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We got Hannah’s pictures back….

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  1. Stitch on And They Sinned on Sundays ~ all but Mother’s Day
  2. Stitch a small ornament on first Saturday of the month ~ No…started another SAL with gal pals at LNS instead.  The scissor case of Gingher Alyssa scissors
  3. Tea dye Ezmeralda’s house and stitch on it second Saturday of the month (will be OOT the 2nd Saturday so may use the open stitching Saturday for this project) ~ No..didn’t tea dye and therefore didn’t stitch on this at all!
  4. Start secret stitching project…Bent Creek’s Wedding Row, an anniversary present for Sean ~ Yes, but just barely
  5. Start a SB&F’s seasonal sampler (if finished with the snapperland) as UFO project piece ~ Yes, Winter Snapperland finished, so I started Summer Joy and made some actual progress on this
  6. Start & finish Hinzeit’s Lolli Pops as an end of year teacher gift ~ YES!  Started, finished and is now with the framer. 

I didn’t do so great with my goals this month.  Most of the time was spent on Lolli Pops since it is a gift and I needed to get it to the framer.  I have been told that it will be ready next week.  The framer is just wonderful.   Can’t wait to see it framed.   Hoping that June will be a better month as far as meeting goals. 

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Yesterday after church we went to Panera for coffee and bagels then by the grocery store to pick up a few things for today.  When we got home my MIL was here waiting since she stopped by on her way home from visiting BIL and family.  We went to get her nails done since she said she never has time to and I decided to have Hannah’s done.  I had asked for a manicure but they only clipped and painted them.  It was a different place from last time.  After that we met Sean at the Outback.  While eating dinner I said to Sean that I thought we were eating out a lot.  He disagreed and MIL said she pretty much only eats out since it is just her.

She went home after that and we just hung out around the house last night.  Sean watched the race, Hannah watched a movie until her bed time and I watched five hours of Grey’s Anatomy that I had on TiVo.  I am very annoyed with the way the season ended and can’t wait to see how next season begins.

Today we got up a little early to head to a State Park for a picnic.  Sean looked one up online that said that pets were welcomed, but when we got to the gate there was a sign posted "No Pets".

Sean said "I looked up the website and it said…"

"No pets" said the attendant.

"No, it said pets were welcomed"

"No pets here."  She handed us a map and said pets were allowed in another area.  So off we went.  However, once we got there, there was no where to picnic.  So we walked along the river a bit then heading back towards home.  There is a small picnic area in a State Park minutes from home that pets are allowed and we decided to go to instead.  We had hoped to explore somewhere new, but whatever.  So we ate a lunch of fried chicken, watermelon, fresh pineapple and chips.  We also had fresh cherries but was to full for those. 

Sean had the brilliant idea when he took Hannah to buy a birthday gift to get some water guns…the super soakers.  So after eating we had a water fight.  It started raining after that so we packed up and headed home to watch a couple of movies.  Catch & Release and Music & Lyrics for Sean and me while Hannah watched Smart House and some other things she had on TiVo.  It has been a relaxing, enjoyable day. 

Tomorrow is back to work and school.  I have a busy week ahead so I don’t plan on doing much this evening but some stitching.

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Retail Therapy

Sean took off from work yesterday.  After Hannah went to school we decided to go rent movies then headed up to the outlets for a bit of retail therapy.  Sean had been wanting to go to the Nike Outlet for a while now so he got a few shirts and shorts.  Then we went to Gap where I found a couple of shorts and some shirts for Hannah.  We decided to check out the Coach Outlet while up there and got a few good deals…two for me :0) and one for a Christmas present.  Sean also got a new pair of Oakley sunglasses with the collection of birthday monies.

Sean took me out for lunch at Longhorn Steakhouse.  Yummy!  It was really good.  It was also nice to really spend some time together.  Since we got back from NYC he has worked every day and most days pretty late.  I left him at home with JoJo while I went to pick up Hannah and let her play for a while.  We than came back to pick Sean up before heading to the Best Buy.  Months ago we discussed and decided to get a new HD TV and since they were having a no interest until Jan 2009 offer, we decided no time like the now.  We also decided to get a GPS.  We have been talking about getting one of those for about two years.  Then to the mall where I found a pair of white sandals I couldn’t find at the outlets.  Dinner at Panera and ice cream from Rita’s. 

Today I went down to the LNS to drop off Lolli Pops to be framed and for a little stitching.  I had to come home early to take Hannah to a birthday party.  It was a great party.  They had a wonderful magician.  Hannah had a great time and was happy to see a few of her other friends that she didn’t know would be there.  We got home a late but it was fun and worth it. 

Now I need to stitch for a bit…

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It’s finished!!

Lolli Pops by Hinzeit.  I started this on May 2 and it took a little longer than I thought it would but it was still a fun stitch.  I will take it by the LNS to have framed.  When I went by today Wendy had already received the frame for it. 

I also picked up the two newest LHN/CC thread packs and the CC thread I ordered for Circus of Circles.  The fabric is still on order, but we aren’t planning on starting that until the summer.

We went to see Shrek The Third today with friends.  It was pretty good.  I liked that there was more Dragon in this one than in the second one.  Sean, Hannah and I went to dinner after that for Sean’s B-day…belated because he had to work over the weekend.  Oh, earlier in the day I went to B Moss becasue they were having a great sale and I got a few shorts, capris and some shirts.  I am very close to reaching my goal weight! 

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Today’s SBQ was suggested Juls (http://afairyprincessdreams.blogspot.com/) and is: 

If you could only stitch one more piece what would it be and why? 

When I first read this question, I thought "Wow, that is going to take some thinking to pick one."  Then I immediately thought "Mermaid Heaven" by Pinn Stitch.  I would chose this one.  This design has been a favorite since the very first time I saw it.  I have had it kitted for a while.  There are a couple of reasons why this would be the last project if I could only stitch one more.  First, I love mermaids!  I love them so much I wanted to grow up to be a one.  Second, I love the looks on the faces of mother and child in this piece.  It is perfectly named since when I look at it I think that they are in heaven.  It is exactly how I feel every time my own little one snuggles up to me.  

The permalink to this post is:  http://blog.blondelibrarian.net/archives/2007/05/sbq-last-call/

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I don’t feel like I have been doing much, yet I am tired and haven’t had much time for stitching.  Wonder why?

Monday and Tuesday were the usual days filled with grocery shopping, laundry, volunteering at the school, Tae Kwon Do and other errands.  Wednesday I went to the LNS to visit my friend.  I was happy to see that The Big Zipper & the March Red Thread Snapper by Bent Creek had come in.  My Bless This House by La D Da also came back from the framers.  I love it!

I picked Hannah up a few minutes early from school so that we could meet Sean at the movies.  We saw Spiderman 3.  It was pretty good.  Then we rushed back over to the school for Family Night which was an Ice Cream Social this year.  Thursday was supposed to be a less busy day, but in the end I fell asleep before the end of ER.  Oh well.  Friday I did a little yard work before heading out to Walmart to have some pictures of my brother copied, meet a friend at the bookstore, picked up Hannah from school and went with same friend, daughter and her SIL to another bookstore.  I picked up a few more Magic Tree House and Junie B Jones books for Hannah between the two stores.  We then took the kids to eat at McDonald’s were I manage to be able to buy the entire Shrek toys collection since they just happened to open a box with them all in it.  YAY!  This means that I won’t have to eat at McDs a bunch of times in the next few weeks in hope of getting them all and then not…like with the Cars toys.  After that we decided to check out the Dollar Store and AC Moore.  My friend got a couple of cross stitch books and fabric and threads for a project.  Do I see a new addict in the future?  :0)

Today is Sean’s birthday, but he is working all weekend.  Hannah and I have decided to pack a picnic and head down to the park.  We are also going to bake a cake when we get back before making a nice dinner.  Guess I should get moving with the packing of the lunch.

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