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  • Stitch on And They Sinned on Sundays ~  Some but not all
  • Stitch a small ornament on first Saturday of the month ~  Nope
  • Stitch on Ezmeralda’s House the second Saturday of the month ~ Nope
  • Continue secret stitching project…Bent Creek’s Wedding Row, an anniversary present for Sean ~   Yes, but this project is not going well.  I am hoping that I actually finish in time.
  • Continue stitching a SB&F’s seasonal sampler (UFO project piece) ~  Yes, I am almost finished
  • Continue stitching (hopefully finish, really) Alyssum Scissor Case ~  Yes
  • Continue stitching on Circus of Circles by Ink Circles ~  Nope
  • Not doing to great with the stitching goals the last few months.  Hoping that will change…

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    Stitching… I have gotten a little progress done on Bent Creek’s Wedding Row.  I worked on it a bit today and will be able to again tomorrow at the LNS.  I should get some more time on it now during the afternoons.  At least I hope so since I really need to get this done in the next couple of weeks.  I am also hoping to finish Summer Joy sometime soon…of course, I have been planning that for a couple of weeks.

    Puppy Stuff… Daisy has been doing much better.  She hasn’t had an accident in the house (outside of her crate) since the day my BBF arrived.  For that I blame me though because I wasn’t really paying her enough attention.  She hasn’t had an accident in her crate in a week…except for Friday & Sunday when we were gone for more than five hours but we had it set up for that having opened it and placing a training pad in half of it (so, does that count?) and then again tonight.  I blame myself again for this one.  She has been doing so well and sometimes not going before putting her back in her crate that I sort of got a little cocky and thought she won’t need to go.  My mistake and I won’t make that one again.  Now if I could only get her to sleep until 6:45 am.  Today she was up with Sean at 4:30 am.  He usually takes her out when he gets up for work but she had been going back to sleep without a problem.  That is until he worked from home more than not and of course wasn’t taking her out, putting her back in then getting ready for work.  I guess she thought it was time to get up.  When he doesn’t go to work she gets up around 6:20 am.  I know it doesn’t sound like a lot, but I need that extra 25 minutes. 

    Because of the work thing I am thinking that we may have to move her crate downstairs during the night.  If she was housebroken…including not messing in her crate….I would put her in JoJo’s crate which is about 4x her own.  JoJo spent nights in her crate until she was a little over two then she started sleeping with Hannah.  I guess because housebreaking isn’t totally about not messing in the house but also about not chewing on things that she shouldn’t and stuff like that.  So I guess Daisy won’t be sleeping out of a crate until around that time too.  The only concerns come the time, where does she sleep?  With Hannah?  Will the two dogs make a play time in the middle of the night barking and waking everyone up?  She can’t sleep with us or have free roam of the house at night, that is kitty time.  Another reason why JoJo had to stay in her crate and still gets crated whenever we leave the house.  Kitty time.  She needs to be able to get out of our room to eat, use the litter and whatever else she wants to do outside of our room.  So will she have to crated overnight?  Is that fair because JoJo doesn’t get crated at night?  Okay enough rambling about that…

    The other stuff… Two of my friends are going though some very tough times right now in two very different ways.  Although I keep this blog for myself, it is posted for the entire WWW to read, so I have to be some what vague on the details. 

    One friend recently lost her dad in a tragic accident.  I feel terrible for her.  Though I have lost people very close to me, my brother passed away when we were both in our twenties, I can’t image losing my own father, and certainly not in such a way. 

    The other friend is having personal problems in her family.  And I must be very vague here because it is certainly not my place to speak of it.  But I will say this, the best thing for her to do, is to get out.  I know it is much harder than simply saying.  It is easy for me to say since I am not the one in it, but it can be done and this I also know.  I want to be there for my friends and I hope they know that.  I will be praying for them as well.

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    Not stitching…

    Today we went to the outlets.  Sean wanted to go by the Nike store and Hannah needed some new shoes.  We stopped by the Black & Decker store and I was finally able to get a pair of Power Scissors that I had wanted to get last year at Christmas time but wasn’t able to find any. 

    We went to the mall after that.  B Moss is having a coat sale.  I ordered an adorable chocolate colored coat…for 50% off!  We also went by the pet store where I got a new de-shedding comb that is for both dogs and cats.  I used it on Jasmine when we got home.  She didn’t much care for my brushing her yesterday and really didn’t like the new comb any better.  I was amazed at the fur that came off her.  Wow!  I wish I would have had one of these when the peks were alive.  I even used it on a little spot on JoJo who is a non-shedding dog and got a tiny bit off her.  I would recommend this comb to any one owned by a dog or cat.  Daisy is getting it this week sometime.

    We stopped by the new Select Comfort store in the mall.  Sean and I have problems.  We buy new pillows several times a year because we get headaches and neck pain.  When we get a new pillow they are good for a few days or if we are lucky a couple of weeks, but then not so much.  While in the bed store we decided to get their all position pillow. They have a 30 day guarantee.  They were pricey, but if they stop our headaches and neck pain, I would pay double what they cost.

    Sean and I have also been talking about getting a new camera for few months.  I have been inspired by a blog I read.  She post the most amazing photos….mostly of her dog.  I have always had an interested in photography and today we decided to take the plunge.  Hannah has been asking for a camera like this.  So I felt a little guilty about it,  Hannah understands that we made a deal a year ago and if she is still wanting one when she is 12 years old, we will be happy to get her one.  So instead of stitching I have been taking photos of random things with this.

    The Nikon DR40x

    Some stitching…


    And They Sinned…a work in progress


    Doll House by Brightneedle and Bless This House by La D Da (this photo shows the color of the frame so much better)

    And the pets…

    Jasmine  JoJo  The Baby…Daisy

    And the loves of my life…

    I caught them as the were saying good night at bed time.  Hannah lost her other front tooth today!  She actually pulled it out because the poor thing couldn’t even eat her dinner and was saying that it hurt.  I hope the tooth fairy remembers to visit tonight.

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    Only two more days

    School starts on Monday.  :0(  I know some mothers count down until the start of school but not me.  I count down until the end of school.  I can’t wait to spend the summer with Hannah.  And it goes by way to quickly.  I will spend each school day counting down until pick up time, weekends and days off from school.  Hannah loves school, and that is a good thing.  But I miss her!!

    Not much has been going on around here.  Sean has worked from home a couple of days this week.  Totally throws my schedule off but he gets more done here.  Hannah and I went in for a back to school mani/pedi on Thursday.  The girl who did her nails hand-painted some really cute little flowers on a finger of each hand. 

    Yesterday Sean took the day off so that we could go to Hershey.  Oh, my!  It was so crowded!  We have only been two other times this year and this was the most crowded we have seen it…ever.  The new water area that they opened this year was insane!  Sean said that it was a great idea but way to small for the number of people there.  And boy was it hot!

    We always make our stop to the Chocolate World on our way out…that way we can buy our chocolate fix without fear of it melting or having to carry it around.  I looked for these tins but found none.  Other ones that were the same shape and size just not red, white and blue.  Thanks to Nicole (of Autumn Sway) though I will have one sometime next week.  She has been kind enough to get a hold of extras and offer them to others, and I managed to get the last one.  I can’t wait to get the charts to stitch the accessories from Fancy Work.  But yesterday I thought if I saw any I would pick some up as well for a few friends that I know have the Glory scissors.   Oh, I did get a new game….Hersheypark-opoly!

    Today I am going down to the LNS for some much needed stitching time on Bent Creek’s Wedding Row.  With Sean working from home so much the last couple of weeks I have not been able to stitch on it.  I need to finish it in the next couple of weeks so that I can get it framed before we leave on our anniversary trip on the October 6.  Tomorrow we will be heading to the outlets from some school clothes shopping.  I have gotten Hannah a few things, but needs a few other things still.

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    On Saturday my oldest and best friend arrived for a visit with her two sons, Kyle (15 in October) and Erique (who just turned 10 in June).  I haven’t seen Bridget in about five years.  I thought it had been about four, but we figured it out and it had been even longer.  While waiting for her to arrive I started thinking about how long we have been friends.  We met 19 years ago this month.  Funny thing when I mentioned it to her, she said that she and the boys were talking about it on the way.  She had said that Erique didn’t understand how I was their "Auntie Nay".  I am the Godmother and she is one of Hannah’s Godmothers.  (Hannah has two instead of one.)

    So we had a nice visit but it was way to short.  Saturday after they arrived we hung around the house.  The kids played on the Wii and PS2 until Uncle Sean came home and said that it was okay for them to play on the xBox.  Bird and I chatted the afternoon away.  The boys are just wonderful.  I have missed them growing up especially Erique since I have only seen him one other time since he was one.  Hannah got along so well with them and is looking forward to them coming to visit again.  They got along very well.  Sunday we went to DC for the day while Sean stayed home to watch the puppy and work.  We had a lovely day.  Sadly Monday morning they had to leave to drive back to Ohio.  Of course I knew I have missed her over the years but didn’t realize how much until I opened the door and saw her standing there.  Even more as they pulled away to leave. 

    On the stitching front, there really hasn’t been any.  I did stitch on Spring Joy some last week, but didn’t finish like I had hoped to.  There is always this week….


    Friends and Family

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    The weekend

    It was a good weekend.  Saturday I spent the day at the LNS and made (re-)progress on Wedding Row.  I haven’t gotten back to the point I was but I was very pleased how much I stitched.  Today while finishing up a little area between loads of laundry and before Sean got home, I noticed that I missed counted again in an area, but since it wasn’t going to effect any other areas I would be stitching…I left it!

    Yesterday was a nice family day.  We went to see the new movie "Stardust".  It is very good and I can’t wait for it to be released on DVD because we will be buying it the day it comes out.  I loved it.

    I did stitch a little on And They Sinned yesterday.  I have also been putting in a little time on Summer Joy by Sisters & Best Friends, and I decided that if I really put my energy into it, I should be about to finish it by the end of the weekend.  Though I am going to have company this weekend, supposedly, so we will see.  I am trying not to get excited about the possible company in case they can’t make it.

    I recently decided to join a yahoo stitching group.  I used to belong to one a few years back, but left it and didn’t join another.  I decided that though I am so lucky to have local stitching buddies, I missed the chat of a group, so I joined the CSF group.

    Still having issues with Daisy.  Mostly she is peeing in her crate.  Something that the "experts" say they won’t do, but we are finding that this is not true.  And it isn’t just our experience.  There is no way her area could be any smaller, so that isn’t the solution.  Hopefully, soon, she will get it.  At this time, I would be happy if she just stopped peeing in her crate.  We know that the housetraining will take a little longer, but if she stops going in her crate, the house will be easier to get.  I hope…

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    Progress…in reverse

    Yesterday afternoon I managed to sit down with my stitching.  After making a couple of stitches, I noticed that it just seemed off.  I looked and looked and found several mistakes.  Nothing huge, just a misplaced stitch way back when I first started.  That lead to a few other misplaced stitches.  I decided that I had to rip it out…that’s right, rip it out.  And almost all of it. 

    So I went from this…  to this…

    Well, Sean came home shortly after I finished pulling all that out so I didn’t get but a few stitches back in.  I plan on stitching this as much as possible, mostly at the LNS or when Sean is at work.  That means that until after next week, since he will be working from home, I won’t be getting much done. 

    Hannah and I went to the toy store yesterday, but the High School Musical game doesn’t come out until next week.  She decided to get a board game with a gift card she still had from her birthday, but the gift card only covered half.  Instead of using her allowance that she was saving for the other, I decided to pay the difference…since it was something I would have gotten.  You see, Hannah picked this out…

      Sean calls me a Monopoly whore.  I have several versions…like the original, Disney, Mickey Mouse (yes, it is different), Disney Princesses Jr. (ok, that one is Hannah’s) Here and Now, the 70th anniversary edition and NFL.  I really want to get the Disney/Pixar and Shrek ones, too.  Hannah and I started a game earlier and it is almost like the new "Here and Now".  The differences are the playing pieces…"Here and Now" actually has a Labradoodle game piece…and there is no money.  Instead there is a Debit machine and debit cards.  It is pretty cool and considering that a payday is $2M, some of the new property sells for $2.4M (like Disney World) and rents are like $160K, it make it much easier to play with Hannah.  She can’t quite count that high.  Right now she is beating me…

    Daisy is sleeping and I should be stitching or getting some sleep.  I am feeling very ashamed of myself right now in regards to her.  Don’t get me wrong…she is so cute and I do love her, but housebreaking is not going well. And it is really getting under my skin.  It has been two months and I feel like we are  not making any progress.  We are doing exactly what the experts say (I have several books & is how we trained JoJo) and it is just not working.  She is still messing in her crate which they all say dogs won’t do.  I know she is just a puppy and it takes time, but not making any progress…come on! 

    A co-worker of Sean’s recently got a five month old puppy rescue which they are having behavior problems with and after doing research online found this training, Bark Busters, that gives a lifetime guarantee.  Sean wants to use them, too, if we can find one in our area.  Though it is a little expensive (hoping for a multi dog discount?) I am thinking it’s not a bad idea, because as good as JoJo is we do have some issues with her.  Mostly, she jumps and we have been very unsuccessful in getting her to stop.  I would like to take her places but cant because of this.  Our town has lots of dog friendly events and even some shops downtown allow well behaved dogs.  And I can already see that we are going to have issues with Daisy…jumping, not coming when called and with the both of them, barking, just to name a few.  Never had a problem with barking with just JoJo, but the two them together…what? what did you say?, is a new repeated phrase around here. 

    JoJo had puppy training but the class schedule hasn’t worked out to get Daisy in.  But I was the only one who went to class with JoJo, which wasn’t a problem but then Sean doesn’t do any of the training and just does what he wants.  Bark Busters comes to your house for a 3-4 hour session, he would have to be here and I read or heard that what they are really doing is training the owners.  I wonder how it will work out.

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    Hot, Hot, Hot

    Did I say it is hot?  Yesterday was hot.  Today is going to be even hotter.  Can’t wait for the weekend when it will be less hot.

    Of course, Hannah and I have to go out and about today.  She wants to take her allowance that she has been saving to the toy store.  She saw a commercial yesterday for the High School Musical game for DS or GameBoy, so we are going to run by there.  Plus I want to make a quick trip to Bath & Body, the craft store for earring hooks, the dentist & bank to pay a couple of bills and the grocery store.  Hoping to be quick but we will see how that goes.

    Recently I won an auction on eBay for a pair of Gingher scissor.  The arrived this week and I want to make a fob for them.  Need the earring hooks for that.  I bought the beads a while ago, but now have the perfect pair of scissors for them. 

    Hopefully this afternoon will include a little stitching time…when Daisy is down for her afternoon nap.

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    I have proof

    …that I have been getting back into a routine of stitching.  This week has started the month out better than the last month went in regards of stitching progress.  Some of it the stitching time is in thanks to Wednesday’s Stitch Night at the LNS and I spent the day there yesterday.  I decided this month not to focus just on Ezzie’s house.  I wanted to finish it by Halloween but I also need to work on a few other things that I want to get finished.

    So this week I managed to get a little done on my secret project (Bent Creek’s Wedding Row)…

      < last photo  < now

    I also managed to get a little done on the Alyssa Scissor Case.

     < last photo   < now (not sure why the pic looks so bad)

    And I picked up my UFO challenge piece (S&BF’s Summer Joy) again.  I did stitch on this one a little when we were on vacation last month.

     < last photo   < now

    Today I plan on stitching a little on And They Sinned

    The other day, I decided to do a little cleaning/organizing of my stash.  It honestly depressed me because I found so many things I wanted to stitch.  I really should do a better job of limiting what I buy until I actually make a dent…a big dent…in what I already have to stitch.  I have tried that before and haven’t ever really done well.

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    I posted this yesterday, or at least I thought I did.  But I noticed this morning that it actually didn’t post.  Perhaps the world wide web didn’t think it necessary that I share my shame….

    July Stitching Goals – Recap:

  • Stitch on And They Sinned on Sundays ~ nope
  • Stitch a small ornament on first Saturday of the month ~  nope
  • Stitch on Ezmeralda’s house the second Saturday of the month ~ with the exception of a few stitches in the Alyssa Scissor Case, this is the only thing I worked on this month, and I didn’t get much time on it or any where near where I wanted.
  • Continue secret stitching project…Bent Creek’s Wedding Row, an anniversary present for Sean ~  nope
  • Continue stitching a SB&F’s seasonal sampler (UFO project piece) ~  nope
  • Continue stitching (hopefully finish, really) Alyssa Scissor Case ~ a little during Tae Kwon Do classes
  • Continue stitching on Circus of Circles by Ink Circles ~ nope

    Okay, so I didn’t do so well this month.  What can I say?  I decided to focus on Ezmeralda’s House.  I had realized in the beginning of the month that I wasn’t going to finish this piece by Halloween at the rate I was going.  I am still not sure that I will even now, but I am trying.  It has been a very slow month for stitching anyway with the new puppy.

  • This will be another busy month.  Still housebreaking Daisy.  Plus, this weekend my BIL and family will be visiting on Sunday.  The next weekend is MIL’s birthday, so either she will come here for a visit or we will go to visit her.  The weekend after that my oldest and other BFF and family are supposed to be coming for a weekend from Ohio.  I haven’t seen her in four years, so we will have to pack a lot of BFF time in a weekend.  We are supposed to be going down south (just a bit in VA) to visit my parents for a few days.  I am not sure when we are going.  School starts August 27th and so I should have some PTA Hospitality duties the week before.  Sean doesn’t want to go over the weekend but during the week since my parents want us to go to Busch Gardens with them.

    We did have a small issue with the new landscaping/retaining wall after a heavy (though much needed) rainfall on Saturday night.  Of course, Sunday morning I was very upset about it.  It seems that every time Sean and I spend money on improving our home, something happens.  An example would be last year when we had the re-siding done…first they nailed thru the wall in the living room and then somehow some shingles were knocked loose during the pulling off process of either the siding or gutters and the roof in the sunroom leaked.  It took way to long for them to accept responsibility and then they were only willing to pay for half of the roof repair.  I still say it didn’t leak the day before they did the work when it rained, but the first time it rained after it did.  Whatever, it is over with now.  Anyway, I woke up Sunday morning, took Daisy out and found this…

    It came down thru the gap between the wall and fence.  Sean emailed the landscapers and sent them pictures.  They were here yesterday, cleaned it up and did this…

    They cleaned up and though it is hard to tell in the photo, the large rocks are part of a redirection of flow when it rains.  Hopefully, it will work.  If not, they said to give them a call and they will see what else could be done.  They also covered the upper area with my grass seeds and laid the covering on it.  We appreciate their quick response.  And yes, we would use them again and recommend them to others if asked.  Looks like I need to go out and pull some weeds coming thru the fence from the neighbors yard.

    And now for my stitching goals in August…

  • Stitch on And They Sinned on Sundays ~ 
  • Stitch a small ornament on first Saturday of the month ~ 
  • Stitch on Ezmeralda’s House the second Saturday of the month ~
  • Continue secret stitching project…Bent Creek’s Wedding Row, an anniversary present for Sean ~  
  • Continue stitching a SB&F’s seasonal sampler (UFO project piece) ~  
  • Continue stitching (hopefully finish, really) Alyssa Scissor Case ~ 
  • Continue stitching on Circus of Circles by Ink Circles ~ 

    Yeah…well, we will see. 

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