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Well, it’s no wonder

So while stitching on Snapperbets I have been having a lot of trouble with the border.  I guess I haven’t anyone to blame but myself since with the first chart you were suppose to stitch the entire border, but I decided to stitch it as I go with the addition of each section.  Tonight I noticed this in the below photo while trying to find my place on the next section.  I am starting to wonder what I should do here, because the next letter is W for Well with a picture of a well that goes in the break of the border.  But it is so not going to match up!  The second picture is from the first chart, and the first chart below is the one that seems to match the original border.

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Getting ready for the holidays took away more computer time than I thought.  I have also been gathering information for our family tree and entering it into a program.  Hannah has a school project due in February and I told her I would help with the family tree, but she had to do the interviews and write the report. 

Christmas was a lovely holiday this year.  I made a pretty delish turkey, if I do say so myself and some decent side dishes.  The stuffing and corn casserole were yummy.  I love my dad’s stuffing, so that is what I make but a few years ago I decided to add something extra… first a chopped apple and this year I added cranberries to it. 

Santa was pretty generous with the gift giving this year.  We all got new PJs on Christmas Eve.  Between Santa, her grandparents and us Hannah got a laptop, a four Liv doll campfire collection and clothes for them, two DS games, Epic Mickey for the Wii, two games for the Kinect that Santa brought the family, a Miss Camilia bracelet with a few charms, a few gift cards and Monk the complete series that Santa brought her & me.

From my parents and me Sean got lots of clothes, two games for the xBox, Pacific on DVD, a tie tack/cufflinks set, nice pen/pencil set and an Eagles locker room photo that has jerseys of his three fav players and the forth with his name. 

From Sean & Hannah I received a new red coat (I have been wanting one for years!), two new sweater sets, a new butterfly necklace from the Open Heart collection, an Open heart angel charm for my Chamilia bracelet, a couple of earring necklace sets from my fav kiosk in the mall, a NookColor, Family Game Night 3 for the Wii and from my parents an earring/bracelet/necklace set, Glee Season 1, a new cookbook, gift card for the bookstore and a pie plate with a recipe on it for apple cranberry crisp. 

We gave my parents a couple of gift cards for dinner & movies and …. a cruise!  They couldn’t believe it.  However, we did tell them we wouldn’t be able to top that, so be ready for disappointment next year.  LOL

Reindeer cookies

Belly Buttons

New PJs for Hannah

Santa brought Hannah her own (kid friendly) laptop

Tricked them! They thought we made a scrapebook of our cruise for them, but it was the start of one for them including a page with their reservation confirmation.

Daisy hogging the toys Mima & Pop-pop gave to her & JoJo
I have been stitching.  I thought I found my mistake in the Snapperbets, but I still haven’t.  I just can’t figure it out.  So last night I fudged the border and today decided I was going to have to finish up the border next, all the way around, to make sure I get it to work out.
Snapperbets section

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and I wish everyone a Happy healthy New Year!

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A new year is coming

I have declared 2011 the year of the purge.  There is to much around our house that needs to find a new home. 

Tonight I went for a trim, thought about having bangs cut back into my hair, discussed this with  my stylist.  Mentioned that I actually love the pixie cut Emma Watson got when they were done filming the HP7 but didn’t think I would like right with my hair that short.  She assured me I would, said I had the perfect face and head shape as well as checkbones for it, but offered to do something different that she also thought would look great.

So my year of the purge began a few weeks early starting with my hair…

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Mistake found… sort of

Not to long ago I mentioned that there was a mistake in the Snapperbets.  But I couldn’t find it because everything seemed to be counted correctly.  The problem was the Tea mofit was one stitch closer to the border than it should have been.  Yesterday as I was stitching along the next set of mofits was right on top of the border… one stitch closer than it should be.  So the mistake is somewhere in the border… I just am not sure where.  I frogged some of it out.  Now I am trying to decide… continue frogging it now and re-stitch it or finish the motfits inside the border and stitch the border later.

A while back ago, I was trying to find a copy of the border for the Bent Creek monthly snappers…. I finished it ages ago but destroyed my working copy before adding the snappers. I even emailed Bent Creek to see if I could get a copy from them… I didn’t even get a “yeah, right… not happening” response from them.  However, today while looking for a family tree pattern to help DD with a school project, I found my original! Yay! I decided to make sure I had all my borders together but now I can’t find the border pattern for the Red Thread Snappers and I was going to hopefully start it sometime next year.  I hope I find it or am able to get another copy.

Off to stitch a bit.

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Russian Tea

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I was lucky enough not only to spend time with my parents, my niece and her family, but I also got to see two of my BFFs… Bridget, who just moved backed this year from OH and Heather, who actually just lives in Richmond but was spending the weekend at her parents as well.  So I got to see her parents (who I adore!), too.  Sean and I went to have dinner with Heather and visited with her parents first before going out for Pad Thai (which just happened to be the best I ever had).  When we got to her parents, they offered us a drink.  I chose the Russian Tea that they were having… and OMG! is it good! Heather shared the recipe and I am enjoying a cup right now.  I hadn’t heard of it before.  It is a perfect drink for this time of the year… especially considering how cold it is lately.

I thought I would share our new ornament additions this year.  I love Hallmark ornaments and would say about 96% of ours are from Hallmark. 

My pick this year… Mickey’s sorcerer hat… it plays the song from the movie, too.

Hannah’s pick this year… Snoopy and Woodstock.  I think she picked this one in honor of our own beagle.

And every year since Hannah was born (it was the theme of her nursery), we get the Noah’s Ark that Hallmark puts out.  We have ten so far, they didn’t make one in 2004 (I think that was the year).And last but not least…. our new Hidden Pickle.

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Christmas Tree & progress

We decorated our Christmas tree today.  I can’t believe I got all the ornament boxes back into the storage box. I do think I am going to have to break down and start using a second one this year. 

I have very little stitching progress to share.

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Busy weekend

Yesterday after school Hannah was going to participate in the Jump Rope for Hearts, but since we got about a quarter-inch of snow, all after school activities were cancelled.  They will be rescheduling it, just not sure when yet. 

So, Hannah and I decided to go Christmas shopping for Sean.  We spent a little too much, but oh well.  Hannah also got her hair trimmed and it looked great.  Now if only I could get it to look as good. 

Today we are going to a birthday party for a classmate of Hannah’s and then to dinner at Sean’s boss’ house.  And tomorrow after church we are planning on decorating the tree.  Sean put it up yesterday while we were gone.  I then have to figure out where to store all the boxes… what fun!

I have declared that 2011 will be the year to PURGE!  It is time to get rid of stuff that we really don’t need.  Hannah has toys she doesn’t play with, I have tons of stuff like magazines that I really don’t need, and that is just a small bit of stuff that needs to go.

I had hoped to get a little bit of stitching in today before we had to leave, but… hopefully tomorrow I will get to stitch.

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Hello world!

I have been around,  but not blogging.  Since Windows Live has migrated with WordPress, I finally converted my blog over and I haven’t really decided how I feel about this.  I liked the themes and set up of spaces and so far I am not yet impressed with WordPress.  But I do need to give it some time and figure out how everything works.  I do think the comments issues has been solved, but we shall see.

I have been stitching a little here and there, but not as much as I would like.  Busy.  Plus I have found a mistake in my stitching… yet I can’t find where the mistake is to fix it.  Everything, well almost everything, matches on the fabric as it is on the design.  It has frustrated me but I have finally decided to move on and continue stitching.

Hannah has been doing well in school and swim class.  Sean has been working to much.  And I have been doing my best to avoid housework… I am really hoping it will just start doing itself.

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