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June Goals recap

  • Stitch on And They Sinned on Sundays ~ Didn’t do well with this one
  • Stitch a small ornament on first Saturday of the month ~ Yes! San Man’s Peace Ornament
  • Tea dye Ezmeralda’s house and stitch on it second Saturday of the month ~ Tea dyed and stitched on this one
  • Continue secret stitching project…Bent Creek’s Wedding Row, an anniversary present for Sean ~ Yes
  • Continue stitching a SB&F’s seasonal sampler (UFO project piece) ~  Yes
  • Continue stitching (hopefully finish) Alyssa Scissor Case ~ Yes, but didn’t finish
  • I also started another SAL with my stitching buddies.  Circus of Circles by Ink Circle

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    I haven’t been stitching much at all in the last couple of weeks.  I have been spending most of my time either training Daisy to housebreak, sit (success!), settle or playing with her and JoJo.  Right now they are both at my parents house since we are leaving on vacation tomorrow.  My parents were kind enough to pick them up instead of me having to drive them down.  They were actually already in the state due to my cousin’s passing on Sunday.  Yesterday was the funeral.  So after we left to come back home from attending his services, they just took the pups with them.  My parents say that they are behaving very well and getting along fine with their dog.  The last two nights have been strange without them and you would think I would have found some stitching time, but no.  Instead I have been preparing for our trip…getting bills written out, writing out Hannah’s birthday party invitations, packing, laundry, that sort of thing.  I am hoping that the next week I will find some time for stitching.

    Until next week….Tschus!

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    Circle of Friends

    I am so lucky to have several friends that also stitch including a couple who want to learn.  My friends at the LNS and I have started the Cirque of Cercles as a SAL.

    Wendy is stitching hers on 28 count Antique Copper over one using GAST Fragrant Cloves.


    Erin is stitching hers on 40 count Alabaster R&R Linen using GAST Raspberry Parfait.


    Symya is stitching hers on 32 count Water Lily using Crescent Colors Bejeweled.


    JoAnn is stitching hers on 40 count Alabaster using Crescent Colors silks Rose of Sharon.  Of course she started before the rest of us so we are all trying to catch up. 

    As for me, I am stitching on Queen Anne’s Lace using Crescent Colors Blue Beatrice. 

    I am also stitching on Bent Creek’s Wedding Row but haven’t really gotten very far.

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    Daisy update

    I am tired, but the new puppy isn’t really the reason.  Daisy is a pretty good sleeper.  I took her to the vet’s today for her first visit and she has Kennel Cough.  I don’t know what this was really but suspected it so yesterday I did a little research.  It is comparable to the common cold and is very common with dogs who have obedience training, board and with show dogs.  It is very contiguous but treatable.  Because of her young age he went ahead and put her on antibiotics instead of waiting to see if it goes away by itself.  I am hoping that one prescription will clear it up.  My bigger concern is actually waiting to see if JoJo gets it.  She is fully vaccinated and since she gets boarded a couple of times a year she has her Bortetella every year too.  However, because Daisy is so young she hasn’t had that yet.  She is also to young to board.  We are going on vacation in two weeks.  Thankfully, my parents are willing to keep her and even said that we could cancel JoJo’s boarding and they would keep her too.  My parents live four hours away so I will drive the pups down the day before we leave.

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    Meet Daisy!

    Today Sean and I decided it was time to add to our family. 

    So we got this cute little girl Beagle and named her Daisy.  She is just two months and six days old. 

    Hannah and JoJo have fallen in love. 

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    I will be glad for the weekend.  I am not sure why but I am worn out this week.  Yesterday was field day at Hannah’s school and per her request I spent most of the day there, so that may have something to do with it. 

    Hannah tested for her belt on Tuesday.  She really did well and one of the other parents said that she looked confident when testing.  Her belt is now half yellow and white. 

    Tomorrow is the Summer Fest at school so it will be a long day.  We didn’t get very many volunteers, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything will work out.

    I do have some stitching related things to share…where to begin?  Since I knew I wouldn’t be at the LNS on Saturday I went ahead and started my ornie Friday night.  I thought I finished it on Monday but as I was about to take the picture I noticed that I forgot to stitch the wire hanger part.  I have been to lazy to find the thread I need but I will get to it.  It is San Man Originals’ Peace on Earth freebie.

    I am also very happy to have gotten back from the framer both of the teacher gifts for this year.  Actually the Back To School ABC’s has been back for awhile but I left it at the shop to hang until Lolli Pops was also ready.  I picked them both up at Stitch Night yesterday.  I love them!  Terri…the framer…is GrEaT!  She always does a wonderful job.  I have taken to calling her our "Framing Goddess".

    Saturday is the SAL day for Ezmeralda’s House by Brightneedle.  I have finally tea-dyed my fabbie for Ezzie and do plan on stitching on it sometime this month.  I am just not yet sure if I am happy with the fabric.  The 2nd Saturday of the month will still be designated for it. 

    However, finally all of the supplies for another SAL we decided to do together have come in….Okay, okay, I will admit we were waiting on my fabric.  It came in yesterday.  So we will be starting the new SAL this weekend I believe.  I haven’t yet decided how I am going to fit the new one in, but I will.  The new SAL will be Cirque des Cercles by Ink Circles.  I have chosen to stitch on Queen Anne’s Lace using Crescent Colors’ Beatrice Blue.  When my floss first came in I wasn’t overly happy with it.  I didn’t think it looked very variegated.  After looking at it with Wendy I felt a little better and exchanged two of them for ones she had in the shop even thou they were from a very different dye lot.  Today I took them all off the cards they come on and one by one put them on my new Stitchin Frawgs pins.  I still wish there was more color variation but I am much happier now and I am looking forward to seeing how this piece comes out. 

    I have also been stitching on my secret stitching project…Bent Creek’s Wedding Row.  It is only a secret from Sean and he assures me he doesn’t read my blog.  I haven’t taken a progress picture to post yet. 

    And to catch up on the SBQs…

    May 30, 2007 ~ This week’s question as suggested by Kathryn:  How many needles do you use during a project? Have you ever loaded up a needle for every color? Do you use a new needle for every project or recycle your favorite needle?  I usually only use one needle, which ever one I grab from my needle cushion or needle book.  I haven’t never loaded a needle for each color used in a project. 

    June 6, 2007 ~ Today’s SBQ was suggested by Ish (http://ishsuth.wordpress.com/) and is:
    What has been your most challenging project and why?  I would have to say And They Sinned but only because of it’s very large size.

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    It has been a busy week.  And to prove it, I haven’t gotten a whole lot of stitching done.  Tuesday was my typical day of volunteering at Hannah’s school.  I went to have my nails done after then went grocery shopping.  I let Hannah play for a bit after school.  I took JoJo with me to pick her up and after the parking area cleared I let her out of the car to be patted on my Hannah’s friends.  She was very well behaved but I am starting to think it was more because she was hot than because she is calming down.  After dinner Hannah had Tae Kwon Do. 

    Wednesday was a short day with the kids getting out to of school early so I did so more yard work,  laundry and housecleaning until I had to pick Hannah up.  Thursday there was a breakfast for the volunteers at school.  It was really nice and they gave each of us a pretty potted flower.  I chatted with a few other mothers for a while afterwards.  I remembered Hannah forgot her library book at home, so I came home to get and ran it back up.  I got there right before lunch and waited to walk down to the cafeteria with the class.  Then I headed to the LNS.  The extension for my q-snaps came in while I was there.  Now I can go up to a 20×20 size.  The newest Bent Creek Red Thread Snapper came in to so I got that and the newest summer sheep zippie.  The new Red Thread is my favorite! (so far)  It is cute!  I can’t wait to stitch it.  Did I get the fabbie for this project?  I will have to check on that.   Of course, Hannah had Tae Kwon Do, so we decided to head over to Target and get something to eat at McDonald’s before her class.  Next week she moves from a half hour to an hour class. 

    Today I actually haven’t done much.  I took a friend’s husband to work after dropping Hannah off at school and went to Wal mart for a few things.  I came home and decided to stitch the rest of the day but…I had taken some allergy meds before taking Hannah and by 11:30 am I was barely able to keep my eyes open.  So instead I napped for a couple of hours.  I let Hannah play with friends after school but man, it is getting to hot to let her play for long.  She doesn’t seemed bothered by it but it wears me out.  Sucks the energy right out of me.  Come to think of it, maybe that is way I haven’t been stitching much this week.

    Tomorrow I am getting up bright and early to pick my friend up at 5:30 am…Race For The Cure is tomorrow.  It is going to be fun.  I am looking forward to it.  I think we are going to hang around DC for a little while and have lunch too. 

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    Here is what I have decided I might actually be able to accomplishment…

  • Stitch on And They Sinned on Sundays ~
  • Stitch a small ornament on first Saturday of the month ~ 
  • Tea dye Ezmeralda’s house and stitch on it second Saturday of the month ~
  • Continue secret stitching project…Bent Creek’s Wedding Row, an anniversary present for Sean ~ 
  • Continue stitching a SB&F’s seasonal sampler (UFO project piece) ~ 
  • Continue stitching (hopefully finish) Alyssa Scissor Case ~



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