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I have been busy.  Not sure at what.  I guess volunteering at school, hanging out with the family, a little stitching here and there, reading, avoiding housework, and who knows what else.  Hannah’s Spring Chorus Concert is next Tuesday and things will some what settle down after that.  Plus we only have three weeks until the end of the school year.  Of course, then we will be going on our vacation to St. Maartin’s a couple of weeks after that. 

Sean’s birthday was this past Wednesday.  Hannah and I got him an iPad, but it didn’t come in until Thursday.  He loves it… when Hannah and I aren’t using it, that is. 

I have been maintaining my weight, but this last week I have been breaking “rules”.  Actually, there really aren’t any anymore now that I am finished with the protocol.  But I should make better choices about when to eat certain things.  Twice this week I had carbs at lunch, a caramel frap and a piece of Carrot Cake on Sean’s birthday.  Opps! Usually I pretty much eat the same as I did on the program except on weekends when the program encourages a free day.  So I think I am still doing pretty good.  And I am trying to maintain a work out schedule of five to six days a week.  I am stealing Sean’s iPod touch now that he has the iPad so that I can download/convert my work out DVDs to take on vacation. 

I am trying to be a good mother right now but my patience is wearing thin.  And it isn’t totally with my child alone, but with a new friend this year. Hannah has had a rough year at school friend-wise.  Her best friend, since Kindergarten, moved at the beginning of the school year.  Another friend that she has been in the same class with from Kindergarten through 3rd grade, isn’t in her class this year.  Hannah hasn’t really bonded with the girls that are in her class… not that I am disappointed with that, considering the behavior of some of them.  I really wouldn’t want her to be friends with the types of girls that they are becoming.  But it has been hard on Hannah not really having friends in her class.  So, anyway, we discovered that a fifth grade girl that is really nice and we got to know through Winter Chorus actually lives just a few houses down on our street.  Lately she has been coming over a few times a week to hang out which is really great for Hannah. 

However, she just shows up and says that she doesn’t have to be home until later… usually six hours later, and sometimes we have plans and are going out or something… invites herself to dinner, which I am not always prepared for an extra person considering I shop daily for what we will eat and always asking for junk food that we ourselves try to limit the amount we allow Hannah and ourselves to eat.  And it isn’t that I am not offering snacks, because I do, most of the time before they ask. 

Today we planned a Shrek marathon.  She shows up at 1 pm, right before we started the first movie, which is no big deal, but when I informed the girls after the second movie, that she would have to go home when we started eating dinner and I am not prepared to feed someone else nor willing to eat in front of someone not eating, Hannah starts to argue that she can stay as the girl tells me that her dad said she doesn’t have to be home until 7:30 pm.  That’s great, but that just doesn’t really work for me today.  Or one of them will ask if they can do something, and when I say no, they start to argue about it.  Here is the thing, you asked, I said no and your arguing with me isn’t going to change the decision. 

So I am trying to be nice, really.  I want Hannah to have friends and I want them to feel welcomed in our home, so I wonder if I am being unreasonable expecting what I consider being a respectful guest.  I would be embarrassed if I found out Hannah went over to someone’s house invited or uninvited and acted this way.

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To much

My husband is a very generous gift giver.  For Mother’s Day this year, he and Hannah gave me several Vera Bradley bags.  One was on sale and was a retired fabric… I know because I pointed it out to him, but didn’t think he would order every one I showed him.

I was expecting the “Alice” in Gold Bali (retiring soon) only because we had been discussing it and it was a fabric he liked.  The Purple Punch tote was a complete surprise as was the Sittin’ in a Tree “Mini Hip” bag.  Daisy Daisy, which is now retired, was the first fabric that I liked so I was really happy to see that the zipped tote was still available and glad that Sean got it for me. 

On Saturday he bought me this “Peace, Love and Open Heart” necklace from the Jane Seymour collection that I have been eyeing since last year. 

I have been stitching a little here and there on the end of the year teacher gift, that I am way behind on and need to get my butt in gear to finish.  I have a feeling due to time, I will be attempting to frame this one myself.  (Fingers crossed that I find a suitable frame for it.)

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Hannah had her First Holy Communion this past Sunday.  She looked beautiful and though I know she understands the meaning behind taking communion you will see that she isn’t really sure about it.


The full shot of Hannah was taken in our church’s garden with the small replica of Evangelical Lutheran Church.  Many thanks to my beautiful niece, Angelina, who marched herself right to the front of the church to get these great shots of the blessed event.  I feared that we would only have back shots of us from far away, but Angelina took control and got some great photos.   And of course there was cake after at our house! And since it was the weekend, and I was able to eat what I wanted, I had some.  I will not admit to how many pieces I had. :0)

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