah from school, we came up to eat a quick dinner and back out again for Tae Kwon Do.  I think she is doing well.  And she still likes it and wants to earn her black belt.  When we got home, it was time for a quick bath and homework…it was then that I was finally able to look thru Hannah’s Take Home folder.  Her school pics are back and today she got her first report card for the year.  She is doing well.  I am very pleased. 

I haven’t been stitching to much today.  After the munchkin went to bed I really needed to do the checkbook since the bills are due.  But now they are paid and I have searched the Internet to see what kind of stash I might need.  :0)  And I needed to get some much needed laundry.  So now it is late and I am off to snuggle with my kitty while drifting off to dreamland.

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A day of finishing

I finished two projects today.  I got up early and before getting ready for church I finished the backstitching on The Promise, then since we had some time after getting ready before leaving, I finished the beading.  We went to get all of our haircut after service and I took the scissor case with me and finished all but the last diamond eyelet while waiting and finished that one when we got home. 


I honestly can’t remember when I started The Promise (designed by Just Nan), but is was sometime last year but maybe even longer than that.  I will have to look thru my calendars to see.  I mostly only worked on it one Red Hat Stitchers’ Gatherings, but had put it aside for a while. 

Now since today is the set day for And They Sinned, I am off to work on that…but I don’t expect to finish that one today. LOL

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Yard Work

Sean and I got up early to rake the leaves…finally.  Almost all the leaves have fallen from our trees.  The leaves are piled at the curb ready for the city to pick up.  It feels good to have the yard cleaned up.  

After a shower, I headed down to the LNS.  Though it wasn’t on my goals for the month, I decided to take The Promise and get some stitches in on it.  It is almost finished and I think I am going to try to get if finished tonight.  At least the stitching, maybe on Monday get the beading done.  Then I will be able to mark it off my list. 

I took fabric for a couple of projects with me to have serged.  I am now ready to stitch them both.  One is on my list of goals for the year…La D Da’s Bless This House…and one of them is not…Blackbird Designs’ Moonlit Garden.  I stopped on my way to the LNS at AC Moore to use a coupon that was expiring today and got the new Messenger Bag from DMC (for Stitchbow).  They only had one, but I am hoping to get my hands on another next time I go.  I had seen it a couple of times in a catalog but in an off white with burgundy trim, I like the navy better.  On my way home I stopped at JoAnns to pick up the 2007 Cross Stitch Pattern-a-Day Calendar.   There are a couple of patterns that I thought it would be worth getting one more time to see if it has gotten better this year.  I also picked up a couple of fabric choices to finish my next scissor case. 

Shame on me, I forgot to write about the lovely roses Sean brought home yesterday.  Most of the time he works about 70 hours a week for which I am grateful as it permits me to be a SAHM.  Even on days he manages to get home early, he works several hours here at home.  Anyway, he surprised me yesterday with roses to say thank you for my being supportive to him.

Well, off to finished stitching The Promise.

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Happy Feet

I say…dance your way to the theater and see this film.  It was cute.  When I picked up Hannah from school she asked if we could go see the movie daddy wanted to see.  So we called him and we all went to see it today.

 Sean came home from work today with a new toy.  He and a co-worker are testing it out for the next month to see if it is something that the company wants to get for the VPs.  It is really cool.  It is a phone and pocket pc.  The keyboard slides underneath.  You can surf the web, check emails, that sort of thing.  Since the VP’s already have their own cell phone services that can be expensed, he has these set up for just web service.  He let me play with it & I read one of my regular blogs on it.  He is hoping that it works out well since he is one of the VPs, he’ll have one.  :0)

I had the most wonderful surprise today in the mail.  An online friend sent me the new Blackbird Designs’ pattern (from the Loose Feathers series) Moonlit Garden!  And if sending the pattern wasn’t sweet enough she also sent the fabric & threads to stitch it!  Thank you Mercy!  She is so sweet.  I will be putting this in my basket right next to my stitching chair to start very soon.  It is such a beautiful design.  I mentioned a few days ago that I loved this one.  It might even become my next travel project. 

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