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It is true…you learn something new everyday.  Today I learned that Hannah is actually learning Tang Soo Do.  The difference is in the forms.  They started pre-sparing today which they will be doing for a couple of months.  She loves it. 

Not a whole lot going on around here.  I volunteered at the school this morning and went grocery shopping after that.  That was my day until picking up Hannah & M from school, dropping M off at home after letting them burn some energy off at the park and heading home to make dinner before taking Hannah to Tae Kwon Do/Tang Soo Do class.  It was a beautiful day and tomorrow is suppose to be as well.  It is then going to get cold again.  I can’t wait for spring to come to stay.  I am itching to go to the park with picnic lunches, head to the zoo. take JoJo on regular walks, go to Hershey park, vacation to Tennessee, swimming and the like.

Now it is time for me to settle in my stitching chair…which I will hopefully be getting a new one this weekend…and get some stitching done.

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Hannah’s sleepover didn’t go as planned.  Since this was M’s first time at sleepover, in the end she was feeling overwhelmingly anxious and decided she wanted to go home.  So J came to pick her up.  I do hope that the time she was here that she had fun hanging out. 

I woke up early this morning but after looking at the clock decided I was tired and would sleep for a bit longer.  About 8:15 am I decided it was time to get up and hop in the shower if we had any chance of making it to church on time.  It was then that Sean woke up, looked at me and said he needed to check something.  He turned on the TV and said just what he thought…it was 9:15 am!  We forgot to spring ahead and there was no way we were going to make it to church in 15 minutes!  I shouldn’t have gone back to sleep…turns out I originally woke up at my usual 7 am time but I thought it was 6 am!  I can’t recall ever forgetting to reset the clocks for Daylight savings.

I knew Hannah would be upset about missing Sunday school but I decided to let her sleep a little longer.  I figured she would wake up a few minutes later when I did get in the shower, but she didn’t.  I had to wake her up at 10:15 am because we did have to get ready for her tournament in Tae Kwon Do and had to be there at 11:30 am.  I was shocked that Hannah slept so late.  Every couple of months she does that but she is usually up a little around 7:30 am.  Though she did go thru a short time of my having to wake her at 8 am for school…didn’t last long.  If you were to ask her she will tell you she is never tired. 

We made it to the tournament on time.  She was set to compete until 12:30 PM.  Hannah was demonstrating her forms.  Of course, rushing out the door I forgot to grab the camera but thankfully had my cell phone.  She did great.

Now we have finished dinner, bathed Hannah and I have decided it is time for me to stitch.  For it being the weekend I sure haven’t done a whole lot of it yet. 

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Busy Saturday

Hannah was awake bright and early this morning so at 7 am I started the coffee and made spinach dip to take to the LNS.  I then hopped on the computer to read emails.  My friend IM’d me about a sleepover tonight with Hannah and her daughter, so we worked out the details for that.  J is like me when it comes to our kids, so this is M’s first sleep over away from home.  So I picked her up on my way home and they are now enjoying Cinderella III.

After walking the tread mill, taking a quick shower and getting dressed I went down to the LNS.  It was a great day.  First it is Wendy’s birthday and we were celebrating.  So of course there was cake!  We also had other yummy things to eat…spinach dip, taco dip, fresh fruits and a veggie tray.  Yummy.  Symya and I decided to get Erin (as a belated birthday gift) and Wendy the Vintage Red Whitman’s Tin with the accessories chart to stitch.  We got ourselves each one too…so we can do them as a SAL together.  :0)

  I think we will enjoy stitching these.

I stitched on Ezmeralda’s House down at the shop today.  I didn’t get much done…to much eating and chatting.  LOL  Now I am trying to decided if I want to stitch some more on it tonight, or do as promised and stitch on the teacher’s gift.  I am getting close to finishing it.  

The past few weeks I have been taking Wendy’s daughter to dance class on Thursdays and Fridays.  Today she gave me a very unexpected thank you gift…a gift card for Borders and a pretty plaque for the wall that I love.  Totally unnecessary but I appreciate her thoughtfulness.

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SBQ – Rip Rip

Today’s SBQ

Do you use your needle, a seam ripper, or something else when you
have to frog stitches? Why do you use the method that you do?

Depends on the area that
needs to be frogged.  Most of the time I use my needle.  If the area
is really large, first I use my curved or lift & snip scissors to cut the
stitches, then my
Boo-Boo Stick to brush away the

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Snow day ~ no school

Now I am not trying to say that the decision making people in the county don’t have the safety of the students in mind, but come on…  I woke up at 7 am to about a half inch or less of snow on the ground, none on the road, and it has stop, yet school has been cancelled.  To me it is just silly.  Maybe I feel this way because of the years I lived in Germany where we would get a couple of feet of snow and school wasn’t cancelled…and we were bused over 30 miles from one town to another for school. 

So, Hannah is home for the day.  Sean decided to work from home today.  I have decided that I am not going to do much today except stitch and cook dinner. 

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Short Day

Hannah only had school for 2 1/2 hours today in the afternoon.  So we slept in.  Kinda got a slow start to the day.  After my morning cup of joe, I walked on the tread mill then decided to work on my abs.  While doing crunches on the exercise ball using a five pound hand weight, JoJo decided she need to stiff my face.  I lost my balance, rolled off the ball slamming my hand against the recliner and weight.  Ouch!  It hit right in the middle of the palm, just below the middle finger knuckle.  It is bruised on both sides and swollen.  Just goes to show that you should be happy with the way you look. 

So yesterday we went to the P/T Conference.  The first thing Hannah’s teacher said was that she only had wonderful things to say about her.  I think my sweetpea is pretty amazing and always love finding out others do too.  :0)  Hannah is doing very well in school and is an above average student.  She is doing well in math and is reading on a second grade level.   Yay!

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After church yesterday we went to Panera Bakery for bagels and coffee.  We headed over to the mall after that.  While we were in B Moss, we ran into Hannah’s teacher.  Hannah thought that was the coolest thing.  I got a couple of really pretty skirts on sale along with a couple of pairs of capris.  For the first nine years of marriage I rarely ever bought myself new clothes.  Drove Sean nuts.  I hope the new me doesn’t.  LOL

We had a lazy afternoon after that watching movies on TV while Hannah happily played with her toys.  I made manicotti for dinner.  Then I finally settled in with some stitching.  I actually got a bit done on And They Sinned.  Not much but I felt like stitching on it which I hadn’t the past few Sundays. 

Today is a short day at school.  Hannah gets out at noon today.  We have a Parent/Teacher Conference this afternoon.  Fingers crossed.  This sort of thing always makes me nervous.  Tomorrow is an even shorter day, only two & a half hours in the afternoon. 

Best get to the laundry.

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