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I hope that all our friends and family have the happiest new year.  I wish for them the best in the new year.  May it be a year that is happy, healthy and full of love.

We have big plans to celebrate the coming new year.  Okay, big plans is stretching it a bit.  Sean and I are planning on watching a couple of movies.  We are having an easy dinner of lil’ smokies in BBQ, a veggie tray and chips with con queso dip.  Tomorrow we are having a ham (from Heavenly Ham) with roasted red potatoes and corn.  Hannah gets to stay up late tonight to ring in the new year.  Hopefully, she will be able to go to bed on time tomorrow since she goes back to school on January 2nd. 

Today I am going to be stitching on And They Sinned…at some point if I can get off the computer.  I have been working on La D Da’s Bless This House.  It is a pretty piece and coming along nicely.  I did have little trouble changing the 4 to a 7 in the year.  But I think it looks okay.

Off to eat, stitch and watch some movies.  Happy New Year!

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WIPs to finish:

  1. My Teacher by Bobbie G Designs … this will be an end of year gift for Hannah’s teacher. ~ I finished this and had it made into a wall hanging. I think it came out great.
  2. Dollhouse by Brightneedle, Inc. ~ Finished December 19, 2006!!!
  3. Monthly snappers by Bent Creek (Feb-July already stitched) ~ I have stitched the border around the already stitched monthly snappers but didn’t finish stitching any more the of the snappers.
  4. The Promise by Just Nan, Inc. ~ FINISHED!  on 11/19/06
  5. One of the remaining three seasonal samplers by Sisters and Best Friends ~ Nope, didn’t even pull one out.
  6. One of the remaining Mill Hill Sensational Calendar topper kits (I have to double check but I think I have six stitched) ~ Nope, didn’t even pull one these out either.
  7. Stitch on And They Sinned by Examplar Dames Designs on Sundays ~ Not every Sunday but most.  There were a few that I didn’t due to being out of town or sick, but I am pretty pleased with the progress.  Perhaps it will be finished in five or six years. 

New projects:

  1. JABC’s Open A New Box Daily … an end of year gift for the assistant teacher…the design choice may change ~ I didn’t choose another but stitched this one. I think it came out great and I hope the teacher assistant loved it also.
  2. Walking In A Winter Snapperland by Bent Creek ~ Started! But didn’t finish. I stitched the border and two of the snappers.
  3. Snapperville by Bent Creek ~ Didn’t even start
  4. Advent Calendar by Hobb Nobb ~ Started!
  5. Higgins name tree by M Designs…will need to stitch two ~ didn’t start…maybe this year for Christmas
  6. Senior name tree by M Designs…will need a total of three ~ again, didn’t start…maybe this year for Christmas
  7. Stitch a wedding gift for my cousin getting married next year…design as of yet undecided though I am leaning towards a pattern in Cherished Scripture Samplers from Leisure Arts.  The designs are actually by Diane Williams/Little House Needleworks before she was LHN. ~ Due to the wedding being postponed without a new date set, I haven’t started this.
  8. Stitch a birth announcement for upcoming birth of BIL’s baby…design as of yet undecidedPer Sean’s request due to a falling out with his brother, I didn’t stitch anything. It’s a long story and since I know it all, I didn’t find the request unreasonable.
  9. Stitch one Little House Needleworks design…any one not counting if I stitch the wedding sampler mentioned above ~ Thanks to a collaboration with LHN and Crescent Colours threads, I managed to complete this goal by stitching the Watermelon thread pack. I also ordered the special kit from LHN, CC and Elegant Stitch for Breast Cancer Awareness and started it in October as my carry with me project.
  10. Bless This House by La-D-Da ~ Started!
  11. Mermaid Heaven by PINN Stitch ~ Didn’t even start

Notes from original post: Okay, there is a ton more in my to-stitch basket, many actually kitted up, but I don’t want to make my list to long because I think that will actually end up discouraging me instead of helping me to get things finished.  So I will try to get to all the things on this list and try to make a small dent in the basket in between.


I didn’t finish the the list and never even look at the stitching basket, except to re-organize it. 

However, this year I also stitched the retreat pieces for the Hands To Work retreat I attended with my friends, Wendy (who I went with last year), Symya and Shelley. I didn’t include these in my goals for the year because I forgot about it when making my list. There was stitching and a small (adorable) punchneedle that we made into a scissors FOB.

I also stitched the Trilogy’s Four Seasons kit as a carry around project. I took a few classes this year at the LNS that included two specialty stitch classes and I finished those projects…Heart In Hand’s Stars Sampler and Pocket Sampler: Friend. I really enjoyed learning the specialty stitches which included: 1) Triple Rice Stitch, 2) Cecilia’s Star … the one I have trouble with and is very much like a Rhodes which I have tried but have a lot of trouble, 3) Plaited Cross Stitch, 4) Double Herringbone, 5) Half Rhodes, 6) Montenegrin … apparently there is a book dedicated to this one, 7) Fence Stitch, 8) Woven Scotch and 9) Oblong Smyrna Cross Stitch 10) Closed Herringbone 11) Fly Stitch 12) Rhodes over 4 13) Partial Eyelet 14) Double Leviathan 15) Rhodes Heart and 16) Crossed Corner Cushion.

I also stitched the Lanell scissor case for my Lanell scissors. Oh, so pretty! And I actually finished it into the scissor pocket. Not bad for my first time.  Using the same pattern, I stitched a scissor case for my Julia scissors. (But I have finished it into the actual case…yet.)

And I also finally gave into the lure of Russian Punchneedle and took a class on that at the LNS. I completed the Ladybug In Bloom class project in class. I also joined the Punch & Cookie Club from Pine Mountain Designs. So this year I also punched April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December.  I haven’t baked any of the cookies…yet.

I stitched the Little House Needleworks’ ornament from the JCS 2004 issue for an ornament exchange at my LNS.  I also finished it according to the instructions and think it came out pretty good for a first-timer.  I really enjoyed stitching the pattern.  I am thinking that I might stitch several more or different patterns to finish it that way to use for gift cards that I give out for Christmas next year. 

I guess I did about half of what I wanted to do, but I also did several other things that weren’t in the plans, so all in all, I am pleased with this years stitching accomplishments and will keep up with a goal list.  Although, this new year is bringing a very ambishish list…

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This is a busy month with getting prepared for the holidays and all.  Hope that I find time for stitching…

  1. Continue stitching on And They Sinned on Sundays ~ Not the first Sunday of the month and not on Christmas Eve.
  2. Stitch the chimneys and start the foundation on the Doll House* ~   Not only did I stitch the chimneys and start the foundation, I actually finished and it is with the framer now.
  3. Start Bless This House by La D Da ~ Start…this is a really pretty piece. 
  4. Continue stitching on An Advent-ful December (if the mood strikes, may put it aside for other things until next year) ~  Mood didn’t strike. 

Note from original post: *I am really hoping to finish the Doll House this month.  That is my main goal for the month.

I am really happy with my stitching this month.  I took it easy this month since December is such a busy month otherwise and I was very pleased with my stitching progress.  The Doll House was a relief to finish.  I just can’t wait to see it hanging in Hannah’s room.  It is such a pretty design and I truly enjoyed stitching it. 

I haven’t yet decided when I will work on An Advent-ful December again, but it will be a few months…maybe sometime in the summer. 

Next month will be a busy one with a couple of new starts. 

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What fun!  Today we got up early to drive to Deep Creek to a ski resort there.  Sean found it and thought that we could enjoy Snowtubing.  It was a blast!  Hannah loved it.  Next month we are going for a long weekend to a place in West Virginia.  We are going to have a good time.

Now we are watching Sean’s DVD Invincible.  I am going to stitch on Bless This House for a bit before going to bed.

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Since some time this weekend I have been planning on going down to my LNS for Stitch Night.  Sean and I made plans for the day to include being back in time for me to head down there an hour earlier even and I emailed a friend to see if she would be able to go.  I woke up this morning with the realization that today is the last Wednesday of the month, not the FIRST Wednesday of the month and therefore Stitch Night is next week, not today!  I will be able to go next week so it isn’t a problem, but since we made plans around my going down for stitch night, I won’t be going down today for my usual afternoon of stitching with my friend.  I must call her later to let her know.  When I rolled over this morning and Sean opened his eyes, the first thing I said was that it wasn’t stitch night, etc.  He said so go down and spend Friday stitching, we have no plans for that day. 

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The Day After

I am tired!  I feel like I have been going and going and going.  After we attended Christmas Eve service on Sunday we ran a couple of errands before my parents arrived.  Time spent chatting and before I knew it I was needing to start dinner.  After dinner I started getting some things ready for Christmas dinner.  Then we opened our one present each…new pj’s for everyone! 

Hours after Hannah went to bed we were helping Santa out by putting things under the tree and who wanders out?  Hannah!  Sean helped her back into bed and lights out for every one. 

Christmas morning I was up early and prepared the turkey to put in the oven.  I was able to enjoy a yummy cup of coffee before Hannah got up.  Presents were opened and then breakfast was eaten.  I think everyone enjoyed what was given by each other and from Santa.  Hannah received a kitchen play set, a princess cd player/jewelry box, some Barbies & Disney Fairies dolls, a beginner cross stitch kit, some Junie B. books & gift card to the book store, Flicka toy from Sean and me, an easy bake oven, a baby doll, a princess bedside lamp, gift card for The Children’s Place, Clue Jr. game from Mima & Pop-Pop, and a Bella Swan Lake Dance pack, some more Barbies, a FP3 player with case, Digital camera with case (both by Fisher Price) and a Leapster LMAX with 1st grade, 2nd grade and Madagascar games.  From my uncle and his wife Hannah was given a Mickey Mouse edition of Monolopy which I do believe has been hidden from me.  LOL  Two reasons….love Mickey and love different editions of Monolopy!

Sean was given some new shirt and ties (from my parents), a few games (one from my parents) for his xBox 360, a picture thing of the Philadelphia Eagles, some eagles clothes, Invincible DVD, some Army men (from Hannah) and a steering wheel for his 360.  Santa also brought Hannah and Sean the WII with a new game for each of them.  They had fun playing bowling & golfing yesterday with Pop-Pop.  Last night Sean played the boxing game and said this morning his arms actually hurt a little from playing.  I said Nintendo was smart to develop a gaming system that you actually had to get up and move to play.  We are planning on bowling in a little while.

My parents received lots of gift cards for going out to eat and the movies, a Olive Branch carving from the Holy Land and a plate made by Hannah.  We also gave my mom a sweater and earrings & my dad a Redskin picture thing and blank DVDs.  They are so hard to buy for since they have what they need, and always say they don’t need/want anything.  At least with the gift cards we know that they will enjoying several evenings out together.

My parents gave me the special Breast Cancer edition Betty Cocker cookbook, Cross by James Patterson, some Black Forest earrings and necklace and some beautiful Disney Traditions for our Red, White and Blue room.  I received some lovely clothes (from Sean & Hannah along with), a Coach bag and an elephant ring, earrings & necklace and a beautiful crystal butterfly (picked by Hannah), and from Santa I got a Dooney & Bourke bag with matching Flap Wristlet, and iPod with iHome.

 ~My favorite gift!


We had a wonderful dinner that my uncle and his wife also came over.  The day went by much to quickly and I miss my family already.  Though I must admit I was happy to be off my feet finally enjoying a glass of wine and relaxing before going to bed.

I didn’t get a chance to stitch Sunday or yesterday, but Sean is off the entire week and promised me this week I would get plenty of stitching time.  We shall see.  ;0)  Tomorrow is stitch night and I plan on going so I know I will get a little time there.

Thursday we are going snow-tubing.  Sean called this morning to get our tickets for a place here in Maryland.  We had planned on going to a place in PA but he checked this morning and they are closed due to usually warm weather.  I have now enjoyed a yummy brownie made by Hannah with her Easy Bake Oven and plan on having a turkey sandwich soon.  Perhaps after our afternoon of bowling I will get some stitching in.

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I am hoping that everyone has had a wonderful Christmas!

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