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Not much happening today.  Daisy is doing pretty good, though trying really hard to run around like a crazy maniac whenever she gets out of her crate to go outside.  She gets her staples out on the 7th and then hopefully she won’t have to wear her collar anymore either…she is really hating it. 

Yesterday I hosted my very first Pampered Chef party.  I love Pampered Chef stuff.  I had several friends over and I hope that they enjoyed themselves.  I thought it went well.  And I am getting some great stuff!  I can’t wait to get it and use it.  Next month I am getting (fingers crossed) new cookware.

Hannah isn’t feeling 100%…poor thing.  I made her take a little Motrin because she was crying that her lower back hurt.  Not that I have great posture, but I am sure that is the problem.  I have seen her sitting at school and I am always trying to get her to sit straighter. 

I haven’t gotten much stitching done.  So hoping to make a little progress tonight if I can get myself off the computer. 

January Goals Recap

  1. Continue stitching on Circles ~  I did stitch on this one.
  2. Stitch on Ezmeralda’s House ~ Didn’t get to this one…:0(
  3. Stitch on Advent Calendar ~ I did stitch on this, and crossing my fingers that it is finished soon.
  4. Organize Stash room and stitching corner ~ Not really but I did clean up a little yesterday before company.
  5. Start something new ~  I not only started but finished something new.  I stitched Princess by Hinzeit.

I didn’t included And They Sinned on Sundays in my goals, but meant too.  And I did work on that on Sundays. 

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Daisy’s Home

Daisy came home from the vet hospital last night.  Poor thing is going to have to spend the next two weeks mostly in her crate.  She is going to go stir crazy I’m sure.  She can’t jump around or play with JoJo. The risk of her outer incision coming open has to be kept to a minimum.  And boy, does she want to jump and play.  Tomorrow the higher risk of her incision inside opening falls greatly so that is a relief off my mind.  Her staples will be removed on day 10.  She is seeming to be handling her pain well, too.  It is going to be a long couple of weeks. 

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This afternoon I put a few stitches into my project then I had to leave to go pick up my daughter, so I just laid my project on the basket next to my chair.  I had two needles threaded and parked on the project.  I had forgotten that Hannah and I needed to go buy a birthday present after school, so we went and ran that errand.  We crate our dogs when we aren’t home.  Sean got home before us and let the dogs out of their crates.  Because Daisy is still not housebroken she is leashed in the room with us so we can keep an eye on her.   Unfortunately, we still aren’t able to watch her every second.

When Hannah and I got home, I noticed my project laying on the floor next to the basket.  I picked it up right away and noticed that the needles were missing from the still attached threads.  I spent 20 minutes looking for the two needles.  I found one.  I called the vet.  Sean and I spent another 20 minutes looking for the missing needle.  I called the vet back.  Almost an hour later we were looking at the x-ray where we could plainly see a needle. 

Unfortunately, our vet was not equipped to remove the needle without surgery, so they sent us to the emergency hospital.  Where they took more x-rays and said that Daisy may still need surgery to remove it.  The were unable to remove it with the scope so Daisy is now in surgery to find and remove the needle.  This is not cheap, but we are just hoping to receive a call soon that they have found it and removed it. 

Daisy has never messed with my stash.  And she tries to get into everything.  Please be careful that you don’t leave your needles in reach of your pets.

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Before & After of a WIP

I decided to pull out the advent calendar and make some progress on it.  I haven’t stitched on it in over a year.  The first pictures are the last progress I made.  The next set of pictures are the progress I managed to make yesterday while we watched a DVD and a half of Jericho Season 1.  The progress was mostly the long stitches on the tree branches, but I realized I haven’t got much left to stitch.  Just another branch with row of numbers and the bottom of the tree.  I have really enjoyed stitching this one so far. 


Hannah’s room after the new bookcases & night stand arrived today and everything was put back in place.  I didn’t take any before pictures, but should have.  It was a bit of a mess of course but Hannah loves the way it looks now and has agreed to keep her room neater.


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I stitched this for my own little Princess Hannah.  When I showed her it after I finished her eyes lit up and she asked who it was for.  Of course it was for her!

Princess design by Hinzeit

Stitched on 28 count Antique White Cashed Linen with Needle Necessities #1571 thread

Started January 7, 2008 ~ Finished January 20, 2008

And since yesterday was Sunday I made a little progress on And The Sinned.  But I didn’t take a photo of it since it was such a little bit.  I am working in the tree on leaves putting a few stitches here and there so it is harder to see progress.

Saturday we got up and took our time getting our day started.  We decided to go out for a late lunch then head out to Build A Bear.  Hannah got a couple of new outfits for her bears including a Hannah Montana one complete with blond wig and guitar purse.  Very cute.  Then we headed to Sports Authority where Sean got a belated Christmas gift.  I had wanted to get them for him but there was no way I could carry them into the house.  The box weighed a little more than 300lbs.  He got a set of BoFlex Dumbells.

He has been wanting these for a while.  After that we went for some ice cream before heading home.  I stitched while Sean played games until about 1 am.  What were we thinking staying up so late?  Up early with Daisy then get ready for Church.

After Church we went for coffee/tea and bagels.  We decided to go to the pet store to see about getting a bark collar.  The guy asked if anyone told us when we got a beagle that the breed is known for their barking.  Nope, though we did hear about the howling which she does occasionally but not that often.  We didn’t get a shock type collar…they didn’t even sell those…but a scent one.  We do have some concerns that it won’t even work because she doesn’t care about bitter lime/apple spray that is suppose to stop her from chewing on stuff and we don’t want to break her spirit or anything like that or even to keep her from barking ever again, just to not sit around and bark and bark and bark for no reason.  (okay, take a breath, that was a run on sentence that surely broke some grammar rule)  So we will see how it goes. 

Today Hannah and I will be tackling her room.  It is a mess and she has way to much stuff.  We are going to clean, get rid of s"tuff" (she likes to save tiny scraps of paper) and decide on some things to donate or give away. Tomorrow her new bookcases and night stand are being delivered.  Then we will spend a little time organizing her books and things.  I just hope I can convince her that she has outgrown about half her toys and that it is time to let go.

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Friday’s Happenings

Well, well, well….what’s going on?  Nothing really.  We actually got some snow yesterday.  I think it snowed for about six hours straight.  It started somewhere between 9:30-10:15 am.  School wasn’t closed earlier.  Odd since school is usually closed around here for the threat of snow.  It is mostly melting way right now.  I feel sad for Hannah because she wanted to play in it, but the past couple of days she has been fighting off a head cold, so I thought it best not to risk her getting sick.

She mentioned that she wanted to go to the "winter place" we went to last year.  We had talked about going again…this weekend actually…but decided not to because now we have two dogs to board at the vet and one of them (I am not going to name any names) isn’t yet housebroken.  I didn’t want to set her even further back since she so should be by now.  But now I am thinking we should just break down and go one weekend next month.  I wonder if we have any scheduled three-day weekends in February? 

Hannah has a five day weekend (scheduled) starting after school today.  Monday is a holiday and then they have Tuesday and Wednesday off as well.  Since we aren’t going to the ski resort we don’t really know what we are going to do.  Well, Monday we are going to clean up and out Hannah’s room.  We bought her two book cases and a night stand to go with her bed and dresser, but now we need to make room.  I told her this morning that she was going to have to really think hard about what she really doesn’t need and is willing to part with for donating and giving away.  She has more toys than she knows what to do with and really doesn’t play with half of them.  Is this normal? 

Not much stitching going on here.  When I do stitch, I am not making much progress.  I seem to be spending as much time frogging and re-stitching as I do stitching it the first time.  I am working on such an easy project, too.  Maybe that is my problem. 

Well, off to stitch….I hope.

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I placed an order online back at the end of November after my LNS announced that she would be closing.  It finally came in yesterday.  I went a little overboard but everything was on sale.

First up….Lizzie*Kate’s Seasonal Boxer Jrs.

Erica Michaels’ Seaside Roundabout, Lizzie*Kate Winter Crazy, The Trilogy’s Autumn Tree, Pet Spots and Vacation Spots

Bent Creek’s Road Trip (Red Thread Snapper), L*K’s November & December Flip Its, Heart In Hand’s Thanksgiving Bird, Carriage House Samplings’ Alphabet Blocks Whole Kit & Caboodle, The Cat’s Whiskers Design’s What a Hoot scissor/needle case chart and Kelmscott scissors, Country Cottage Needleworks’ Daisy Sampler and Little House Needleworks’ Season of Plenty

Country Cottage Needleworks’ Harvest Blessings and Home Sweet Home and Little House Needleworks’ Gentleness & Good Deeds kits, Dear Dairy Emmaline Whitcomb, Julia Flynn and Rebecca Small

Little House Needleworks’ Prairie Sampler, The Sampler Lady, Curly Q Ewe, Winter Wonderland, Acorn Hill, Captain’s Inn and Psalm 145.

Wow!  That was a lot.  All of what I ordered but two things where things that my LNS never got in and once she decided to close she didn’t plan on ordering.  The CHS’ Alphabet Blocks and The Cat’s Whiskers’ What a Hoot with the scissors were suppose to be Christmas presents from Sean.  So now that I have justified my S.E.X. I have put it all away until the time comes that I actually stitch them.  But what to stitch first….?

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Before   After

It doesn’t seem like I got very much done for two weeks.  I spent some time frogging and re-stitching some leaves and a branch so hopefully next week I will have some actual progress.

From Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus ~ The best pictures we managed to get….(next concert I am taking the good camera!)


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Date Night

Thank goodness I met my love, got married and had our daughter.  But we still like to "date" each other.  Last night Hannah had a sleep-over at a friend’s.  So Sean and I decided to go out to dinner to a place Hannah would never enjoy.  We ended up at The Melting Pot.  It was very good, I ate to much and I think I would have enjoyed it more, if I haven’t been spending the last few days fighting off a migraine.  Today I still have a headache but at least it is a dull one. 

We will be leaving to go pick up Hannah in a little while.  We have to run by the furniture store and see about getting her a new book-case.  Hoping for one that will hold about twice as many has her current one.  Her teacher stopped me when I picked her to tell me that he tested her on reading yesterday and was amazed at how well she did.  He gave her a book that is about eight levels above where she should be and she blew right thru it.  Her weakness was with the science terms and comprehension.  She is also doing very well in math.

Hannah had a good time at the concert on Tuesday.  She was very different in her behavior than the other little girls there.  She was very excited, but she didn’t scream or squeal, she sat in her seat except one time Hannah Montana told everyone to stand up and then she did for only that song.  I thought the little girl sitting behind could break glass with her scream.    Sean wore earplugs.

I haven’t really been stitching much the last few days.  I am hoping that later I can get a little time in.

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I haven’t been answering the SBQs lately though I don’t have a good reason as to why, so I thought it was time to get back on track, get my rear in gear and start answering again.  So here goes…

What was your favorite finish of 2007?

Oh, well, there are two that are equally my favorite.  The first one is Bless This House by La D Da.  I finished this back in April 2007.

My second favorite finish of 2007 just made it as a finish before the end of the year….Bent Creek’s monthly snappers with border.

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