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Quick Update

Just a quick update to post a photo of my progress on The Library by LHN.  I have got to get busy and finish this one soon.  Time is sneaking by me.  I can’t believe it is almost May!  I have to have time to have this one and the Snapperbets framed.

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Playing catch up

Let’s see.  I have been stitching up until this weekend.  But I discovered a BIG mistake that I decided to leave and hope isn’t to noticeable.  I haven’t had much stitching time since Saturday and need to work some thing out to get some in.  I have got to get The Library finished with in the next 2-3 weeks so that I have time to have it framed.  If I can get some serious time in, I should be able to do that.

And the reason I haven’t had much time to stitch…. Meet our new addition, Harley Quinn.

A week ago last Sunday, my neighbor knocks on the door and is holding this puppy.  They were on the way out but didn’t know who the dog belong to.  She had a collar but no tags. I told her we would take care of it.  So Hannah and I walked the neighborhood trying to find someone looking for her.  Couldn’t find anyone.  My friend called her vet located in PetSmart that is open on Sundays and they said they would scan her.  As we were leaving another neighbor I chat with when I see him walking his dog asked if we were missing a dog with a pink collar (he knew we had a large dog and smaller dog but didn’t know which breed).  Nope… but I have her in the car and was on my way to have her scanned.  His kids had spent some time trying to find where the little dog belonged, too and was happy to hear that we were taking her to the vet. 

So we have her scanned and she is chipped.  YAY!  We call the 800#, they call the owner and leave a message.  Hours later I have them call again.  Another friend offered to keep her over night because we weren’t prepared for sleeping arrangements (needed a crate)… not housebroken so she would require a crate plus we have a cat that only comes out of hiding at night because of the dogs…

The next morning, I have the 800# call again.  They haven’t given me the telephone number of the owner but oddly gave me their address.  The friend that kept her over night happens to be a cop and didn’t want me to go over by myself.  So he took the little dog over and asked them if it was their dog.  They said it was and took the dog back but seemed like they really didn’t want to. 

So… it turns out that they were neighbors of another friend of mine and I asked if she would mind going over and speaking with them, let them know we would be happy to take her if they were unable or unwilling. 

Well, they have to move this summer and can’t take her with them.  They were planning on taking her back to the pound.  To be honest, I really didn’t want another dog, but no way would I have her go back to the pound.  So on Saturday… our new addition came to live here at her forever home.  She is a sweetie, has made herself quickly into a mama’s girl much to Daisy’s dislike because she is a mama’s girl, and is so tiny.  She is doing well with the crate training but isn’t quite housebroken.  I am thinking someone in the past started the crate training. 

It turns out that she had been to the pound three times!  All because she kept being adopted by people who had to move.  Twice a month after she was adopted.  I am not judging but come on people, think about what you are doing before doing it.  This poor little sweetie has been from home to pound to home to pound to home to pound to home and almost back to the pound.  She is around a year old.  A Dachshund mix, maybe Beagle but I am not seeing it.  I am in love with her already.  Now if only my Beagle would come around…

Harley is joining our other dogs…

Daisy, our 4 year old Beagle who isn’t very happy about not being the baby anymore.

JoJo, our almost 7 year old Labradoodle just in from the rain in this photo. (And yes, they all have new matching collars)

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New to me

This blog is new to me… just discovered this evening right after I ate a cupcake and washed my hands so I could stitch. :0)

Amy is having a anniversary give-a-way, so head on over and check it out… Cross Stitch and Cupcakes.

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I have been busy with this and that.  Friday was the last time I hosted movie night at Hannah’s school.  Not sure if they are planning to continue this next year.  This past Thursday & Friday I went on the 5th grade geology field trip with Hannah.  It was a lot of fun! We hiked up Sugarloaf Mt. and had an amazing view.  here is my sweetness enjoying the rest from the hiking.

Today after church and a stop at Panera, Sean and I took Hannah to get an early Easter surprise. 

E.B. from Hop with a chick small-fry

We are planning on going soon to see the movie “Hop”.

And I have been getting a little stitching in here and there.

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