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I can’t believe it is only Tuesday and I am counting down to the weekend.  Hannah has a three day weekend coming.  She wants to have a sleepover at a friends house.  I want to sleep in.  I went to my parents this past weekend and slept in until 8:00 am and my dad said I was sleeping half the day away.  Of course, he is in bed at 8:30 pm so…

Hannah and I spent the day with my God-son, BFF-N, and her nephews and niece to celebrate Kyan’s birthday.  First, we went to the movies to see Race to Witch Mountain.  It was really good, but I love The Rock and think it is a pretty decent actor.  Then we went to lunch for wings.  Birthday boy’s choice.  Then to play laser tag.  The kids had fun, though Hannah admitted to me on the way home, that she doesn’t really like it.  It was a nice weekend, but I didn’t get to see my God-daughter and that was not good.  She is growing so fast.  Thankfully, BFF-N sends pic-text and video of her just being to cute.

It was a long trip down due to traffic and sadly, a long trip home for the same reason.  I hate traffic!  And I was glad to get home to my hubby who stayed home with the dogs.  He picked up Twilight dvd for me and we watched that Sunday evening.

I haven’t been stitching much.  I have been reading a lot still and I have a new addiction on the internet…Facebook.  I am enjoying keeping in touch with friends this way.  I have even re-connected with a friend I went to high school with in Germany.  I hope to stay in touch.

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It’s been awhile

Not a whole lot to write about.  Some old thing around here.  Volunteering at school, doing housewifie things like laundry, cleaning and shopping.  I did start seeing a chiropractic doctor last week.  I go three times this week and then we will see how it goes after that.  Wednesday we are getting a new front door…I can’t wait.  Sean is planning on sanding down the frame next weekend so that we can repaint that and the door at the same time.  I got my hair cut today.  I spent a year growing my bangs out but I haven’t really liked it.  Just hangs there.  Today I got lots more layers.  I still don’t have "bangs" but they are a lot shorter, a little less just hanging. 

I am hating how my skin is looking lately.  I usually use Olay but decide to get something new to see how it works. 

I picked it up today at Bath & Body Works. 

Once again I haven’t been stitching much.  I have been reading a lot lately.  Trying to keep up with Hannah…LOL!  I am totally addicted to the Sookie Stackhouse series of books.  I can’t get enough of these books.  I am almost done with the series so I will have to look for something else to dive into soon. 

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Some stitching


Oh, I am about half way finished with this one.  I love it.  It is really a cute design.  I hope my friend that I am stitching this for likes it.  I am trying to decide…frame or have it finished into something like a pillow or flat fold.

My very good friend that used to own a shop still has a few things.  She is having some of us over later in the month so that we can look thru it and pick what we want.  After we had lunch the other day, I went over to look thru some of it.  These are a few of the things I have added to my stash due to her generosity.

   Hannah had a birthday party to attend last Sunday and Sean went with us. But the kids were bowling so we decided to drive down to a shopping center nearby.  There is a shop there that sells the Vera Bradley collection.  I love the new Hope Garden fabric.  (The Daisy Daisy fabric is the first one I have ever liked…then this year the released Hope Garden and Purple Punch that I also like a lot.)  Anyway, I got the Mailbag style and when we went to pay, Sean also put these matching flip flops on the counter.  He said that he thought they would look nice when I got a pedicure and had my toes painted with a pretty pink.

I have gone a little crazy over this fabric.  I recently won the Mini Hipster and the Zip-around Wallet.  I am hoping to get the newly designed "Let’s Do Lunch" in Purple Punch.  Help me!

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