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where to begin?

I was doing really well with the cleaning and purging managing to get the living room, dining room, sunroom, hallway coat closet and bathroom done before going on vacation.  Since being back… a week now… I haven’t found the motivation to dive back into it and I still need to finish the kitchen, linen closet, laundry room, my office/craft room and our bedroom.

We went to WDW for vacation spending the 4th at Magic Kingdom.  We were having a wonderful time until the last weekend we were there.  That Saturday evening at 5:30 pm we got a call from my parents that our newest addition to the family, Harley Quinn (Roo) that we adopted in April was in the ER Vet’s hospital.  She had gotten in to some rat poison at some point.  We called the vet and were given a very bleak outcome.  She had less than an 20% chance of survival. We asked them to do whatever they could of course.  They were going to try by giving her a blood transfusion and plasma.  Around midnight, the vet called and asked for a verbal DNR.  We wouldn’t enjoy the last few days of vacation, so we packed up to head home at 3:30 am. 

We got to my parents’ around 3:30 pm the next day, called the vet hospital and went down there to see the amazing recovery of Harley!  She made it and was out of the woods though is on a medication until mid August at which time we have to have her blood checked to see if she will require another round of meds.  She had two large blood masses in her chest and neck that have since gone away since we first saw her.  When they first brought her in the room to see us, her little tail wagged a little and the tech said that was wonderful to see.  The vet came in and said he was so happy when he came back in that day (another vet was on the overnight shift) and saw how well she was doing.  We  were able to take her home the next day and you would never have known by her feisty behavior that two days before she was on her death bed.

The little sweetness is napping in my lap right now though she is keeping me up half the night the past couple of nights with her restlessness… to hot out now to give the dogs the exercise they really need.

Hannah’s 11th birthday was on the 15th. (It is also our Labradoodle’s birthday… she turned seven!) She and I went to the local pottery painting place that afternoon where she painted a dragon and I painted a little plate like thing.  I did something different then I usually do because I have no artistic talent and can’t wait to see how it turns out.  We went to PF Changs for her birthday dinner.  Saturday we hung out and ran a couple of errands.  Then on Sunday, the inlaws visited.  My BiL and family are getting ready to move to AZ for a year as part of BiL’s process to become a minister in his faith.  He converted to Seventh Day when he married though had been attending her church for years before that.  I admire them for setting out on such an adventure moving across country and wish them the very best.  My MIL isn’t being supportive at all… only thinks of herself and doesn’t have anything positive to say.  Really gets under my skin. 

The weekend weather was beautiful for a July summer weekend since it wasn’t overly hot and not humid.  Though I can’t say that for this week.  I enjoyed sitting out on our stone patio and enjoyed the weather and my efforts in gardening as much as I could.  Though I discovered today… I bought the wrong plants and will have to replant again next year.  I was buying annuals (and I even asked at the Home Depot) thinking they come back yearly, but after having lunch yesterday with a friend who gardens, and looking up on the internet this morning…. I was wrong.

We did buy a couple of new paintings while on vacation.  I fell in love with them as soon as we saw them and couldn’t decide which to get.  I am sharing a photo of them and a few other things from vacation and stuff in a very random order below… Enjoy!

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I have so much to write about… vacation, Harley, Hannah’s birthday… but sadly I haven’t time right now.  It’s late and I am tired, but I thought I would post a quick picture.

A couple of years ago, Sean and I bought a Thomas Kinkade print of the castle.  (Sorry the picture is really bad.)

When we went this year, we saw the print in a cross stitch kit.  Sean insisted on buying it for me.  I think it will take me years to finish, but that isn’t unusual.  The finished piece is actually bigger than our print.  🙂

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