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I haven’t had much time to stitch lately though I did get a chance to meet up with Wendy and stitch for a few hours on Saturday.  Hoping to stitch a little tonight but it is getting late, I am getting tired and have no idea where my new glasses are… thankfully I kept the readers for stitching.

I started the spring cleaning on June 16th, the day after school let out for the summer, it was still spring that day, but is now summer.  So I guess I should call it summer cleaning, but then I might feel like I need to do it every season.  Well, I guess a good scrub every three months isn’t asking too much, except I fear that by the time I am done, I will be starting all over again.  🙂 

I have completed cleaning out & up the living room, dining room and sunroom in the last week & a half.  And I have been keeping those rooms cleaned as I move on to each room.  Today I started the clean out of the bathroom.  I am wondering where all those barely anything in bottles of shampoo come from exactly.  But they are emptied now and in the recycling bin. 

Over the last week or so, I have also gone through about 50-60 cooking magazines, pulled out or made a copy of the recipes I like or might want to make some day.  I started to recycle them, but my friend Ruthie said not to, she wanted to look through them.  I told her that was fine, but I had already ripped out the good recipes.  🙂  I have a ton more that are in my kitchen that I will be doing the same thing with when I clean out the kitchen.  I picked up a big box of page protectors and plan on organizing them by putting them into a binder or two and making my own cookbook collection.  I have a 3 inch binder and an inch binder to start with for now.  I am thinking the larger binder will be a “to try” with the smaller one being the ones I have tried and will make again.  I also print recipes on-line that I will add to these.  My Dirty Risotto which isn’t mine at all but a recipe I found on a blog will be in MY FAVORITES binder.

Tomorrow I am hoping to finish cleaning the bathrooms… a good scrubbing is in order… and do the checkbook/bills, get the hall coat closet or linen closet done and start (maybe finish) the family room.  Wednesday I will either finish the closet I start, or family room while doing all the laundry and a clean up of the rest of house… dusting needs to be done again.  I am trying to vacuum everyday or a least every other.  With two shedding dogs and a cat… well, the little hairs end up everywhere.  Thursday I promised to bake cookies and I have to pack for vacation!

We will be gone for 12 days… 9 days in WDW, one night each at my parents and in Jacksonville.  The 12th day is actually driving back from Florida.  When I get back, it is back to work on the spring cleaning.  The kitchen first, then the laundry room, the craft/office room and our bedroom.  And whatever hall closet I don’t get to this week.  Coat or linen. 

Of course, the house will need another good dusting and vacuum when we get back and the laundry will need to be done, too.  I am not sure I want to come back from vacation.

I plan on cleaning out Hannah’s room when the new school year starts, because I plan on tossing or donating stuff on the downlow.  That kid never wants to get rid of anything.  Sadly, it really is a family trait.  Though I have to say, she did pretty good in the sunroom.  But she needs a good spring cleaning in her room, too. 

Today I also sprayed the window and frames of the sunroom with a vinegar, water and peppermint solution in hopes warding off the stinkbugs so that we might actually be able to enjoy the sunroom on occasion.  My friend, Wendy, gave me the recipe after some success and it even helped with the ants which everyone seems to be complain about around here lately.  Before we leave Friday I plan on spraying the bathroom and kitchen with the solution.  I am not sure where the ants are coming from though, but hopefully it will help.

Well…. my life sure does sound…. boring lately, doesn’t it?  But sometimes that’s my life and I really wouldn’t have it any other way.  The less drama the better, though some excitement is wonderful.  Anyway, it may be boring happenings, but I am feeling really good about the work I am getting done around the house.  I feel less stressed out with each room getting cleaned out and less cluttered.

I think the plants are all still doing well and I plan on planting some more when we get back, too.  Hannah and I shopped for some ideas.  Of course money is getting a little tight with vacations and all, but I am hoping to get some more planters and plants before the end of the season.  Oh, Saturday I had a beautiful hibiscus with seven blooms at one time and five the next day on Sunday.  It usually blooms one to three at a time.

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Gardening is not a hobby of mine.  I don’t have a green thumb. I have killed every plant I have ever been given including all the lovely plants Hannah has brought home from school. I do what a lovely garden to enjoy however.  A pretty place to sit outside and sip my tea, or coffee, read or stitch on a sunny but cool day.  This year I was given a beautiful Hibiscus plant and I have amazingly kept it alive so far.  It inspired me to try my hand at a few other plants.  I picked a few up at the grocery store one day, went to The Home Depot the next day to get some soil and picked up two more plants I saw there, came home and re-potted them all.
I told Sean that when I went out to re-pot them, some didn’t look so hot and I didn’t think they were going to make it.  Luckily I didn’t spend that much on them. I was snapping pictures outside of the area and didn’t take a picture of the sickly looking ones, but noticed later they were in the back ground of this picture.
So I cropped it to show how they looked. 
Yesterday I went out to take a few pictures and noticed they now looked like this…
I think my other plants are doing well, too.  The larger ones in the middle are the ones from Home Depot. 
(Before is the one with the two in the same picture, the after are the single ones taken yesterday.)

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Well, I am now the mother of a sixth grader! Where, I ask over and over again, has the time gone?  In less than a month my sweet girl will be turning 11 years old.  I feel like it was just last month that I was nursing her. 
My friend throws the best parties.  For the end of the school year she had a food fight themed party that the kids had more fun than should be allowed.  :0)  However, I think my friend’s dog, Jackson, thought they were crazy!
My sweet girl with her 5th Grade Certificate.  Among other awards my brilliant sweet pea received the President’s Award for Educational Excellence signed by the President with a letter. I am so proud of her!
My current WIP… One Hundred Years designed by Lizzie*Kate.
My goal for the summer is to take it one room at a time and purge, clean & organize.  Yesterday I started with the living room and cleaned out my stitching corner.  I can’t believe it took all day! But it does look better.  Hannah worked on her toys, going through them to donate.  We finished today.  I pulled out all the furniture from around the room and cleaned, dusted, windexed and vacuumed.  Next room.. the dining room! I was hoping to have the craft room done before vacation but if I do the upstairs first, it might be after we come back.  It will take a few days to get that room done.  Plus I need to weed again before we go so that it doesn’t get to out of control.  And here it is the second day of summer vacation and I am exhausted!

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My friend, Terri of The Bee’s Knees alway does an excellent job framing so I had no doubts I would love Snapperbets and The Library when she dropped them off last night.  Today I took them outside to get some pictures of them and I am really pleased with how they came out.

Snapperbets designed by Bent Creek

The Library designed by Little House Needleworks

I have been working hard to get our not so great looking back yard to look decent.  Four years ago we had this retaining wall and stone patio put in and I am finally getting around to adding some plants.  I think it is starting to look nice. I picked up the square containers at JoAnn’s this week at 50% off! This morning I repotted some plants in the middle ones, just stuck a couple of hanging plants in the smaller ones… I need more soil.  

I need to decide what I want to put in that large planter.  I was thinking a Hibiscus but this is an outdoor planter and the Hibiscus will need to come in in the winter, so now I am not so sure.  We have issues when it rains in this corner so I was hoping my idea of a faux retaining wall will help… we shall see… but the area looked off to me with just the three along that side with the fence, so I got a couple more. 

The people who owned the house before us had a veggie garden, I really don’t have a green thumb.  Back in 2000 I attempted to plant a flower garden in the area but only 2 plants ever grew and come back.  I finally convinced my hubby to heavily mulch it.  My idea is to get a bunch of container plants and fill the area up.  I am hoping that my non-green thumb with be able to handle this.

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Another finish

I am on a little bit of a roll this year… well, compared to last year anyway.  :0)  I finished stitching the companion piece of Here Comes Treble called First Bass by Ink Circles.  I really enjoyed stitching these two pieces. 

I started First Bass on May 30, 2011 and finished it today, June 5, 2011.

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An Update

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  Yes, I am taking a few minutes to write an update.  Life has once again gotten busy and time has gotten away from me.  Hannah had field day, chorus concert, friends of our got married, Daisy is finally getting use to having Harley around, we have had to go back to the beginning of housebreaking Harley since she started having a ton of accidents recently and yesterday & today was spent getting the yard work done… lots of weeding and re-mulching.  I meant to take some pictures, but forgot and now it is raining. 

Our school had the volunteer luncheon a couple of weeks ago.  I was given a hibiscus bush from the school’s volunteer coordinator and staff for the volunteering I have done over the last six years.  Then before the concert, the PTA gave me roses and an honorary lifetime membership to the PTA for all the work I have done with tehm for the last six years.  I am going to miss the school so much, but plan on volunteering a little still just not as much because I will be involved with the middle school and I am looking forward to having more time getting things done around our house.  We will see how that goes. :0)

I have been stitching and managed to finish a small piece, Here Comes Treble by Ink Circles, for Hannah’s music teacher.  I am working on the companion piece, First Bass, right now.

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