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Happy New Year

I am hoping for a wonderful 2009 and wishing everyone one as well. 

For me, 2008 wasn’t bad, but I would like to see some personal changes in 2009.  Mostly, during this year I slowly procrastinated more in more with things I needed to do around the house.  So to start the new year off well, I spent the day (and I do mean the day!) getting my personal accounts balanced.  That’s right, I haven’t been balancing my accounts, but all is done now.  I have decided on a new filing system too.  I tend to keep everything, bills and receipts, so one of the other things I have been working on is getting old papers shredded and recycled.  My new filing system will prevent years of this stuff hanging around like it has been. 

I am also hoping to stay on top of my housework and not letting it get so messy around here.  The last couple of weeks has been so nice with things, being where they belong, of course, Sean and Hannah could help with this problem by putting things back where they got them from when they are done.

I am hoping to actually get some stitching done too.  The last few months has been pretty lacking in that department.  I actually think about stitching, but when the time comes, I am to tired or ended up doing other stuff and before I know it…it is bed time.

Well, I am off to ring in the new year!

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I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday celebrating the reason for the season.  We had a wonderful holiday.  This was one of the best visits with my parents in a long time.  My dad was in a great mood his entire time here it seemed.  We shared good conversations, good food, and lots of laughs.

My parents arrived earlier yesterday and stayed over night.  We watched a couple of movies and I got lots of prep work done for today.  For Christmas dinner today we had Turkey, Ham, stuffing, potatoes, fresh green beans, broccoli salad, corn casserole, homemade cranberry sauce, and my mom made deviled eggs.  It was pretty good.  For dessert, we had Pumpkin Chiffon Pie and Apple Pie.  I baked cookies for Santa (the carrots are for the Reindeer…Santa’s not the cookie ones heehee) and there was plenty left over for the rest of us.

I got up early to get the turkey ready to put in the oven.  Since Santa had visited, when Hannah woke up I had her wake up Daddy and Mima so that we could open gifts.

New PJs that we opened last night

A sweater from my niece

Hannah Montana Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree (Man oh man, did she talk about wanting this)

WowWee Alive White Tiger (She talked about this a lot too, so Santa came thru in bringing this)

Hannah got lots of games for her DS, lots of things for her AG Dolls, clothes, magnetic earrings and a locket.  Sean got lots games for the xBox 360, some clothes and the P90X exercise system he wanted.  I got clothes, a couple of Wii games, some jewelry, and a red Coach purse.  Hannah got a new name picture, with the meaning of her name.  Sean and I also got one from my parents.  We also got gift cards to eat out, the book store, JC Penney and The Children’s Place.  We gave my parents some yummies from Harry & David, slippers, gift cards to eat out & to go to the movies, an Angel centerpiece and a bracelet for my mom, a Redskin fleece shirt and a coffee mug for my dad.

These are a couple of my favorite gifts…

From my parents…I love Mickey, but you knew that already, right?  I also love Elvis.  How cute is this?

  From Hannah…Isn’t this sweet?  Hannah loves to draw and is always taping her pictures to the wall around the house, so this is a perfect.

Tonight after my parents left to head back home, Sean, Hannah and I went to the movies to see The Tale of Despereaux.  So cute!

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The Holiday Break has begun.  Sean has been off since Monday of the week…actually been home since Friday due to working from home on those days.  The tree is loaded with presents for the three of us, and my parents.  The menu has been picked.  The groceries have been bought.  The to do list for the next two days has been made.  Tomorrow I will be baking Reindeer Cookies with Hannah, Pumpkin Chiffon Pie and Pumpkin Cake with Whiskey Whipped Cream, then making Broccoli Salad and homemade Cranberry Sauce.  I will also be getting some last minute things done around the house first thing in the morning getting ready for my parents visit.

Sean has been such a wonderful hubby helping around the house since he has been home.  He wrapped all the presents, has done dishes, folded the laundry, ran errands.  He made and took JoJo in for a grooming appointment today. 

Just about wore her out.  When she came home she took a nap.

Today after picking up Hannah from her last day of school until next year, we headed over to get our nails done for the upcoming holiday season. 

Hannah actually picked a polish from my own small collection… OPI’s Merry Merry! They painted a little snowflake on one finger and mistletoe another.

I went with OPI’s A Ruby for Rudolph.  I am happy to say that these are my very own nails…no tips as they grew out back in the summer time.  I have managed to keep them this long with the help of the UV Gel.  I am also happy that for the very first time I have not messed up my nail polish yet.  About 50% of the time I nick it before I even leave the the salon, the rest of the time before I leave the parking lot.

Tonight we watched The Polar Express in 3D.

Daisy just couldn’t get what was going on…

Stitching…what is that?

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To Cute

Here are two of our very cute Christmas helpers…

And here is the cutest, sweetest little girl in my world… (who seriously doesn’t like her picture taken anymore and makes a face every time now)


We have been busy around here,  Friday I spent the day cleaning, cleaning and cleaning a little bit more.  Sean wrapped all the gifts for everyone except for me and him.  Saturday morning Hannah had rehearsal for the Church program for today.  I finished getting things cleaned around the house, along with preparing some treats for the afternoon.  Sean’s mom, brother and his family came over for the afternoon.  We had a nice time visiting, eating and exchanging gifts.  After they left Sean and I finished cleaning up, then I fell asleep a little after 9 pm. 

After Church and a wonderful program today, we made our usual stop at Panera then wandered around Best Buy until it was time to go over to our friends house for a Christmas gathering.  It was another afternoon of visiting and eating.  Then home for the Skins/Eagles game for Sean.  He and Hannah wrapped gifts for me while I was banned from the family room.  Hannah and I then wrapped Sean’s gifts while he was banned from the upstairs part of the house.  We watched Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  Now I am to tired for words and am thinking about going to bed early again. 

I really do hope to get some time where I am not to tired to stitch someday soon.

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This ornament

This ornament is making Daisy crazy.  Mickey’s hands and the broomsticks move.  When Daisy first noticed this she went nuts.  Barking, hopping towards the tree in a playful pounce, running in circles.  I thought she was about to attack the tree, but JoJo intervened.  I hope I can catch her on video sometime with this behavior.

Being the Mickey fan that I am, this is one of my favorite ornaments.

My mother had this ornament painted with Hannah’s name and the year 2000 when we went on a family vacation that November.  Sadly, you can’t see the personalization in the photo.

I recently started thinking about my goals list for the new year that is fast approaching.  So since I was sick on Sunday morning and Sean kindly took Hannah to church, I spent the time not sleeping but organizing my stash.  After looking thru most of what I have, then looking over the list that didn’t get much marked off of it this year, I wrote a new list of goals for the new year.  I then gathered it all together putting it into my to stitch basket that sits next to my stitching chair. 

New projects

WIPS (Daisy insisted on being in the photo)

Then last night at 10:30 PM instead of stitching on something from my WIPs pile, I started something new.  In my defense, it was on this year’s goal list.  I will have to move this on my goals list, which I don’t plan on sharing here…well, not until the end of the month/year anyway.  I started The Drawn Thread’s Hana’s Little Spot. (I did place it in the WIP photo before taking the pic.)

  I haven’t gotten very far.

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It’s decorated!

We put the tree up Saturday.  We switched to a skinny tree last year.  That means we are not able to use our turning tree stand but we have a little more room.  Our living room or any room in our house for that matter, isn’t very large, so putting in a Christmas tree and later presents, really make the space even more cramped.  I like the bigger tree, but I think the skinny tree works well.

Our new ornaments this year are…

School Days!  I haven’t written in anything yet, but you can with a permanent marker.


Noah’s Ark! Hannah’s nursery was in the Noah’s Ark theme and every year (except for the year they didn’t issue one) I get the new Noah’s Ark.  We now have eight Noah’s Ark theme ornaments.  You can sort of see the one from 2000 which was perfect for the first one.

HANNAH MONTANA! Hannah gets to pick one ornament each year.  This is the one she picked this year.  Is anyone really surprised by her choice?  Not really.  :0)

Hannah really helped put ornaments on the tree this year.  So there are a lot of empty spaces and some clumping going on.  As you can see with Hannah Montana and Pooh & Friends in the photo.  Pooh & Friends is an ornament that Hannah picked another year.  

I have taken other photos to share later of favorite ornaments.  Today I wanted to show how Hannah hung the first thru fifth Christmas Train/Bear ornaments that my mom gave her each of those year.

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Because I have a honest to goodness finish to share!  I finally pulled out some stitching and got some work done on it.

  Now I am trying to decide if I want to work on something else I already started on or start something new.

I spent yesterday doing laundry, cleaning out a couple of boxes of papers that needed shredding (broke the shredder) and cleaning up stitching stash in the office.  I have some organizing to do still but it looks a lot better in there. 

Today I volunteered in Hannah’s class, went to the grocery store for dinner and have done nothing else.  I still have a couple of loads of laundry to do but I am not in the mood to run up and down the stairs.  Tomorrow is another day.  I really need to load the car and take a ton of stuff to Goodwill to donate.  I am tired of the mess in my house.

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I told Sean I must be getting old or crazy when the most exciting thing happening this weekend is the city delivering the new recycle bids.  I waited at the window watching for ours to be dropped off.  I recycle a lot and have tried keeping things separated from plastics to cardboard but it looks like I no longer have to do that.  I am really excited about the size difference, too.  And yes, I realize that there are people out there thinking that I need to get a life, but whateve!

We went from this … to this  

Yesterday I woke up as normal bright and early but with a migraine.  It felt as if my head was going to split open.  I took some medicine, crawled back in bed and Sean got up to bring me a bottle of water.  I drank it all in five minutes, then waited for the meds to work.  Almost two hours later, I got up and got sick, laid back down with my head still splitting but fell back to sleep.  I woke up at 1:30 PM!  Wow!  I haven’t slept that late in I can’t remember how long.  I ended up spending the rest of the day in bed, lounging around, nursing a much more normal-size headache.  Today I feel fine, but actually could take a nap. 

While lounging around, I finished reading a book (Book of the Dead by Patricia Cornwell) and started another (Double Cross by James Patterson).  I also watched a Christmas DVD with Hannah when she came back and crawled into bed with me. 

:0( I did find out on Friday that my very favorite clothing store (B Moss) is closing.  Not just at the mall in our town, but the entire company is closing.  They are filing bankruptcy.  I am so sad for the girls who work at in the store (all of them).  The economy is really sucking.  And I am sad for me, too!  It is the only place I buy clothes regularly for myself.  I love the style and love the size I am there. (Usually a size smaller than other stores.)

Today, we went to church then to Olive Garden for soup, salad and breadsticks before we stopped by the pharmacy, bookstore, Starbucks and Baltimore Coffee Co.  I am now burning all of my Christmas CDs to load onto my iPod while Sean is watching Football.  Hannah already read one of the books we picked up for her and is now watching some Disney Channel.

We finally found, after looking everywhere, Christmas theme bandanas for the dogs.  Don’t they look cute?

Now with any luck, I might actually stitch for a bit this evening.

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So for a while now I have been thinking about getting an audio book.  I thought that it would be a good way to solve my problem of combining two of my hobbies that I can’t do at the same time…Stitching and reading.  I wasn’t sure if I would really like listening to someone read to me. 

While I was reading the Twilight Saga, Sean also showed some interest in audio books while at the book store one day.  After talking about it, we agreed to order the Twilight Saga audio book set and he would listen to the first book while taking the train to work.  He said that after 11 years of marriage it would be cool to be able to talk to me about a book.  I thought it would be easier to start with a book I had already read.  So once I finished all the books, I added Twilight to my iPod.  Though I enjoy actually reading the book myself more, I did enjoy listening to it on audio book while walking the dogs or cleaning house. 

Funny thing…both Sean and I finished yesterday.  Today I am burning the CDs to New Moon so that I can add it to my iPod.  I am thinking about getting some audio books for Sean for Christmas… something more in line with his interest. 

Now I am trying to decide what else to do this afternoon.  My choice are stitch, while starting to listen to New Moon, read the book I have slowly been getting through or take a nap.  The nap seems to be winning out.

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So I said to my hubby tonight that I feel like I need a good cry…no reason really, just feel like I need a good cry.  He said that that didn’t sound normal.  Does anyone ever feel like they need a good cry even when there isn’t really a reason, just for a release of emotion?  I told him that I think it is normal, but I did start to wonder. 

We had a nice holiday weekend.  We had a nice visit with my mom, dad and aunt who now lives with my parents.  My niece, her husband and son were also able to visit my parents for the holiday.  I so enjoyed spending time with them.  On Friday after my niece and her family left, my cousin and his wife came to visit for the rest of the weekend (to see his mom).  Sean and I went to see Twilight and I enjoyed the movie.  I am still obsessed with the Twilight saga and look forward to seeing how they make New Moon into a movie…since it has received the greenlight. 

I am still reading the book I started right after I finished Breaking Dawn.  It isn’t that it isn’t good but it just doesn’t have the same I can’t put this book down-ness for me. 

While down at my parents, we didn’t rush out for shopping on black Friday.  I have only done that once when Hannah was a toddler.  But on our way back from the movies, Sean did stop by the Ulta store for me.  We don’t have one in our town. :0(  I love getting new make up.  I picked up some Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer by Smashbox to cover the redness in my skin tone, a 30 day RareMineral Skin Revival Duo kit that includes a cleanser and night time skin treatment and some bareMinerals Multi-Tasking Bisque.  I have been using bareMinerals make-up for a few years now and I love it.  I have never found a make up until I started using this that didn’t feel like it melted on my face within a couple of the hours.  I also got a new bareMinerals shadow.  I could have gone totally crazy and gotten so much more, but I restrained myself. 

Yesterday, I busted out my new Denise Austin Best Belly Fat Busters DVD and did the first workout.  It was only about 10 minutes as this is all about targeting the abs.  However, today my neck hurts so much I can barely move it.  I hate crunches!  And it has more to do with my inability to do them without using my neck muscles vs. the soreness of my abs after working them. 

I have stitched but very little.  I have once again been having a bout of headaches in the evenings in addition to my somewhat loss of mojo in stitching.

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