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Oh, Crap!

So on Friday Sean mentioned that I really needed to do an update on my laptop.  So Saturday night while watching a few The Starter Wife episodes that I had on DVR, I decided to go ahead and get it over with.  Guess what?  My laptop went belly up!!  Sean worked on it all day yesterday after we got back from church.  Hannah and I went to a birthday party and we were gone over three hours.  He was in the same spot as he was when we left for the party.  He stopped long enough to eat dinner with us, cut open the pumpkin we had to carve & the piece of the pattern and continued working on it until bed.

He has gotten it to work, somewhat.  Several programs disappeared that I need like MS Money and Office, but he was able to totally back up all my pictures, recipes, documents and freebies that I have saved on the hard drive so none of that is lost.  Thankfully, after the previous mishap with MS Money, I back it up every time I use it to a memory stick which is then stored else where.  (I use to back up to a cd and left it in the PC sometimes…one time my old laptop got a virus that totally corrupted my cd.  I lost the financial records of eight years!)  Oddly, the programs won’t reinstall, so tonight Sean has to wipe the drive and reinstall the entire thing.  It will sorta be like having a new laptop but what a pain in the ass for him really.  Me too, cuz I will have to sort thru everything and decided what can stay on the external hard drive and what I really need to have on the laptop.  I am thinking my PTA documents/flyers are about all I will put back on the laptop so that they are there when I need them.  And I will later this week.

We did carve our pumpkin last night.  This is the first pumpkin I have ever carved.  Okay…I didn’t actually do the carving so does it still count as my first?  Sean cut off the top, I cleaned out the insides (then cleaned, and roasted ~ burned :0( ~ the seeds), taped the pattern on the front of the pumpkin, Hannah poked the holes and Sean carved the pieces out.  We all think it turned out pretty good.  

Well, on Saturday I did get some stitching done though not as much as I thought I would but at least I actually stitched.  I also read quite a bit of my book that is really good.  I only have a few more chapters and can’t wait to see how it ends.

Time to switch the loads of laundry…fun fun!

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Whaa Whaa Whaa

So the two people besides myself who read my blog are probably thinking "where does she get off, barely posting, hardly stitching and whining?"  But whatever!  I have some whining to do.

First, why do none of the Joann Fabrics in my area have the new Gingher Sarah scissors in stock?  I have been stalking the Joann’s in my town but nothing.  So today I drove down to another town where I had luck finding Julia to check there and they had none.  The very kind employee there called four other stores in the area with no luck.  I haven’t checked the stores in the other direction mostly because I rarely travel that way.  Instead I have decided to suck it up, check eBay and hope for the best there.

(Photo from eBay)

I still haven’t been stitching.  It really isn’t a lack of desire to stitch either, so I don’t think it could be considered a stitching slump in the traditional sense.  I actually think about stitching, daydream if you will while I am busy doing my wifely & motherly duties, about when I will be able to curl up in my stitching chair in my new favorite PJ’s with a glass of lemonade or a cool bottle of water, perhaps a cup of tea, pull out one of my thousands of WIPS (okay, I don’t have thousands of WIPS but if I started everything I own waiting in the shadows, I could) and put a few stitches into fabric.  Aaahhhhh…the shear joy of it!  However by the time my evening is winding down and I curl up in my stitching chair, I think to myself I am just going to relax a few minutes and then pull out my project.  Only before I realize it it is time to go to bed and I haven’t done a thing but veg out all evening.  Most nights this week I have gone to bed or fallen asleep on the sofa before 10 PM. 

Today was picture day at school.  Hannah’s class was scheduled for after lunch.  When I picked her up…she had ketchup from lunch around her mouth.  I went in to talk to her teacher and ask if they had people that check them over before hand.  She said that the company doesn’t but that she gave them each the once over and asked why.  So I told her.  She said she didn’t notice it and felt terrible.  I am hoping that the photo doesn’t show it.  I am also hoping that I didn’t have any kind of attitude when I went in, because I adore her teacher and really don’t want to be considered as one of those parents that flies of the handle. 

I went down to Walter Reed to see my niece and her family today (or I could have went up to the school myself~ I was actually worried about Hannah’s hair because of her headband).  So my nephew-in-law is doing so well.  I have to say that I find them to be very inspiring with their positive attitudes about the hand they have been dealt.  After spending a few hours with them I always feel happier and uplifted. 

I have been reading somewhat more than usual.  At least compared to last year at this time.  I did well when I participated in the Spring Reading Thing.  After it ended I continued with it, but after I slowly read We Are All Welcome Here by Elizabeth Berg I decided not to read the books on my list, and picked up a couple of other books.  I read Swimming to Catalina by Stuart Woods.  After finishing that one I picked up The Darkest Evening of the Year by Dean Koontz.  I have only read a other book or two by him and wouldn’t consider myself a fan but I gotta say I am really enjoying this book.  I hope I feel that way at the end.  I have also added a few more new books to the mix…I recently picked up Book of the Dead by Patricia Cornwell, Double Cross by James Patterson and The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski.  Plus I still have about a dozen other books not on my sidebar list that I hope to read sometime.  I am really going to try hard not to add any more books to the pile.  HAHA  Books are just another form of stash, don’t ‘cha know? 

We have no plans for tomorrow.  After a short but very deep conversation, Sean and I decided that tomorrow we are doing nothing.  We both feel like we have been just going and going and going without much of a break to sit around and do nothing, so no plans for tomorrow.  I plan on spending the day catching up on DVR and stitching, so wish me luck that things go according to plan.  Though I may add some reading to the day…

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Up until Thursday it has been in the ’80s around here.  Yesterday the weather finally cooled and it is lovely outside.  Jeans and sweater weather.  I love the colors of the leaves as they change and now that the weather has gotten cooler, it doesn’t seem so strange that they are changing and falling. 

Hannah didn’t have school yesterday.  The whole week has been crazy with half days.  We decided to drive up to Hershey for the Hersheypark After Dark fun yesterday.  Hannah wore her Halloween costume and trick or treated in the park.  She had such a bright face the entire time we were there looking as happy as I want her to feel her entire life. 

A few other things we have done lately…saw Eagle Eye while Hannah had a sleep over, took Hannah to the Maryland Renascence Fair, started Christmas shopping and I have been unsuccessfully trying to find a pair of the new Gingher Sarah scissors.  They haven’t arrived in my town’s JoAnn Fabrics.

Hannah’s parent/teacher conference went well.  She is doing great in math & science.  Hannah is also reading on a forth grade level.  She needs to work on her writing a bit.  She likes to write the bare minimum and sometimes you need a little more detail than that.  Her teacher did say to ask her to talk about something and she will share tons of detail, she just needs to learn to put that down on paper.

I still haven’t been doing much stitching.  I want to, but when the times comes to settle down and pull it out…I am just to tired to actually pull it out and stitch.  Hopefully that will change soon. 

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I haven’t blogged in sometime.  I have been busy and as a result, tired.  I haven’t been stitching either.  For my birthday, Hannah gave me a Nintendo DS and I have been playing Mah Jong.

I have been busy doing other things too.  Like PTA, movie night at school, volunteering in Hannah’s classroom, going on a field trip, visiting my niece and her family, housework and all of that, taking JoJo and Jasmine to the vets for their yearly exam and celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary.  JoJo is going in tomorrow for a teeth cleaning.  She is four now and in need but thankfully the vet said that her teeth aren’t that bad and gums are healthy. 

Parent Teacher Conferences are this week.  Sean and I are meeting with Hannah’s teacher on Tuesday.  I am looking forward to finding out how she is doing in school, but I already know it will be a good report.  I see her teacher every day and Hannah is bringing home mostly A’s and a few B’s.  Still I can’t wait to find our her levels in reading and math. 

I decided not to set any stitching goals.  Mostly because I haven’t been stitching, but I am sure I will find a balance with my hobbies.  Let’s see, a few more hours in the day is all I need for reading, stitching and gaming…plus my duties as a SAHM and housewife. 

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