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…when you actually sit down and stitch for a bit.  I finished The Shoe Shopper by JBW Designs.  I haven’t decided how I want to finish it.  I might frame it myself, or I was also thinking of sending it to someone to finish it into something but what?  This is going to be a gift for a very dear friend.  I hope she likes it.

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I got up late this morning, but went right outside to get some yard work down.  Sean had all ready started.  We didn’t do a whole lot, but Sean mowed yesterday and then this morning we did some weeding around the patio and spread some new mulch.  We decided to do it a little at a time, so that it isn’t to overwhelming.  We let the dogs run around outside and play and get dirty, so Sean washed Daisy and I bathed JoJo afterwards. 

Then I worked out, got showered and dressed.  I went through some of Hannah’s clothes in her closet, stored some things, got some thing ready to donate and hung a few new things up.  Hannah really doesn’t need any more clothes…well, except new socks and undies. 

We decided to drive to Boyds Bear Country.  Hannah got a new little doggie.  It came with a toy, collar, leash, name tag and license.  We also bought a little bandana.  I picked up a dad and little girl that is just to cute.  And Sean insisted on getting me this pencil holder that he said would make a perfect snippet jar.  He said it suited me because I am a bit of a tree hugger.


We stopped at Starbucks for a Green Tea Lemonade after dinner but then it rain so I couldn’t enjoy it out on the patio.  Sean and Hannah are making homemade strawberry ice cream with the Kitchenaid mixer attachment.  I can’t wait for it to be done…

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I stitched!

Then I frogged.

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  • Woke up with a migraine. 
  • Worked out.
  • Dropped Hannah off at school.
  • Watched the 3rd grade class plant a tree for Arbor Day.
  • Went to the outlets with my hubby…bought a new pair of shoes for vacation.
  • Let Hannah enjoy the beautiful weather and play after school.
  • Took a long nap…went to bed.


  • Woke up in the middle of the night with a migraine.
  • Skipped work out.
  • Went with Sean, Hannah and the dogs, JoJo and Daisy, to the park to enjoy the weather, then went to get ice cream.
  • Took Hannah to the mall to spend her gift cards, went to Bed, Bath & Beyond to spend my gift card.
  • Ate at Panera.
  • Watched two episodes of 24. 
  • Read for a few hours, went to bed.


  • Woke up with another migraine.
  • Went to Church.
  • Went to Panera.
  • Went to see Hannah Montana The Movie.
  • Bought a dress that I have no where to wear but it sure is pretty and it was on sale.
  • Thought about stitching.
  • Ordered Chinese Takeout for dinner.

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Happy Easter

Today was a beautiful, cool spring day.  My MIL visited for the holiday.  She came last night, we chatted, watched a movie…Doubt….and I got a few things ready for today.  After Church this morning we stuck to our routine and went to Panera, then home to finish cooking dinner.  I kept it simple…Broccoli Salad, Corn Casserole and a Pork Tenderloin with Apple Salad for dessert.  The pork was so tender and very good. 

The Easter Bunny was very good to Hannah.  He left her a basket filled with goodies and hid her eggs that we dyed yesterday afternoon. 

  Her basket had Hershey’s chocolate egg, a solid chocolate bunny, a Kitty Krazy address book, a "Princess" ring and Miles To Go by Miley Cyrus…Hannah is a big fan and has already read about half of it. 


Happy Easter!

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Hannah went to a friend’s house for a sleep-over.  So, Sean and I ran a couple of few errands after we dropped her off.  First up…Wal-mart.  How exciting!  Then we went to Best Buy and Kohl’s.  I hardly ever shop at Kohl’s.  It’s a nice store but clothes shopping there is a little overwhelming for me.  I am not good at going through racks and racks of clothing looking for my size in styles that I like.  However, I got lucky today, saw a dress on a mannequin and I bought it for Easter.  It’s a Simply Vera dress and it isn’t in a pattern I would normally pick but it looked really nice on and will go great with my purple spring coat.  Plus, it was on sale!

I really like Vera’s sizing, too.  I tried on three sizes…first my two usual sizes that fit and ended up going back out to get a smaller size then I got that one!  I bought this dress in a size 4!  I am not a size 4, but I will be wearing this in size 4.  (And yes, I am just loving saying it!) 

Earlier this week in honor of Arbor Day the third grade gave a presentation.  The Mayor was even there.  The tree planting was delayed due to weather, but a White Oak (MD’s state tree) will be planted on the school property.  So the class sang a Tree Song and sounded really great.  Then several students, including Hannah, gave a power point presentation.

(Sadly you can’t really see the power point screen, but she was telling us some reasons why trees are important).

Last weekend I spent the afternoon over at a friend’s house going thru her stash that she still has leftover from her shop she closed a little over a year ago.  She generously let several of us go thru and take what we wanted.

 The Haul!  I got lots of great charts, buttons and things.  Some I might already have but couldn’t remember.  Wendy said to take it now just in case I don’t have it, but she wasn’t taking returns.  LOL

I got two chances to look through it.  The first time I brought home just a few things. 

Today I got a piece of fabric I ordered to stitch the LHN’s Sea To Shining Sea kits on, but though it is a beautiful piece of fabric, I may have to think about it some more.  There is a bit more purple/pinkish color to it.  The color is Ametrine and it was recently a color of the week from Silkweaver.

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