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Since I haven’t been stitching the last couple of days…have chosen to head to bed early instead, I thought I would post photos of some beautiful jewelry sets that I am thankful to have gotten/been given over the years. 

Sometime last year I was at the mall and walked by a kiosk that sells jewelry.  The lady who runs it makes it.  I fell in love with a necklace and earring set that I knew would go perfectly with an outfit or two hanging in my closet. 

Sean surprised me with this set one day when he ran out to pick up something for dinner.  (One earring was missing a stone, which they replaced with a new set.)

I am not sure…but I think I got this set or the one below when I got my mom a set for a Christmas present (I don’t have a picture of that one, but it also included a matching bracelet and was in blue, her favorite color) because if I bought a second one, I would get a big discount.  So then I got the other when I was out and about in the mall.  These are not expensive at all especially considering that they are sets and handmade.  Most have cost less than $35.

I received this set from Sean for Christmas.  He picked it to go with an outfit he gave me for Christmas.

I received this set, from and picked out by Hannah, for Christmas last year.  I love the little butterflies and flowers.  And it is in my favorite color.

Last Sunday after Church services, we went over to the mall and Sean & I saw a couple of sets that we both liked.  There was one set with pearls and butterfly that was pretty.  I couldn’t decide which I liked better.  Yesterday Sean and I went the mall to return some jeans.  He said he wanted to buy me one.  We decided on this one.

Here are some other sets (most of them) that I have collected (or been given) over the years from various places.

  Earlier this year a friend and I went to lunch downtown then walked the shops.  I found this beauty on sale 1/2 off!  I paid just $8 for it and have received many comments on it. 

A few years ago, Sean and I were shopping for Christmas presents.  I saw this necklace (on sale for under $20) by 1928.  Sean bought it for me…even though we were only suppose to be Christmas shopping for others.  Last year or the year before I found the earrings that were a pretty close match. 

When Hannah was in pre-school, they had a Mother/Child Tea for Mother’s Day.  I searched and searched for the perfect outfit, then for some new jewelry to go with the new outfit.  This was a perfect set also on sale and also by 1928.

This was a Christmas present (almost two year ago) from Hannah.  It is one of my favorites and I wear it often. 

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Yesterday’s Excitement

Yesterday was an exciting day indeed.  Hannah started third grade!  I can’t believe how fast the years are going.  But my little one sure is growing up fast.

And there was even more excitement due to a little one that wanted to join in on the new school year but wasn’t allowed to enroll.  Which can be read about here… from the local paper.

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Pictures to share

  Hannah is all ready for school tomorrow.  We had success in finding backpacks and lunch boxes in Hannah Montana but not in the highly desired rolling backpack style.  None to be had in our area.  Thanks to Mima though, Hannah has the rolling backpack and a matching lunchbox.  Mom called to tell me she saw them in her area and I said "GO and get one ASAP!"  So she did and mailed them to Hannah right away.  Inside are the supplies required that Hannah & I got…also with the Hannah Montana theme.  I took the backpack & lunchbox that we had gotten back.

  At the end of the school year, Hannah brought home her broken scissor fob that I had made for her.  She found most of the pieces, and I told her I would make a new one.  Since school starts tomorrow, I thought I better get on that task.  So today I pulled out the stuff and made her a new one.  For this one I used some new ABC beads to make it personalized.  While making the new one today, she confessed that she thought she cut it while cutting something at school and talking quietly with a friend.  You’re allowed to do that…talk quietly. 

  Finally I took a picture of my progress on Circus of Circles.  I have been stitching on this piece most of the month.  I am really enjoying watching this one grow.  It is going to be so pretty when it is finished.

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I was looking for a memory stick this morning and found a SD card with some pictures on it.  I found my favorite picture of Daisy on it…from when we first brought her home.

She was so tiny.  She isn’t feeling very well today.  Seems she may have gotten Kennel Cough while she & JoJo were being boarded.  Started coughing yesterday afternoon.  Sean said last night it sounded like her cough when she was a baby.  Poor thing.  I called the vet this morning and they will be seeing her this evening.  JoJo isn’t coughing and hopefully she won’t started.  But they were boarded together, so we will have to keep an eye on her after Daisy gets the official diagnosis.

I also found a couple of pictures of Hannah and me that I kinda liked…

     The first one was taken while waiting for Beauty & the Beast on Broadway last May and the second was in TN waiting to go into the Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede dinner show.  (Shortly after I decided to grow out my bangs, something I attempt to do every few years or so, but never do.  They reach a point that they just get on my nerves that I end up cutting them.  A week before we went to NYC we all got our hair cut, and I can officially say I have grown them out.) 

Of course, now I can’t decide if I like it or not…

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Sniff Sniff

I am still feeling bad…worse than yesterday.  I started with a sore throat and headache, now I am getting very stuffy & running, my nasal passages feel like they are on fire and getting congested in my chest.  I will admit…I am a big baby when I get sick.  So all I want to do is stay in bed and whine ’til I am better.  However, since I am a mother…that never happens.  The little girl still needs to be taken care of, laundry and other housework still needs to be done, breakfast, lunch and dinner still need to be made, the dogs still need basic care…any mother knows what I mean.  Sean was very sweet though stopping on the way home from work to pick up what was needed to make my favorite comfort meal…grilled cheese and soup.  He brought home chicken noodle soup along with a tomato and deli ham for the grilled cheese. It was pretty yummy. 

I am trying to get some stitching in here and there.  I am working on Circus of Circles…though I guess I should pull something else out from my goals and work on that for a bit.  But I really have been enjoying the Circles. 

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Back from NYC

We had a wonderful time in New York.  Our first day there we headed out to see Lady Liberty.  What a beauty!  I am so happy to have finally been there.  Something I can mark off my list of things and places.  Though I plan on going again.  Hannah and Sean loved it, too. 

Thursday we ate at pizza at Angelo’s (yummy) and went shopping.  Our big stop…American Girl Place.  We got Lilly’s hair done and Hannah picked out a new friend…Kit!…along with a few other things. 


Then we went to see The Little Mermaid during the evening.  WoW!  It was very good.

Friday we went to the American Natural History Museum during the day.  We went to the special The Horse exhibit first and it was very good.  My complaint…they didn’t have a book that you could buy based on it.  Hannah (and I) loves horses and it was a lot of info that would have been nice to have in a book to read later.

Saturday we went to Central Park, took a carriage ride, went to the Central Park Zoo, did a little more shopping and ate dinner at Ellen’s Stardust Diner.  By Saturday evening I was getting sick and we ended up spending the remaining time with me in bed at the hotel.  We left early Sunday morning and I am still a bit sick but hoping to get better soon.

Next week Hannah heads back to school… :0( for me, but she is looking forward to it.  On our way to pick up the dogs today we stopped by the school to see who’s class she will be in for third grade.  Her first grade teacher has been moving up with her and though she didn’t have her last year for second, she will have her again this year.  Also one of her classmates from the last three years will be in her class again this year which we both think is pretty cool, too. 

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Wow!  I can’t believe tomorrow we are leaving for New York.  Up bright and early to catch the train.  We are all packed and ready to go.  Although there were times today I wasn’t so sure I would be ready.  But most everything I wanted to get done before leaving got done.  I dropped our dogs off at the bets to board earlier today and miss them already.  The house is to quiet without them.  Funny, because I usually wishing for a little quiet time.  LOL

I plan on taking some stitch with me, though mostly for the train as I think we will be busy enjoying the city. 

‘Til I return…

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I haven’t been stitching much but when I have pulled something out to work on it has been Circus of Circles.  (Am I the only one who calls this one by its English name??)

  Not much since the last time I stitched on it, but it is coming along nicely. 

I have been taking my camera outside with me every now and again when taking Daisy out for her business.  I have gotten a couple of cute pictures of some neighbor wildlife. 

This little fellow lives somewhere in our yard, I think, but here she is actually in our neighbor’s yard…snacking from their garden.  We also have a little chipmunk living in our front flower bed stone wall but I have never been able to get a picture of him.

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This week’s SBQ was suggested by Outi (http://snowprincipessa.livejournal.com/) and is:
What do you do to your thread clippings? Do you just scrap them or do you use them in something else?

I keep a snippet jar nest to my stitching chair, usually I try to keep the snippets small and toss them into the yard for next building birds. 

The permalink to this post is: http://blog.blondelibrarian.net/archives/2008/08/sbq-and-blog-awards/

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A small finish

  Only seven more squares to go!  I finished stitching my second square last night.  This is my favorite square of the series. 

I can’t believe that summer is almost over and Hannah will be going back to school soon.  I think she is looking forward to going back.  She has become bored with my company.  :0(  I have tried to keep her entertained but don’t think I am doing well.  She is always telling me she is bored.  Tomorrow night she is going to a friend’s for a sleep over so hopefully that will help with for her boredom. 

Last night Sean and I went to the eye doctor’s for a long over due eye exam.  Actually…it was very long over due for me.  So in a few days, my new glasses should be ready.  Sean asked if I planned on wearing this pair.  I rarely wear the last pair I got because they slide down my nose if I blink.  Drives me crazy.  I really like those frames, too.  The eye doctor said he was surprised I didn’t wear my glasses at night to drive due to night blindness issues.  I apparently have a significant astigmatism in both eyes now.  I explained that I rarely drive at night…Sean does most of the driving.  He laughed at that..

Not much happening around here this week.  Hannah had a great week at Vacation Bible School with several busy afternoons after.  One day we went to lunch with friends, another day to a picnic at a local nature park and one day we spent the afternoon at Chuck E Cheese after Hannah had the sealant on her six year molars done.  Yesterday we met friends at the park for a short play-date.  It was much nicer than I thought it would be…not as uncomfortable considering the heat and humidity.  Tomorrow and the weekend looks to be shaping up for beautiful weather. 

I am getting very frustrated lately.  In an effort to lose some weight (and not a ton just about 10-15 lbs) I have upped the amount of and type of exercise I am doing…but NOTHING is happening.  I have already over the years made many changes…like no soda or sweet tea in the house, I drink mostly water all day every day, no eating after 8 PM, have switched many of the foods in the house to better choices (like whole grains), upped my fiber, fruit and veggies and smaller food portions.  I have not lost a POUND!  Last fall I was within pounds of my goal only to put on a few extras over the holidays.  I guess I should be thankful that I didn’t continue to gain but I am getting annoyed that it isn’t coming back off.   And I don’t want to spend hours working out like the Hollywood crowd.  I mean come on.  They look great and all, but I just read today that Madonna spends four hours a day working out!  I just don’t want to do that.  What to do?

Well, on that note…It is getting late in the morning and I should get to my workout.

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