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Ah! The weekend

So, the book fair is over and we increased our sales for last year.  That is always good.  I have to submit our final numbers to find out what our profits take will be, and then the PTA has to decide how to take that profit.  Cash, vouchers or a combo of both. 

Today I slept in until about 9:30 AM…but I woke still really tired.  I ate some breakfast, then took a hot bubble bath with Epson salt.  My feet feel much better.  I can actually walk on them today.  Yesterday morning I wasn’t sure how I would get through the day.  When I first woke up, I could barely stand up on them.  I am not sure how to describe the feeling but the bottoms feel full of knots.

My plans today include a whole lot of nothing.  Well, reading a bit of my book and stitching.  Watching some DVR and maybe a movie.  Other than that…I plan on doing a whole lot of nothing.

Tomorrow we’ll go to church then breakfast at Panera.  In the afternoon, Hannah and I will go to a birthday party for a classmate.  They have been in the same class since Kindergarten.  I wonder how long that will last?

Now I am off to eat a bite of something before I pass out.  Why am I so hungry today?

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It’s book fair week at Hannah’s school so I haven’t had a lot of time for anything else.   We are open everyday from before school and for sometime after.  Last night we were also open for a couple of hours.  I was home in time for Lost though.  Tomorrow is the last day.  I plan on sleeping until Sunday.  I haven’t been stitching because I am just to tired in the evenings.

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I love shoes

Actually, this doesn’t describe me at all.  I am no Carrie.  I am one of those odd women who is happy to have a few pairs of comfortable shoes with a classic style, in basic colors.  Nothing overly trendy that I won’t be able to wear in a year or two.  That doesn’t mean that I haven’t seen a pair here or there that I fall for but I never buy shoes without a purpose for them.  Like my mother-in-law will buy a pair that she has nothing to wear with and then has to go look for a new outfit.  My thing has always been purses, but anyone who knows me…already knew that.

However, I have friends that love shoes.  Have tons of shoes.  So when I was checking out the new releases from Nashville, I saw a design that I just had to stitch for one of those friends.  And even though I have several projects that I should be working on, I decided to start it.  It is smaller than most every thing else I am stitching and I plan on throwing it in my bag for next week.  Though I doubt I will have any down time during the book fair, I like to be prepared.  You never know if there might be a minute or two that a stitch can be crossed. 

The friend I am stitching this for was one that was very instrumental in my developing stitching hobby oh so many years ago.  I don’t think she stitches that often if at all anymore.  She did stitch for me a little something that has always been very special to me.  I will have to remember to take a picture of it sometime and share it’s meaning.

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Yesterday my LHN Traveling Stitcher kit and project pocket arrived.  The pocket is all put together not needing any sewing on my part.  I haven’t opened it yet to see how to attach the finished stitching, but when the time comes, that is all I will need to do. 

I also received an email from Stitches N Things letting me know that my order I placed back in January for the traveling scissors and the hare scissors was finally being sent out to me today.  I had ordered the traveling scissors for my trip to the Keys since they are TSA approved and considered canceling the order since I didn’t receive them before going.  I decided that they will come in handy the next time I fly, though we don’t fly very often.  We do want to go overseas and to HI someday, so they will come in handy sometime I hope. 

I actually had no problems with the scissors I ended up taking but better to be safe than sorry considering my friend had to toss her scissors that she was allowed to take but on the return flight wasn’t.  The hare scissors, well, I have been wanting those for years, and since the s&h wasn’t much more to add those to the cart, that’s what I did.  Of course, the s&h was greatly reduced, perhaps because I had to wait so long or just because they usually reduce it from the standard cart price, I don’t know, but I am not going to argue about that.

I have completed a total of 26 workouts using the My Fitness Coach on the Wii.  Yay!  I really do enjoy it once I start though each morning is a struggle to get out of bed earlier.  I have only missed a scheduled workout while I was OOT.  I have not lost one pound…not one!  But I have noticed that the muscle along my inner thighs, a very difficult place, is much tighter and today while getting dressed I did notice that another area…the dreaded tummy pooch….looked a bit different.  Not flat like before I got pregnant but an improvement from my shape since giving birth. 

Hannah is home sick today from school.  Her first missed day since the beginning of the year.  She is a bit upset that her perfect attendance is now over, but if she says she doesn’t feel well enough to go to school than she is really not feeling well.  This child insisted once on going to school when she was sick, I had to pick her up, took her to the doctor and she had the beginning stages of pneumonia.  Hopefully, it is just the 24 hour thing going around, but it would have been so much better had she gotten it tonight instead of last night.

I on the other hand still had to go up to the school to received the book fair delivery.  Thankfully, Sean works from home on Fridays.  I now have to go back up to actually set up the book fair.  I was hoping to have some help, but alas…only one student (a friend’s daughter~she is a great kid).  Though I am very happy to report that during the actual fair, I have plenty of volunteers.  Thanks to some wonderful moms.

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Movie Marathon

Today we had a movie marathon.  I few weeks ago we got the Resident Evil Trilogy on BluRay and today Sean and I settled in to watch them.  I think he is a lucky man, because even though I love sappy love stories and comedies, I also love movies like Die Hard, The Borne Trilogy and Resident Evil. 

I received a call today from The Stitching Post.  They have and are sending the Little House Needleworks’ Traveling Stitcher and limited project keeper.  Yay!  They didn’t have them out on Saturday when we went for Market Day, they were all spoken for but took my name and number saying they would call if one became available.  And they did call first thing this morning.

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Happy Valentine Day!

Love is in the air.  Around here that isn’t unusual though.  :0)  It has been a lovely day.  I woke early, did my workout, showered, dressed, grabbed a bite to eat and went to pick up my friend Symya.  We headed to The Stitching Post in Baltimore for Market Day.  We both got plenty of new goodies.  Then we went to have lunch and head back home to spend the rest of our day with our Valentines. 

Sean took Hannah and I to dinner at Carrabba’s were I had my favorite, Chicken Bryan and we shared a yummy Dessert Rosa.  Sean and I gave Hannah a big Hershey Bar, Valentine Pez and the Coraline game for the DS.  She barely stopped playing it long enough to eat dinner.  Sean and I agreed not to get each other gifts this year.  However at his insistence, I recently got the Hayden Bag from Dooney & Bourke off of eBay and of course my S.E.X. today.

Hayden Bag from Dooney & Bourke

Market Day S.E.X

Cat’s Whiskers Scissor Pocket, Sue Hillis Designs’ Loves Me, Country Cottage Needleworks’ Bayside Bungalows Kit, Lizzie*Kate’s ABC Lessons & Egg Hunt Kits, JBW Designs’ The Shoe Shopper with WDW Threads in blues (the model is stitched in pinks), Bent Creek’s The Tree of Me, some various accessories.

  These other cross-stitch designs arrived while I was in Key West and the punchneedle arrived today.

I had a wonderful time in Key West.  It was great reconnecting with friends that I haven’t seen in forever and making some new friends, too.  The wedding was beautiful, my friend was a gorgeous bride as I knew she would be.  The time went by to fast but I did miss Sean and Hannah.  I was happy to see them when I got back. 


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Oh, Yummy!

These are really the best chocolate chip cookies I think I have ever had.  Tomorrow will be the true test…see how they hold up…but for now, these are my favorite chocolate chip cookies.  Hannah requested that I make them for her class.  I usually bake cupcakes for special occasions and with Valentine’s Day coming up, I will be making these delicious cookies.  They are so soft and chocolaty.

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