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I haven’t been answering these lately though I am not sure why as they have all been interesting.  Anyway, today’s really peaked my interest.

This week’s SBQ was suggested by Jennifer (http://sweetpeastitching.blogspot.com/) is:
Do you have any pieces that you would liked passed on to future generations as family heirlooms?

Yes!  I do.  The first one that comes to mind is Dollhouse by Brightneedle.  Then Bless This House by La D Da, Hannah’s Noah’s Ark birth announcement which is a Stoneycreek design and Mickey’s Self Portrait which is a take on Norman Rockwell’s Self Portrait.  Though that last one becoming a family heirloom may depend on whether or not my insane love for all things Disney is passed down to future generations.  (all project names link to a photo of project)


Goals from April…

  1. Stitch on Circles ~  I did stitch on this a little.
  2. Stitch on Ezmeralda’s House  ~ Nope, but I thought about it.  Does that count?
  3. Organize Stash room ~ Okay, here’s the deal on this…In March Sean bought a new bookcase for my stash since the two I have are totally full.  He was suppose to put it together before he went out of town for 2 1/2 weeks so that I could work on cleaning up/out the office and get my stash clean up in there.  He didn’t.  And hasn’t yet since he got back.  Hopefully, it will get done in May. 
  4. Continue stitching on the teacher’s end of year gift…Apple for Teacher by Oberlin Samplers ~ Yes.  But I am not done yet and NEED to get it done some.  Only about a month and a half until the end of the school year.
  5. Stitch on And They Sinned on Sundays ~ Sadly, no.  I just haven’t really felt like stitching on this one lately.
  6. Continue stitching on La D Da’s My Sunshine ~  Yes,  And I might actually see this one finished sometime soon, too. 

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Roll Call

Here!  I am finally caught up with my blog reading.  One blog I was so far behind in reading I had over 40 entries and another with over 30 to read.  But I am once again caught up.

Let’s see what has been going on in my life….think, think, think.  Sean came home on the 17th from his trip that he left for on the 1st.  School let out two hours early that day which worked out perfect so I wouldn’t have to take her out of school early to pick him up from the airport. 

We had a nice weekend.  We had a picnic at the park with the dogs.  We had planned on going to the movies on Sunday but the movie we wanted to see was sold out…Sunday it rain most of the day.  So we went on Monday after school.  The weather was wonderful from Tuesday on.  Thursday I worked in the backyard pulling weeds and whatnots from the mulched areas.  I had done the front yard last week but within days…needed to be done again, so I know what I am doing this week.  It honestly doesn’t even look like I have been out there. 

We had planned on grilling out this weekend on Saturday, but Sean checked the weather Friday morning and there was an 80% chance of rain on Saturday, so we grilled out on Friday night instead.  It was a beautiful evening and perfect for sitting out on our patio. 

However, yesterday was a beautiful day and didn’t start raining until after Hannah went to bed.  So she and I went down to the park where there was a festival going on.  My friend’s daughter was dancing with her dance school as part of the entertainment and we wanted to see that.  She is very good.  Then we played at the park for a bit, before heading back home to pick up Sean for dinner.  We did see one duck family with two ducklings and a family of geese that decided our city pool was there for their enjoyment.


I have gotten a few new stash items in the past couple of weeks. 

Putting my new frogging needle to good use.

Red DMC Messenger style project bag

And another to add to my collection…FREEDOM 

I have been stitching and reading.  I have mostly stitched on My Sunshine and the teachers gift.  Sadly this year I haven’t been stitching on And They Sinned but a few Sundays.  I just haven’t felt like working on it, but I am hoping that I will get in the groove with it again sometime soon.

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I don’t really do book reviews, but I have to say how much I LOVE the book I just finished.  Marley & Me by John Grogan is a must read for any dog (or animal) lover.   I could have finished this one days ago, but honestly I have been putting it off.  I wasn’t ready to finish this one or let go of one of the main characters of the book.  I never laughed out loud so much or cried so hard while reading a book.  I truly fell in love with Marley and feel very blessed to have been allowed into the life that he shared with this amazing family.  Because it takes some amazing people to patch all those walls he tore into, replace the sofa and mattress, leashes and whatever else he destroyed. 

I have had a dog or more living with me for the better part of most of my life.  The two I currently are owned by are JoJo, my beautiful and loyal Labradoodle and Daisy, my adorable and very bad Beagle.  Both have a bit of Marley in them…I think Daisy has a lot of the destroyer in her.  Both are sweet, loving, full of energy and difficult in their own way.  JoJo refuses to not jump on company and acts like a complete, well, animal around other dogs and new people.  She loves going for trips in the car and enjoys lounging in the sun.  Daisy can destroy just about any toy within minutes and has had more leashes than all my many dogs together.  She hates going in the car and gets sick & drools buckets during every ride.  Daisy will eat anything.  I think her surgery to remove a sewing needle earlier this year proves that. 

JoJo was easy to housebreak and was by the time she was six months old.  Daisy turned a year on April 2nd and isn’t housebroken yet.  We have tried and followed several books’ advice to the letter without success.  No book required when housebreaking JoJo.   I have a friend who doesn’t understand why we still have Daisy because she would have given her away months ago.  I just don’t get that attitude.  Daisy, like JoJo and Hannah too, is a member of our family.  And like Hannah says, we aren’t those kind of people.  Where she learned that exactly, I am not sure.  But I am not going to give up as frustrating as it has been.  She’ll get there one day.   

We love our dogs.  Though it hasn’t been easy or instant.  When we first got JoJo, I didn’t bond with her right away.  I later thought it was to soon after having to let my dog Zach go, to soon after having to let Tyler his mother go and to soon after having to let Andy his brother go.  Then I read the book The Dogs of Babel and while reading it I started to feel differently about her.  I was the one who feel in love with Daisy’s sweet little Beagle face and wanted to bring her home.  Months later I wondered why we got a second dog…though never have I thought to give her away or anything like that.  I love her and have since the first day, but she is so difficult.  Destroys all her toys, messes in the house, is very mean to JoJo and whines, barks and howls like no other dog I have had in the past.  Now while reading Marley & Me, I have grown to love both our dogs more. They are the dogs they are and I love them for it…good and bad.  :0)

Read Marley & Me…be ready for lots of laughs, but have a box of tissues handy.  I plan on seeing the movie when it come out to and I will take tissues with me when I do. 

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It’s been awhile

I have been doing tons of stuff it seems…and a whole lot of nothing.  I have been walking two miles a day…during the week…with JoJo and Daisy.  Last Wednesday I had lunch with my friend Wendy and then we wondered thru an antique shop downtown until I had to pick up Hannah from school.  Hannah and I went to visit my parents and BFF-N & her family over the weekend.  Yesterday I went on a field trip in the afternoon with Hannah’s class after volunteering in the morning.  Today I worked in the yard a bit pulling weeds.  I still have lots to do to get the garden beds clean out from the winter.   And tomorrow Sean comes home!  He has been gone since the first. 

I have been stitching a little but not a lot.  Sean said that I can stitch all weekend, but then was making plans for us to do something.  We’ll see what happens.

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Tuesday…Just Tuesday

I planned on getting more stitching done tonight, but I am yet again battling a headache.  So the light had to be turned off.  And try as I might I can’t stitch without one. 

Not a whole lot happening.  Hannah decided that she wanted to join the Girl Scouts, so we went to sign up for that tonight.  I hope she likes it.  They have a couple of day camps that I thought I would sign her up for over the summer.  That with VBS, swim lessons and our trip to NYC should give her a few things to look forward to doing. 

It amazes me that in this picture, Daisy and JoJo look similar in size.  And that Daisy is the one bullying JoJo.

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It’s amazing

It’s amazing what one can accomplish when one ignores one’s chores, turns off the computer, puts her book down, puts a couple of DVDs in to watch with her daughter and then, actually stitches.

This afternoon Hannah and I had plans for a Shrek marathon.  So right about lunch time we started the first one.  The dogs had been out so I knew I had a couple of hours of quite movie time.  I pulled out my stitching and it looked like this…

Then we watched the second while I continued to stitch away.  After that puppies needed to go outside for a bit.  I checked the mail and was happy to see that the Waxing Moon punchneedle I ordered came in.  I also received my second order from Monique’s etsy shop.  This time I got a zipper fob and a thread counter.

    Aren’t they pretty.  I love the thread counter.  So while looking at my new treasures we had started the third movie.  I didn’t stitch as much during this one.  And by the time it was over, it was time to eat.  So I made dinner for everyone…Hannah, me and the dogs that is…and then I checked my email and whatnot. 

After Hannah went to bed I popped a DVD in for myself…Elizabeth: The Golden Age.  I thought this was a very good movie.  I think I enjoyed it (and re-watching Elizabeth the other night) more because of watching The Tudors with Sean.  I did stitch while watching this movie some and when I was done, my project looked like this…

  I read a lot of blogs, many of my fellow stitchers accomplish this on a regular basis and in less time than the entire afternoon and evening, but me?  This doesn’t happen often and I feel pretty good.  Of course, the house is a mess because I didn’t do a thing today!  But it will get cleaned up another day.

And here I am putting my new thread counter to good use..  And I have ordered a Frogging Needle now too.  So cute!

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Something New

I went back to JoAnn’s on Wednesday with a 40% coupon in hand.  The day before I had seen something there that I was interested in getting but it was $35 and I wasn’t really sure how it would work out.  Several months ago I picked up a knotted thread pattern of a mermaid.  Two of my friends had done one and they were so cute.  One of the friends takes a clamp attaches it to the table and hoop in order have both hands free to make the french knots.  Lots and lots of french knots.  So when I saw this hoop thing by Clover, I thought it would work well for it.  And I could use it for stitching or punchneedle.  What I liked about this one vs. the clamp method is that this rotates instead of taking the clamp and hoop off the table.

Now maybe I will start that knotted thread project someday.

I finished my first book on the Spring List last week.  Two Little Girls In Blue by Mary Higgins Clark.  This was a good book that really left you guessing as to "who ‘dunit" almost right to the end.  Thankfully it isn’t required of the people signed up with the Spring Reading Thing to write a review.  I am not a writer, just a reader.  :0)  However the story is about twins that are kidnapped from their home while being cared for by a sitter.  A large ransom is made which the company the father works for offers to pay.  After which, only one child is returned.  One of the kidnappers is found dead with a suicide note claiming to have accidentally killed the other child.  However, the returned twin tells her parents that her sister wants to come home.  They share a strong bond and twin telepathy. 

Next up, I have started Marley & Me.  Pretty good so far.

I have once again caught up on reading all the blogs and such.  I had somehow gotten behind again and it takes me days to get caught up when that happens.  I can now spend some time emailing several friends that I have been meaning to sit down and email.  Tomorrow tho….it is late and the dogs are waiting for the potty break before bedtime. 

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Story of my life

Okay, not my life story, just a little of what is going on lately.  Saturday we got up early and headed out to the National Aquarium of Baltimore for the day.  We got there early which is what I highly recommend.  We saw the 4D Plant Earth show and the Dolphin Show, too while there.  After we left there we stopped by The Stitching Post so that I could pick up some thread I was missing for the teacher’s gift I am working on.  I also picked up a couple of patterns and ordered the new Waxing Moon punchneedle Love You To The Moon.  I have the cross-stitch kit and thought the punchneedle was just as cute.  Then we stopped by the Rainforest Cafe for an early dinner on our way home.

Sunday was a quite day at home after church, Panera and the bookstore.  Monday Sean had for his trip to pack for and Hannah went to school while I did laundry.  Tuesday I drove Sean to the airport.  He is going to be in WA for two weeks.  We are looking forward to his return. 

On the way home I stopped by JoAnn’s and picked something up that I do not need…

  Meet Emma!  Isn’t she pretty? 

Today is Daisy’s First Birthday!!!  I can’t believe that she is a year old.  She sure is a cutie.

I have been stitching some…and I have proof.


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April Goals

Okay, really, I know it is the first day of April but this is no joke…I really want to accomplish these goals this month. 

  1. Stitch on Circles ~
  2. Stitch on Ezmeralda’s House  ~
  3. Organize Stash room ~
  4. Continue stitching on the teacher’s end of year gift…Apple for Teacher by Oberlin Samplers ~
  5. Stitch on And They Sinned on Sundays ~
  6. Continue stitching on La D Da’s My Sunshine ~

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