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Where does the time go?

Yesterday was my God-daughter’s first birthday.  I can’t believe she is a year already.  Hannah and I drove down to my parents on Saturday so that we could attend her birthday party.  She is just a cutie.  Hannah enjoyed seeing her Auntie Na-Na, Uncle Carlus, Kyan and Kee-Kee.  She also really enjoyed seeing her MiMa, Pop-Pop and Auntie Shirley.

On our way home we stopped at the hospital to see my nephew(in-law), niece and great-nephew.  My nephew is doing pretty well.  He is hoping to get out of the hospital and move on to the rehab center this week.  Hannah and I are going to head down again tomorrow for the day.  Hannah doesn’t have school tomorrow so we can spend time without me watching the clock and having to beat traffic to get back to town to pick Hannah up from school.

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…but no stitching.  I haven’t been stitching much this last week.  I haven’t even picked up a project since Thursday.  I have been down with a cold that is really kicking my ass.  But Friday was Fair Day so like a good mom I took Hannah to the fair.  I actually felt fine in the morning but an hour after getting there I started feeling worse and just went down hill from there. 

Saturday we went out for breakfast then took Hannah to the movies.  It was a nice day, but like the day before I felt fine in the morning and by the end of the day wanted to rip my own head off and throw it across the room. 

After church today, Hannah and I headed to PA for a baby shower for my BIL/SIL.  The baby is due in October.  I called first to make sure that it was okay considering I had been sick.  I adore them and Hannah talked about going all week.  It was a lovely shower.  I have yet to decide on the birth announcement that I want to stitch for the new baby and I really need to get on that!

The last progress I did actually make…

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It has been a busy week around here.  Hannah’s school kicked off their fundraiser so we PTA members had some things to do to get ready for that.

My niece’s husband arrived at the Naval Hospital in Bethesda earlier in the week.  My parents were able to come one day to visit and I was able to drive down the following day.  My niece’s husband sustained injuries to both legs from the bomb.  He unfortunately had to have both legs amputated from the knees below and had to have his spleen removed.  Both my niece and her husband are in very good spirits about his recovery which I think will do wonders for his recovery time.  It is also possible that due to the medical care he will be needing and that there are very few military hospitals that provide that care, that they will move to the area for awhile.  I am planning on going up again this week to visit.

I also have a third cousin being treated for cancer.  There was a news report in our area about that.  Hopefully he will start to respond well to the treatment and beat it.

I told my mom the other day that since my other niece is on the list waiting for a kidney that that is it…no more!  No one else in our family is allowed to get sick or injured in an accident.  I won’t have it.  I only wish it was that easy. 

On a lighter note and about stitching, I have been doing that a little.  I have been working on Circus of Circles.  I did stitch a tiny bit on Esmeralda’s House but I have really been enjoying the Circles so I just keep pulling it out.

Hannah has caught her first cold of the school year.  She started sounding stuffy but that isn’t unusual due to her allergies, but today she woke up coughing and has requested a breathing treatment.  Hopefully, she will feel well enough for school because she hates missing a day.

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Today I woke up feeling frustrated thinking about my inability to lose weight, constructing a blog entry in my mind about it while making tea when my mom called.  My niece’s husband who has been serving in Iraq was injured by a land mine. He will be heading this way soon after first going to Germany for surgery.  I know that my niece must be having a very hard time not being at his side right now.  So they are both in my thoughts and prayers, as they have been since his deployment. 

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I gotta have it!

I saw the new thread pack from Little House Needleworks today and I must have it!  I am going to sign up for an auto-shipping for this one.  It is really beautiful.  I love it!

Last night I was stitching away on the inside of a circle in Circus of Circles and was almost done with it when I realized I made an error with the very first stitch!  Ugh!  I had to rip it all out.  I am boldly starting that part again…I think.  I might stitch another area first…the pain is still fresh and raw from the ripping last night.

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A Get-a-way

Well…it is official.  I sent in my RSVP and made my reservations at the bed and breakfast.  I will be going to Key West in early February for a friend’s wedding that I have known for 20 years and I will be staying at The Curry House.  Now I just need to get my plane tickets.  Sean has decided to stay behind, work from home and take care of Hannah & the dogs. 

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Here’s my long boring uninteresting play by play of our pretty lazy long weekend.  But we spent some time together and that is always wonderful.  Friday Sean worked from home but we went for bagels after dropping Hannah at school.  We also stopped by the mall/bookstore on our way back and picked up a few things.  After school and playtime, we went to dinner then for ice cream.  I went to bed shortly after Hannah, though my intention was to read, I am not sure I got through two pages before passing out.  Sean picked out a book for Hannah while at the bookstore (something he hasn’t ever done before), that we gave her after school and she was excited because it was the book her teacher was reading to the class.  She finished Sunday afternoon! 

I really need to start going to the library more for her, but she was reading most of her books over and over again which made the cost (for paperbacks) well worth it.  Hardbacks…not so much.  We got her a book last weekend that was only in hardback that she read in under four hours.  I told Sean that is why I usually never buy her hardbacks.  What can you do?  At least she loves to read and is very good at it.  I hope she’ll be reading that one again sometime. 

Saturday was a lazy day.  Sean and I both did the elliptical, showered then put on clean pjs.  Hannah stayed in her pjs all day, too.  Last weekend we picked up a new game for the Wii Board called WeSki and they decided to play it for several hours.  I watched The Starter Wife marathon.  Later Hannah watched the movie Holes while Sean and I watched the movie Shutter.  Not bad.

Sunday after church and bagels…yes, we eat a lot of bagels around here…we went to the mall in Hagerstown and the outlets.  We had planned on making it home in time to watch E.T. which we saw was coming on according to the guide on the TV/DVR.  So we get home, eat dinner and settle in to watch it only to find out that the guide was wrong.  It said that it was on but something else was.  After Hannah went to bed, Sean watched the race and I watched a movie I had gotten from Netflix called The Life Before Her Eyes.  Wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be, but was pretty good.

Yesterday we ran over to Wal-mart to pick up a few things and found the last copy of E.T. on DVD so we picked that up brought it home and watched it in the afternoon.  Hannah hadn’t seen it before and says she liked it a little, but barely moved the entire time it was on.  After we grilled out for dinner, we finally popped in Ariel’s Beginning and watched that before Hannah went to bed.

I didn’t realize that we watched so many movies over the weekend…wow! Like I said…a pretty lazy long weekend. 

I did get some stitching in though not much.  Saturday night JoJo was feeling pretty needy so she was curled up in my lap and I can’t stitch with JoJo in my lap.  But on Sunday and Monday evening I did get a little done on Ezmeralda’s House. 

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August Goals

  • Stitch on Circus of Circles ~ I have been working on this piece and it is enjoyable.
  • Finish stitching the Holiday Snappers square ~ I finished this square…Only seven more squares to go. 
  • Stitch on Ezmeralda’s House ~ stitched a bit on this one on the very last day of the month.
  • I need to stitch a birth announcement for BIL/SIL baby (girl) due in late October, but I haven’t yet decided on a pattern ~ Well…I still haven’t decided on a pattern and the baby is due next month.  I have considered stitching the same pattern that I stitched for our nephew, but sorta feel like that is a cop-out.  I have to find and decide on something…soon!

September Goals

  • Stitch on Circus of Circles ~
  • Stitch on Ezmeralda’s House ~
  • Start to stitch a third square of the Holiday Snappers ~
  • Pick and start a birth announcement piece ~
  • Pick a small wedding sampler to stitch for a friend getting married next February ~
  • Pick a end of the year project to stitch for Hannah’s teacher ~

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