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I haven’t posted in a few days since we were out of town for the holidays.  We went to my parents and had a nice weekend.  My mom and I shopped on Black Friday.  Sean and I went to the movies to see New Moon (I loved it) and my parents took Hannah to see Planet 51.  On Saturday we all went to Busch Gardens for the new A Christmas Towne celebration.  This is the first year Busch has done this.  It was nice.  There were a couple of shows and rides open.  Hannah got to ride the Griffon that she wasn’t quite tall enough over the summer to ride.  She loved it!  I was terrified but would ride it again.  My mom loves it and it has been years since she rode the roller coasters.  I figured if she was riding it, I had to too. 

I took stitching but didn’t actually take it out while there.  Enjoying a Monk marathon and hope to stitch this evening.

this year I am thankful for so many things… my husband, who works hard so that I can be a SAHM, my daughter who is the light of our lives, our puppies who bring a smile to our hearts, my parents, my friends near and far and our health.

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Lots to be done

I have lots to do tomorrow.  Laundry, getting some cleaning done, packing for the weekend, getting the Advent out so that it will be ready when we get back on Sunday, Hannah has a doctor’s appointment and swim class.  I am sure that there are a few other things that need to be done that I am forgetting about right now. 

I wanted to stitch tonight, but I ended up with a headache.  Hoping that I will find time to stitch over the holiday weekend.

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Just a little

I stitched last night and tonight, but jsut a little.  I plan on sharing a picture here soon. 

I went on the 3rd grade field trip today, to the new Air Space Science Center.  It is really nice.  I will go again with Hannah’s class in the spring.

Off to bed to read!

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happened again

Planned on stitching a lot over the weekend… didn’t get a stitch in!

We did attend a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese and run errands yesterday and today after church, but other than that I have no excuse for why I didn’t stitch.

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Should, Could, Would

I should be doing some laundry and putting clean sheets back on the spare bed, vacuuming or doing the checkbook. 

I could be stitching since I am not doing laundry, making the bed, vacuuming, or doing the checkbook .

I would take a nap if it didn’t make me feel guilty because I should and could be doing other things.

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Jury Duty Reject

So, today I reported for jury duty but for whatever reasons I was not picked on to sit on the jury.  I know a lot of people complain about jury duty, but I believe that it is our duty (haha) to serve without complaint.  This is the first time I have ever received a notice to appear in 20 years of being a registered voter.

I had lunch with my friends as planned since I was dismissed by lunch.  I enjoy having lunch with them and we spend hours chatting about everything.  Sean picked up Hannah from school, so I stopped by the store to pick up chicken to make for dinner.  I still feel a little full even though it is close to bedtime and I made myself stop before cleaning my plate.  I habit I really need to start and keep up.  I was raised by parents that expected me to clean my plate so I do tend to over eat because of it.  That and sometimes it is just yummy! 

I started the Slim In 6 yesterday, and got up early to do today.  I also did the Slim & Limber tonight.  Hopefully it will help with the muscles that started feeling sore this afternoon.  Tomorrow I also plan on doing the Slim & 6 Pack abs.

I have noticed that I usually end up not stitching as often on the week nights lately… another habit I hope to break. :0)

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We had a lazy day yesterday.  I did take a shower and get dressed but we didn’t go anywhere or do anything.  Watched TV all day and stitched a little bit.

Today after church we took the dogs to the do park then stop off at the car wash to give them a bath.  No, not in the car wash.  Our car wash has a dog wash too.  And they needed a quick bath after playing at the park.  With the rain we had this last week it was pretty muddy.  Then we went back out to the outlets.  We shouldn’t have but we did.  I loved the red purse I got last weekend so much, I wanted one in chocolate brown…a color I don’t have in a purse…and since the 20% off email coupon was still good until today, well, how could I resist?  At first I thought I was SOL which would have been okay, because really the last thing I need is another purse, but then my heart skipped a beat when the sales lady showed me where they were.  And there were on clearance… after the discount and coupon I got it for only $107 regularly $358!  I also got the matching wallet and a big bag that I can use for my lap top.  It was the best deal of all for about $80.  I will have to remember to take a picture of it.  I told Sean not to let me get any more.  I don’t have room for or really need any more.  He said “But I think you need a deep purple, you have a really light purple but need something darker.”  I think I missed that shade though already.  He is the reason I have this addiction so bad… he encourages it.

Tonight I plan on stitching for a little while before heading to bed.  Tomorrow begins my new workout and eating schedule.  I am going to try to eat 3 healthy meals and 2 snacks a day.  I don’t eat often enough now and think it may have a bit to do with my lack of success. 

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