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What a week

Hannah started fifth grade on Monday.  She has a great teacher.  But she has already been sick.  Hannah missed school on Friday since she had a slight fever and a sore throat which I am pretty sure has to do with her allergies.  She had woken up during Thursday night really hot and even though she was looking at me she was not awake.  She was crying with an odd noise and speaking in, what could only be described as, tongues.  Very strange.  She is feeling better now.  I am hoping this isn’t an indication of how the year will go.  With the exception of kindergarten, she is usually only sick a couple of days during the school year and this year we are pulling her out of school for our Disney Cruise.  While Hannah was home sick on, I worked on some PTA things, which I finished up today. 

Yesterday we had to go to my MIL to get some paperwork signed… hopefully for the last time.  Years ago we went in on some timeshare property with her which was a huge mistake and now Sean & I have managed to sell it, but have to have the papers signed, sent off and hopefully will be closing soon. (fingers crossed)

While we were down at my MIL’s, Sean took me to Everything Cross-Stitch and we walked around the downtown area a little.  We also found a shop that sells Vera Bradley… opps!  I got something at both shops.  I wasn’t going to get a VB but Sean insisted.


I didn’t get to stitch as much as I had hoped this past week, but today after dinner, I finished up stitching on Happy Halloween Snapper.  Now onto Happy Thanksgiving!  Only two more and the border to go…

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I finished the Happy Easter Snapper yesterday.  I started the Halloween one last night but haven’t gotten much done yet. 


Hannah started 5th grade today!  I can’t believe my baby is 10 years old and in fifth grade already.  Where has the time gone so quickly?

I am doing laundry, and a few other chores around the house today.  Going to get back on a cleaning schedule.  I have a list of things I want to get done around the house to get things cleaned up and get some things out of the house.  We have to much crap.  I could open a used electronics store and need to donate or recycle it getting it out of my house.

I did something a shouldn’t have….I ordered a few things that I didn’t need.  Oh, right, I just was talking about getting ready of crap.  Well, it was on sale and then an extra 20%. 

The little wallets were $15.  I got the blue one for Hannah.

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this is not something a 13 year old should be wearing and it hasn’t nothing to do with expressing their selves creatively at this age.

Material Girl by Madonna & her daughter (who is 13 yrs old!)

Our planned trip to the beach didn’t go as plan.  We had been watching the forecast, and it kept getting worse.  But we are tired of making plans then cancelling them because of weather.  When we have done that in the past, the forecast has ended up wrong and we regret not going ahead with our plan.  We piled Hannah, her BFF and ourselves in the car this morning, the traffic was horrible and almost an hour later we hadn’t even gotten more than 15 miles from home.  We decided to turn around and go in the opposite direction. We took the girls to Hershey’s Chocolate World instead for a couple of hours and to lunch at Sonic.  They made their own chocolate bars which was pretty cool.


Hannah and her BFF, Khrys




Silly Bandz have invaded Hershey, too!

  And something for me! I also got a new Hershey T-shirt .

I got a little bit of stitching in last night while Sean watched Generation Kill on DVD.  But sadly tonight I think I am just a wee bit to tired to pull it out.  Doubly sad because I have thought about it all day and I am close to a finish.

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Well, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to start a brand new project or stitch from the WIP pile that has been sitting next to my stitching chair untouched for so long. Which makes me think I should really clean up my stitching area.  So anyway, I decided to do both.  Start something new and work on something old.  How can one do that you may wonder? I started the Bent Creek Holiday Snappers a long time ago, but have only stitched 5 of the 9 blocks. So I started a new block on Saturday night.  Oh, and today I received the chart I won from Country Cottage Needleworks.  I am looking forward to stitching it soon.

  Bent Creek Holiday Snapper – Happy Easter

Sean and I have been big fans of Resident Evil since way back when we were first married.  First as fans of the game.  When we were first married, Sean would play the game and I would stitch & watch.  Later when the movies came out, we enjoyed watching them as well as playing the games.  Well, he is the gamer, I just watched him play.  The forth installment is coming out in a few weeks and we are getting pretty excited to go see it.  We have the first three on BluRay and plan on watching them before going to see the new one.

During my stitching slump I have sent a lot more time reading.  A couple of years ago I got caught up in the Twilight books and since then I have been on a huge vampire kick.  I read all of the Sookie Stackhouse, Queen Betsy and I am reading the Anita Blake series now.  (Seems like I am a bit morbid… zombies and vampires, oh, my!)  I have also been enjoying True Blood on HBO and The Vampire Dairies on CW. Oh, and Supernatural too, but I think that one isn’t just about the stories.  Those Winchester brothers are cute. 

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An actual finished stitching project!  I finished this this afternoon. 

Poinsettia House by Little House Needleworks

As soon as I saw this one, I knew I had to stitch it.  Growing up, my best friend called me Poinsettia and even told strangers that was my name with this story about how my mother came about naming me.

Now to decide… start something new or work on an old WIP… decisions, decisions, decisions.

We went out to dinner tonight at The Green Turtle downtown.  I had been there once with my friend for lunch, but Sean hadn’t been there.  it’s a sports bar so I knew he would like it.  Hannah’s friend went there last week and got a Green Turtle silly band so she wanted to go there to get one of those.  She is very happy to have one in her collection.

We went to Cold Stone for dessert and stopped in the store that sells Vera Bradley.  I did not buy a new purse.  Arent you proud of me?  Sean did buy me a pair of readers (I need them now for seeing the fabric when stitching and for reading, but only at night) in Slate Blooms and Hannah a pack of Halloween silly bands.

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Best made plans

I had intentions of doing a whole lot of nothing today.  Sean took JoJo in for a grooming appointment and offered to stop by the grocery store so I wouldn’t have to later.  So, my plans included working out, taking a shower and sitting on my tush to stitch.  I worked out, took a shower, found out that the class lists were up at the school so I ran over there to find out whole Hannah has this year. 

Her 1st/3rd grade teacher was there when I pulled up.  She told me that she thought the teacher Hannah has been assigned is a good choice for Hannah.  She has a reputation for advancing kids and will keep Hannah challenged.  Hannah is an advanced reader and on the border of being advanced in math (according to her MSA results, but her 4th grade teacher told me she was well above grade level in reading) so since she will be moving on to middle school, I think this will be a good thing, too, getting her ready.  Sadly, one of the students Hannah had hoped to have in her class isn’t.  For K thru 4th she has been in the same class with a little boy and she really hoped they would be this year too.  She thought it would be neat if they went thru the entire elementary years in the same class.  However, another friend that she was in the same class with K thru 3rd but not in 4th, is in her class this year.  I am hoping that will help 5th grade better than 4th grade.  She had a GREAT teacher for 4th grade, but didn’t really feel like she was friends with anyone.  Sadly there was a group of girls that were…. well, becoming “mean girls”.  They have split them up this year…thankfully.

After getting home from checking that out I sat down, then proceeded to have to get up for one reason or another about every 15 minutes.  Hannah had a friend over and they were asking for this and asking for that, so I never got to stitch.  I am hoping the evening goes differently and Sean is telling me that I have tomorrow to sit and stitch…. we shall see.  I did get the fifth Hinzeit reindeer this week… Cupid! What a cute one that is.  Three more until the entire collection is mine and since I am on the monthly auto… I will received Rudolph for free!  I will have to order the sleigh.  I have debated about it and think for it to be complete, I need to get it. 

In my weight loss journey, I have been struggling lately.  I haven’t put a lot back on, but I was not being very good either.  Before we went on vacation, I felt like I was putting weight on, so I tighten the belt for a few weeks and dropped another 6-8 lbs from my original goal weight but put most of that back on before we even left.  When I went in to the doctors, I weighed 2 1/2 lbs below my goal weight.  Last week I went in for an appointment and weighed in at 1 1/2 lbs above my goal weight.  Not really bad, but I didn’t want to keep putting on a little here, a little there so that before you know it I have gained 10 lbs.  So over the weekend I was really bad, but on Monday I was really strict and went back to Phase 2 for Monday-Thursday (today I have been doing Phase 3).  Yesterday morning I went in to be weighed and I am back under my goal weight by 1 1/2 lbs.  So I have decided I can’t “cheat” doing the week at all like I had been doing since we got back from vacation.  Weekends I will eat whatever I want, but during the week I will be following Phase 2 & 3.  Basically, that means no carbs/sugar two – three days, then a low carb/sugar the other days. And lets just say, right now I am very much looking forward to the weekend.  :0)  When Sean went to the store today he picked up my favorite cookies (Honey Granola) from the bakery knowing I could indulge tomorrow.

Off the watch the kick off of the Redskins pre-season.

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Stitching and stuff

I went into the needlework supply room (that’s how I am going to refer to the spare room/home office) to look for Bayside Bungalows kit and to see if I have She Sells Seashells.  Sadly I don’t. But I did find Beach Cottage.  Yeah! So I only have to pick up one beachy pattern when we go to the beach next week.  I still need fabric but I might have some in my stash yet. 

We went to the outlets today and stopped in the Coach store.  Big mistake because I walked out with two new purses and wallets.

I have been wanting this pattern for months! I saw it in an email sometime ago but we haven’t gone in a long time. When we went today I was surprised that they still had this bag (and a diaper bag) in this pattern.  I found the one and only wallet by total accident at an additional 50% off plus my 20% coupon from email.

I couldn’t decide between the purple, light brown or black in this style.  Sean said I had lots in brown & black so I went with the purple.  An additional 40% off the bag and another 20% off both.

My recent Vera Bradley addiction is not over.  Over the last couple of months I have gotten several more bags get several more bags.

The Weekender Take Me With You Tote both in in Sittin’ in a Tree.  I got these for our cruise and weekend get a ways. The TMWY Tote will be perfect poolside. It was on a serious one day only special price so I couldn’t pass on it.

I got several Hipsters (in Hope Garden, Bali Blue*, Bali Gold* and Purple Punch) since they were on sale because the bag has been redesigned and two of the colors retired*.  I also got a Betsy in Purple Punch.

  I got a new makeup bag in Sittin’ in a Tree, a new lunch bag (they redesigned it) in Very Berry Paisley (new color) and a new Hipster Julia and wallet in the new Slate Blooms. The double kiss change purse in Slate Blooms I received as a free gift.

I know I am addicted and it seems like a lot in just a few photos, but I have gotten these over time, just now getting around to taking a photo.  Sadly there are several things I still want.  It never ends.  I have had a thing for buying purse since I was in high school and had my first job.  My taste however has gotten way more expensive.  I pick which purse to carry based on my mood. 

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Today I logged on to read my daily dose of blogs and discovered that I had been picked to receive my choice of summer patterns (one out of three) designed by Country Cottage Needleworks.  I picked Summer at the Shore.  I can’t wait to stitch this one.  I had been eyeing it for a while.  We are going to Ocean City for a day trip the week after next and I had hopes of picking it up with the supplies at the needlework store there. 

Now I need to check to see it I have She Sells Seashells because I can’t remember it I got that one or not and was eyeing that one too.  I also want to pull Bayside Bungalows and start that one.  Off the the needlework room to look for stuff.

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VOTE for Waverley

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