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I recently added Tanya’s (The Sampler Girl) new recipe blog to my google reader.  She has lots of recipes and this week I have tried a few.  The other day we had Honey-Pecan Chicken with Bacon Potato Salad and for dessert a Lemon Bundt Cake.  Very good.  Sean says that all are worthy of having again.  I knew he would like the Lemon Bundt Cake, cuz that is one of his favorite kind of cakes.  Last night I made the Spicy Sausage and Peppers with Penne.  And tonight with my parents visiting I made my shredded BBQ pork with the Bacon Potato Salad and the Best Ever Corn Casserole.  YUMMY!  My mom said it reminded her of the corn cake that they served at Chi Chi’s, it just needed to be a little sweeter.  I have several more recipes to try and I am actually looking forward to them.  Lately I have lost my desire to cook, so finding some good recipes to try helps.  Thank goodness for Mama’s Banana Muffins ~ A Recipe Blog ~ .  :0)  Now maybe a few of the recipe magazines will look more appealing now that I am getting a little of my cooking mojo back.

I have been behind in reading my UK XS magazines.  Today while looking thur UK Cross Stitcher Issue 188, I discovered Issue 187 which I didn’t get for some reason and saw a picture of the Seafarer’s Globe.  I love it.  But when I went to the website to order the back issue they were already sold out. :0( And no luck on eBay either. 

VBS ended Friday.  Today the kids sang during service.  Wonderful!  I always love that.  After picking up Hannah on Friday, late due to the rehearsal, we went by the mall for a quick couple of things, then for an early dinner and to the bookstore.  Hannah had gotten a gift card for her birthday and wanted to stop it from burning a hole in her pocket.  She got two Princess Tiara books, #19 in the Magic Tree House series (she now has thru 28 of the 37) and seven of the eight Disney Fairies books…the eighth one is on order on me.  She seemed very excited about the Disney Fairy books.  Though she has been willing to build her collection of Magic Tree House, she has only been willing to read from her Junie B. Jones series…over and over again.  She is very much looking forward to starting The Trouble with Tink tonight.

Yesterday I went to the LNS for a bit of stitching.  I also picked up the newer Lizzie*Kate’s.  I enjoyed sitting, stitching, and chatting with my friends.  Which BTW…

I am loving Army Wives on Lifetime!  I had several weeks of this show on TiVo and finally gotten to watch them all.  I grew up as a military brat and always thought I would be the a military wife…a career one, I mean, because Sean was in the Navy when were first married, so for a short time I was.  Not that I am not happy with where we are in life but this show makes me think about how my life would be different if Sean had been able to remain in the military.  I love the women on this show.  There is something about each of them that I admire and wish/hope that a have a small bit of those qualities in myself.  I love the friendship the wives (and one husband) share.  I am lucky to have a few good friends, some that I have known for twenty years.  An episode is Tivoing right now…can’t wait to watch it later this week.

Tomorrow Sean has taken the day off to go to Hershey Park with my parents.  It’s about time.  We have been so busy this summer that we haven’t been yet but once. 

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I took a picture of Ezmerald’s House.  I am hoping to finish the bedroom by the end of the weekend. 

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VBS Week

Hannah is attending Vacation Bible School this week.  She is having a good time.  Before we even got to church yesterday she was asking if she was going to get to go next week, too.  Sadly it is only one week.  Sunday the kids will sing during service.  Last year they were so cute…can’t wait to see them sing this year. 

Hannah lost a top front tooth today while having snack at VBS.  She is very excited about it and the tooth fairy’s visit.  She has even written a thank you letter to her already. 

I am slowly stitching on Ezmeralda’s House.  Making little progress but I have finished one room and started the next.  I am thinking after this room I am going to move onto something else for a short time, but not sure.  I really wanted to finish this one before Halloween.  I am hoping to get all my WIPS finished (with the exception of two) and get back to stitching one project at a time.  I guess we will see what happens with that plan. 

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Today’s SBQ was suggested by Ish (http://ishsuth.wordpress.com) and is:

Which project (finished or in progress) are you most proud of? Explain why.

I have had a really hard time with this question. Trying to decide on one project…couldn’t do it. There are a few that I feel proud to have finished for different reasons. So I decided to share a few pictures of my favorites.

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I actually got some stitching done last night.  More than a few stitches, too.  Sean said yesterday that he was going to take over puppy duty last night.  I didn’t argue.  Though I have tried not to show my annoyance, I am not sure that I have been totally successful.  Because really I do believe that his health and comfort with dealing with allergies is more important than taking the puppy outside to do her business.  (However, that doesn’t mean he can’t watch her in the house during the evening and the time she is out of her crate…right?) So I got some stitching done and am hoping to continue on the path of stitching time.  (Though I could have done without his tone when he asked if I enjoyed stitching.)  I am starting to feel, from not having had time, like I don’t even have the desire to stitch.  And we can’t have that now can we?  I have to many things I want to stitch, and to much money invested in it, not to do it!!

My friend Wendy uses Netflix and recently gave us a trial card for a free month.  I had thought about trying them out before so figured a free month was the perfect time to finally do it.  Recently the movie place we rent from increased their rates.  Considering that in the nine years we have been going there and they have not raised there rates, I really can’t complain, but figured that since we usually rent three movies at a time at least once a month now costing us $13.50…and summer time we rent almost every weekend…the cost of Netflix is less then going to rent movies.  Using Netflix this month has given me the opportunity to look thru older movies I haven’t seen and placing them in our queue.  I have also added a couple of TV series to the queue that I had wanted to see.  Yesterday we received and watched "Premonition".  I thought it was an okay movie, Sean was not in agreement because of the end.  There were a few questions I would have liked to have cleared up. 

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Friday night (one of) my BFF and her family arrived for the weekend to celebrate Hannah’s seventh birthday.  We stayed up way to late after they got here.  Her party was early in the day…10:30 am…at I Made This!  I got up early to shower, etc. so that I could go pick up the cake before my parents arrived.  They were here when I returned…man they can get up really early, since they made the 3 1/2 hours trip and arrived by 9am.  So we headed to the party place.  Hannah’s friends started arriving and the party was underway.  After the painting, we cleaned up, had cake and ice cream and Hannah opened her gifts.  She received some lovely gifts.  I hope that everyone enjoyed themselves.  Hannah did and was happy that her friends were able to celebrate with her. 

After that we headed back to our house for a short visit with my parents before they headed home and Hannah, Kyan (my Godson), Nawana and I headed to Hannah’s friend’s house for her birthday party.  Hannah and her friend share the same birthday, but even more interesting is that they were both preemies with the same due date in late August.  Anyway, M had a luau themed party and it was a lot of fun.  (I forgot my camera for pictures though!)  Home after that for pizza and family time.  Nawana and family were staying another night and we wanted to be able to visit more since we don’t get to see each other very often at all.  Nawana is having another baby and is due in October.  She already knows that she is having a girl.
Sunday the 15th….Hannah’s birthday!  We spent the morning getting ready for our day and our company preparing to head home.  At lunch time we all headed out hoping to see each other again soon.  Sean, Hannah and I first went to the movies to see the new Harry Potter.  I thought it was good, Hannah liked it, but Sean said he liked the forth one better.  After that we went to the Build A Bear for Hannah’s traditional birthday gift.  She got the new Autumn Bear with outfit and named her Maple Leaf.  (We also got her the Karate outfit and a Barbie from the not yet released new movie The Island Princess that we gave her after we got home.)  Then out for dinner at the birthday girl’s choice.  She picked TGIFriday’s.  Not mommy and daddy’s favorite but we do love the fried green beans, and there were some new things on the menu that we tried.  Not bad.  Rita’s for dessert and back home.
After Hannah went to bed, Sean and I watched a movie we had received from Netflix…The House of Sand and Fog.  I had wanted to see this when it first came out, but for some reason didn’t.  I had read the book and it was really good.  The movie was as well.
A note for Hannah:  July 15, 2000 was the happiest day of our lives…after you were born and we knew that you were going to be okay.  You have brought so much joy and love into our lives.  Your smile is the sweetest I have ever seen and your laughter the sweetest sound.  I love spending my days with you and feel so lucky to be able to stay at home with you.  Yesterday you turned seven.  And though we are so happy to celebrate your birth, it is a bit sad for us, too. Daddy and I can’t believe where the time has gone.  We look at you now and you are growing into a little girl who is sweet, caring, thoughtful, concerned for others feelings, loves animals, smart, has a wonderful sense of humor, loves to read and is going to be going into second grade in a little over a month.  I keep telling you to stop growing, and you keep telling me that you can’t.  I hope you know how much you are loved and how much happiness you bring.  Happy Birthday Sweetpea!

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I haven’t stitched much at all and I mean I haven’t stitched much at all!  I am really starting to get a little cranky about it too.  My free time in the evenings have been filled with puppy duty and you can’t stitch while a puppy is trying to chew on your stash. 

I shouldn’t feel resentful, but I am a little…not towards the puppy but Sean.  Last week he played games in the family room while I had puppy duty.  His allergies have been acting up lately and we decided that like Hannah he should bathe before bed.  So that has helped, but he is taking a shower at 8pm….Daisy’s bed time is 11pm…which means puppy duty is left to me.  Of course, Sean is back at work this week so I am on puppy duty about 85% of the time.  And every time I pull out my stitching puppy whines to go outside, so I have just given up.  Tonight is stitch night so I am hoping to get a little progress done while there. 

Enough of my own whining…

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Before & After The landscape was finished today. Sean and I are very pleased and now longer embarrassed by our yards.

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I decided the other day to make Ezmeralda’s House my focus project.  If I want to finish this by Halloween, I have to get seriously stitching on it.  However, I just am not getting a lot of stitching time.  My evenings, which is usually when I get the most stitching time, are more consumed by puppy duty.

A friend who recently housebroke her beagle puppy told me yesterday that she had read "How To Housebreak Your Dog in 7 Days" by Shirlee Kalstone and the method worked!  So we look for it online and our local Borders had it in stock.  Sean picked it up while he was on that side of town this morning.  I have read just about a third of it today and scanned other parts.  It uses the crate training method which we are already doing and did with JoJo.  But we have been having a few problems.  The Loved Dog had us putting her in her crate for two hours, taking her out for water, and a trip outside with treats for doing her business (we didn’t do that with JoJo…the treats part) then having a short free time in a supervised limited area of the house.  (Starting with 30 mins and getting longer as she doesn’t have any accidents).  This is what we did with JoJo and it worked well but took about three months or so before she was truly housebroken.  With Daisy we are having a bit of a problem with this.  Even though she can hold it all night, she has trouble with the two hour time frame.  All the expert say that dogs are "den" creatures and will not mess in their crate.  Wrong!  And her area is just big enough for her to lay down and turn around as recommended.  The new book is a bit different on time in crate and no treats, not even when she does her stuff where she should. 

So while scanning the book I came across "It’s okay to put down a towel, small blanket, or washable bath mat if you don’t want your puppy to sleep on the metal pan, as long as this does not encourage him to chew it or to urinate…"  Yes we were laying a towel in there for her.  So today we took it out and while we were out to eat tonight and to run a couple other errands (we were gone about 3 1/2 hours) and when we got back we planned on giving her a bath as well as washing the crate pan… but it was dry!  She went potty within seconds of going outside.  The other thing the book says is that at her age she should be doing pre-training and not training until she is sixteen weeks…which is still a couple weeks away.  So I think we are actually doing well.

Well, on to another subject.  Our retaining wall is done.  The are coming back tomorrow to finish!  Can’t wait.

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Happy Forth!

  Independence Day is my favorite holiday.  We don’t really do much.  Usually have some ribs and the like, just us three and then watch fireworks.  But I love this holiday!  We are very patriotic and enjoy celebrating it.

Before we left for vacation we had a landscaper give us an estimate on doing some things with our yard.  Sean is been trying to convince me for years to do this.  We have mostly dirt in the back due to the slope.  It is very hard to grow and keep grass back there.  I try every year without success.  We were thinking of putting in a retaining wall.  Which had been suggested by several people.  The landscaper suggested a little something else.  Firstly, redoing the front instead…you know for curb appeal…and putting in a much smaller retaining wall with a patio in the back. 

While we were on vacation we discussed it a lot and decided to spend the money to have the landscaper do what he thought would be the best value for our money.  To be honest, neither of us are very good at gardening and are unsure of what to do or where to begin and that sort of thing, but we are both pretty embarrassed by our yard…both front and back.  There is still some things that we will have to work on after like the grass since we aren’t having sod put in but we will be off with a better start.  Sean also says that after spending the money he is going to be much more interested in learning to keep it looking nice.  We spoke with him on Monday making final choices and it will be done by Saturday!  We can’t wait.

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