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So yesterday after many discussions between us and having to come up with an alternative because our original plan didn’t work out, Sean made our timeshare reservations for vacation.  We had planned on going to FL for a week in the fall and TN for a week in June… nice relaxing week, but when he went to book it the other night, they were already booked for the time frames we wanted to go.  So he researched and we discussed some other places we wanted to go.  Then since we got a “surprise” bonus check, we also decided to take the plunge and take a Disney Cruise! So yesterday he booked a four night cruise with a couple extra days in Orlando and he booked a week in St. Martin’s!  I am not a “beachy” person, but I am so looking forward to going and I am very excited about the cruise.  I have been wanting to do one of those for years. 

Well, I have decided that I want to have a bikini ready body by the time we go in June.  I don’t know how I am going to do it since all the work I have done over the last year hasn’t given me any results, but that is my goal. 

I figure if Helen Mirren can look like this in her 60’s, that I can get close to it at 38.  I mean, come on! How hot does she look?

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I should confess…

I haven’t been working out to the Slim in 6 program (round 2).  I did the first week and just couldn’t motivate to continue with it.  I have been doing just the Slim Series Cardio Core bonus workout instead and this week decided to add the elliptical.

I received two Denise Austin DVDs from Netflix yesterday to try out before buying them and did the recommended Saturday Daily Dozen this morning after the elliptical and looking forward to trying the other exercises. Just finished watching the 3 week boot camp and plan to start this Monday.

I am really hoping that this year I have better success in the fitness goals I have since last year I feel like I busted my tush tush for a whole lot of nothing.

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Oh My! I gotta have these

I have to get these!  I am not sure when I will stitch them but I want them!  Aren’t they just adorable?

(there are 8 individual kits to order for these)

And you have to have the most famous reindeer of all! Plus a sled…   

So a total of 10 kits, not really kits as I think it is just a chart and the crystals, not the fabric and threads.  So how that is consider a kit is beyond me, but whateve! I have to have them! 

I did receive the The Huddle by Ink Circles the other day and I can’t wait to stitch that one either…it won’t take as long as these others by Hinzeit.

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Instead of stitching on one of the many WIPs or UFOs I have around here, I decided to start something new.  I my own defense, it is a gift for Hannah’s teacher for the end of the school year.  I haven’t gotten very far yet, but I hope to get lots done while I have the motivation to stitch. 

I ordered a new project today… once I saw it on another blog I had to have it!  It is to dang cute.

I have lots to do tomorrow to clean the house and pack for a weekend getaway.  I am going to miss my puppies, but they will be in good hands with the vets. 

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We got like an inch of snow over night and schools were closed, which was unnecessary considering the roads weren’t even covered.  I expected a delay but to close school all day was a bit of overkill in my opinion.  This also means that the multi-school chorus concert has been cancelled.  We were told that there wouldn’t be a snow date, but I received an email that they were able to find a date to reschedule later in the month. 

My parents are on their way here, which means I should be cleaning the house, taking a shower and getting dressed, but instead I am blogging, face booking and watching a movie on HBO.  They are coming up to spend the night so they can take the train to NYC to see Wicked tomorrow.  I hope they like it.  I haven’t see it but have heard great things.

Once I finish cleaning, shower and get dressed…hopefully soon…I am hoping to get a little stitching in this afternoon.

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  • Dropping off/picking up Hannah at school
  • Volunteered over 12 hours at school
  • Working out, though not as much as I should have
  • A little stitching
  • Remember I need to get started on End of the Year gift stitching
  • Took the tree down
  • Had lunch at Panera with Sean today
  • Reading
  • Taking Hannah to swim class
  • Taking my new vitamins every day!
  • Laundry, very little housework, though I have tons of it to now tomorrow now
  • Avoiding the checkbook but will have to do it tomorrow

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Happy New Year

Well, it is the second day of the year and I totally meant to post to the blog yesterday, but I spent the first day of the year mostly in bed sick.  And it wasn’t from partying to hard bringing in the New Year.  Though I did celebrate NYE with my family and some wonderful friends… and drink a whole bottle of wine by myself.  No, a few days ago I woke up with a sore throat and did again on NYE, then yesterday I woke up with a sore throat & coughing like I did when I was a smoker.  So I spent the day taking yucky meds and zicam in hopes of kicking it quickly.  Today, I feel much better but keeping up taking the meds to keep the cold to a mild nuisance.  We shall see…

I didn’t accomplish much in the stitching area of life this last year.  I hit a serious and long lasting slump.  My hope is to recover from that this year and get some stitching done.  I did start a new project on NYE afternoon but didn’t get much finished.  My thoughts this year for stitching goals is that I am not actually going to make any.  Although I would love to actually finish my ever looming pile of wips.  These include: 

  1. Sandra Cozzolino ~ Friend’s House Project (from the There’s No Place Like Home! book#115)
  2. Sisters and Best Friends : The remaining seasonal samplers series (2 of 4)* ~ Summer Joy and Autumn Thanks are finished! ~
  3. Mill Hill Sensational Calendar : One of the remaining toppers ~
  4. Examplar Dames Designs : And They Sinned on Sundays (this one is not expected to be finished for several more years) ~
  5. Nobb Nob Designs : An Advent-ful December ~
  6. Brightneedle : Ezmeralda’s House ~
  7. Ink Circles : Cirque des Cercles ~
  8. Bent Creek : Holiday Snappers ~
  9. The Drawn Thread ~ Hana’s Little Spot
  10. Little House Needleworks ~ Poinsettia House

Of course, there is a long list of things I really want to start.  I think I have been slumping partly due to that.  I don’t want to start much because I feel guilty that I haven’t finished anything from the list above.  I am thinking I might make a deal with myself… for every project I finish I will start something new from these lists…

Bent Creek

  • Nativity Zipper Kit
  • Dance of the Bumblebee
  • Jig of the Lady Bug
  • The Big Zipper and companion kits
  • Love You Dad
  • Love You Mom
  • Land That I Love
  • Seasons of Change Row

Waxing Moon Designs

  • Roots & Wings
  • The Most Patterns
  • You’re My Sunshine Kit
  • Love You To The Moon Kit
  • Grandchildren Keep Hearts Young (2)

Little House Needleworks

  • Sweet Little Berries
  • Through The Woods
  • Americana Sampling
  • Moon and Stars
  • The Bookshelf
  • Lakeside Lodge
  • The Rose in the Morning
  • Brave Hearts
  • Sea To Shining Sea kits ~ a total of six designs ~
  • Spot of Coffee/Spot of Tea
  • The Library
  • Night & Day
  • Schoolgirl Lessons

Blackbird Designs

  • Quaker Garden
  • Moonlite Garden

La D Da

  • Love Is Patient
  • Tree Of Life
  • Lauren’s Voice
  • Now I Lay Me…
  • The Tie That Binds
  • A Bushel and A Peck

PINN Stitch

  • Mermaid Heaven
  • Little Mermaid

M Designs

  • Senior Name Tree
  • Higgins Name Tree

Additional Projects

  • Glory Bee ~ Thank a Teacher (End of the year school gift for Hannah’s teacher)
  • Raise the Roof ~ Crabby All Year ~ A total of 12 designs ~
  • The Cat’s Whiskers ~ What A Hoot scissor case
  • Dragon Dreams ~ I’ll Make My Own Happy Ending*
  • Diane Arthurs ~ Princess-Queen
  • Designs by Lisa ~ Once in a Blue Moose
  • Brittercup Designs ~ Stealing Oats
  • Sandra Cozzolino ~ A Day Without Stitching
  • Erica Michaels ~ We The People
  • Homespun Elegance ~ There Is a Garden
  • Stoney Creek ~ O Holy Night Nativity*
  • San Man Originals ~ Season Square*
  • Shepherd’s Bush ~ Liberty (Kit)
  • Michael Powell ~ Greek Window (Kit)

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