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Wondering if the comments work?

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I was getting ready to update my blog and noticed a 1,000 visits. 

Should I have a giveaway?  Leave a comment… and your name will be entered into a drawing for a few patterns I have laying around and would be happy to send your way!

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Veteran’s Day

It is the VETERAN, not the PREACHER, who has given us FREEDOM OF RELIGION.
It is the VETERAN, not the REPORTER, who has given us FREEDOM OF THE PRESS.
It is the VETERAN, not the POET, who has given us FREEDOM OF SPEECH.
It is the VETERAN, not the CAMPUS ORGANIZER, who has given us the FREEDOM TO ASSEMBLE.
It is the VETERAN, not the LAWYER, who has given us the RIGHT TO A FAIR TRIAL.
It is the VETERAN, not the POLITICIAN, who has given us the RIGHT TO VOTE.

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I tried and failed to post daily.  But here’s my last few days of I’m thankful for….

  • 11/6 ~ I am thankful for my daughter being such a great student.  She is way smarter than me.
  • 11/7 ~ I am thankful for modern technology.
  • 11/8 ~ I am thankful for modern medicine. 

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On FB people are posting daily what they are thankful for during the month of November to honor the Thanksgiving holiday.  I thought I would add that to my blog.  So to catch up…

  • 11/1 ~ I am thankful for my home
  • 11/2 ~ I am thankful for my husband who works hard to provide for our family
  • 11/3 ~ I am thankful for our daughter and all the joy she has brought to our life
  • 11/4 ~ I am thankful for family, near and far
  • 11/5 ~ I am thankful for our dogs and the love & laughter they add to our family… and their health

On the stitching front… a progress picture.

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I went in to get my hair trimmed on Wednesday and decided at the last-minute to have some highlights put in.  I love it.  As I was leaving I noticed I had a call from Hannah’s school.  She had been to the nurse’s office a couple of times, but didn’t have a fever.  By the time I got there she did have a fever and spent yesterday at home. 

Last sunday night I had to take my beagle into the emergency vet because she had been throwing up and not herself.  She had x-rays taken but they were inconclusive so we opted to bring her home after getting some meds and slowly feed her the next day to see if she could keep everything down.  Well every thing was going well until today.  We took her to our vet this morning after she throw up and it looked like blood was in it.  We got there she had a BM and there was blood in that.  So she is at the vet’s while they run some test and make sure she didn’t eat something that is now causing a blockage.  If that ends up not being the case then she will be sent home with a bland diet and meds treating her for gastroenteritis.

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Missed a day already

but let’s try this for the rest of the month and see if I can post everyday. 

I have been stitching on the L*K’s Going Green flip-it’s border.  I did a terrible job cutting my fabric and should have moved the stitching up from where I started, but now I feel that I have stitched to much to rip it out and start over.  Thankfully, my framer friend rocks and I have complete faith in her that she will be able to work with the piece and frame it.  :0)

I see the thyroid specialist next week and can’t wait to hear what he says about the  ultrasound results and treatment.  I am just looking forward to feeling less tired and having more energy because the last six months have been exhausting.

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