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Busy Week

This week is going to be so busy.  I am already to tired to even write much and it’s only Monday.  There are several things I wanted to update my blog about, but I will have to do it later.  So I decided to make myself a list so that I hopefully won’t forget about it later.

  • Book Fair
  • Museum Trip
  • Stitching
  • Sean’s New Adventure
  • Sean’s New Toy

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My Weekend Update

On Friday I picked Hannah up from school then we headed home to pick up Sean.  He was out with Daisy, so I was walking back to the car to wait for him, and fell off the step of our sidewalk landing my face on the side of the van then falling hard on my knees on the driveway.  I am such a klutz!  After I discovered that nothing was broken and Sean came out, we headed to the movies to see The Spiderwick Chronicles.  It was pretty good.  Of course, the rest of the evening was making fun of me and my clumsiness. 

Saturday I woke up very sore feeling like I was hit by a car…or hit a car, but whatever.  I could barely bend my right knee.  However, it was Market Day at a LNS in another city not to far from here, and I had plans with friends to go.  So up and moving I got, then went to pick up my friends.  We got to the LNS just minutes before they opened.  I knew what I wanted, but a few other things found their way in my basket as well.

The Haul: A Handy Caddy, size 28 Petite needles, Thread Drops, Bent Creek’s The Littles Uncle Sam, Herow Zipper Kit, Land That I Love, Lizzie*Kate’s Listen/Learn and Believe/Care Flip Its, Peace Love and a Cure Snippet, ABCrazy, Tea Crazy, My Country and Big Girl Panties limited edition kits Heart In Hand’s Inspiration:Courage, Little House Needleworks My Needle’s Work and Heart of America kits, Blackbird Designs’ I Thee Wed, Erica Micheal’s We The People, LaDDa’s Lauren’s Voice, Rosewood Manor’s Seasons of the Trees, The Trilogy’s Zoo Line Up and Carriage House Samplings’ The Shores of Hawk Run Hollow.  I also got one of the shop’s new bags that was perfect for bring home all my new stash and using for a project.  You can buy these or trade in a punch card for one.  I had wanted to get something else, but they didn’t have any there…more hours in the day to stitch!  They must have sold out of that already.  :0)  I got way to much, but…oh, well.  It is all things I knew I wanted and would get eventually. 

A couple of other friends were attending the EGA meeting so they met up with us and then we went out to lunch.  We headed home after that.  Symya had a date with her HTB (hubby to be) and Wendy had to work.  I picked up Thai food for us on the way home.

This morning I woke up able to move my knee a lot more.  After church we ran a few errands then I came home to make Pan-Fried Onion Dip.  Hannah and I had plans to met up with some friends, so we headed out for that.  We went to I Made This Pottery and painted a piece each.  Hannah did a fairy and I did a small bowl for the bathroom I thought would be good for putting my rings & watch in when I take a bath.  We headed home for dinner…I made wings in honor of the Daytona 500 and we had chips & dip. 

I haven’t stitched in a week.  I am just to tired at night when I sit down to relax in the evenings.  I am honestly not sure what I am so tired from but all I want to do is head to bed and turn in early.  Tomorrow Sean and Hannah are both home with the day off, I am hoping that I will stitch in the afternoon a little. 

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Happy Valentine Day!  May love find it’s one into everyone’s heart and bury itself there very deep then shared with everyone

Sean came home for work early and gave me a gift…we weren’t exchanging but he gave me one anyone.  Jerk :0)  He gave me the matching three stone ring to my anniversary band he gave me for our anniversary. 

(Wow! I need to put some lotion on my hands and get a nail fill.)

I volunteered at Hannah’s school this afternoon to help out with the class party, though I don’t feel like I did much.  I do enjoying helping out in the classroom and thankfully Hannah loves it too.  Hannah and I made cup cakes and these yummy cookies (just for Valentine!).  I had to make flyers up and pass them out for the book fair while there.


For Valentine, Hannah got  Miley, Lily and Oliver (Barbie) dolls to go with her Hannah Montana one.  Plus, a special chocolate bar.

I made dinner tonight courtesy of The Pioneer Woman Cooks.  I made her highly recommended Meal of Love (minus the Chocolate Pie).  Sean really liked the steak and I couldn’t get enough of the garlic mashed potatoes.  Yummy!   Instead of making the pie, we had Chocolate covered Strawberries for dessert.  These were so good!

I saw this on another blog and thought what the hey!  So I stole it and filled it out.

1. Where / how did you meet?  We met in a local nightclub.  I went out with my BBF-N one Saturday and within minutes of getting there my BBF-N pointed him out and said "What about him?" (She was engaged, I was single.  She says that if she had been single, she would have kept him for herself.)  A couple minutes later we were talking and I gave him my real number when he asked.

2. How long have you known each other?  11 years, 4 months

3. How long after you met did you start dating?  The night after we met, we met at the movies.  He went out to sea for a week then and when he came back, we were inseparable.

4. How long did you date before you were engaged?  Seven weeks (I always thought it was six, but just added it up on a calendar).

5. How long was your engagement?  10 months.

6. How long have you been married?  10 years, 4 months.

7. What is your anniversary?  October 11

8. How many people came to your wedding reception?  Around 120.

9. What kind of cake did you serve?  Yellow cake with white icing and fresh flowers.

10. Where was your wedding?  Oddly, we were married in a Baptist Church (we are both Lutheran) that is on the same street as were my parents live.

11. What did you serve for the meal?  It was a buffet, I only remember chicken, roast beef and broccoli, but I know there were other things.

12. How many people were in your bridal party?  Six plus the two of us.

13. Are you still friends with them all?  Sadly, no.  One friend I never hear from anymore.  BBF-B was married to one of my groomsmen, but they got a divorce the next year.  I never intended not to be friends with him anymore, but that’s what happened.

14. Did your spouse cry during the ceremony?  No.

15. Most special moment of your wedding day?  That is hard to say because the whole day was pretty special. 

16. Any funny moments?  One funny moment was when my dad was walking me down the aisle and was muttering under his breath about how everyone was taking pictures of me, but they were getting him.

17. Any big disasters?  Almost…my MIL was late, barely getting there before I was about to walk down the aisle.

18. Where did you go on your honeymoon?  We spent one night in Charleston SC then went to Disney World.

19. How long were you gone?  A week but we both had two weeks off from work.

20. If you were to do your wedding over, what would you change?  Nothing. It was a great day

21. What side of the bed do you sleep on?  The right side!

22. What size is your bed?  Queen

23. Greatest strength as a couple?  We are best friends and love spending as much time together as we can, but we also give each space.  And we laugh A LOT!

24. Greatest challenge as a couple?  Family members.

25. Who literally pays the bills?  Me.

26. What is your song?  We don’t really have a song, but there were three songs in our wedding.  How Will I Live Without YouWhen You Say Nothing At All and The Lord’s Prayer were sung by a friend during our wedding.

27. What did you dance your first dance to?  It’s Your Love by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

28. Describe your wedding dress.  Better yet…my wedding dress

29. What kind of flowers did you have at your wedding?  Sunflowers, roses.

30. Are your wedding bands engraved?  No.

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Today is my usual laundry day.  I did laundry yesterday after church.  Today I attended a Scholastic Book Fair seminar.  I learned a little bit, which is good because this is my first time chairing the book fair and I am lost! and I earned extra cash rewards for the school.  When I got home I set up a cool homepage for the school’s book fair, but since it starts in two weeks, I don’t think I will get the full benefit of this cool tool.  Maybe next year’s. 

On my way home I stopped by this bargain outlet store for these puzzles in a neat little suitcase that is perfect for the book fair theme…Reading Road Trip…and I will be able to use the little suitcases in the decorating of the the fair.  Thanks to my consultant for sharing this idea and where she got them.  Next best thing about the suitcases… since I bought them, I will be able to re-use them myself somehow for stash.  :0)

Daisy’s belly is healing up nicely with just a couple of spots from the staples that need to heal.  She is really desperate to play with JoJo.  But we are still needing to keep them away from rough play for a while. 

Sean did out taxes yesterday.  We get a program and then he inputs all our info into.  If we have to pay, then we wait to mail it in with payment until April 14.  If we receive a refund, then he e-files with a direct deposit.  Yea for 2007!  We are getting a refund this year.

I have been stitching a little bit.  Yesterday I worked on And They Sinned for about a hour or so.  And I have been stitching on the advent tree.  I am getting ready to put it aside to work on something else for a while.  I am ready to start the end of the year teacher gift. 

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Plans change

We were going to go into DC today and wander around a museum, but about 7:30 pm last every muscle in my body started to ache.  I decided that I should lay down for a few minutes, then I felt as if I couldn’t get warm.  So I spent the next hour and a half shivering while wearing three layers of clothes, socks, slippers and having two layers of blankets.  My temperature did go up but only to 100.  It wasn’t until Sean made me some hot tea and I drank it that I stopped shivering.  My temp went down to normal shortly after that.  Weird that it came and went like that.  Sean had already talked to Hannah about postponing our trip to DC.  So now we are just all sitting around doing nothing.

We are going to run out to Best Buy, My Organic Market (MOM’s) and grab something to eat.  Tonight we have a few DVD’s from Netflix to watch.  One more disk of Jericho and a couple of movies.  Of course, I plan on stitching, since I didn’t last night. 

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Wednesday Woes

I woke up this morning feeling a little sick to my stomach.  It has been on and off like that all day.  So I haven’t gotten much done.  I did read the book fair guide that came in on Monday…finally.  Scholastic sent the planning kit three times before I actually received it.  We have no idea what happened to the first two.  I ordered the last two Red Thread Snappers and the new Big Zipper/Big Sky kit from Down Sunshine Lane.  And I also pulled threads for the teacher’s end of the year gift. 

I had to attend the PTA meeting tonight so since Sean is out of town again I had to drag poor Hannah there too.  I decided to do things backwards tonight instead of waiting until we got home at 9 PM and giving her a bath, I went ahead and gave it to her when we got home from school.  Because of her allergies she has to take a bath at night before bed, and usually if you try to skip a night for whatever reason, you can tell a difference in how stuffy she gets.  So I hope that my plan tonight doesn’t make her suffer tomorrow.  I just hate the idea of her not getting to bed until close to 10 PM on a school night.    Thankfully another mom/friend attending the meeting brought her daughter so that Hannah could have someone to play with while there.

Daisy goes in to have her staples removed tomorrow.  Yea!  I am sure she will be happy to finally start getting back to normal not having to wear the e-collar and maybe spending less time in her crate soon.  And I am sure she will be happy when she can play with JoJo again.  

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Tuesday Tell All

Okay, so there isn’t that much to tell.  No deep, dark secret or anything interesting like that.  I did volunteer at Hannah’s school this morning.  We worked on cursive.  Hannah received her "Perfect Attendance" dog tag necklace for January and brought home her report card.  She did very well receiving five outstandings in both Lang Arts (reading and writing), Math, Art and Music and three satisfactories in Science, Social Studies and PE.  I talked to my BFF-N for a hour on the phone today catching up.  She then sent an email with link to a slide show of photos of my Goddaughter Kee-Kee who is just so cute!  Hannah had Tae Kwon Do this evening and then it’s the mad rush to come home, take a bath and get to bed.

I planned on stitching a little this evening but by the time I got Hannah to bed and the dogs to settle down so that I could have a few relaxing minutes to myself, I started getting a headache.  So the light had to be turned off because it wasn’t helping.  Thankfully it seems to be gone now, so maybe tomorrow.  I am planning on pulling fabric and threads of a new project I need to start this month as it is the teacher’s gift for the end of year.  I am hoping to finish the last branch on the Advent Calendar first before starting it, but would like to get it ready. Perhaps getting the new project out and ready will give me the kick in the butt to stitch a bit faster.  :0)

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Monday night blues

Though not really blue.  With the writers strike, Monday is one of the only nights that there is something on TV that is new and good.  On Fox Terminator:The Sarah Conner Files and on NBC Medium

Though I am a fan of the Terminator movies, when I first heard about the show I was like "you have got to be kidding".  But I read some things online about it and decided to give it a try.  I really like this show and my first reaction to it was dead wrong.  I really like the actress that plays Sarah Conner.  She is very good.  The Terminator/Protector on the other hand looks to much like an angel…but then that proves to work in her advantage because she really is a bit of a bad ass.  And the new actual Terminator is very scary. 

So off to watch and stitch.

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Super Bowl Sunday

It is that time of year again.  Super Bowl Sunday.  My husband’s favorite Sunday of the year and his least favorite.  He loves football.  He lives for football.  He takes football very seriously.  It is not just a game.  It is not about winning and losing.  It is only about winning.  And if the team he is hoping to win, whether that be the Eagles if they are playing or another team, he acts as though everything is done to make him happy or pissed off.  Sean is a Philadelphia Eagles fan.

I used to really enjoy watching football…until I met Sean.  To me, it is a game.  Someone is going to win and someone is going to lose.  Usually that’s my favorite team.  You guessed it…I am a Washington Redskin fan.  Born and Breed.  And I may have an idea of what you’re thinking, but it could have been worse…he could have been a Dallas Cowboys fan.  :0)  LOL

Hannah said over breakfast this morning that she didn’t know why he had to watch it all the time, he knew what was going to happen, someone will win and someone will lose.  He just sat there looking at her like she was from another planet. 

But I will say this…What a great game and very much worth watching!  Some very good commercials IMHO and now I am looking forward to watching an all new House.

I made a Super Bowl feast per request.  Nothing really good for you but oh, so yummy.  Wings and Bacon Thingies courtesy of the Pioneer Woman (have I ever mentioned that I love her blogs?) and Corn Casserole courtesy of Tanya.  Hannah eats nothing I made tonight so she went hungry.  Not true…I made her chicken tenders and baby carrots.  She did want to know who ate more wings.  Sean said it didn’t matter because it wasn’t a contest, but in all honesty, I think it was me.  I love them!

Daisy is doing very well.  She and JoJo seem very anxious to play together, but it will be awhile still.  According to the paper sent home with the little one…six weeks!  I will have to double check that with the vet next week.  I want Daisy to have all the time she needs to heal well but have you ever tried to get two dogs not to play with each other when all they want to do is play?  If it wasn’t for the mandatory crate time, I am not sure what we would have done this past week.  Just taking Daisy out to take her out is an ordeal keeping JoJo away from her.  It was a beautiful day so they each got a walk.  Daisy is only allowed a short walk a day other than potty time, but JoJo got a much needed and long over due long walk.  Hannah joined me and didn’t complain once about it.  Though she wanted to. 

Not much stitching has been going on around here.  Not due to lack of desire to however.  Hoping to get a routine going again and getting some actual progress done.  I have tons I need/want to get done and market is just around the corner so there will be plenty more I will want.  :0)

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Well, it is that time of the month again to think about what I hope to accomplish.

  1. Stitch on Circles
  2. Stitch on Ezmeralda’s House
  3. Stitch on (and maybe finish) Advent Calendar
  4. Organize Stash room and stitching corner
  5. Start teacher end of year gift…Apple for Teacher by Oberlin Samplers
  6. Stitch on And They Sinned on Sundays
  7. Start (maybe if all else is accomplished/this is not on my yearly goals)  LHN Schoolgirl Lessons

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