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Faces that I missed

I haven’t been stitching much lately.  But we did decide to take a trip to TN for the week. It was a beautiful, perfect week.  We did a lot of relaxing, eating and swimming.  I did get to finish a book, but didn’t get much stitching time. 

While I was gone… I missed the faces below.  My sweet babies.

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I am meeting my friend tomorrow to stitch at a local coffee house and our other friend is going to be able to come for a little bit, too.

Sunday TNT is having a Falling Skies marathon, so I am hoping that I will be able to stitch all day while watching it and the season finale.  I have enjoyed this series and love Noah Wyle from ER in this show.

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It’s sad…

but I haven’t been stitching much.  That’s the reason for not posting either.  Mostly I have been cleaning and purging.  Plus, hosting my sweet girl’s slumber party this past weekend for her birthday party.  She invited four friends to sleep over.  We took them to the movies to see The Smurfs, which was cute, then had pizza, cupcakes & ice cream.  The girls played games and slept on sleeping bags in the living room.  I hope they all had a good time. 

I hope to get together with my friend, who is also a stitcher, this weekend to stitch.  We have to find a new place to meet.  We were going to the Borders cafe. :0(

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