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I have been busy cleaning, purging, packing, volunteering, running the munchkin back and forth to school and swim class, to get our nails done, and taking JoJo in for a follow up appointment for her ear.  And I am still not ready to leave for our vacation tomorrow.  Thank goodness we aren’t leaving until tomorrow evening.  First we are driving to my parents to drop off the dogs, then on Saturday we are driving straight to Florida!  We check in onto the cruise on Sunday.  I hope we don’t forget anything, but if we do… we do.  Jasmine, our kitty, will be home taking care of things around here with her auntie Wendy coming to check on her.  Jaz loves Auntie Wendy and I do too!!  She is a great friend.

I will be sharing lots of photos when I return!

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Busy week

I decided that since Hannah’s fifth grade teacher didn’t seem interested in having me volunteer in her class, that I would offer to volunteer in her forth grade teacher’s class this year.  So last week I spent a couple of hours on Tuesday morning doing just that.  I am planning on volunteering tomorrow as well, then stay and have lunch with the little munchkin.

The PTA had a membership drive where the class per grade that had the highest number of parents join would win pizza.  If a class had 100% they would win a pizza party.  No class received a 100% but tomorrow is the day that we will be delivering pizza to the classes that did win.  Hannah’s 4th grade teacher and her class this year won!  Of course, since I am the only non-working parent it is up to me to be there to deliver pizza.  I hope I don’t eat it all!  :0)

Hannah was finally promoted to the next level of swim classes.  She actually could have started it the last time, but I decided she needed to repeat it one more time to learn to be more consistent.  Sometimes she does really well and then the next week she thinks she is there to play around in the water.  She did much better the last session.  this class she will start to learn the breast and butterfly stroke.  Two of her instructors have commented on her back stroke, that is her strongest so far and she is really good at it. 

Friday we dropped JoJo to get groomed… she looks so pretty!  She really didn’t want to sit for a picture though.

We got Daisy a matching Halloween bandana.  It’s so big on her we were calling her Underdog because it looks more like a cape.

I didn’t get to stitch as much as I had planned this weekend…none on Saturday because I had lunch with my friend then we window shopped downtown.  It was a beautiful day.  But I did stitch some and I am almost finished with the second page. 


today i spent some time cleaning our bedroom and purging some stuff.  But you really can’t tell.  Tomorrow I won’t have much time to do stuff but Wednesday and Thursday between Bible study and JoJo’s vet appointment to recheck her ear, I have a ToN of stuff do .  I need to clean like a mad woman… finish the laundry, purge toys, vacuum, dust, bathrooms and I still need to find the time to pack, get my nails done, bake cookies and take a trip to the Goodwill drop off center.  Plus I am sure there are half a dozen things I am forgetting.  I had hoped to get my laundry & stitching/office room cleaned out but I don’t see that happening.

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First, I liked my hair cut so much, I took Hannah to Sam Wong to get her hair cut too.  Finally, it looks great!  Although, today is picture day at school and I don’t think it looks as good today as it did Friday.


      After… Just look how curly it is!  I love it.

I joined a stitching group on line not to long ago and on the third weekend of the month they all join in on a stitch-a-long.  Usually people use this time to work on getting UFO’s finished.  On Friday I pulled out Hana’s Spots.

Wow it needs to be ironed.  However I didn’t work on it.  I took it to the hair appointment to work on while Hannah was getting her make-over, but forgot to grab a pair of scissors.  Then the rest of the weekend I just didn’t hear this one calling out to be stitched on.  I did however hear the call of Snapperbets.  So I worked on that one while watching DVR and football.

I noticed last night the the Acorn section is a stitch off… over one to the left from where it should be, but I haven’t decided if I am going to pull it out and re-stitch it yet or not.  I am just glad I found it before I did the Bug section because that would have thrown off a lot more and a lot more frogging would have been needed. 






Today I am doing some laundry while watching some more DVR between loads to get that cleared off before we go on vacation.  I really should be purging something from somewhere… Hannah’s closet, the sunroom toys storage, my bedroom, laundry room or the stitching room/office area, but I am just not feeling it.  I am going to regret that later I know. 

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I decided to get my hair cut at a fancy new place that I hadn’t been to before.  I enjoyed the experience.  I am pretty happy with the results.  I wanted something different, but not shockingly so.


I have been stitching but not as much as I would like, but I have a little progress to post.  I really am hoping to get more stitching time in this week.  When I bought the fabric for the Snapperbets, i was asked it I wanted 3 or 4 inches around the fabric.  I always go with three.  So when I started this project I used my handy dandy 3-inch square to make my starting place.  Well I have since discovered by the five extra inches along the bottom that the fabric was cut with four extra inches.  Oh well… I am not starting over.  Right now I am trying to find where I miss counted by one…




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Today is my and my hubby’s 13th wedding anniversary.  I am happy to be celebrating 13 years of marriage to a great man that I am so glad that I met and fell in love with. He is truly my best friend and partner in life.  He has given me so much in sharing our lives with each other.  We have had many ups and a few downs only to become closer as a couple. There is so much wonderfulness in my life that wouldn’t be had I not said “I Do!”

And who knew that I would love him so much more today than I did then.

Our Wedding Album

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Not much happening

Well, well, well… what is going on around here?  Let’s see, let’s see… I am behind in my housework, just don’t feel like doing it, so the laundry is piling up and the dust is settling but I figure I will get to it sometime.  Hannah is still doing great in school.  She is such a smart girl and works hard.  I started her teacher’s gift for the end of the year, but haven’t made a ton of progress yet.  I haven’t stitched much this week.

Wednesday night was PTA, Thursday & Friday I went to bed early and Saturday I spent the entire day hanging out with my friend at Colorfest.  I hadn’t been before and I loved it.  We didn’t see it all… it is HUGE!  I am looking forward to going next year.  Today we went to the movies to see Secretariet.  This movie was so good.  I can’t wait to get it on DVD when it comes out and watch it again.  At some point today I do plan on picking up my needle and getting a few stitches in.  Sean will be watching the game tonight, so after dinner I think that is my plan. 

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Where do I begin?

I have been busy with things around the house, with PTA, and finishing stitching up the Bent Creek Holiday Snapper sampler.  I think it looks great!

Let’s see what else has been happening around here.  Spaces is switching to wordpress.  I am not sure what this means yet, I haven’t switched because the back up hasn’t worked yet, but I don’t have a choice and will have to do it sometime soon.  I am hoping it will open the comments so that people can leave comments without having a Live account. 

Last Saturday Hannah and I got up extra early to drive four hours to attend my God-daughter’s birthday party.  She turned three on the 28th.  Then the 26th was my own birthday.  Sean and Hannah got me a couple of the new Vera bags and I managed to get myself a pair of new Gingher’s… Ella!

On the 31st of this month we are checking in for our cruise and this week we received the boarding documents.  We can’t wait to go.  It’s going to be so much fun.

I also received an order from Down Sunshine Lane.  The monthly markings completes my set… so I guess I will be stitching that one someday soon. 

Hannah seems to be doing well in school.  I see her teacher every day, but don’t really get to talk with her much.  This last week the sent home the first of what will be a weekly progress report.  Hannah received all marks indicating that she completes her school work and her behavior is on target. 

I think that about sums everything up though I am sure I am forgetting about something I wanted to write about but kept putting off until I finished the snappers.  Tonight I start the Snapperbets, but first…. off to switch the dryer out and make Hannah’s bed.

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