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July Goals

I have been doing terrible on the goals this year.  So much so that earlier today I considered not posting goals for the month of July, but I decided what the hell, maybe this month I will actually manage to accomplish them.  So hear goes…

  • Finish My Sunshine by La D Da
  • Stitch on Circus of Circles
  • Stitch 2nd square of Bent Creek Holiday Snappers
  • Stitch on Ezmeralda’s House

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Hannah spent the weekend with friends camping in a near by state park.  Well, Friday night anyway.  They were rained out on Saturday but she slept over their house.  I missed her more than words can explain.  Sean (and Hannah) told me that I was going to have to let her go sometime.  Whateve! 

So, Sean and I spent the weekend eating out, going to the movies and doing a little shopping.  We even slept in today skipping church.   On Saturday we went to see Wanted with Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy.  It was really very good.  Sean recently read the Graphic Novel and there were some things different in the movie.  But he really liked it.

A friend of mine is getting married next month, so first we went to buy her a gift for her wedding shower.  We headed to the Outlets because Sean needed new dress shoes and wanted to go by Clarks.  They just happen to be the most comfy shoes I have ever worn.  My MIL gave me a pair of clogs for my birthday a few years back and I love them.  I have since gotten a pair of sandals that I love and another shoes that looks like a sneaker but slips on…so comfy. 

Of course we stopped in Coach, where I found a wallet that they had just gotten in that is an almost perfect match to a purse (my favorite one ever!) that we got in TN last year.  I also got a new purse, but shh! we don’t need to talk about that. 

Then to Harry & David’s for the first time.  I hadn’t ever been in the store before though every time we go to the outlets I have wanted to stop and look around.  We picked up several things…a BBQ sauce for 4th of July ribs, salsa, chips, moose munch and a watermelon margarita mix.

We came home after dinner and started watching American Gangster, but the power went out for over three hours so we finished watching that this morning.  This movie was really good.  Of course, Denzel Washington is in it so I knew it would be.

This afternoon was my friend’s bridal shower.  I am very happy for Symya and look forward to her wedding next month.  She has an older Beagle and assures me that when Daisy is around three she will stop chewing on everything.  I am just not so sure that one of us is going to make it another two years!  She is driving me nuts. 

Well I am off to watch some TV and maybe stitch a little….

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Our new sleep number arrived today.  I am really hoping that we will start sleeping better.  My friend told me to give a few day or so.  Her brother has one and loves it.  She is a massage therapist.   Yesterday I started to get a migraine while we were talking.  She started rubbing my neck for a minute and I quickly felt better.  But she told me she wanted to get me on her table, that my neck is really tight.  So maybe in the next couple of weeks I will get my first massage. 

Hannah is going camping with my friend and her family this weekend.  I am going to miss my little one like you wouldn’t believe.  Hannah told me today that it was okay, she would be home on Sunday and she can call me or I can call her if I want.  Isn’t she sweet?  She also told me that I was going to have to let her go sometime anyway, like maybe when she was 19 or 20.  Umm, what happened to her never wanting to leave home???

I haven’t been stitching at all lately.  Not sure what’s up with me this year.  I seem to be having more slumps with my stitching.  Lately, I am just tired and it is to much energy to pick up a needle.

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My Reading List….  (Note that I also stated… Now there is no way I could read the entire pile of books between March 20th thru June 19th, so I have decided to pick ten of them and hope that I actually read half.)

  1. Mr. Monk and the Two Assistants by Lee Goldberg
  2. A Dog’s Life by Ann M. Martin
  3. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith
  4. Cocktails for Three by Madeleine Wickham ~ Good book about friendship and balancing work, friends, dating, marriage, children
  5. Marley & Me by John Grogan ~ Highly recommend reading this one, especially if you are a dog lover, but be prepared with a box of tissues.
  6. Something Blue by Emily Giffin ~ Good book, read after Something Borrowed…
  7. Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin ~ Really enjoyed this one
  8. speak softly, she can hear by Pam Lewis
  9. The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan
  10. Two Little Girls In Blue by Mary Higgins Clark ~ Very good book. 

So I didn’t read all ten books on my list, but I did read half and I am pretty happy with that.  I love reading and have missed making some real time to actually read.  However, I have also somewhat ignored my other hobby…stitching…in order to get more reading time in.  I need to find a balance between the two.  I know some people do the whole books on tape thing while stitching, but I am not sure that I would enjoy that.  Mostly because I am a TV junkie and usually am watching something on TV while stitching. 

I do plan on finishing the other five books, so that I can start another pile of books that is on my dresser.  I think it is somewhere around twenty books.

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A day late, but I finished my fifth book on my spring reading list tonight. 

From Amazon: "Giffin’s sophomore effort-which tells the story that her bestselling Something Borrowed did from a different character’s point of view-stars such an unsympathetic narrator that it’s a little like reading a Cinderella story featuring one of the wicked stepsisters. Perhaps beautiful Darcy Rhone isn’t really wicked, but she is one of the most shallow, materialistic, self-centered and naïve 29-year-olds around. Ostensibly a high-powered PR person in Manhattan (though she never seems to work), Darcy spends most of her time shopping, partying and getting ready for her wedding to perfect guy Dex. But an alcohol-fueled Hamptons fling with one of Dex’s pals, Marcus, starts to break Darcy’s perfect life down; and discovering Dex hiding in her best friend Rachel’s closet really shatters it. Pregnant with Marcus’s baby, Darcy decamps for London, where she crashes in high school pal Ethan’s flat and annoys the heck out of him with her endless shopping and complete disregard for her impending motherhood. But after a good lecture from Ethan, whom Darcy has started to fall for a little, Darcy embarks on a self-improvement plan, thereby demonstrating she can think about someone besides herself. And if readers don’t mind the first 200 pages in which she doesn’t, they’ll enjoy her happy ending and the few surprises along the way. Fans of Something Borrowed, too, may relish the "she said, she said" fun. " 

It was a good book though it was hard to read at first.  The main character was in the previous book I finished, Something Borrowed, and very unlikable.  In the beginning of the book, she is still very unlikable.  But she eventually changes, matures and grows into a more likable person.

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I wrote a list the other day of the things I wanted to remember to write about and I am finally making time to do that.  So here goes…

  • Sleep Number Bed ~ The other day I went to the mall because B Moss was having a great one day only sale.  I stopped in the Sleep Number Bed store because every few days Sean or I mention that we need a new bed.  Ours is only about five maybe six years old, but we are not sleeping well at all, not comfy, headaches, body aches, and over the last few months there have been mornings that I can barely get out of bed because of the pain in my lower back and tail bone.  So anyway, we have talk about getting a new bed and kept saying we would go in to see about the Sleep Number.  I got my number, checked a few beds out and brought home the info for Sean to look over.  Then yesterday we went in, he got his number, tried a few beds out, liked the same bed I liked the best and so…we will be sleeping on a Sleep Number by the end of the month!  I can’t wait.  Looking forward to a better night sleep.
  • Recent stitching and end of the year gift for Hannah’s teacher ~ I hope Hannah’s teacher likes his gift.  I framed it myself due to time.  I know it would have looked way better if my framing goddess had done it, but I didn’t get the buttons in time so there was no way I would have been able to have her do it. 


    I also finished the first square of the Holiday Snapper series, but I forgot to take a picture of it before putting it away to work on something else.  I have now decided it is time to finish My Sunshine by La D Da and have a few suns and the border to stitch.

  • Last Day of School ~ Both a very sad and happy day.  I am happy that Hannah will be home so we can hang out together but I know she enjoys school.  It has been a good year.  Her teacher was great!  She however says that she doesn’t want to move on to third grade.  Hannah’s report card was very good (7 out of 8 Outstandings, and an Satisfactory in PE), so she got to a new toy and four new chapter books to read over the summer.  Yesterday she read one of them in two hours.  Today she read a second one in about a hour!  Thank goodness she has several books on her book shelf that she hasn’t read yet.
  • The Dead Sea Salt ~ There is one of those little kiosk in the mall that sells the Dead Sea Salt body products.  I am usually pretty good about getting by without trying the products and therefore not buying anything.  But the other day when I went, somehow got pulled in and ended up going home with a few products.  The tell you what a great deal they are giving you, but really…I think that is just a sale ploy.  It is pretty good though, but I doubt I will buy it again.
  • Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin ~ I finished this book in record time for me lately.  It was a good read.  It is about "An unexpected love affair threatens a long-lived friendship in this soap opera–like debut from Atlanta ex-lawyer Giffin. Since elementary school, Rachel and Darcy have been best friends, with Darcy always outshining Rachel. While single Rachel is the self-confessed good girl, an attorney trapped at a suffocating New York law firm, Darcy is the complete opposite, a stereotypical outgoing publicist, planning a wedding with the handsome Dex. After Rachel’s 30th birthday party, she knocks back one drink too many and winds up in bed with Dex. Instead of feeling guilty about sleeping with her best friend’s fiancé, Rachel realizes that Dex is the only man she’s really loved, and that she’s always resented manipulative Darcy. Rachel and Dex spend a few weekends in the city together "working" while Darcy’s off with friends at a Hamptons beach share, but finally Rachel realizes she’ll have to give Dex an ultimatum. The flip job Giffin pulls off—here it’s the cheaters who’re sympathetic (more or less)—gives Dex and Rachel’s otherwise ordinary affair extra edge. Rachel would be a more appealing heroine if she were less whiny about her job and her romantic prospects, and rambling dialogue slows the story’s pace, but this is an enjoyable beach read—one that’ll make readers cast a suspicious eye on best friends and boyfriends who seem to get along just a little too well." (from Amazon) I immediately started Something Blue, which is told from the point of view of Darcy.  So far this on is just as good, but I haven’t gotten as much reading time on it.
  • Friends, Not Friends... ~ Hannah had her little heart broken at school on Thursday.  The last week of school ended up being "Wacky Week" where one day they get to wear crazy hats, another day is pj day, another crazy hair day.  Thursday was Twin Day where you dressed like a friend.  I tried to encourage to ask one of two specific friends, but she decided to make plans with another friend and was very excited that they had decided to dress alike together.  But then we showed up at school right as her friend was getting off the bus dressed like someone else!  Hannah started crying saying that her friend ditched her.  My heart broke for her, but I have to say I wasn’t surprised that it happened.  I talked to her explaining how some friends are really good friends and you can count on them, but other friends are just fun to hang around but aren’t the ones that you can count on.  Harsh lesson for a 7 year old who just doesn’t really get it though. 

    ~~ Let’s see…other things that have been going on…not much I guess.  Sean has had a nice father’s day.  After church we were going to go to breakfast at Cracker Barrel but he didn’t want to wait in the very long line, so we went to our usual place…Panera and got bagels.  Then we stopped by the mall where Hannah had her first dressing room experience, trying on clothes and she loved it.  She kept asking if there was anything else to try on.  Then we all got a new pair of shows, sandals for me, nice flip flops for them.  Home to watch the NASCAR race that Sean’s favorite driver won.  Chinese takeout per Sean’s request then we took the dogs downtown and we all, including JoJo and Daisy, got ice cream.  Now it is time to watch In Plain Sight (Army Wives recording on DVR) and get a little stitching in.

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    For some reason I am tired today.  I did do a lot of running around and I have been staying up a little late reading, so that could be why.  I have a few things that I want to share but I am really to tired to put the effort into it.  So over the next couple of days I will find some time but so I won’t forget, here are a few things I want to blog about…

    • Sleep Number Bed
    • Recent stitching and end of the year gift for Hannah’s teacher
    • Last Day of School (which is actually tomorrow so I really don’t have anything to say about it yet anyway)
    • The Dead Sea Salt
    • Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin
    • Friends, Not Friends…

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    One HOT Monday

    Today is HoT!  Even hotter then the weekend was and it was HoT all weekend.  Tomorrow is supposed to be hot and then thankfully, it will start to cool off.  We are supposed to have a few days next week where the high will be 80!  Those are the days that I plan on doing some more yard work. 

    I have been stitching a little here and there until last night when our lights went out.  The sun was still up but not enough to stitch by, so I pulled out my book.  I have been reading most of the day, between loads of laundry and changing the sheets on Hannah’s bed.  I even ran the vacuum between chapters so it hasn’t been a totally lazy day.  But I am almost done with my first of the Bent Creek Holiday Snappers.

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    So I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to make for dinner last night.  Sean wasn’t much help either, "Something easy" was all he could come up with to make.  I needed to go to the store, so it could be anything.  Then it hit me. The other day I saw Crash Hot Potatoes on The Pioneer Woman’s cooking blog and they did look pretty yummy.  But what to have with them? Pan-Fried Rib-eye Steak will go well enough.  Dinner was so good!  Not one potato left over.  Now the problem will be choosing to make Crash Hot Potatoes or Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes as I am now addicted to both.

    It is going to be HOT and HUMID this weekend.  And I am not the type, nor is Sean who enjoys being hot and sticky.  So we have decided to pretty much stay in.  Though we are getting up early to make the first showing of Kung Fu Panda in the morning and we will attend church on Sunday.  But during the hottest part of the day…I will be inside either reading, stitching or doing the WiiFit. 

    However tonight we going to the local theatre downtown to see The Princess Bride.  Oh, how I love this movie.  I am dragging Hannah along, because I really think if she watches it she would like it.  We have it on DVD, Sean bought it for me awhile back as a surprise but she has so far refused to watch it.  Some friends are going too and I am glad that they called earlier this week to tell us about it. 

    Yesterday I received an email from Best Buy about some games that you can pre-order.  Since Hannah has a DS we are so getting this.  Sean loves playing Guitar Hero and now we will be able to take it on vacation.


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    …because I have an actual finish!  I finished the teacher’s end of the year gift yesterday.  Well almost…I am waiting on buttons that I ordered to come in then it will be done.  And then I just have to "finish" it by next week.  I will go shopping this week for fabric and what not so that I can do that this weekend. I ordered the buttons with a few other things from Stitches N Things.  How is this for customer service…I mentioned in the comments of my order that I was in desperate need of the buttons for a gift, and if they didn’t have them in stock, could they please let me know.  I got an email that a few of the charts I ordered weren’t in, but they would mail the buttons right out and send the rest when the missing charts came in.

    I also worked a bit on My Sunshine by La D Da.  I am thinking that I will have this one done soon…HA HA. 

    However, this afternoon, instead of picking a WIP up to work on…I started something new.  I shouldn’t have but I did.  Bent Creek’s Holiday Snapper is now started, though I haven’t gotten very far yet. 

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