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February Goals Re-cap

It’s that time of the month again…let’s see how I did.

  1. Continue stitching on Bless This House ~ Yes, didn’t get much done but I did work on it
  2. Continue stitching on Back To School ABC’s ~ Yes, a little more than half way done
  3. Stitch on And They Sinned on Sundays ~ Three our of four
  4. Stitch small ornament on first Saturday of the month ~ Yes…finished a cat ornie by Brittercup
  5. Stitch on Ezmeralda’s House on second Saturday of the month ~ Yes…finished the frame of the house
  6. Stitch the third snapper on Winter Snapperland on forth Saturday of the month (if not finished before) ~ Stitched on it but didn’t finish it
  7. Punch January Punch & Cookie club kit ~ About half way done at this time
  8. Punch February Punch & Cookie club kit ~  nope

Now I am thinking about next months.  I did managed to accomplish a non-stitching goal I set for myself this month…I walked the treadmill every other day.

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Tonight I went to the Girl Scout troop’s meeting to teach them the last three stitches in order for them to earn their badge.  The stitches we mastered tonight were the Chain Stitch, Satin Stitch and Blanket Stitch.  My friend loaned me her peg board for teaching and I am not sure if it was because I was using that or not, but the girls mastered the stitches tonight very fast.  I was impressed.  One of the girls told me that she wanted to be like me.  I asked her what she meant and she said that I did the stitching so well.  I had to explain to her that I have been stitching a lllloooonnnnngggg time.  Another of the girls was almost finished with the kit given at the last meeting.  I think she may be a future addict.  :0)

I had told the girls that I would also start one of the kits.  This afternoon I realized that I only had a few hours before the meeting so I better get busy.  I have finished all of the stitching and need to do the backstitch still.


Not much else happening around here.  I haven’t yet done my last two months of punch needle kits and I am thinking that I may start one tomorrow.  Other than those, I think I have done well with my goals this month.  What to do for next month?

A few months ago, I noticed on Mercy’s blog (thanks for the names) a photo of her scissor collection.  I fell in love with two of them.  Of course they are retired, so I have been checking eBay hoping to get a pair of them at a decent price.  One pair, Leah,  I have seen go for a couple hundred dollars and as much as I want a pair, I can’t bring myself to pay that much for them.  Especially since I would want to use them.  But the other pair, Lindsay, have been going for a little less than that and today I won a bid for less than $40!!  I can’t wait to get them.  I will be stalking the mailman for the next few days.     

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Snowy Sunday

It started snowing this morning shortly before we were leaving for church.  We had plans to go out for breakfast after service and I am glad we still did.  It was yummy!  We had also decided to go by Target after that.  Sean finally convinced me that we needed to buy an HDTV.  As we were leaving and heading home I was surprised at how much snow had fallen.  And I was wearing heals!  What was I thinking?  I knew it was snowing when we left.  To get ahead of it Sean shoveled the driveway and sidewalk when we got home and thankfully it stopped shortly after that.  Now I think we are suppose to be getting freezing rain.

Yesterday was UFO Saturday at the LNS.  I worked a bit on the Winter Snapperland.  We decided to order lunch and then we had cake in honor of Erin’s birthday which was actually two weeks ago.  She was out of town at Market so we had to wait for cake.  I went a little crazy and got a bunch of new stash.  I just couldn’t help myself.  I picked up the new Lizzie*Kate’s flip-its bits, Spring Crazy and Coffee Crazy, the February Red Thread snapper, the Littles Leprechaun and Spring Ewe zippie from Bent Creek, a couple of Brittercup Designs and the last four LHN/CC thread packs.  After I got home, ate dinner with my family, I rolled around in it.  :0)

Tonight I attempted to stitch on And They Sinned, but I just couldn’t get into it.  So I decided that I didn’t want to risk having to frog later and put it away.  I have been watching the Oscars instead.  I think Ellen is doing a great job as host.  Will Farrell and friends did the funniest song in the beginning of the show.  There have been several laugh out moments tonight.  I usually only watch the very end to see the best actor, actress and movie or switch back and forth watching something else depending on what’s on and who nominated.

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She is in need of a good bath and grooming visit, her appointment was delayed until Monday because of the weather but I couldn’t resist taking these pictures of her.  Even when she is a mess, we think she is pretty darn cute.

Waiting for Sean to get home from work.  She is watching out the little window at the top of the front door.  Sitting at the top of the stairs gives her a good view to see his car pull up.

Sean had put JoJo out right before I was leaving on Sunday to head down to the LNS for a bit.  I heard what sounds like a horse running thru the backyard then see this cutie pop up over the fence.  It seems she is wondering if she can go too.  Thankfully I had my camera in my purse and was able to snap a quick photo before she ran back to the door to be let in.  And yes, I make her wear shoes, keeps the mud off my carpet and the snow from between her paw pads. 

I have been stitching still on the Back To School ABC’s but I am thinking of putting it aside until next week.  Tomorrow is UFO Saturday at the LNS and I am going to work a bit on the Winter Snapperland.  I am loving the themed Saturdays at the shop. 

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SBQ ~ Fabric counts

Today’s SBQ was
suggested by Kathryn (
http://threadsofdesire.blogspot.com/) and is:

What is the
smallest count fabric you have ever used? Did you stitch over one? Conversely,
what is the largest count fabric you have ever used?

I think I have stitched
on 36 count over one once.  I usually stitch on 28 or 32 and have stitched
over one and two with those.  The largest count fabric I have stitched on
is 10 count.  I thought I would hate it, but actually liked it. 

The permalink to this post is: http://blondelibrarian.net/stitching/archives/2007/02/fabric-count/

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Half way done…

I stitched on Back To School ABC’s the last couple of days.  I like how fast this piece stitches when I stitch on it.  I think the second half will go pretty quickly.

Hannah went back to school today after being off the past week due to weather.  There was a two hour delay and before we were home for school a hour, I had received an email that there would be a two hour delay tomorrow as well.  They had their Valentine Party today, so since there was the delay, which is the time I usually volunteer, I went in to help.  The kids passed out Valentines to each other then got all sugared up on cupcakes, candy and juice.  Then the bell rang and they were all sent home! :0) 

Tomorrow is my day that I get to hang with my friend & stitch.  I will be working some more on the Back To School ABC’s.

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It’s a fact

I have decided….I love Google Reader!  Why didn’t I discover this sooner?  It is so great to see what blogs have new posts and not having to click thru them each several times a day.  Did I say I love it?

Yesterday we went to the wedding and it was a lovely ceremony.  The bride was beautiful.  After the ceremony we stopped by to see Sean’s mom for a bit while we had a little time before going to the wedding lunch.  The lunch was very good.  As I hadn’t met the bride or groom before, it was nice to meet her.  And her Matron of Honor also works for Sean’s company, so it was also nice to meet her and hubby.  All were very nice. 

Today after church service and a Dunkin Donuts breakfast, I headed down to the LNS for a little stitching.  I worked on La D Da’s Bless This House a little.  I am now putting it aside to pick the Back To School ABC’s and get some more done on that.  I did actually work on And They Sinned today.  I was able to re-stitch the area I had to rip out a couple of weeks ago and a bit more.

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Gung Hay Fat Choy

Happy New Year!  The Chinese New year begins today and this year is The Year of the Boar (or Pig).  I was born in The Year of the Boar.  And so I am sharing several links about being a Boar

According to another site I found, Boars are "Pure of heart, Boar people are generous and kind. Full of inner strength and courage, they can take on any task. A friend who listens, the Boar is sincere and trustworthy. They are driven by their passion for life."

So, may you receive (or give) many Red Envelopes as you welcome in the New Year!

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Another Snow Day

I was very surprised to wake up this morning to find out that school was canceled.  Granted the ice covered snow is still frozen all over, but the roads are cleared.  I guess the whole county isn’t as lucky as us in getting roads cleared.  And since there is no school Monday due to President’s Day, Hannah has gotten a week long vacation.  I love having her hanging out with me all day, but I know she loves school and loves going. 

We did have to breakdown and eat the cupcakes.  No way that they would stay fresh until next Tuesday even tho they have kept very well in the airtight container I got last year.  That thing is great and can be used for cupcakes, mini cupcakes or a sheet (?) cake.  So we will be baking fresh cupcakes Monday for her class. 

We had a short visit from our neighbor, Mrs. R, this afternoon.  She is the neighbor that works at the school and was the teacher’s assistant in Hannah’s Kindergarten class.  We stop in every morning for Hannah to say Hello to her and Ms. K.  Mrs. R said she stopped by because she needed her Hannah hug.  :0) 

After Sean got home from work, I ran out to get a present for the wedding tomorrow and take my friend’s daughter to dance class.  Before leaving I actually managed to get the huge chuck of ice off the top of the van off.   Yesterday I couldn’t even get it to chip away little by little.  Then on my way they were talking on the radio about people not doing so and it flying off hitting the road or other cars like chucks of concrete.  

Anyhow, after I dropped her off I headed back to pick up the family so that we could go to the movies.  We saw Bridge to Terabithia.  It was very good.  However, if your anything like me, take some tissue.  I was glad to notice a lady sitting near me wiping her eyes quite a bit too.  AnnaSophia Robb is just plain adorable.  She also sings one of the songs for the movie and I just love it.  I was happy find it on iTunes earlier today.  I will definitely be buying this movie on DVD. 

We got to see a preview for Shrek The Third.  Can’t wait!  We love the first two and I am sure we will love #3.  It opens the day before Sean’s b-day and we are already planning on going.   He is so lucky as he always has great movie open on or near his birthday. 

No stitching today…yet, the day isn’t over…I decided to check out the Google Reader that I have read about on other blogs.  So I spent the morning adding the list of blogs I read and I didn’t realize I had so many!  But I think the Google Reader will save time by knowing who has posted a new post before hand.  Perhaps I will actually spend less time on the computer and more time stitching.  One would think with all this time with school being closed that I would manage to get some stitching time…okay, housecleaning time too, but I just didn’t.  And since we will be gone tomorrow to attend a wedding, looks like tomorrow will be limited time.  Here’s hoping Sunday and Monday will be different.

I have been watching shop sites to see what is new from market.  I am most excited about the M Designs’ America Tree.  I must have this one.  I did order the Pine Mountain Designs’ Punch and Cookie for March and the limited edition kit from Little House Needleworks yesterday.  I look forward to getting them, but I guess I really should get the January and February kits punched.

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Snow days

So Tuesday school was released three hours early due to the snow.  The freezing rain started sometime that night.  Hannah and I baked cupcakes for her class.  Wednesday school was canceled.  We expected that.  After shoveling our drive and walkways, Sean also cleaned the cars off in preparation of going out to dinner.  We almost canceled going out, but decided to go a little earlier instead.  We went to Romano’s and had a yummy meal. 

We gave Hannah a travel art bag with My Little Pony on it and a red candy dish shaped like a giant Hershey Kiss.  Sean had ordered flowers to be delivered….urgh, we don’t exchange gifts for V Day, so it was a sweet surprise. 

When I got up this morning I checked to see if there was a two hour delay, as that was what we were expecting, but school was canceled.  Shortly after Hannah and I finished breakfast one of her classmates’ mom called to see if we wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese with them.  Sure!  We had a great time and I am really glad that they called to invite us. 

I knew I would be picking up my friend’s daughter later in the day to take her to dance class and they live over on the same side of town as CEC, so that would work out well for us.  However, before leaving to go I thought it might be a good idea to call and check to see if they would need me to do that.  I wasn’t sure how cancellation worked…was dance class canceled if schools were?  But my friend said that she wasn’t going into work so that she would be able to take her daughter today.  I must remember to check for tomorrow.  I have been helping out a little while her mom is unable to for a few weeks. 

So we come home to eat dinner and head out to karate.  We get there….parking lot is empty, no lights on.  We head back home for Hannah’s bath.  I need to find out how their cancellations policy works too.

One would think with all the snow days that I would manage to get a lot of stitching time.  No….no.  But I have been working on Bless This House by La D Da.  I just haven’t really gotten much done.  I am hoping that I will finish this one sometime next month.  It is such a pretty design.

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