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Forgot to take pictures

Tonight I met with the Junior Girl Scout Troop to teach them six stitches in order for them to earn their badge.  However, I forgot to take my camera.  I did have my phone but forgot to take pictures with that.  Good news…since we only had an hour, I was only able to show them three stitches allowing them time to get comfy with it.  I will be going back at the end of February to cover the remaining three stitches. 

Thankfully the stitches we went over tonight are the three used in the Learn To Stitch kits given to them tonight.  So hopefully they will bring those back next month and have progress to show.  I am going to try really hard to remember the camera next time.  I really enjoyed this group of girls and they seemed to enjoy learning.  They all tried very hard. 

Other than that, I spent the day walking the treadmill, doing laundry, preparing for tonight by stitching examples and working on Sleigh Ride by Bent Creek on my Winter Snapperland piece.  It is going to be such a great finish.  I can’t wait to stitch the other three seasons.  They are such great designs.

Off to bed, I can hardly keep my eyes open.

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I decided to speed some time today seeing where I am on the projects I have in progress.


Bless This House by La D Da

Not much left on this project, need to fill in the flowers and finish stitch the phrase.

Back To School ABC’s by Something in Common

This is going to be my focus project.  I was enjoying working on this and look forward to getting back to it.

Ezmeralda’s House by Brightneedle

This is my SAL project with the group from the LNS.  I am also really enjoying stitching this one, even though I keep wondering why I am stitching it over one. :0)


Winter Snapperland (3rd snapper) by Bent Creek

This project got put aside and before I knew it months had gone by.   I decided to make this my first project to finish with the LNS’s UFO Challenge. 

(Precious Moment) Baby’s Arrival by Gloria & Pat Designs

This project was started back in 2002 and hasn’t been stitched on since sometime in 2003, I think.  I pulled this one out to include in the LNS’s UFO Challenge, though I think it will be the last of the UFO projects I finish.


August Rings Snapper by Bent Creek

This one is actually a WIP and a mini happy dance!  I now have only four more snappers to stitch along with the border to finish this one. 

Not pictured is And They Sinned because I didn’t stitch on it today.  I wanted to finish August Rings.

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The reading of other blogs

I have said it before and I will say it again…I love reading blogs.  I love being able to take a peek into other stitcher’s lives and seeing the projects that they are stitching.  I find great inspiration in it.  While reading about their past, current or future projects, my mind wanders to my own pile of projects and daydreams about someday when I will be stitching on them and eventually finishing them.  I think to myself how I should sign of the computer and use my time a bit more stitching-wisely.  Yet I click on another blogger’s link and proceed to read about their lives and stitching…

Today my sweet hubby let me sleep in while he made a Dunkin Donuts run for coffee and bagels.  He is such a great guy and I am so lucky to have him in my life.  He has given so much of himself.  He is a great provider to our family and a wonderful father to Hannah.  I couldn’t be prouder of him.  In the last ten years he has worked very hard to accomplish what he has in his career…and to think when we were first married & he was getting out of the Navy, I worried.  He didn’t have the best examples growing up in the way of father-figures.  Every now and then he will say to me "And you were worried", which I am always a little embarrassed by.  This year we are celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary and are talking about renewing our vows.  Nothing big and fancy, just us, while we are on vacation since we will be going to Disney later in the year over our anniversary.  I must get started on my secret stitching project that I am stitching for a gift.  It is Bent Creek’s Wedding Row.  I think it is the perfect piece for a wedding or anniversary. 

I am going down to the LNS today for UFO Saturday!  I am taking my few UFO’s to share but will be stitching on Bent Creek’s Winter Snapperland.  I am enjoying the themed Saturdays.  What a great idea Wendy had coming up with them.  I am sure that the ornie Saturday is the only way that I will ever manage to get some ornies stitched.  And I am looking forward to getting a few of my UFO’s finished as well.

It appears that Hannah is getting sick.  She has had a cough on and off, but has progressed well with it and not had a fever.  Until today.  Sean told me that she said she wasn’t hungry this morning when she woke up.  That is very unusual for my little sweetpea.  Thou a picky eater, the child eats almost constantly.  If she doesn’t want breakfast that is usually a sign that she is coming down with something.  I just checked her temp and it is just a bit high.  The doctor’s wouldn’t ever consider it a fever.  Sean wants me to give her something, but unless it goes over 101 I don’t like too.  Her doctors always say the a low grade fever is doing its job fighting something off and should be allowed to do it.  I know this from past experiences when I have called and spoken with someone on the phone. 

Off to get my stitching stuff together, showered and dressed as it is much later than I thought.

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Any future stitchers?

Tonight I gave a short demonstration of cross stitch to a group of Brownies.  At this stage they earn "Try It" badges, so as long as they give it a try, they earn their badge.  They are not required to master it.  I enjoyed showing the girls cross stitching. 

On Monday evening I will be stitching with the Junior Troop.  It will be a little different.  They are required to master six stitches….cross stitch, back stitch, blanket stitch, chain stitch, french knot and one other that escapes me.  So I will hopefully be successful in teaching them those as well as getting them started on a small butterfly kit that I picked up for each of them. 

I have been stitching Bent Creek’s August Rings Snapper the past few days.  Tomorrow is UFO Saturday at the LNS.  I will be taking in my Bent Creek Winter Snapperland to start stitching the third snapper on that one.  I have to remind myself to keep my goals a little smaller next month in order to have more time to stitch on the teacher’s gift until it is finished.  I was doing well making pretty good progress, but decided to pick up the snappers again.

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Six Things

After we got back from our trip, I spent some time getting caught up on reading my stitching friends’ blogs.  Mercy (Pretty In Pink) tagged me to post six weird things about myself.  I had to think long and hard about what is weird about me.  I think I am pretty normal. :0)  Sean was no help either.  So I am not sure if others would think that these things are weird or not…perhaps my friends were say other things were more weird.

The rules: Each player of this game starts with the "6 weird things about you." People who get tagged need to write in their blog of 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names.

  1. I like Wendy’s french fries dipped in frosties.
  2. I only eat things like cookies or small pieces of candy in even numbers or increments of five.  So I can not eat three or seven chocolate Hershey Kisses.
  3. I can’t eat if my separate food groups are touching on my plate…i.e.: meat, vegetable and starch…even in a restaurant the first thing I do is push them away from touching.
  4. If you were to ask me, I would say that I dislike raisins but I like Raisin Bran cereal, I dislike beans but I love Chili with beans and Pasta e Fagioli (an Italian soup with red & white beans).
  5. I like to vacuum.  I find it makes me feel less stressed. 
  6. I have a girl crush on Jennifer Garner and Madonna.

Now I have to tag six fellow bloggers.  I am picking ones I know or think read my blog as well.

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So we packed the car and after picking Hannah up from school headed out for our weekend away.  It took a bit longer to get there than we thought but we made it.  We checked in and got settled in for the night. 

Though we slept in, we woke up after only an okay night of sleep.  Showered, dressed and headed to the main lodge for breakfast.  The restaurant was very good.  It was also beautiful.  We were sat at a table by the window which had an amazing view of the surrounding area.  After eating we headed back to our room to bundle up in our snow clothes then took the shuttle over to the ski area to get our passes for snow-tubing.  When we got there, we discovered that their rules were a little different from the place we went during Christmas break.  Hannah had to go down by herself…no doubles.  She was saying no way, but Sean talked her into trying it once and if she didn’t like it then she wouldn’t have to do it again.

Things went well and she wanted to go again.  She wiped out the second time, but when we told her we could leave, she said she didn’t want to.  So we stayed the entire session and outlasted everyone who started at the same time.  Then we had lunch before taking the shuttle back to the resort.  On the ride we saw first three deer at the edge of the forest, then one crossing the road.  We relaxed for a little while before going over for dinner.  We got another great seat by the windows and while the waitress was taking our drink orders she said "oh, look a deer."  Hannah and I jumped up to get a better look.  We were a floor above but suddenly saw not one but four beautiful deer.  We also had a good view of the outdoor ice skating rink at the resort.

We decided to get up extra early on Sunday to make the first session of snow-tubing.  We were the only ones there for about the first 15 minutes, Hannah was an old pro by this time and though more people came it was never crowded.  We again out lasted everyone, staying the entire session time.  It had started snowing too and it was beautiful.  We went to the resort for brunch.  Again we were lucky to get a great table right by the window.  We decided to have a rest before going ice skating.  We shouldn’t have.  After we watched a movie, we called the front desk to see about where we were to go to rent skates…they had closed do to the weather!  So we didn’t get to go ice skating. 

On our way to dinner, I remembered to grab the camera to take a couple of pictures.  We ran into the family of deer on our way.  They were very tame.  And they came to you to see what you had for them to eat.  There was a couple of teenagers who gave Hannah a piece of bread that one of the deer eat right from her palm.  It was hard to get a picture.  And I had been taking some area views, forgot to change the setting on the camera so they all came out a bit blurry.

We left early this morning to head back home and pick up JoJo from the vet’s.  We had a great, lovely, relaxing and enjoyable weekend.  We have even talked about "the next time we go." 

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SBQ ~ Happy Dance?

Today’s SBQ

Have you had a happy dance yet this year? If so, tell us about
it! (Or just point to the entry that talks about it.) If not, when do you
predict it will be?

Happy Dance?  Only
one…a very small
that I stitched a couple of weeks ago as part of the LNS
Saturday Stitching.  I haven’t a clue when I will have another
finish…maybe next month I will be able to finish another
ornament.  :0)

The permalink to this post is: http://blondelibrarian.net/stitching/archives/2007/01/first-2007-happy-dance/

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Thanks Oprah!

…for my newest addiction!  The other day I was able to watch Oprah.  I love her but don’t get to watch the show often.  The show was about her fitness guru’s (Bob Greene) new book…The Best Life Diet.  Seems to be great advice about making better choices with regular foods.  And yes, I ordered the book.  There are recipes and I love to find new yummy recipes.  In the stores there will be certain foods with his seal for a good choice to eat.  Like Barilla Plus Pastas and Cheerios. 

Anyhow, Oprah was talking about a smoothie she makes with soy milk…soy milk?  I haven’t yet been brave enough to try it.  I am not a big milk drinker.  I do love smoothies.  I usually make mine using a small plain yogurt, oj, frozen fruits and a banana.  Oprah said she was a little iffie about the soy milk herself, so I decided to try it.  So yesterday I had to go by the grocery store for a couple of things and picked up a chocolate soy milk.  After dinner I tossed the ingredients into the smoothie maker, gave a glass to Sean and made a second for myself.  One sip….YUMMY!  Sean liked it, too.  I really was nervous about the soy milk, but I must say that I am hooked.  I made one for myself for breakfast this morning.  Oprah’s Chocolate Strawberry Smoothie

Sad news for me…I found out today that Beauty and The Beast (family favorite) is closing on Broadway this summer.  I have been wanting to go to New York for a few years to see this.  I heard last year that The Little Mermaid (my favorite Disney movie ever!) was going to be opening on Broadway, so I mentioned to Sean that maybe we could plan a trip to see both. Not going to happen.  Beauty and The Beast is closing to make room for The Little Mermaid.  Our vacations are already planned for the year.  Sean said to go ahead and look into going, find out how much it would cost, etc., but I am not sure if we will be able to fit it into our schedules.  I don’t want Hannah to miss any school, but she may have to.  There is spring break, but that is over Easter and we spend that with Sean’s mom.  What to do??

As far as stitching news goes, the fabric for Ezmeralda’s House is fine…a few shades lighter, but no stain.  I showed it to Wendy and we talked about me tea-staining it after I finish stitching the frame of the house.  So far I have finished the stitching of the top two floors.  I have also stitched on Back To School ABC’s a little.  I think if I can keep up motivation on this project, it will be finished much sooner than I thought.  Oh, and I received the Miss Valentine kit in the mail the other day…now to find time to stitch her.  She is so pretty.  Today I ordered the February Punch & Cookie.  I have a feeling Hannah will be claiming this one for herself.  I also decided to get the Distress It stuff instead to try out.  

Tomorrow we are leaving for a long weekend.  We are heading to West Virginia after school gets out to a ski resort.  Hannah is so excited.  She asked last night when we would pack.  This morning I get out of the shower and open her door to wake her up for school.  There she is sitting in the middle of her bed packing her My Little Pony bag with the things she wanted to take.  So cute!

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Today’s plans

Since it is Monday, that means laundry day.  I have already started a couple of loads and should be switching the loads out now.  I hope to get it all done today.  I have a ton of other things to do this week and won’t be home much to finish it this week.  Between loads of laundry I plan on getting a few stitches in but on what?  I haven’t decided.  I will fold the load of towels and then decided.

I did do a little…and I do mean a little…stitching on And They Sinned yesterday.  As much as I enjoy stitching on this piece, I just couldn’t get into yesterday. 

Sean and Hannah are home today.  They have decided to spend the day playing games.  Off to get to the laundry and decide what to stitch on today.

EDITED to add:

So while doing laundry today I decided to work on Ez’s House.  Hannah was putting on her lip treatment (poor thing suffers terribly with chapped lips) and put a bit to much on.  She was freaking out a little about that, so in the process of trying to help her, I managed to drop the tube on my lap which just so happen to have Ez’s House on it.  I very quickly tried to clean it off, but I only made it worse.  Then I remembered that I recently purchased some of the FabriCare from the LNS.  I pulled that out, mixed a bath up and placed the fabric in to soak for a few minutes.  I think it came out, but am waiting to check it in the daylight tomorrow to say for sure.  Fingers crossed.  If I have to I have some other fabric that I could use if I have to start over, but I am hoping it won’t come to that. 

So, since I had to take care of that little mishap, I decided to go ahead and start the teacher’s gift piece.  I haven’t gotten very far.  It seems to be the day for mishaps.  I was almost finished with an area when I noticed I had carelessly miscounted, had to rip the area out and re-stitch it. 

I did manage to get all the laundry but two loads done.  Tomorrow before I leave for school with Hannah I will strip our bed and get that load started.  So it will get done.  Thursday I will be spending the day packing.  We will be leaving on Friday after school/work for our weekend get-a-way.  Which means I will have to get up early to drop JoJo off at the vet’s.  I hate that!  But sadly, she can’t go, so off to the vet she goes. 

Off to sleep…ciao.

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Construction begins

We all met at the LNS today and began our SAL of Brightneedle’s Ezmeralda’s House.  I am stitching this one on 28 count one over one.  It doesn’t look like I got a whole lot stitched, but I am pretty please with my progress so far.  I have the frame of the first two floors almost finished. 

I am not sure when I will be getting back to this one.  I have And They Sinned tomorrow.  My plan was to get started on the teacher gift on Monday.  Of course I am debating myself on that now.  Maybe I will spend a little more time with Ez’s place before moving on.  I think this will be a very fun stitch.

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