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Summer Joy Started

I decided to start on Sisters & Best Friends’ Summer Joy sampler.  It is one of my UFO Challenages with the LNS.  I was going to start Bent Creek’s Wedding Row, but need some WDW Whitewash.  I only got a small start.  I love these samplers and am looking forward to getting them all done.

I also added the snaps and buttons to the Winter Snapperland today. 

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I had hoped to finish this Saturday at the LNS for UFO Saturday, but I didn’t.  Then I hoped to finish it that night while Sean and I watched a movie, but I didn’t.  Before working on And They Sinned  yesterday, I decided to finish it first.  As a result I didn’t get that much stitched on ATS. 

Today I am going to take a look at my goals for May and see what I might pull out to stitch on.

The weekend was beautiful.  I had written about it last but somehow the post was deleted before it posted.  The weather is very springy and I am loving it.

So here is how I did with my goals this month…

  1. Finish stitching on Bless This House ~ YES!  I finished it.  The frame is being ordered and then it will be framed.
  2. Stitch on And They Sinned on Sundays ~ Yes
  3. Stitch small ornament on first Saturday of the month ~ No…this was Easter weekend and we went to MIL’s.  I didn’t think I would have much stitching time to start and finish even a small project.
  4. Stitch on Ezmeralda’s House on second Saturday of the month ~ Yes.  I finished the brick work and now I will tea dye it before starting any of the rooms.
  5. Finish the third snapper on Winter Snapperland on forth Saturday of the month (if finished before, start the forth snapper) ~ Managed to finish the entire project.  Yea me!! 
  6. Punch February Punch & Cookie Club kit ~ Yes!
  7. Punch March Punch & Cookie Club kit ~ No
  8. Punch April Punch & Cookie Club kit ~ No

Not to bad.  I have decided to not included the Punch & Cookie in my monthly goals.  I want to punch them but I am just not feeling that into it.  I am now three months behind.  They will get punched someday.

I am most pleased with the Bless This House and the Winter Snapperland finishes.  They look great and I am looking forward to getting them framed & hanging up somewhere.   Though the snappers will be waiting until the other three seasonal snappers are stitched.

Bring on the new month…

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Almost the weekend

The week has continued to be beautiful…until late today.  The weather was a bit more chilly but still nice.  There is a thunderstorm right now.  I used to love this kind of weather until we had that leaky roof in the sunroom last year.  Now I worry every time it rains.

This week I have walked to pick Hannah up from school three times…that is how lovely the weather has been.  Today I took JoJo for a walk instead of walking the treadmill.  I think when the weather is really nice…not to hot or cold…I will do that that more often.  Though tomorrow morning I will be getting up early to walk the treadmill since it will be raining.

I have been stitching on the last snapper for the Winter Snapperland but haven’t gotten as far as I would have liked.  I barely stitched yesterday with the exception of the couple of hours I was at the LNS.  I wasn’t feeling great yesterday and ended up going to bed just before 7:30 PM.  I even missed last night’s Lost!  I am still hoping that I will manage to finish this one by the end of Saturday. 

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Beautiful weather

The weather over the weekend was beautiful.  Today is too but HOT!  Friday Sean worked from home, but took me took me out for breakfast after I dropped Hannah off at school.  We decided to pick Hannah up from school and have a backwards day…so we went for some ice cream at Cold Stone.

Saturday Sean mowed the yard and I went to the LNS for the afternoon but came home a little early to head out to the mall.  Sean wanted some new shoes.  I found a great pair of shoes for myself, but I couldn’t see spending $60 on sandals.  Sean thought I should get them but when it comes to shoes, I am cheap!  We went out for pizza after that.  Sunday was church then to PF Chang’s…yummy!  We decided to enjoy the weather and went to play putt-putt golf.  Sean had also gotten a shirt on Saturday that the security tag was left on, so on our way home we went back to the store to have it removed.  And the sandals I had liked were on sale…for $24.99!!!!  So I got them! 

After we got home, I stitched for a few minutes, then Hannah  and I walked down to the park near our house for a while.  Then we came home for a light dinner, bath, bedtime and more stitching.  I worked on And They Sinned for a little while.

Today has been busy.  I got up at 6:30 am, walked the treadmill, did a couple of loads of laundry, showered, got Hannah ready for school, dropped JoJo at the groomer, Hannah at school, cleaned out & vacuumed the van, went grocery shopping, put away the groceries, cleaned out the fridge, unloaded & reloaded the dishwasher, ate lunch, did a couple more loads of laundry, picked up the dog from the groomer, stitched a bit, walked down to the school to pick up Hannah (as promised to her), let her play for an hour, walked home, made dinner, cleaned up, finished the laundry, stitched some more and now I am sitting on my bum relaxing.  It has been a long busy day.

Tuckered out from the doggie day spa!

Friday Hannah gets out to of school two hours early, so we are hoping to meet her BF from pre-school at the park…guess I should check the weather…and have a play date.  During the summer we try to meet and have picnics which I am SO looking forward to.  We have a lovely park by the creek downtown with ducks that we love to go to for picnics.  It is right by one of the city pools so we spend a lot of time there during the weeks of swim lessons. 

I have been stitching on the Bent Creek’s Winter Snapperland.  And I have finally finished the third snapper….only one more to go for a finish!

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Today’s SBQ was
suggested Danielle (
http://scopist.blogspot.com/) and is:

Are you on
"The Wagon?" If so, how long have you been on and how "serious" are you about
it? If not, have you considered it?

Nope.  Not on the
wagon.  I keep telling myself that I am going to buy less since I have more
than enough to stitch.  But my favorite designers keep coming out with
great series, like the snappers or flip its, and I must have them! 

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Today Hannah is participating in the Jump Rope for Hearts with her school.  She is very excited about it.  We only found out about it a week ago though.  Next year I hope to find out about it a little earlier to give us more time to raise donations. 

Today is also my mom’s birthday!  I hope she is having a wonderful day.  She is a dear, sweet, generous woman who deserves to feel special everyday…not just today.

I haven’t been up to much this week.  Saturday I went to the LNS for Ezzie’s SAL day.  I have been stitching on that piece since except on Sunday which is And They Sinned day.  Due to the strong winds Hannah had a hard time Sunday (and Monday) night sleeping so I slept in her room.  It really did sound like someone was walking around in the attic and that the side of the house was going to come down, so I understand why a six year old would be a bit frightened. 


So on Monday morning I got up very early…6:15 am!…and got my day started.  Before taking Hannah to school, I had walked the treadmill, done two loads of laundry…even fold one…and had breakfast.  After dropping her off, I came home and finished the laundry, vacuumed and got some of the stuff ready for bulk trash pick-up.  Our city does bulk trash only twice a year.  It is not enough but what can you do.  My parents’ city does it once a month. 

Tuesday was my day for volunteering in Hannah’s class.  We had an early dinner so that we could head over to the new Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop for free scoop day before going to Tae Kwon Do.  The ice cream was yummy! and we received a coupon (to carry on our keychain) that entitles us to a 10% discount every time we go for the next year.  I hope that will happen next year too.  :0)  Wednesday I headed over to the LNS as I usually do to stitch with my friend.  I also had PTA meeting last night so Sean took Hannah to the karate studio to get her picture taken. 

PTA meeting was close to our last.  We are having to figure out about who will be filling the positions on the board next year.  There were a couple of people including the Principal looking to me to either take the secretary or Vice President position…neither of which I think I am qualified to do.  I am a terrible note taker…my school record could prove it too!…and the VP position would be grooming for the President’s position.  And I am not ready for that!!  That said, I do want to continue being apart of the PTA board, but had hoped to continue as the Hospitality Chairperson another year.  Guess we will see what happens.

I have also taken time this week to catch up on some shows I had recorded on TiVo including six episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.  I hadn’t watched it since the end of January…I have only one more episode to watch to catch up.  I have also watch the weeks 24 even though Sean tried to ruin it for me!  Now I am watching last night’s Crossing Jordan and plan on stitching the afternoon way until I have to head over to the school…yes, this morning I was asked to help out at the Jump Rope for Hearts event and Sean says I love to say yes except to him. HAHA

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My new stitching chair

It arrived yesterday.  It is a recliner.  It is so nice to be able to put my feet up while stitching and reading.  The old chair was causing my back, hip and shoulder to hurt.  There wasn’t much support left in the cushion.  I still need to work out my stitching table and find the best location for it.  (Sean keeps calling it "Minnie Pearl" because I have yet to remove the tags…I explained to him that I have to make sure that nothing is wrong with it first.)

I haven’t yet finished my February Punch and Cookie punchneedle kit.  I like punchneedle well enough but it isn’t my (hobby) passion.  I am missing making my little xxx.  I had planned on getting caught up with the P&C’s kits before going back to some stitching but…I will at least have to finish February first.  Oh! I just remembered that tomorrow is Ezmeralda’s House SAL at the LNS. Now where is that project bag?  I moved some things around yesterday and cleaned up my stitching corner before the new chair arrived. 

I went to B Moss today to look around.  There was a sale and I found a beautiful dress for our trip to NYC next month.  And it was a great deal at $39.  I am getting really excited about going.  I have a few friends who have seen The Lion King and they say it is wonderful.  Now I am not sure which to look forward to more…The Lion King or Beauty & the Beast.

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Bless This House

Finished!!  Yay!  I finished it this morning and dropped it off at the LNS for framing today. 

 Bless This House designed by La D Da

And so I decided to get caught up on my Punch & Cookie kits.  I started the February one.

I will finish this up tomorrow while waiting on my new stitching chair to be delivered. 

Sean made plans for Mother’s Day weekend today.  He booked a hotel and purchased tickets for us to see The Lion King and Beauty & the Beast on Broadway.  Beauty & the Beast is closing this summer.  I have been saying for a couple of years that I would like to see it so this is our last chance.  He said the trip was for both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts for each other.  I can’t wait!

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Best laid plans

I thought I would finish Bless This House yesterday, but Hannah and I spent most of the day out.  We drove down to the city to have lunch with Sean then we went to Build A Bear.  Two more seasonal bears to go….Autumn and Winter.  I have a thing for seasonal stuff.  We then went to the toy store.  Hannah had been saving her allowance and she had saved enough to get a Barbie guitar.  However when we got there she changed her mind and got a game (Elefun) & Jump In DVD.  Then it was home to make dinner.  I ended up getting only an hour of stitching time before heading to bed. 

Today I have been fighting off a migraine.  Most of the day it was just there but I was functional.  I went to school with Hannah and did my volunteer time this morning.  Mostly I read with the students…or I should say they read to me.  I realized today how far some of them have come in their reading skills.  It is wonderful to watch them improve.  It was also wonderful to see how excited Hannah is to read with me at school, considering she reads to me almost everyday.  But her face just lit up when she was called on to come read with me.  It was the highlight of my day. 

I really am going to finish this tomorrow.

My wonderful family on Easter…

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Happy Easter! 

Friday we got up, packed, walked the treadmill, showered, packed the car and headed down to my MIL’s.  The drive was a bit heavy, something we were hoping to avoid, but we managed to get there.  MIL was at work, so we unloaded the car and settled in.  When she got home we headed out for a bite to eat.  Then back home to dye Easter eggs. 

Saturday we got up early (to snow!) so that we could go the National Museum of the Marine Corps.  The museum is very well done and I recommend it.  We decided to have lunch in the recreation of Tun Tavern…the birthplace of the Marine Corps in Philadelphia, PA.  Lunch was so good.  I had something I didn’t think I would like but I did and so did Hannah.  Sweet Potato Fries.  I am not a fan of sweet potatoes but I loved them.  I am hoping to find them locally.  We went back to MIL for a little while before heading out to dinner.  MIL doesn’t cook. 

Sunday morning Hannah was very happy to see the Easter Bunny came to visit.  She immediately looked for the hidden Easter eggs, then checked her basket.  The EB brought her blue and yellow (her fav color) M&M’s and Hershey Kisses, the new Barbie movie Fairytopia Magic of the Rainbow and a Barbie "Elina" from the movie.  Hannah had been hoping the EB would bring her the movie and was very happy.

After everyone showered and dressed we headed out for lunch.  I had a yummy salad with chicken, apples, walnuts, sun dried tomatoes and red peppers.  MIL had the same while Sean had crab cakes and mashed garlic Red Potatoes.  Hannah actually didn’t pick her norm, but chose Mac & Cheese instead.  Image our surprise when the bowl was place in front of her and it was Kraft blue box.  You just know it when you see it. 

We headed back home after lunch and packing up the car so that we could unpack.  Sean heads back to work tomorrow but Hannah is still will be out to school.  So we are going to head to the city to have lunch with Sean and go to the Build A Bear store…must get Summer Bear!

I did manage to get a little stitching in but didn’t finish Bless This House…almost.  I am hoping to finish that tomorrow.  Tonight I am going to get a few stitches in on And They Sinned while watching Desperate Housewives

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