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Isn’t she sweet?

Introducing Kiera Deon.  She was born 9/28/07 weighing 7 lbs 1 oz and 19 inches long.


Kiera and her very proud Godmother (that’s me, btw!)

Happy family…Carlus (Daddy), Kyan (my Godson, Nawana’s son), Kiera and my BFF~Nawana

The finished Blackwork Butterfly I stitched for Kie-Kie’s room.  I plan on having it framed.

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Hello, My name is…

Annette and I am a TV-aholic.  I love TV.  Premiere week is a favorite time of the year for me.  I have many shows I love to watch, but some are a can’t miss more than others.  ~stitching related blogging at the end of my TV schedule :0)

Monday it’s Heroes.  The second season is going to be good.  I also watched Journey Man, but haven’t made up my mind about it yet.

Tuesday is Bones and House.  I TiVo’d Bones and haven’t had a chance to watch it yet.  House is a show that Sean also loves.  I enjoyed the new episode.  We especially loved the story line between House and Wilson so much that we were repeating lines from it over and over again the next day.  I watched Cane and thought it was pretty good too.

Wednesday…My birthday!  I had a good day.  First thing Sean and Hannah gave me a basket full of things from Bath & Body Works, a magazine, The Hobbit in paperback and a bottle Godiva Chocolate Liqueur.  After dropping Hannah off at school we went to get bagels.  We also went to see the new Resident Evil movie.  Pretty good.  After school we fed the dogs early then went to dinner at P.F. Chang….yummy!  A couple of new shows premiered…Bionic Woman and Life.  I will be watching Bionic Woman again, but I am not so sure about Life.

Thursday…My favorite night.  I TiVo’d My Name Is Earl (this show is so funny!) and ER, I thought I TiVo’d The Office but instead Grey’s Anatomy TiVo’d and I was watching that!!!  I also watched Big Shots.  I would call it a male version of Desperate Housewives.  It wasn’t bad so I will watch it again.  Michael Vartan is in it and I lOvE him. 

Friday…Today my BFF~N had her baby!  Yay!  A healthy 7 lb 2 oz 19 inch long girl who is just beautiful.  Can’t wait to meet her!  I watched Ghost Whisperer and Moonlight.  I love Ghost Whisperer.  Jennifer Love Hewitt is just adorable (fan since Party of Five) and I really like her character.  Moonlight, I will watch again.

I missed Chuck on Monday because I watched How I Met Your Mother.  I think this is one of the three funniest shows on TV.  Chuck will be on again tomorrow night.  I will TiVo it in case I am not home to watch it.  I found The Office online for free to watch so I will be doing that too so that I can catch up on it.  I have fixed the issue on the season pass with TiVo so that it will record while we are gone on vacation.  And of course I still have Sunday to watch Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters.  There are a few other shows to premiere sometime this month that I want to see, but I can’t think of any of them right now.  And then in January I have Lost and 24 to look forward to.

On the stitching front, I have finished the butterfly and decided not to stitch a second one.  Though I could still change my mind.  Instead I have been stitching on the monthly Bent Creek snappers even though it wasn’t on my goal list for the month.  I have just been hearing it screaming my name for awhile now so I decided that since I actually finished three things this month that I could stitch on whatever I wanted.  :0)

I am thinking about which couple of books and projects I want to take on vacation.  We leave one week from today!  I can’t wait.  I don’t think I will get a lot of reading or stitching time in but part of the fun in packing is deciding which books and projects I will take with me.  If the weather is nice enough we are planning a day at one of the water parks.  While Hannah and Sean play in the wave pool, I will sit in a nice shaded area and read.   Plus any time at the pool, I usually get a little reading in while they swim.  

I will miss my dogs while we are gone.  We are having them boarded together so I am hoping a week will get them over each other.  They can’t get enough of each other and man are they loud! when playing, but usually they are only "together" for about two hours or so spaced out over the day since Daisy is not yet housebroken and still crated much of the time.  Daisy will be having surgery at the end of her stay…she will be spaded since on Tuesday she will be six months old.  She has had a bit of her crate opened up lately because she has been doing well in there…knock on wood.   

I must get some sleep tonight.  I have a long weekend ahead of me.  Tomorrow I am driving to see the baby and coming back just like for the baby shower.  Sunday we are heading to PA (about 3-4 hours one way away) for Sean’s grandfather’s wake.  He passed on Thursday.  I haven’t met his grandparents before since he has been estranged from 98% of that side of his family.  But I think he feels it is important to be there anyway especially for his brother.  So I am off… 

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BFF~N referred to our upcoming anniversary trip this way the other day….I like this word, even if it is made up.  :0)  We leave next Friday night/Saturday morning and we can’t wait.  We have many plans for while we are there.  We are having breakfast at Epcot on Sunday morning with the Princesses.  We are hoping to see Mulan as she is the one "princess" we haven’t met yet.   We are also going to do the O’hana Breakfast (again) on our actual anniversary and Hannah has a major surprise…She will be having the princess make-over later in the morning.  She will get to pick the princess dress she wants, get her nails and hair done, plus have a picture taken.  She doesn’t know about this so it will be fun to see how she reacts to it.

Today we had a bit of a disappointment.  Sean and I had discussed getting tickets for the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus concert in DC.  Tickets went on advance pre-sale on-line this morning.  What they don’t tell you is that you have to be a member of the fan club to pre-order them on-line.  By the time we were able to join the fan club (and paid for it), we were unable to purchase tickets.  If we had known we would have joined days ago in order to purchase tickets today.  My hope is that when they go on sale to the general public that there are tickets to purchase.  We had wanted to give them to her as part of her Christmas.  So we are keeping our fingers crossed. 

Stitching news…there isn’t much.  I have been slowly working on the blackwork butterflies.  I haven’t found blackwork difficult, but keeping my place on this piece does prove to be challenging at times.

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Summer Joy

I know summer is over, but just in time I finished Sisters & Best Friends’ Summer Joy sampler while at the LNS this afternoon.  I love it.  Two down, two to go!  I am not sure when I am going to get them started and finished, but I am now closer to the end. 

After finishing that, I started one of the two blackwork butterflies that I am doing for BBF-N’s new baby’s nursery.  When she sent me the link for the bedding she was going to get, I remembered that I had seen the blackwork butterfly in the UK Cross Stitcher.  I thought if I used a pretty purple thread that it would fit nicely with the theme.  My friend, Wendy, suggested that I flip the pattern to do two so that is what I am going to do.  She also helped me decide on the fabric and thread based on the frame I wanted to use.  I am using Queen Anne’s Lace with Needle Necessities’ #100.  It think it is going to be pretty.  I didn’t make much progress, but I am planning on working on it more tonight. 

Mill Hill has done it again….a series that I am going to have to have.  Even though I have yet to finish the other series.  Though I am thinking I will only be finishing the monthly calendar toppers.   Not sure yet what I am going to do with the other two series I purchased…a welcome series and window series.  But the new one is wonderful…so far as I can tell and I really am thinking I am going to have to get an automatic of these kits.  Hey, my birthday is just around the corner and I could always give myself a present :0)

Hannah had a wonderful time at her friend’s birthday party.  I am not sure that Sean enjoyed his afternoon to himself…his college team lost the game today.  :0(

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It’s done!!

I finally finished Bent Creek’s Wedding Row!  I enjoyed stitching this piece even with all the visits from the frog.  It took a little longer than I thought, but with having to stitch it in secret I was a bit limited on my actual stitching time on it.  (That’s my story and I am sticking to it!)  I am off to the LNS this afternoon and leaving it for the framing goddess.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will be ready before we leave on our trip.

Now to decide on what to stitch (and hopefully finish soon) on….

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It didn’t happen

I didn’t finish the Wedding Row piece by the 15th, or even by today, but I am very close.  With luck I will be finishing it up tomorrow or Wednesday by the latest.  Again, my fingers are crossed which of course is slowing down my stitching. :0)  I did go down to the LNS on Saturday after running errands with Sean, but didn’t get as much done that day as I had hoped. 

BFF~N(awana) sent some pictures today of the nursery.  Less than two weeks and the new little girl will be here.  I can’t wait.  I love the nursery.  Purple was my favorite color at one time during my teen years and seeing this room makes it climb back up to the top.  Purple just happens to be both of my BFFs favorite color.  It is the only thing besides there insane love of me :0) that they have in common. 

Hannah has Friday off from school.  Week Four of school and only one week has been a full week so far.  There is no school on Friday because it is Fair Day.  I am not sure if we will be going yet or not though. 

The last couple of Fridays Sean and I have taken advantage of the school year and gone to the movies.  We saw Rush Hour 3 and 3:10 to Yuma.  Both were good.  Hoping to see The Kingdom when it comes out because my fav actress…Jennifer Garner….is in it. 

Sean bought me a pre-birthday present.  We have a galley kitchen.  With very little counter top space.   On one of those small counter tops we had a 13 inch TV, so that I could watch it while cooking, having my morning coffee, etc.  I am a TV junkie, you know.  Well, to free up that bit of counter space, Sean got a small under the cabinet TV.  This one is really cool because I can pop my iPod into it and listen to my music while cooking.  It really has freed up a little space.  After moving things around I found a small space where I can now leave the crock-pot out which will come in handy especially with the cooler months coming.  Now if only I could find space for the bread machine that I have recently started using more… Most of the items like that were stored downstairs in the laundry room, so every time I needed it I would have to go downstairs to get it…not that I don’t need the extra exercise, but it gets old. 

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Taking Advantage

Since there really isn’t much on TV for another couple of weeks, Sean has been taking advantage of that time to play football on the xBox or in some cases actually watching football on TV when it is on.  He is still seething about the Eagles game that wasn’t aired on Fox.  Anyway, since he has been doing his thing in the family room, I have been taking advantage of that time to stitch on my secret (from him) project. 

My goal of course has been to finish this without him seeing it.  So far so good.  I also wanted to have this finished by 9/15 so that I can have plenty of time to have it framed and back before we go on our anniversary trip in just a few weeks.  I am not yet done, but I have been making much more progress lately than before.  The first part of this project really gave me a problem and I had to restitched it three times, but I finally got past that.  I am not on the last section of the chart and hoping still to finish it by the weekend.  HA…we will see.  Fingers crossed…

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Remembering 9/11

I want to write something deep and meaningful, but I have never been very good at expressing myself.  My heart still aches for the victims of 9/11 and their families.  Every time I see footage of 9/11 I feel the same as I did on that day.  I had gotten up around 8-8:30 am, fed Hannah and was just sitting down on the living room sofa to watch The Today Show while drinking a cup of coffee.  A few minutes later the news broke that a plane had hit the North Tower of the WTC.  While the newscasters are talking about it and showing the building smoking, I remember wondering to myself how on earth can you not see a building of that size right in front of you.  Then I saw the second plane fly into the South Tower.  I knew then that it wasn’t an accident and that our worst fears were now a reality.  Of course shortly after that the Pentagon was hit and then United 93 crashed in PA.  I lived in Germany in the eighties and terrorism wasn’t totally new to me.  And I remember first time the WTC was attacked but I never thought something like this would happen. 

I still am not sure how I will explain it to my daughter when she is older and asks.  I don’t really understand it myself.  I don’t understand the hatred.  I don’t think I ever will.  I hope and pray that someday, hopefully in my life time, that the world will have become a peaceful place where people accept one another and their differences. 

I support and admire our troops serving in the armed forces.  I believe that many of them believe that they are fighting for the better good of the world.  I pray for their safe return and honor the memories of those who have and will sacrifice their lives. 

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Twelve Hours

Yesterday I went to my BBF’s baby shower.  I left early in the morning.  It was a very nice party and she received many lovely gifts.  I took the small camera and only took a few pictures before I realized that my camera battery was almost dead.  There are a few pictures I am hoping that I will be able to get a copy of that someone else took…fingers crossed.  Twelve hours after I left…with seven plus hours of that driving…. I returned home.  I actually made good time on both trips getting there in just over three hours and home in three.  Odd since it is a three and half hour trip.  And I barely went over the speed limit.  :0)

The pink giraffe is from Hannah for her new little Godsister.  And I got a bunch more purple clothes for the new little one.  Nawana’s favorite color is purple.  She has always gotten Hannah purple clothes.  Come to think of it I should have gotten red clothes since that is my favorite color.  ;0)  Nawana is due to have a scheduled C-section on the 28th. 

Today was the first day of Sunday school and Hannah was very happy about that.  She enjoyed class very much.  She has the same teacher as last year along with his wife who is one of the people "in-charge" of VBS so she knows them both pretty well.

No stitching this weekend.  Hoping to change that now…

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I got her!  I drove to another JoAnn Fabrics this morning and picked up the pair of Ashley print Gingher scissors that they were holding for me.   Isn’t she pretty?  I decided to use the GPS again today, and it didn’t work again!  Couldn’t believe it, but then I figured out why it wasn’t working and now it is,  It was all about the antenna…I didn’t even realize that the flip thing was an antenna. 


Busy Saturday ahead for me.  I am getting up early tomorrow to drive 3.5 hours for a BFF’s baby shower.  But I have to drive back home tomorrow too, because Sunday is the first day of Sunday School this year and Hannah won’t miss it.  She loves Sunday School and has been asking all summer when it starts again.  Sadly, nobody wants to drive down with me.  :0(  Sean is just exhausted after the last few weeks.  And in the past week there have been three times that he hasn’t gotten home until 4 am.  So it is just me…all alone…driving…far…far…away…for the day.

Kinda funny thing.  My friend Symya’s BFF is also having her second baby soon and she emailed saying that her baby shower is tomorrow, too. 

I have gotten a little more done on Wedding Row, but haven’t taken a picture.  I guess I should do that sometime.  I am looking forward to working on it again next week. 

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