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This past week was Book Fair.  I haven’t added my hours yet, but I think I put in about 50 hours of volunteering.  I also haven’t done our totals yet, but I can tell you that by estimate we didn’t do as well as last year.  Everyone agrees that it is the times, the economy, the blizzards we recently had with almost two weeks out of school causing an inability to advertise in the weeks before, but the kids were the best they have been keeping the books neat and having the correct amount to pay for their books… Last year very few kids remembered or understood the tax, this year very few kids were short because of that reason.  I love our school and am proud that more students understood the taxes this year.  Thanks to my friend and follow PTA mom who made a tax chart!  I bought way more books then we needed.

I am so tired.  I feel asleep last night while checking my email… in my chair.  I moved to the coach and was out until Sean said lets go to bed.  Woke up this morning with everything aching.  I decided not to attend Market Day at The Stitching Post but ordered  a few items on-line instead. 

Sean and I are going out with some friends tonight.  Sean has been wanting to go out for a while, so he is looking forward to it.  Due to my no carbs or sugar, I can’t have a drink, so I am going to be the DD for the evening. 

As far as the no carbs… it has been rough going.  I am hungry almost always, not starving but hungry and I want something and it is everything I can’t have.  I went in for my weigh in on Tuesday night, usually it would be morning because my first weigh in was in the morning, and I didn’t lose as much as I wanted but I LOST 2 lbs.  and it has been slowing dropping everyday.  I know I shouldn’t but I have been weighing myself everyday.  I also lost 2 inches from my waist.  None of it sounds like a lot but in the last year, working out and making other small changes, it is more than I have accomplished.  So I am a little worried about when I go back on carbs.  I don’t want to give up what I like and I am afraid I may go crazy and put the weight back on so I have to be careful.  Eat responsibly most of the time and indulge a little of the other.

Oh, this past Wednesday marked the 10th anniversary of my car accident when I was t-boned while driving to work.  My car split in half, I was trapped inside and the jaws of life were used to get me out, I had bitten through my lower lip/chin area, I had a head injury, four hair line fractures in my left hip and tail bone…and I was 14 weeks pregnant with Hannah.  I am so thankful that I later was blessed with her healthy birth.  She is truly the joy of our lives. 

During the 2nd blizzard Sean lost his wedding band.  He woke up the next morning in a panic because he realized it wasn’t on his finger.  We couldn’t find it in the house anywhere.  On Wednesday I came home, took Daisy out, was looking around in the melting snow as I had been doing for the past week in hopes and saw a glint.  I found his ring!  He was very happy and relived that I found it.  He put it on (after I cleaned it of course) and said “Aaaahhhhhh….. that feels good.”

Planning a lazy day today, going to have some lunch soon, watch a movie with Sean, take a Walk at Home before getting ready for the evening out.  Yes… i will be eating out.  Sean and I will split a steak, something I can have, and I will get a plain salad.  I am hoping for a side of steamed veggies too. 

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It has been four days

Today is my forth day without carbs.  I am still trying to figure out how people say they feel great after they give up carbs.  I am counting down to the time when I can have a little cereal or bread again.  But in the end I think it will be worth it.  I started the Ideal Protein that my chiro office recommends.  They monitor you while on it.  Even called me today to see how I was doing.  I said that I was doing fine but felt hungry… I was surprised by that because I feel like I am eating well at lunch and dinner…. but I was told to add another protein mix as a mid morning or afternoon snack.  So we will see how I feel after tomorrow.  Yesterday and today I felt to sluggish to even complete m workouts of only 30 minutes.  But I am determined and Sean is being very supportive. 

Today I made a stir-fry with beef, red, orange, yellow peppers and broccoli.  I got to say that it was way more tasty then I thought it would be and look forward to making it again.  And I cheated a little on the portion by having a couple of extra bites of that.  So right now I have my protein packs and at lunch two cups of veggies (greens like spinach, broccoli, lettuce) and for dinner two cups of veggies with a 7 oz piece of fish or a 5 oz piece of beef, chicken, pork or 2 whole eggs.  Twice a week I can have eggplant or the colored peppers, carrots and a few other choices.  I don’t think I have lost anything yet.  I could loss 4-7 lbs in a week, but we will see about that.  I only want to drop 20 lbs which really isn’t that much but it would put me at a healthy weight and hopefully take it from my mid-section.

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Oh my!

This our back yard.  Daisy or JoJo could easily walk into our neighbor’s back yard over the 6 ft or so privacy fence.  You can no longer see our fence along the back or side.

This is the other side of our yard where my beautiful stone patio is with it’s small retaining wall.  I hope it survives the winter.

This is a view out our front door.  Sean is shoveling the walk after going around through the back yard walking over our fence in the snow and down the drive way.  

We have a sidewalk!

JoJo enjoying the sunshine…  

Daisy’s turn…  

At some point yesterday, we hope, Sean lost his wedding ring.  He woke up in a panic this morning when he didn’t feel it on his finger.  We had hoped we would find it in our room/bed, but didn’t or in the gloves he wore yesterday letting the dogs out or the dryer from when I put his gloves in to dry.  We are hoping that since we were shoveling the snow coming in the back door when letting the dogs in/out that it will be found after the snow melts. He mentioned a couple of weeks ago that it was loose but didn’t want to have it sized because in the summer it may feel to tight.  He is very upset.  He thinks he would have noticed it missing if it had been longer than sometime yesterday. 

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I am really over it

Really.  This is our third major storm this winter.  Our first was in December, right before Christmas.  We got about 18 inches, which for this area is a lot.  Last Friday it started to snow and we got about 30 inches before it was over.  Today… it is a real blizzard.  I don’t know yet but my guess is we got another 2 feet and it is blowing around out there like crazy… has been all day!  Every time we have to let the dogs out, I have to spend about 20 mins. cleaning up the snow that falls in through the back door and blows around.  And our back door needs to be replaced which has never been more evident then it is today.  I didn’t take pictures of the first storm…

      These are after this weekend.

Today… A view of our fence between our back yard and neighbor’s… you can still make out our gate but just barely Our cars… the wind has blown off most of it away from the sides…for now.

  Our front door… we aren’t going anywhere for sure… One drift is taller than Daisy, the other appears that it would be taller than JoJo.

I have been stitching during all this snow…

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I did it!

I bought a bikini for vacation.  I hope I don’t scare anybody on the beaches of St. Martin or on our cruise.  I am going to keep working out and hope for the best.  This is the second week of the 3 week Boot Camp with Denise Austin.  I didn’t really enjoy the first week.  The workout this week is kettle ball inspired and I am feeling it in muscles I didn’t remember having until yesterday.  I had thought I wouldn’t buy this DVD but I am re-thinking that just so I have this workout to do every now and again.  I like that I feel it in my inner thighs.  A spot that needs worked.

I have been stitching very little since we got back from our get a way a couple of weeks ago.  But I did order the reindeer kits.  I went ahead and signed up for a monthly club, so that I get one sent to me once a month… but get Rudolph free!  I am sure they will take me about 8 years to stitch.

Oh, and I just love the new Jenna Elfman sitcom, Accidently on Purpose.  It is really funny!  I have always liked her and am really glad to see her on another show.

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