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Today is a day to remember and thank all the men and women that have served or are serving in our Military especially those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. 

God Bless America

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Thank a Teacher

Thank a Teacher  by Glory Bee Designs

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Meet Criss!  Isn’t she pretty?

Thanks to a pact I made I have been stitching more.  Enough lately that I am almost finished with my current project.  Just need to get back on my stitching pact.  Tuesday was Sean’s birthday so I didn’t stitch and Wednesday I wasn’t feeling totally great, plus I was chatting on the IM with my friend, so I was enjoying the chatting instead.

Sean and I have been to see a few really good movies this month.  X-Men:Wolverine, Star Trek and Angels and Demons.  All three were really good.  We have already gotten our tickets for Terminator Salvation.  Hope it is as good as it looks.

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I am hoping that all the mothers, motherly figures, aunts, Godmothers and grandmothers out there have had a wonderful day.

I did!  I received a lovely hand made card from Hannah that I will treasure as well as a Tinker Belle card and a beautiful card from Sean.  They also give me a lovely wrist corsage and Sean & I sent shopping the other day where I bought a couple of things at the new clothing store in the mall.  We went to church then Panera.  After that we came home I watched some shows I had on DVR while stitching.  We went to Carabarras for dinner.  I had my usual Chicken Bryan…so good…and the vegetable of the day (zucchini) that was the perfect pairing with the chicken.  Of course, Sean and I shared a Dessert Rosa…yummy!  New we are home relaxing, watching Wall E and enjoying just being together.


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This is National Teacher Appreciation Week…so thank your teachers, your kids’ teachers or just someone you know is a teacher!

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