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It’s finished!

I finished stitching Bent Creek’s Holiday Snapper: Happy St. Patrick’s Day.  What a cute little guy he is.

I haven’t decided what I am doing next… start something new or stitch on a WIP.

I am currently reading My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult.  I have had this book in my stack about two or three years, and I finally started it.  Yes, partly because of the movie.  It is pretty good so far.  I got into pretty quick, much quicker than The Tenth Circle (that was a good book, but hard to read).

I have lots to do over the next two weeks to get ready for vacation.  I have lists started, but I am afraid I will forget something because I forget to put it on the list.  It is just one of those things I have to take the chance on I guess.

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Counting down

Three weeks from today and we will be checking into our condo in sunny Orlando, FL after having spent the day (hopefully) at Clearwater Beach.  We can’t wait.  It is about all we talk about lately.  Discussing all the fun stuff we are going to do is a hobby of ours at the moment. 

Of course, part of those discussions include what we need to pack to take with us.  I have a few books set aside just for vacation, some for me and some for Hannah.  She doesn’t know I have them.  Sean and I picked them up last week for her.  They are part of the The Frog Princess series that she recently started.  We went by the bookstore today and she said that she wanted to look to see if they had them but I quickly diverted her attention and told her they didn’t have them.  Which was the truth, since we bought the last copies.  :0)  Sean also picked up a couple of books for himself. 

I am also thinking about what cross stitch project or two I want to take with me.  I know I want something small, fun and easy to pull out for a few stitches here and there.  Since we will be busy most of the time, I know I won’t have a lot of time to actually stitch. The reading will be mostly done pool side and I won’t be taking any stitching for that.

Other things we need to get to pack more sunscreen and underwater cameras.  I think every one is good on shorts, shirts, swim suits and Hannah & I are covered on the shoes.  I picked up the most comfy pair of flip flip/sandals yesterday at DSW.  They are made by UGGS, feel like I am walking on little pillows and I paid way to much for them, but I had to have them.  The aren’t really pretty and won’t go with a lot but I think I am in love with them so I don’t care.  Today we went shopping for a comfy pair of walking shoes for her.

I know I need to pull out some things to pack to take for the water parks and whatnot.  But I can’t think of what all those things are at the moment.  I have been trying to write things down as I think of them but I know we will get down there and think… crap where is our such & such… and have to buy it down there.  Happens every time.

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And it rained all day.  Good thing I let Hannah play for over two hours at school yesterday.


School Chums

In preparation of our upcoming vacation, I ordered special maps from WDW marking our fav places to visit at the parks and giving us suggestions of other things we might enjoy.  They came yesterday.  I was impressed with them, especially considering they were free.  They are personalized with our name on them.  Just wonderful.  We have decided to not use them but save them as a souvie.  Maps get pretty messed up when you are at the parks. 

And I have been stitching a little…

Bent Creek’s SnapHappy St Patrick’s Day

We have gone to the movies a lot in the last month.  We have seen Angels & Demands, Terminator, Night at the Museum, UP, Star Trek.  Though I feel like I am missing one in the list.

I have also been reading.  My very good friend loaned me her brand new copy of Dead and Gone Book 9 in the Sookie Stackhouse series… before she has even has read it! 

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We are so looking forward to vacation.  We are going to Orlando in July for almost two weeks to celebrate Hannah’s ninth birthday.  Of course, we plan on going to Disney World and will be spending Hannah’s birthday at Magic Kingdom.  We have an early morning surprise appointment at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and lunch reservations at Cinderella’s Castle.  We will also be going to Animal Kingdom and Epcot but have decided to skip MGM this trip.

But we will be doing a few other things that we are looking forward to.  We haven’t been to Seaworld since 2004 so we will be going there this year.  And they have a new water park, Aquatica, so we will be heading there for a day of fun in the sun. 

And as another birthday surprise for Hannah, we are spending a day at Discovery Cove !!  Sean and I will be joining in on all the fun for this surprise.  Swimming with the dolphins, what a dream come true!  They will be doing a special birthday surprise having a dolphin present her with a personalized  buoy.

I have to start making lists… things I need to get to pack, things I need to pack, and I am sure I will forget something.  I am trying not to rush life along, it goes by fast enough as it is, but we are counting down for July’s arrival. 

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I went to a Tastefully Simple party last Friday and I am waiting on my order to arrive.  The beer bread was just the most yummy bread I have ever eaten.  And I can’t wait to make some and eat it all!  Of course, I will have to share with my family… dang it!  I went to another party after that one on the same night and dragged my friend, Wendy with me.  Then I ordered from a Scentsy catalog show from my friend and I can’t wait to get those orders.  The Scentsy has a Sugar Cookie that is just the best scent ever!  It will make me want to eat cookies all the time, but that’s okay.  (**EDITED to add:  My Tastefully Simple order just arrived!!)

  I like the Walking with Leslie Sansone DVD that I picked up a couple of weeks ago enough that I picked up a couple more.  I have only done the 5 day Slimdown one of these two, and I like it.  I am going to hold off a couple of weeks before trying out the other one.

  I ordered and received some new stash… LHN’s Rose Thread pouch, Fresh Watermelon and Colonial Women, Bent Creek’s The Branch and two new mesh project bags, they have a small zipper pocket for things like scissors and handles.  I love them!  I already have one of them packed and ready to start a new project.  :0)  I think I will pack the other one for vacation.  (Which I can’t wait to go on!!)

Hannah insisted that her Church Doll be in the pictures… she loves that doll.  She made it during the Girl Scout day camp she went to last summer.

After getting a great recommendation from my friend, Petra, I sent a couple of finishes to Vonna of The Twisted Stitcher to finish into flatfolds.  She did a wonderful job.  She is also a great photographer, so I am using the pictures she took and emailed to me because I haven’t had a chance to take any photos, but since it is raining here I wouldn’t be able to take such lovely shots.


These are both gifts and I hope that they like them. 

I am stitching a little here and there, but nothing much.  I am either to tired in the evening to make the effort or having a hard time seeing at night either because of being tired or the light.  I can see much better in the daytime, but usually I don’t have the time during the day.  Maybe over the summer.  I am so looking forward to the end of the school year.  It is bittersweet though.  Hannah loves school, we all love her teacher, she is doing well in school but Hannah will be entering the 4th grade next year and will be turning 9 in July.  I am looking forward to having Hannah home with me every day, going to the park, swimming, picnics and we are all looking forward to vacation.  We can’t wait for vacation!  It is going to be so much fun.

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