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A day of finishing

I finished two projects today.  I got up early and before getting ready for church I finished the backstitching on The Promise, then since we had some time after getting ready before leaving, I finished the beading.  We went to get all of our haircut after service and I took the scissor case with me and finished all but the last diamond eyelet while waiting and finished that one when we got home. 


I honestly can’t remember when I started The Promise (designed by Just Nan), but is was sometime last year but maybe even longer than that.  I will have to look thru my calendars to see.  I mostly only worked on it one Red Hat Stitchers’ Gatherings, but had put it aside for a while. 

Now since today is the set day for And They Sinned, I am off to work on that…but I don’t expect to finish that one today. LOL

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Yard Work

Sean and I got up early to rake the leaves…finally.  Almost all the leaves have fallen from our trees.  The leaves are piled at the curb ready for the city to pick up.  It feels good to have the yard cleaned up.  

After a shower, I headed down to the LNS.  Though it wasn’t on my goals for the month, I decided to take The Promise and get some stitches in on it.  It is almost finished and I think I am going to try to get if finished tonight.  At least the stitching, maybe on Monday get the beading done.  Then I will be able to mark it off my list. 

I took fabric for a couple of projects with me to have serged.  I am now ready to stitch them both.  One is on my list of goals for the year…La D Da’s Bless This House…and one of them is not…Blackbird Designs’ Moonlit Garden.  I stopped on my way to the LNS at AC Moore to use a coupon that was expiring today and got the new Messenger Bag from DMC (for Stitchbow).  They only had one, but I am hoping to get my hands on another next time I go.  I had seen it a couple of times in a catalog but in an off white with burgundy trim, I like the navy better.  On my way home I stopped at JoAnns to pick up the 2007 Cross Stitch Pattern-a-Day Calendar.   There are a couple of patterns that I thought it would be worth getting one more time to see if it has gotten better this year.  I also picked up a couple of fabric choices to finish my next scissor case. 

Shame on me, I forgot to write about the lovely roses Sean brought home yesterday.  Most of the time he works about 70 hours a week for which I am grateful as it permits me to be a SAHM.  Even on days he manages to get home early, he works several hours here at home.  Anyway, he surprised me yesterday with roses to say thank you for my being supportive to him.

Well, off to finished stitching The Promise.

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Happy Feet

I say…dance your way to the theater and see this film.  It was cute.  When I picked up Hannah from school she asked if we could go see the movie daddy wanted to see.  So we called him and we all went to see it today.

 Sean came home from work today with a new toy.  He and a co-worker are testing it out for the next month to see if it is something that the company wants to get for the VPs.  It is really cool.  It is a phone and pocket pc.  The keyboard slides underneath.  You can surf the web, check emails, that sort of thing.  Since the VP’s already have their own cell phone services that can be expensed, he has these set up for just web service.  He let me play with it & I read one of my regular blogs on it.  He is hoping that it works out well since he is one of the VPs, he’ll have one.  :0)

I had the most wonderful surprise today in the mail.  An online friend sent me the new Blackbird Designs’ pattern (from the Loose Feathers series) Moonlit Garden!  And if sending the pattern wasn’t sweet enough she also sent the fabric & threads to stitch it!  Thank you Mercy!  She is so sweet.  I will be putting this in my basket right next to my stitching chair to start very soon.  It is such a beautiful design.  I mentioned a few days ago that I loved this one.  It might even become my next travel project. 

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Today’s SBQ is:  Do you stitch Christmas ornaments? If so, how many do you stitch each
year and for whom? If not, why not? 

I only just remembered that back in the early ’90s I stitched about ten ornies.  Several my mom has and others were given to various relatives.  I have been collecting the JCS Ornament issues since 1998 but hadn’t stitched any until this year when I joined the LNS‘s first ornie exchange.  I have stitched one of the ornies from the 2004 JCS magazine.  I haven’t finished it yet, but I will soon since I have to drop it off at the LNS on December 1st.

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A finish in Punchneedle

  I finished the November Punch and Cookie kit on Monday.  I think it is cute.  My LNS is no longer going to be getting the P&C, so I ordered December’s today with the frame.  It is a cute one.  I hope to have it punched by the end of the month.

I went by the LNS for my usual Wednesday afternoon.  Didn’t get much stitching done…to much chatting.  :0)  But I did pick up the new JABC’s Stitch Every Day buttons and the pattern is so cute.  I also picked up a new fabric for La D Da’s Bless This House.  I was going stitch it over one, but I decided to stitch it over two instead so I needed to get a new cut of fabric.  It is so pretty.  I can’t wait to start it but I don’t think it will anytime to soon.  I hope, but we will see.

My mom called today.  My nephew is on his way to Bahrain.  He joined the Navy over the summer and went to San Diego to join his ship last week, but when he got there, he found out his ship was stationed in the Middle East.  Sean was in the Navy and said that it is a big Naval Base there.  My mom is worried of course.  I am not.  I am not clueless about what is going on over in the Middle East, but he will be a bit away from there and I feel that he will be fine.  But of course, he will be in my prayers.  I am very proud of him for serving his country.  I admire the military and the men & women who serve.  My nephew-in-law is planning on joining the Marines and I would guess that if/when he does, he will be stationed over in the Middle East at some point, too.  Him, I may be more worried about at that time.

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Weekend Update

It was a great weekend.  First I decided that Fridays will now be pizza night.  So I stopped at the store and picked up a frozen pizza & stuff for salad.  We watched Cars on DVD while eating dinner.  The pizza was made with a wheat crust and was really yummy and filling.  Saturday I slept in for a bit, but not to late.  It was a beautiful day and we didn’t want to waste it.  We drove down to DC and walked the Mall.  The WWII Memorial is very impressive.  And the walk down to the Lincoln Memorial was so pretty.  The leaves are still changing colors and raining down.  Hannah enjoyed trying to catch them with her hat.  It was a beautiful day to be outside.  On the way home we picked up Ruby Tuesday’s Curbside pick up for dinner.  Yummy!

Sunday after church services, I went to pick up a couple of Christmas presents for Sean, to my friend’s Longenberger party and to the LNS for a visit with my friend.  I picked up a couple of things…the two new thread packs from Little House Needleworks and Crescent Colours.   I worked a bit on the November Punch & Cookie kit but haven’t yet finished it.  Then came home to make dinner, clean up and give the little munchkin her bath.  After getting her settled into bed, I stitched a bit on ATS (And They Sinned) but didn’t make much progress.  I have slept on my right side wrong causing my neck, shoulder and arm to hurt for the last few days.  Today it seems much better so hopefully I can get some stitching done later.

I did discover that I don’t have a 17×17 Q-snap.  I thought I did and I need one to complete the Doll House since I am stitching it over 2.  I am going to run down to AC Moore but I think they only carry up to 17×11.  I can order it online, so I might have to do that this week.  I really want to finish the Doll House by the end of the year.  

My wish list and stash won’t stop growing.  I keep telling myself that I have plenty to stitch.  I really don’t need any more patterns or kits.  I could stitch for many, many, many, many years.  However, I can’t stop!  The latest item added I must get my hands on the Loose Feathers from Blackbird Designs. 

Isn’t it just beautiful??

I have laundry to do.  I hate laundry, but it must be done, so I am off. 

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I finished the ornie for the LNS exchange today.  Well, the stitching part of it, I still have to finish it into an actual ornament.  Woodland Snowfall published in the 2004 JCS Ornament Issue, designed by Little House Needleworks

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