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It’s almost the New Year, again.  I have been reading a lot of blogs and have friends that are making plans and setting goals but not me.  Here I am getting closer and closer to forty with each passing day, and thinking about what I have done with my life.  Truthfully, it hasn’t been much.  The biggest thing I have done, the most beautiful thing I have done, is give birth to my daughter.  I want her to grow up knowing how smart she is and knowing that she can be and do anything, and yet I have no desire to go back to work or school and start a new career at this point in my life.  I am happy being a stay at home mom and wife.  I know that I should think about the future, the what if’s that come up in life, should I have to become the bread winner in the house, I would need some skills to do so.  It has been ten years since I was out in the work force and so many things have changed with technology since then.  Yet… well, you know.  So what is wrong with me that I have no drive?

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I am hoping that everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and I hope our friends and family know how wonderful we think they are to us.

Everyone got some wonderful gifts this year.

Hannah got gifts cards to the bookstore and Justice, Holiday Barbie, the new Princess & Prince dolls from the new Disney movie, several new games for her DSi and Monopoly Deal & Scrabble Slam, an art easel, a Zhu Zhu, a Fur Real Kitty, Wizards of Waverley Place movie DVD and a few new outfits for her AG dolls.  Hannah also got a Kindle of her very own.

Sean got lots of clothes from American Eagle (his current fav store), several new games for the xBox 360 & PS3, a few shirts with ties, the new Bon Jovi CD and a Ray Lewis jersey.  And he got The Shield complete series on DVD.

I got a couple of new outfits, Coach purse with matching wallet, Your Shape for the Wii, couple of new necklace & earring sets and the rest of our new dishes.  And Sean gave me an Open Hearts ring.


Daisy got a new toy that she loved.

JoJo got a new toy that she loved and played with until she needed a nap.

My parents do their Christmas together before coming here to our house on Christmas Eve, but we did give them a few gift cards to eat out and go to the movies, for my mom a Susan Boyle CD that she wanted and for my dad a Barbara Streisand cd (he loves her). We also gave them tickets for the train to go to NYC with tickets to see Wicked.  They seemed excited about that so we hope they liked it.


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Snow day!

So last night I received and email that school was cancelled today.  Then after dinner I received another email… SCHOOL CANCELLED for Tuesday and Wednesday “due to hazardous bus routes, bus stops and student walking conditions and forecasts for continuing frigid temperatures”.  This means no school again until January 4, 2010! And that we have used three of our five snow days.  Looks like school is going to cut into our spring break or summer vacation days.  Hannah is excited about not having school.  Makes me a little sad because she use to love school so much that she would cry if she couldn’t go to school.  She still loves school but isn’t really having the best year friend-wise.  Her teacher is great and Hannah is doing well, just hasn’t gotten close to anyone since her one friend isn’t in her class that has been since Kindergarten and her other friend moved away.  I know school is about learning but it also about socialization.

I was busy all day cleaning, doing laundry and I am not even half done.  Tomorrow is another day.  With school being cancelled I have postponed the baking until Wednesday.  Hoping to get everything else done on my list tomorrow.  I also have to take JoJo to the vet for an ear recheck.  I think it has improved a lot so hopefully the vet will too.

I was hoping to stitch a little today, but… to busy.  I think I will try for a few minutes before heading to bed.  A few stitches is better than none.

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The snow has stopped

It seems we got around 18-20 inches, though I am not really sure on that.  It is beautiful.  We have no plans to go anywhere, but Sean got up early to shovel again and clean off the cars making it easier for tomorrow morning.  I suspect we will have lots of ice tomorrow.

Right now I am listening to Christmas music on my iPod Nano that Sean got me to replace my other one.  It’s cool because I don’t even need earphones for the new one.  JoJo is sleeping in my lap, something she doesn’t usually do for long but have been for about the last hour.  I am thinking about getting a small start on some baking but I really don’t want to make her get up.  And I can’t stitch because I need to wash my hands first… She sure is lucky I love her so much.  :0)

I am thinking about my stitching goals for next year.  I have never done well on my  goals list.  I always make them way to big and with my very long non-stitching stretches that have been happening this last year, well, I just don’t see much point in making a goal list.  Yet it has been on my mind.  Doesn’t make much sense, does it?

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It’s snowing!

I haven’t blogged in a while.  I have been busy doing my hausfrau stuff, volunteering at school, having lunch with my friend, finishing a little bit of holiday shopping, getting stuff donated to goodwill and a local church that is actually collecting clothes for Hannah’s school, going to the movies to see Avatar (really good and I didn’t want to see it) with Sean and decorating the tree last night with the family.  There is still so much to do.  I can’t believe that next week is Christmas!

We were suppose to go to my BIL/SIL’s for the in-laws Christmas get together, but we have about 9 inches of snow and it is still coming down.  We are loving it at the moment.  I am sure by Monday we will be over it.  It is suppose to be any where from 10 to 18 inches. 

I have been working out without much change still to the scale, but I am really noticing shifts in the shape of certain areas.  My plan is to repeat the program at the beginning of the year, but with one change.  I ordered customized vitamin pack from Nature Made the other day.  It isn’t just a multivitamin but includes a few other extras, like more calcium, vitamin D, a fruit and veggie supplement, and a few others.  Plus we went to GNC the other day and found a supplement extra pack for fitness.  Lets see what happens.

Plans for today now include a little holiday baking… it is actually cooling now and smells so good, watching some movies, snuggling with the dogs under blankets and stitching.

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Not Much to Report

I had a busy day yesterday.  Dropped Hannah at school, did laundry, vacuumed, picked up Hannah for the 2 hour early dismiss and headed to a friend’s house that moved a the beginning of the school year.  I has been a hard year for Hannah since this is her best friend since Kindergarten.  And this was the first time they had seen each other since the move.  Then home for dinner and early to bed.  Man, I am getting old.

Today was busy, too.  The vet called about JoJo’s lab results so after the bank and getting gas, I went over to pick up the new meds.  Then met a friend I haven’t seen in a while for lunch.  I went to the book store for a crock pot recipe book to include in the door prize for the chili show off in February.  Hannah had a full day of school so I went to pick her up then we headed home.  I made chicken and dumplings for this very cold evening.  Yum!  Now we are watching Charlie Brown and waiting for the new special to come on.

I have been working out to the Slim In 6.  I am in Week four.  Not really seeing the kind of results they claim… yet.  I have two more weeks before I decide if it has been worth it or not.

Now, I am thinking of stitching…. some new maybe?

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Lets see, where to begin…  The week was busy as usual with things like laundry, but I didn’t get enough housework done.  Tuesday and Thursday I finished the Christmas shopping.  Wednesday was filled with volunteering, swim class and PTA meeting.  JoJo also went to the vet’s on Monday because of her ear infection and Wednesday to be sedated so they could flush her ear and get a really good look in there.  Her ear drum is fine and the infection isn’t in her inner ear.  Now we wait for the results to see what kind of infection it is so that we can get her on the right meds to clear it up once and for all.

  Friday was Sean’s company holiday party.  He and I went to that and had a good time.  (I was a wee bit upset since I spent the afternoon in rollers & my hair didn’t turn out the way I planned so up in a barrette it went, and the dress I planned on wearing, well it didn’t fit.  It was a perfect fit when I bought it this summer, before I put on five pounds when we went on vacation.  Ugh!)  Saturday we went to the IMAX in Baltimore to see “ A Christmas Carol “.  It was really good… actually looked like 3D.  On the way home he stopped by The Stitching Post and I got some goodies. 


  • A Multiplication Table Exemplar by With My Needle
  • Threads & Fabric
  • Lizzie*Kate’s Time For God & Dogs Leave Paw Prints
  • LHN’s Sailing, Sailing
  • Sue Hillis Designs’ Pirate Queen & Pirate’s Creed
  • A thread keeper, a scissor & a needle minder from Puffin & Company with heart design (I thought I bought the thread separator with heart design too earlier this year, but I got the puppy dogs, which there isn’t a match for that one in the other accessories)

Today after church and Panera, I went over to a friend’s for her cookie exchange party.  It was fun and it was nice seeing her & her sister/my friend.  Before I made dinner after I got home, Hannah and I played a game of Haunted Mansion Clue.

Our cable is out now, so Hannah is reading, I popped in a Christmas CD to listen to and I haven’t figured out what Sean is doing yet… said he was going online, but we can’t get online either.  I am a TV junkie so not having cable is very sad… yet I have to admit that at the same time, I like it.  It’s so quiet!  I think I will stitch or read, not sure yet.

(This was written last night but our cable/internet was experiencing an outage.)

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