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I shouldn’t… I really, really shouldn’t.  But I am.  I have so many projects I should work on and finish first but here I am looking thru the projects I had wanted to stitch this year and wondering which one I want to start the most.  I have it pretty much narrowed down to PINN Stitch’s Mermaid Heaven or Little House Needleworks’ From Sea To Shining Sea. 

But I really should finish some other projects first.  What to do… what to do?

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Hannah started forth grade on Monday.  She is happy to be back in school.  She has a very sweet teacher.  She was a little disappointed that she had homework on the very first day, but that’s what she gets for growing up. HA!


   Best Friends still

This year our school did something new and I think it was a great success.  Instead of waiting until a few weeks after school started to have Back To School Night, our school had a Back To School Block Party the Thursday evening before school started.  Parents and students had the opportunity to meet their teachers and other staff members, like the nurse, as well pick up school supplies, sign up for the PTA, grab a bite to eat and play games.  There were door prizes to win, too.  I hope this will be the way we do back to school in the future.

Not much stitching has been going on.  I have been getting up extra early each morning this week.  Wanting to get the work out out of the way early, shower, dress, make Hannah’s lunch and have a few minutes of alone time before waking Hannah up for school.  Plus, Tuesday the old tub and shower walls were torn out and replaced with new in hope to find and fix the leak.  So far so good.  Today the drywall was repaired and he will be back tomorrow morning to sand down the drywall mud.  Then Sean and I will be painting the bathroom sometime over the next… hopefully only a few weeks will pass before it is done.

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Actual Progress

I have actual progress in the stitching department to share.  When I am finally finding myself stitching, I am stitching on Cirque des Cercles by Ink Circles.  I haven’t worked on this much and have well over half still to stitch.  I think it will be really pretty when it is done.  The colors aren’t really great in this photo though.

A close up of the area I just finished. 

I have been trying to get healthier and lose a few pounds, so I have been working out and trying to eat better.  We are not huge fish eaters, but we did discover that we like Spinach and Feta Salmon Burgers from the seafood department at our local grocery store.  However, you can’t eat that twice a week and not get bored with it.  So last week while I was shopping they had samples of Mahi Mahi.  I have had that before years ago but thought the seasoning they used was very good and came home to tell Sean about it.  He said he was willing to try it, but they were out the next time I went in to see about getting some. 

Sean and I went in to get stuff for dinner today, they were still out of Mahi Mahi but suggested Escolar with a sun-dried tomato seasoning that they were doing samples for today, so we both tried it, liked it and got that for dinner.  I made it with Red Pepper Risotto (very similar to the Dirty Risotto I make for dinner).  Oh my!  I ate to much at dinner.  Not good for the waist line.  But I am still exercising and plan on losing weight.  Unfortunately vacation added a few pounds so now I have even more I would like to lose.  I have started a couple of new things hoping they will work to drop the lbs.   

After dinner we played a game of Monopoly on the Wii and totally got our butts handed to us by the computer.  But it was fun and it is a really neat looking game.

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Without being able to go into any details for the world wide web, I have to write an email response that I am just not sure where to begin.  I hate that I even have to write it in the first place.  It is actually a childish situation and I hate that I have been pulled into something so “high school”.  I would think that as I near my forties, that this sort of thing isn’t something that I would have to deal with and yet, here I am. 

I guess one could argue that just not responding to the email would be an option.  However, I do feel like I have to defend myself and the type of person I believe I am. 

So I guess I should stop avoiding it and just get it done.

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Every week in my email I recieve a link to read Dear Prudence.  Today I read the sweetest of any letters and thought the response was so perfect, I had to share it.  My favorite part to the response was her sharing about her own bedmate.  

Dear Prudie,
I’m a 14-year-old who is about to go into high school. My question is concerning a stuffed animal I’ve had ever since I was 4. I sleep with this little dog every night, and when I go anywhere else, I am sure to bring him. He’s very familiar and comforting, and while I’m sure I could sleep just fine without him, it’s very nice to be able to cuddle something soft and nonjudging, especially after a trying day. So, my question is: Am I too old to still be sleeping with a stuffed animal? Will it hurt me later on if I don’t get rid of him?

—Don’t Want To Let the Dog Go

Dear Don’t,
I have every confidence that your long relationship with your stuffed dog is actually helping prepare you for the time when you share your bed with a live partner—one who I hope will listen sympathetically at the end of the day as your bodies are entwined. I have such a bedmate—my cat, Biscuit. My husband is cuddly, too, but I agree that there’s something about a small, fluffy creature that just takes the edge off. There’s no reason not to continue to let your sleeping dog lie next to you; after all, he’s absorbed a decade of kisses and tears. But because you’re wondering about it, the next time you go for an overnight, why not take him along, but leave him in your bag—just to see how it feels. And even though you will learn to get through the night without him, that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t accompany you to college or be lovingly cared for until, maybe someday, he will be ready for duty for your own children.

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I haven’t been blogging much lately.  Partly because I haven’t been stitching that much and haven’t had much to share in that way.  However, this blog is titled “My Life and Stitches” and lots going on in my life.  Though I am not really sure where to begin there.  Let’s see…

A couple of months ago we started having problems with our seven year old water heater.  It was a self pilot that wouldn’t stay lit.  The cost to repair it would be about a third to replace it and the other major part would end up costing twice that when it decided to go.  So after some discussion, DH and I decided to bite the bullet and replace it with a new tank-less unit instead.  Yes, we ended up spending more money at this time, but in the long run it will save us money.  One… it only heats when we turn on a facet for hot water.  So the two weeks we were gone on vacation, it wasn’t heating the tank of water four or five times a day.  Two… it is a tax break because of some special thing going on with replacing household items with more energy efficient items.  We also traded in the van and for the same reason will be able to write that off too.

We have been having a leak coming from somewhere in our upstairs bathroom that the plumber has not been able to pinpoint.  Did some work on the toilet but that didn’t fix the problem.  Replaced the shower head, didn’t fix it.  Tried a couple other small things…nope.  The one thing they are sure of is that it isn’t the pipes so that is good.  Now we are going to replace the tub and shower walls, and seriously, this better work because it isn’t cheap.  We were scheduled to have it done today.  Thankfully they triple checked it after getting here before starting to rip apart our bathroom.  The new tub was cracked.  So they have to order a new one and hopefully it will be done next week.

School starts on the 24th.  This makes me sad.  I love having Hannah home with me.  But she does love school and seems excited to be going back.  She will be in forth grade this year which I can’t believe.  Next week is our back to school night at school and we will find out about her teacher and all then.  Plus my duties with the PTA are starting to gear up again now.  I plan on volunteering in her class again this year as well.  She likes it so as long as she wants me around, I will be. 

We had a wonderful vacation, but I have actually taken time to share about that.  I heard from the girl I was best friends with in Germany and I haven’t heard from in years, through Facebook.  Something that I have gotten totally addicted to. 

I think that is about it for now.  I plan on keeping more up on my blogging and since I am stitching a little bit here and there now this last week, I might have something to share there.

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Back from vacation

We have actually been back for over a week and I have been spending most of that time trying to catch up on email, blogs, housework, organizing photos, and being sick. 

We had a wonderful time.  We spent time at Clearwater Beach, jet skiing, WDW’s Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Epcot, as well as SeaWorld, Aquatica and Discovery Cove.  While at Discovery Cove we had a wonderful time swimming with the dolphins and snorkeling. 


Vacation 2009

I haven’t stitched much at all in for ever.  I think I pulled out my stitching once on vacation and then only stitched about 15 minutes.  It is really sad but even though I think about stitching, what projects I would like to stitch on, that sort of thing, I just don’t when I have the time.

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